No holiday to a country full of sunshine is complete without a visit to a water park. However, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that the water parks in Malta aren’t all that common, so check out this list to find out exactly where to go to enjoy a wet and wild day!

Whether you’re a water slide slider, wave pool waver or just a sunbed lounger, spending the day at one of the water parks in Malta is definitely going to be a highlight of your trip! 

Water parks are awesome for every type of holiday goer. Families, couples, groups and solo travellers should all make sure they visit at least one park whilst they’re away.

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Splash and Fun

Location: Naxxar

Open From: Around May – End of October

High Season: June to September

Opening Times: High season 9.30am – 8pm │ Low season 10am – 6pm

Prices: High season €25 │ Low season €22

This is the number one water park in Malta. In fact, it is the only water park in the traditional sense. There are multiple slides, a wave pool, a kids water play area and something that we all love – the esteemed lazy river!

The slides are varying in fear factor – some are definitely only for crazy thrill-seekers (like Kev!), and some are better for the more jittery of us (Jade!) 

There is plenty of shade in the way of free umbrellas next to the sun loungers dotted all around the park. The slide queues are also sheltered so you never have to stand in the scorching heat for too long (and your feet won’t get burnt on the stairs – we have all been there!)

One of the best water parks in Malta with blue, white, yellow and purple twisty slides
Splash and Fun is hands down the best water park in Malta!

There are a variety of tickets you can choose from too – family, day passes and half day. If you do choose to only go for half a day, don’t go too early because the cheaper entrance isn’t at the staff’s discretion – their system won’t change until the correct time so they can’t let you in and charge you less until then!

There is also a children’s fun park inside, but you do have to pay extra for this. It’s probably worth it if you have young children because they won’t be able to go on the big slides, but it is an extra €8.50 per child.

Splash and Fun is on the east coast of Malta, in between St Paul’s Bay and St Julian’s. It is incredibly easy to get to, whichever method of transport you use. There is a bus stop directly outside the park, and there is also plenty of parking.

The only negative that we found is the locker situation! The park does have lockers, but not a huge amount and I can imagine in the high season that they get taken quite quickly.

You have to pay a €10 deposit and then when you return the key you get €5 back. I think as a water park charging for entrance, these should be included in the price. They were also small – you would fit a normal day bag inside but our bag didn’t fit. Luckily, the lady at the ticket booth was very helpful and let us keep our bag with her instead. 

If you do need to bring a bag, make sure it’s small and don’t bring too many valuables as we did question the security of the lockers (they seemed quite old and well-used!)

To take a look at their ticket price options, visit their website.

Where To Stay Nearby

Splash and Fun is situated between St Paul’s and St Julian’s, so if you’re staying anywhere there, you’ll be close by.

For a cute, clean and friendly place to stay, choose Mon-Chery. You’ll want a big breakfast to sustain yourself for your water park day, and here it’s included in the price! There’s a bus stop 2 minutes away or free parking if you need it.

Room prices are competitive and you’re also in a great location to see other parts of the island too!

Popeye Village

Location: Mellieha

Open From: June – Early November

High Season: July + August

Opening Times: High season 10am – 6pm │ Low season 10.30am – 5.30pm

Prices: High season €18 │ Low season €15

Have you ever watched the Popeye movie? If not, go and watch it before your trip to Malta because you can then go and visit the set where it was filmed! 

The village is a cute attraction in itself, plus there are water activities you can enjoy too.

I think the entry costs are reasonable, especially considering there aren’t any extras you need to pay for once you’re inside (except food of course and souvenirs). You even get free popcorn and a postcard! In the high season (July and August), entrance is €18 for adults and €14 for children and pensioners.

It’s also a fun, interactive day where Popeye and Olive Oyl come out to talk to everyone – if you get there early enough you can even be part of a fun film!

Ocean bay next to cliff with inflatable obstacle course in a water park in Malta
Would you accept the inflatable obstacle course challenge?

The village is great for the whole family – there’s the small swimming pool, the kids play park area and fun games such as mini-golf and toilet paper toss! You’ve also got access to the waterfront – Anchor Bay is a gorgeous area to swim and snorkel.

If you are feeling brave, you get to play around on the inflatables and even get involved in the competition they run each day. There were a fair few people just sitting on the inflatable obstacle course when we were there, sunbathing and relaxing (despite there being a floating platform specifically for this reason) so that was quite annoying but apart from that, it was great.

The whole park is well-kept and shaded. It’s not particularly accessible or buggy friendly as there are a lot of steep hills, but if you take it slow it’s not too bad. 

There are plenty of toilets and changing areas around for when you want to get in the water, and countless sunbeds and umbrellas around the whole village so you can pick and choose where you want to keep your things and relax. 

Old derelict house overlooking the ocean
You can go and explore buildings like this from the set of the film!

Unfortunately, there were no lockers at all so you do have to leave your things unattended if you are in the sea. We did this as we felt safe enough but it’s not guaranteed that things wouldn’t go missing.

Popeye Village is situated just west of Mellieha. We walked from the town and it took us around 40 minutes (you can see the beautiful red tower on the walk too!), but you could also get a bus as there is a stop right outside. 

We found the staff all to be super lovely and helpful. I think it makes such a difference to your day when the staff goes that extra mile to make you happy!

Where To Stay Nearby

Stay in Mellieha if you want to be close to the Popeye Village.

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For a great family-friendly option in the town, choose somewhere with a great reputation like the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa. There’s a children’s pool, private beach area and a spa on-site – plus breakfast is included!

Summer Fun Water Park

Location: Mellieha

Open From: June – End of August

Opening Times: 9 am – sunset

Prices: €7 per hour │ €15 all-day pass

Here is somewhere else if you’re looking to spend the day enjoying water activities! It’s another beach obstacle course, with plenty of variety in the water. There are trampolines, floating volleyball, a spinner (try to balance on your way across!) a full obstacle track and more.

There are also family tickets available, and you can use the life jackets for free.

They usually close around sunset which is around 8 pm in the summer months, but it’s much more enjoyable falling into the sea during the hot sunny daytime!

See more details on the website.

Where To Stay Nearby

Staying in Mellieha means you have lots of accommodation types to choose from. You can find large reosrts with a rooftop pools, or if you’d rather your own place, check out the sea views in this 2-bed, 2-bathroom apartment.

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Bugibba Water Park

Location: Bugibba, St Paul’s Bay

Open From: July – September

Opening Times: 10 am – 7 pm (closes for 30 minutes at 2.30pm)

Prices: Free

If you are travelling to Malta with kids, then this is a lovely place to spend an afternoon. Other than that, it probably doesn’t make for a very entertaining water park! It’s aimed at children, and there are different sections that they can use depending on how tall they are.

The park is free to enter and although the notice mentions that the sessions can only last 20 minutes, the staff also seemed very friendly and accommodating here (allowing me to go in before it opened and film the video clips above!) so I’m sure if it isn’t too busy then you could stay for longer.

Outdoor water play area with yellow and blue floor and water sprinklers
This is a great water park in Malta for kids

There are toilets here, plus open-air showers and lockers so it’s quite well equipped for you to be able to organise your kids after they’ve had enough. 

The water park is in the centre of the coastline, and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby to refuel in afterwards.

Quattro Water Park

Location: Bugibba, St Paul’s Bay

Open From: June – Late September

Opening Times: 10am – 8pm

Prices: €9 per hour │ €13 for 2 hours│ €18 all-day pass

This is not exactly a water park – more water activities! There are inflatables in the sea that you can enjoy in the summer months. The obstacle course is actually more difficult than it looks but it’s a lot of fun.

If you have kids with you, they can join in the fun and you can hire a life jacket (€10 deposit) for your peace of mind. You’ll have to swim to the inflatables so make sure your energy levels are up!

Inflatable obstacle course in the ocean
Spend the whole day here attempting to stay on the course and not in the water!

The obstacle course is open from 10 am until 8 pm but only until the end of September so if you’re coming later on in the season, you might just miss out.

Where To Stay Nearby

St Paul’s Bay is a great place to stay if you’re bringing along the family – especially with those water parks down the road! Book accommodation with multiple rooms and a kitchen area so that you can save on expensive meals out for everyone!

What To Pack For Your Water Park Adventure

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Tips For Visiting The Water Parks in Malta

One of the great things about the water parks in Malta is that you might not even have to pay for a full-day ticket if you’re on a budget. It is common for places to allow you to visit after lunchtime and only pay half the price.

In the warmer months (which even extend into the low season) starting your day at 1 pm still gives you plenty of time to enjoy all of the activities.

Don’t forget that you can also bring your own food and drinks to these places if you wish, or you can travel lightly and buy snacks once you’re there. 

Make sure that you are packing a high SPF suncream (and always apply before you leave your hotel for the day!) because jumping in and out of the water all day means that you won’t be fully protected with one application.

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You know this, of course, but this is just your reminder to grab some before your trip because you don’t want to be panic-buying the most expensive bottles last minute!

How To Get To The Water Parks in Malta

If you have hired a car, just plug in the park name to your GPS and make the short drive. Malta is a small island so even if you are staying on the opposite side of where you want to be, it won’t take too long to get anywhere. Just remember to avoid rush hour, especially near Valletta. 

If you aren’t driving and you’re in a group, I’d recommend getting a taxi. If you haven’t already, download the Bolt app. It’s a safe way to use cabs around the islands, and the journeys are priced well.

Usually, a car will arrive within minutes (longer for rush hour times of course but there are plenty of drivers). You could speak to your hotel to order you a taxi if you’d rather not use the app, but make sure you ask them to agree on a price beforehand.

Another great way of getting to Splash and Fun is to use the bus. They’re very regular, clean and cheap. A lot of buses go from one end of Malta to the other, so the chances that you’ll be near a bus stop that you can get on is high. I’d recommend getting a bus travel card (you can check out the different ones here), then you can just tap your card and jump on.

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Journeys all over the island cost €2 (or €1.50 in winter) so with a bus card, you are saving money, if you’re going to use it regularly.

Make sure you press the stop button when you’re close by – don’t press it too early because the drivers tend to ignore you and just drive past! There are frequent bus stops though so if you do miss your stop (like we did!) it will only be a short walk to the next one.

Use the journey planner website to work out exactly which bus to get. Usually, there is more than one option so focus more on the time you want to get somewhere rather than the bus number to get there.

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Out of these water parks in Malta, Splash and Fun is definitely the best option for a full day out with slides and swimming included. Popeye Village is also a great choice because you get the best of both worlds – a cute themed park plus swimming and obstacles in a gorgeous bay.

Summer Fun Water Park comes in at third in my opinion, with Quattro Water Park coming in at a close fourth. The only reason that Bugibba Water Park is bottom of my list is that it is only for children so it limits the fun for everyone else!

Which of these water parks in Malta would you choose? Why not go to all five?! Let us know in the comments what you thought of the parks!