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The Perfect Packing List 2023

We have been travelling in some form or other for nearly a decade now and we have learnt exactly what you need. We’ll start with a simple list of everything we currently recommend and then break down each item in a little more detail below.

*The products in this list (and across our entire site) are updated constantly to ensure the best recommendations*

Fanny Pack


Packing Cubes

Shacke Pac

Flip Flops

Old Navy

Walking Shoes


Walking Boots


Menstrual Cup


First Aid Kit

Project Life

Combi Padlocks

Sure Lock

Water Bottle




W/Proof Pants

Camel Crown

Windproof Coat


Fleece Lined Hat






Warm Jumper


Fleece Socks

Hot Feet


You’ll be surprised about how many different luggage options there are for travellers and you may not yet know the ideal bag for your trip. Take a look at these different options to see if you can find that perfect luggage.

The Cabin Max Mini fits under the seat in front of you on the plane which means you don’t even need to pay for carry-on, let alone hold luggage. This would be perfect for a short trip! You’ll save on luggage fees and the bag should pay for itself within a couple of trips. The bag itself has a shockingly large 30L capacity and plenty of pockets at the front for all your travel documents and electronics. Check it out in more detail here.

People can go WAY overboard when buying hand luggage when you really don’t need to spend a lot of money. We recommend going for something sturdy and affordable like the Wrangler 20″. It’s exactly what you would expect from hand luggage but also comes with a neat charging trick. If you have a power bank, you can connect the power bank from inside the case and charge your phone from a port on the outside! Check it out on amazon here.

When you’re buying hold luggage, it is quite important to go hard shell. Baggage handlers are not handling your bags with care and things can easily get damaged inside the case. We recommend something like the Coolife 28″ hold luggage as it is simple, affordable and does everything it needs to do. It has locks on the side for theft deterrent and can expand up to 15% if you’re coming home with a little more than you originally took. Check it out in more detail here.

Carrying around a big backpack can be tiring, so you’ll need something extra comfortable like this Osprey Renn. It has an adjustable shoulder harness so it’s suitable whatever your height and the back panel is ventilated which helps on those hot sweaty days! The bag has plenty of compartments for all of your belongings – there’s a space for your sleeping bag, water reservoir sleeve and rain cover too! Click here to buy yours.

For city exploring and shorter hikes, you’ll need a decent day pack. We recommend one like Osprey’s Arcane, as not only can it hold a 15″ laptop, water bottle and everything else you would need day to day but it is also incredibly stylish (we think). We have used Osprey for loads of different bags over the years and they have all been perfect. Check out the Osprey Arcane on Amazon here.

If you’re looking for a camera bag then look no further than the Wandrd Prvke lineup. I actually have the 31L variant which holds an A7III, 24-70mm 2.8, 85mm 1.8, 20mm 1.8, 55mm 1.8, Gimbal, Mavic Air 2 Drone, 2 portable aperture lights, a full-size tripod and all the spare batteries. I highly recommend you do not take that much (I am actually significantly downsizing soon) and this is why we are recommending the Prvke Lite.

Using a fanny pack is a love-hate kind of deal. Some people absolutely swear by them and others wouldn’t be seen dead in them. Jade and I have different opinions on them so that makes for interesting days out! Either way, if you are a lover then check out the MAXTOP Large Crossbody Fanny Pack as it is really affordable and can be worn in different positions depending on your style. Check it out in more detail here.

Packing cubes are a really easy way to organise your luggage before going away and Jade absolutely swears by them when we travel. I don’t use them and I always look over at super organised Jade spending 5 seconds looking for something in her bag whilst I’m there for 5 minutes. Don’t be lazy like me! Take a look at these packing cubes from Shacke Pac. They come with 4 cubes in varying sizes and a laundry bag to separate all the dirty clothes from the clean ones. The reviews for these are something to behold so check them out here!


We see so many travellers around the world with all the gear you can think of but trying to climb a mountain in the wet with flip-flops. This genuinely happens more than you think! The number of people trying to climb Ella Rock in Sri Lanka in flip-flops was mind-blowing.

That being said, flip-flops are perfect for the beach so you have to make sure you pack the right shoes for any activity that you are planning. Take a look at the following different types and see what you might be missing.

If you’re planning on going to the beach then make sure you have some flip-flops in the bag. There is nothing worse than getting sand in your shoes or socks and there is nothing better than feeling the sand on your feet. We recommend an affordable pair like these casual flip-flops. They will get the job done and shouldn’t break almost immediately as other brands might. Check them out in more detail here.

If you’re planning on doing some serious hiking then we recommend you take a look at these Columbia walking boots. They come in loads of different colours and we think that they are really stylish. The most important thing however is that there are comfortable, waterproof and resilient which these are! There is nothing worse than sore feet preventing you from making the most out of your trip so don’t put it down to chance. Check them out in more detail here.

If you’re not planning on doing any major hiking, we recommend you check out these walking shoes. Don’t make the mistake of spending loads of money on insane walking boots if you don’t need to! Check them out here!

Jade doesn’t get on well with flip-flops so she always takes a couple of pairs of sandals (in case one pair breaks) on every trip we go on. We recommend checking out these sandals which are comfortable, durable and affordable (the holy trinity!). Check them out here!

Comfortable water shoes are one of the best things to bring on your trip! They’ll protect your feet from rocks, hot sand and critters, plus having a pair means that you won’t ruin your everyday shoes. These quick-dry beach shoes have one of the best ratings I’ve ever seen! They come in 37 different colours, multiple size options (handy for bigger-footed people like us!) and are super lightweight so don’t weigh down your luggage.


Whether you are planning an incredible backpacking experience of south-east Asia, a weekend trip to the city or you’re a full-blown digital nomad, you are going to need some sort of technology to keep you going on your travels!

If you don’t have a camera then I HIGHLY recommend the Panasonic Lumix ZS70K. It is an affordable point-and-shoot camera that can be picked up and used by anyone of any ability. The camera captures gorgeous images and surprisingly excellent video whilst fitting in your pocket. The main difference between this and your phone’s camera is that it also has an incredible optical zoom so you won’t miss any of the shots you need to take. Check it out here.

If you’re worried about your devices losing power throughout the day then we recommend the Anker 10,000mAh power bank. Anker actually makes quite a few power banks but this one comes with a USB-C and USB-A port which means that you’ll be able to charge any of your devices regardless of connection. The 10,000mAh capacity is enough to completely charge an iPhone 12 twice so you should be good for a number of days with this beast. Have a look at the price here.

If you’re currently in the market for a drone then take a look at the Mavic Mini 2. I have flown all over the world and my Mavic drone has never let me down. The small size and weight of the Mini series is also perfect for travellers so it really is a no-brainer. Take a look at the current price here.

If you’re worried about powering your devices on your trip then the simple solution is to take this EPIKA worldwide travel adapter. We have used it all over the world and it has worked flawlessly. Being able to charge up to 5 devices by USB (4 USB-A’s + 1 USB-C) plus a full power outlet socket is incredibly useful and works as an all-in-one solution. Check it out on Amazon here.

If you’re in the market for an action camera then look no further than the latest go pro. The front-facing screen is a godsend for selfies and video and you get the famous GoPro durability and stabilisation that they are now renowned for. If the latest model is a little too expensive then I recommend dropping back 1-2 models as they do not update too much in between and you can get a great deal on older models. Check out current deals here.

If you’re looking for a portable speaker then check out the JBL Flip 5. In my opinion, it is the best portable speaker in the world right now in terms of price and quality. Going to a secluded beach and listening to decent-sounding music makes all the difference so take a look here!

If you’re planning on relaxing on the beach with some music or a good audiobook then you’re going to need some decent headphones. We currently recommend the JBL Vibe in-ear pods as they produce brilliant sound and do not cost hundreds of dollars like the flagship brands. Check out current deals here.

If you’re looking for an affordable tripod/selfie stick then check out this one. It has a wireless button to make taking pics and videos easy and doubles as a tripod for a small camera and your phone. Basically, every single traveller has a selfie stick because of how convenient they are so check out our recommendation here.

Travelling with hundreds of books isn’t feasible, so packing a Kindle is a no-brainer! The latest Paperwhite has a 6.8″ display so it’s much better than reading on your phone. There’s also a warm backlight and an incredible 10 weeks of battery life! This version is even waterproof so you can relax by the pool with peace of mind. I’ve had my Kindle for 10 years and it’s still perfect – this is a purchase that will last you a lifetime! Check out the full specs here.


This list of packing essentials is all of the small things that you forget about but are incredibly handy to have once you get to your destination. Take a look through and cross of anything that you don’t already have!

If you haven’t already got a swimming costume then what the hell are you doing?! Have a look at this gorgeous high waist bikini and get a swimsuit before you leave. I absolutely love the dual colour option but there are loads of colour options available. Take a look here.

If you need protection from the sun then grab a hat before you travel. This Adidas original is affordable, protective and looks the part. Check out the price here.

Whether you’re visiting religious temples or windy beaches, this long cover-up by Moss Rose is perfect for wrapping around your shoulders. It’s lightweight and has so many uses, plus it looks great too! One size fits all and there are so many different patterns to choose from. Click here to get yours.

If you’re stuck on what kind of towel to take with you then take a look at this microfibre poncho. We absolutely love ours and it is insanely helpful when you need to change on the beach. They dry fast and pack down super small so you’ll be able to fit one in your day pack easily enough. Check out the price here.

If you need some sunglasses then take a look at our recommended pair right here. Kev has just lasted 7 months without a pair because he couldn’t find any he liked on the trip and it was just a lot of complaining about the sun. Don’t be a Kev… Find out the price of not being a Kev right here.

Don’t even think about stepping out in the sun without protection! This factor 50 sun cream is vegan, reef-safe, and smells like summer, as well as being dermatologist-approved! It’s non-greasy, easy to apply, and doesn’t leave a white cast so you can quickly rub it in and get on with your adventures! Take a look on Amazon here.

We all know that tampons and pads are bad for the environment (not to mention uncomfortable and expensive!) so get yourself familiar with a reliable menstrual cup, like this one from Sirona. These can be reused for up to 15 years – think of the money and plastic waste you’ll save! Made from medical-grade silicone, Sirona’s cup is designed for comfort, sustainability and protection. Click here to choose the right size for you.

You’ll be surprised by how often a small first aid kit is used, be it for small cuts or repairing something with safety pins. This 100-piece first aid kit from Project Life has everything you would ever need and is tiny as well! Check out the price here.

If you are planning on going somewhere that might have a lot of mosquitos and other bitey creatures then DO NOT forget to pack some insect repellent. We have found that the quality varies wildly depending on where you are so just buy it before you travel to guarantee that you have something decent. Have a look at our recommendation here.

If you’re worried about the security of your bag then make sure you grab this set of combi padlocks from SURE LOCK. Many attractions have lockers where you have to pay to use a padlock so they will come in very handy, not just for securing your bag. Grab yours here.

If you’re looking for a rain jacket then the most important two things are waterproofing and foldability. It needs to keep the water out and fit into a small pouch to fit in your luggage well. This raincoat does both of these things very well whilst also looking pretty good!

Whether you’re climbing mountains and need a fresh cold drink, or catching an early morning flight desperate for hot coffee, you should be travelling with a Thermoflask! It is incredibly insulated and keeps liquids cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12. It also comes with two lids so you can choose whether you need a straw or just a mouthpiece. These stainless steel bottles are BPA-free and come in some beautiful colours too! Check the options out here.

If you’re looking for a snorkel kit then check out this mask and snorkel. We have been on so many snorkel and boat tours where the snorkel hire was dreadful and it ruins the experience. If you have room then definitely take your own set. Take a look at our recommended kit here.

If your planning on doing any sort of outdoor activities then it always pays to have a torch in the bag. These ultra bright torches come in a pack of 2 and get the job done for a decent price. Take a look at the current price here.

Cold Weather

If you’re going somewhere cold, like Iceland, then take a look through these essential items that will make your whole experience 100 times better. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy the wintery wonders of this world but being too cold to have any fun!

This windproof/waterproof jacket is absolutely perfect for keeping the cold out and staying warm when you are visiting such cold places. If you only have a warm waterproof jacket I would seriously consider upgrading to windproof as it makes even more difference than the fleece lining in my opinion. See our recommendation here.

If you’re looking for a pair of warm gloves then check out these waterproof/windproof/thermal gloves. When you’re looking for decent gloves then fashion should not be your main priority. I don’t know about you but cold hands are the pinnacle of annoyance! These absolutely get the job done and you don’t have to take them off to use your phone which is a godsend. Take a more detailed look here.

If you’re looking for some decent waterproof trousers then take a look at these. They are windproof and waterproof but also insulated which means that you may get away with only wearing these and not having to have an additional layer underneath. They also do a very good job of not looking too much like waterproof trousers. Have a look to see what I mean here.


You absolutely need to have a warm hat when you are visiting cold places so take a look at this gorgeous fleece-lined cable knit beanie. It’s a timeless style and will absolutely keep your ears and head warm for your trip! Take a look at different colours here.

If you’re not a massive fan of fleece-lined hats (Jade isn’t) then earmuffs are the way forward. These vegan earmuffs look amazing and come in varying sizes whilst also looking really cute. I personally like the brown faux leather look but there are lots of different colours available. Take a look here.

It goes without question that you’re going to need a jumper. This gorgeous knitted jumper will keep you warm whilst also looking the part (people love the knitted look in the cold!). There are a few colours to choose from the reviews talk for themselves! Take a look here.

If you are worried about getting cold feet (and you should be) then take a look at these brilliant thermal socks by Hot Feet. They should keep your feet warm in the cold conditions you will be facing, as long as you have decent footwear as well! You get 8 pairs which are also really good for the price. Take a look in more detail here.

If you get particularly cold then you are going to want to take a look at these fleece-lined full-body thermals. If you couple these with decent clothing over the top then the coldest of people should be warm in the coldest of places. Have a look at colours and sizes here.

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A decent tent that you’re taking travelling needs to be at least two things – waterproof and lightweight! This backpacking tent is both plus a really great price! It fits two people and is simple to put together which means less faffing about once you arrive at your campsite! Choose green to blend in with your surroundings or yellow to completely stand out!


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