Typical bali accommodation with pool and bean bags. The perfect accommodation for your 7 day bali itinerary

A One Of A Kind 7 Day Bali Itinerary – Updated 2022

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A 7 day Bali itinerary gives you a short but very achievable amount of time. In this Bali itinerary I have packed in, white water rafting, playing with monkeys, sunset over a volcano, surf lessons and even one of the biggest and best waterparks in Asia!

Have a read to find out what else I have crammed into your 7-day vacation in Bali. There are so many great things to do in Bali but on a short time scale like this, you need to be organised! This itinerary is jam-packed and focused on the south. If you have more time, do some research on where to stay in Bali – you might find that spending time in the north of the island is more your thing.

Are 7 Days in Bali Enough?

This is the million-dollar question right here! Are you wasting your time even looking at this post? Rest assured, you are not. 7 days in Bali is more than enough time to visit the biggest and the best places. If you’ve done your research then you will notice that I have left out a few famous places, such as Pura Lempuyang, from this itinerary. A lot of the most famous places in Bali are only famous because of their Instagram pedigree.

In reality, a lot of these places feature long travel times to get to, large crowds, long queues and annoying revelations (the famous mirror image at Pura Lempuyang is created using a special filter for the photographer’s camera). If you had more than 7 days then checking out these places is recommended but with 7 days available I would suggest going to more memorable locations.

What Makes This Itinerary One Of A Kind?

I have read quite a few itineraries for Bali that are so jam-packed full of transport, sights and activities that they forget the most important thing about Bali! It’s all about relaxing and soaking up the ‘Bali vibe’ that I’m sure you’ve read about. This 7 day Bali itinerary has everything from GO GO GO to watching the sunset with a cold brew on a beanbag at the beach.

You’re almost certainly coming to Bali because you’ve read how relaxing and chilled out it is. Even though you’ve only got 7 days, don’t forget to give yourself some time to actually experience why you came. Read on to find out how you can get the best of both worlds!

The Perfect 7 Day Bali Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Fly into Ngurah Rai airport and head to Potato Head Beach Resort to wind down from your flight and get into the ‘Bali vibe’.
  • Day 2 – Tanah Lot temple, surf lessons, night markets & sunset meal and beer.
  • Day 3 – White water rafting, Sacred Monkey Forest & rice paddy dinner.
  • Day 4 – Balinese Cooking School & traditional local cuisine surrounded by dancing fireflies.
  • Day 5 – Mt Batur sunrise walk, hot springs & luxury accommodation.
  • Day 6 – Waterbom water park! & nightlife if you have the energy…
  • Day 7 – Kuta’s hidden walkways, street food and flight home.

Day 1

Fly to Ngurah Rai airport as early as possible in order to maximise your time. You really don’t want to fly in late and miss your first day. It sounds obvious but so many of us are so focused on saving money that we see one flight is the cheapest and go straight for it. I’m all for saving money but when an early flight is $20 more than a late one but you get an entire extra day in Bali, it’s a no brainer!

Potato Head Beach Resort

Get a taxi from the airport straight to Potato Head beach resort in Seminyak. This is the perfect way to start your 7 day Bali itinerary. You’ll be able to chill on bean bags and gaze out over the infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.

An infinity pool looking out into the Balinese Ocean

What better way to wind down after a hard day than to watch the sunset in an infinity pool. Picture Courtesy of – Lauren @splorin.lauren

Pro Tips

The taxi companies inside the airport charge an absolute fortune to get even the shortest possible distance. I would strongly recommend organising a transfer with one of the beach resorts. Most of the beach resorts offer shuttle buses to their resorts for free.

Buy a beer or seven and relax your way through the inevitable jet lag and achey-ness you’ll be feeling after your flight into Bali.

The inside of potato head beach resort in Bali, chairs umbrellas and bean bags are scattered around

The vibe is so relaxed and it’ll set you right up for the next week in Bali

The beach resorts in Seminyak all have everything you’ll need for a complete day of preparation for your adventure in Bali. It’s a packed 7-day itinerary so you’re going to need this to cope with the following week.


After spending all day in Potato Head, or another one of Seminyak’s famous beach clubs, I highly recommend staying at Meriki Apartment.

Click here to book your stay now.

Day 2

Tanah Lot

Get up nice and early and grab a taxi to the famous Tanah Lot temple to the north of Canggu. I’m not a big temple person but Tanah Lot sticks out as one of the best. Built onto a rock slightly out to sea, the pictures you can get are the sort you’ll put on your wall for sure.

Tanah Lot temple being hit hard with waves in Bali

There might be quite a few people in the way to get the perfect picture, but you can always hope!

After Tanah Lot drive back down to Canggu and pop into one of the many surf schools and book yourself a lesson.

Surf Lesson

The surf in Canggu can be around an intermediate level but don’t let that put you off. Just make sure that you don’t go alone and that you definitely have an instructor if you’re a beginner. The perfect way to ruin your 7 days in Bali is to get into trouble by not taking precautions. We highly recommend booking a surf lesson if you’re a beginner.

Night Markets

In the afternoon/evening find out which markets are up and running on your particular day. Your options are La Laguna night market, Love Anchor, Samadi or Old Mans. I’ve linked to all of the markets pages so choose the one that’s best for you. I highly recommend La Laguna so if you plan your trip to get to Canggu when that is running then you wouldn’t regret it.

A selection of different Balinese market products on display. Even 1 week in bali is enough to buy souvenirs and gifts

You can pick up all sorts of things in the Balinese markets.

Haggle Tips

Ahhh every traveller’s worst nightmare has returned again! The dreaded awkwardness of the infamous haggle. But, unfortunately, Bali is no exception to the bartering rules. If you visit a market then the stall owner will overcharge you significantly. They are EXPECTING a haggle so don’t be put off or offended as they realise the final price will be much lower. A lot of people recommend trying to get the price down to around a third of the asking price. I personally think this just makes the whole experience more tiresome and annoying.

You have to be very experienced with haggling to have any chance of getting it down to a third so go in at half and bring the owner down a few times before giving another offer. Remember, if you’re not happy with the price then just walk away.

Canggu is ridiculously good for eating out so I couldn’t possibly recommend the best place to go. If you want to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean whilst having a beer and a nice meal then the best is probably La Brisa.

If you decide to go down to La Brisa then watch the sunset, enjoy the nightlife and head back to your hotel.


I am in Canggu as I’m writing this and so many of my friends are packing up their stuff and moving to Base Hostel. I’ve been down and seen some of their rooms and for the price, it will be hard, if not impossible to beat. I highly recommend checking in to Base for the night.

Click here to book your stay now.

Day 3

White Water Rafting

Before you leave your home country, book a white water rafting tour in the Telaja Waja River north of Ubud. They will then pick you up from your hotel in Canggu nice and early and ferry you off to the top of the river before you spend 2 days in Ubud.

A river in the middle of a valley in Bali. One of the best activities for 1 week in Bali

The scenery was this beautiful throughout the whole experience.

You make your way downstream for over an hour rafting through some of the most beautiful rainforest canyons you could possibly imagine. You have to duck under makeshift wooden bridges and have the opportunity to jump off ledges into the water at certain pools.

The highlight has to be going over a 4 metre weir right at the end and plunging into the pool below.

Pro Tips

I wore walking boots, my friend wore nothing and Jade wore water shoes. My boots stank of stale water for weeks after, my friend cut the bottom of his foot when he fell out and Jade laughed at us throughout. Wear water shoes people!

4 people in a raft falling doiwn a weir in telaja waja river

It feels a lot further than it is when you’re in the raft!

After the rafting, they organise a buffet lunch and ferry you back to wherever you need to go. In this case, you’ll have to let them know you won’t be going back to the same hotel but in fact, you’ll be going to Ubud, right in the heart of Bali.

Sacred Monkey Forest

After dropping your stuff off at your hotel, make your way to the sacred monkey forest. The monkeys at the monkey forest have literally grown up around humans so they are not afraid of you whatsoever. They are also completely wild, in the sense that they can leave whenever they want.

A monkey and baby in the sacred monkey forest. you should see these on the third day of the 7 day bali itinerary

This family shows just how relaxed the monkeys are around humans.

If you approach one or a group then if you want they will come over and climb on you so you can get some cool pictures of you holding a sacred monkey.

Pro Tip

They used to sell bananas that you held above your head to get the monkeys to run up your body. Now they don’t but the monkeys have learnt that if you put your hand above your head then this is the cue to run over and have a climb.

If you don’t really want them to come over to you it is very easy to avoid that. They won’t climb over you if you don’t open yourself up to that happening.

You can easily spend a couple of hours in the sacred monkey forest; it’s a very nice walk even if you don’t really like monkeys.

The sacred monkey forest without any monkeys.

You can still go for a beautiful walk without the monkeys

Rice Paddy Dinner

For dinner take a walk away from the town centre and walk amongst the rice terraces. Down these beautiful winding roads, there are some of the best restaurants and warungs in the whole of Ubud.

You can order some slow-cooked duck and a Bintang and watch the sunset over the rice paddies.

So, by this point, you’ll be over halfway in your 1 week Bali itinerary but rest assured the best is yet to come!

Slow cooked duck with rice and veg, beautfiul after the sunset on day 3 of your week in bali

Slow-cooked duck with rice and veg, beautiful after the sunset.


If you are looking for either a private room or a dorm room then take a look at Puri Garden. It has the ‘Bali vibe’ that everyone wants in accommodation and you can’t go wrong.

Click here to take a look and book your stay now.

Day 4

Balinese Cooking Class

Book a Balinese cooking class before you leave and you will be picked up from your hotel in Ubud at 8am. We went to Lobong Cooking School and I cannot recommend them enough.

After picking you up you will be ferried off to a local market and taken around the different stalls looking and purchasing ingredients for the days cooking. This really gives you the opportunity to experience what life is like for the local Balinese people and not just the tourist destinations.

A collection of ingredients for a Balinese cooking class

The ingredients were fresh and delicious.

The class is so hands-on and you get to eat everything you have personally prepared throughout the day. This is where Lobong Cooking School really stands out because so many cooking schools around Asia you simply watch and learn.

Pro Tip

On any of the cooking schools, you will be inside of a traditional Balinese home, complete with a personal temple. Before cooking they take you around the grounds for you to experience how they live. They will ask if any of the women present are on their period, if you are on your period then they will politely ask if you do not go into the temple. Don’t be offended as this isn’t specifically due to periods but any bleeding at all.

You will finish the cooking class at around 2pm where they will drop you off back at your hotel or in the heart of Ubud.

I think this is then the perfect day to really get away from the towns and experience some real remote Balinese culture. We all come to Bali to relax and soak up an atmosphere that we are missing from our day to day lives back home.

A collection of brightly coloured stall at Ubud market

The locals are difficult to barter with but it’s all pretty fun.

Firefly Evening Meal

Make your way out into the countryside with some locals and watch fireflies dancing in the night. You will be served some absolutely amazing local cuisine, as authentic as it comes, and get a chance to relax a little before tomorrow’s very early start.

Day 5 is going to be a really early morning, 2 am, so feel free to not go out into the firefly paddies if you think you’re going to need an early night! Or, you can check out this list of fun things to do in Ubud if you wanted to try something different.


I would recommend staying in whatever hotel you were in the night before. No point in having to move all of your things from place to place if you don’t have to.

Day 5

Mt Batur Sunrise Walk

There are really very few places in the world that allow you to see such a beautiful sunrise on top of an active volcano. Mt Batur is one of those places. You really would be silly to miss such an epic experience.

You will be picked up from your accommodation at around 2 am and be driven to the village at the bottom of the mountain..

Click here to check prices and avaiability for your Mt Batur sunrise walk!

A view of Mt Batur in the middle of the day

The views from Mt Batur look even more incredible at sunrise.

Pro Tip

Sleep on the car ride there! You’re not going to miss anything in the pitch-black staring out of the window. No point in being tired for the rest of the day because you were staring into nothingness.

From there you will walk up to the peak in time to watch the sunrise over the island of Bali. You will even be able to see the lava from the crater itself!

If that wasn’t enough then you will be taken to some local hot springs where you will be given time to soak away your aches and pains from the morning activities and maybe even wake yourself up a bit!

Eventually, you’ll be taken back down to Ubud where you will be dropped off at a place of your choosing. This will be around 1 pm.

I would suggest then taking a taxi back down to Kuta and checking yourself into one of the more luxurious hotels in town for a couple of nights. The accommodation in Bali is so affordable that it would be a crime not to book yourself into a luxury resort for a fraction of the amount it would cost elsewhere.

A free standing bathtub in a luxury hotel room, the perfect way to unwind after an ealry 5th day in your 7 day Bali itinerary

You just can’t say no to this sort of luxury when you’re in Bali.


We stayed in a hotel called Amnaya Resort on our way back and it was simply divine. You can get a free standing bath in your room and the restaurant and pool on site are exceptional.

Click here to take a look and book your stay.

This might be a good time to get a Balinese massage or some spa treatment, either in the hotel or at any of the small outlets all over Kuta. It will be a lot cheaper in a small outlet but you can’t really beat a luxury resort Balinese massage for quality and relaxation.

Pro Tip

If you feel pretty fresh and up for some more activities in Ubud before you head down to Kuta then check out the Ubud market. This long sprawling market has everything you could possibly want and you get to have a bit of fun bartering the ridiculous prices that the locals throw at you.

You’re almost certainly going to fall asleep in the afternoon because of the ridiculously early morning but don’t worry, you’re going to need it for the following day.

Absolut Vodka bottles full of gasolene on display outside a small shop

Fun Fact! This is how they store, sell and refill petrol to their scooters all over Bali.

Day 6


Now you’re back in Kuta you have to go to Waterbom. Rated as one of the best water parks in the whole of Asia, this is a must-visit whilst in Kuta.

This is a whole day activity and, believe me, you will be more than satisfied by the end of the day.

2 people coming down an orange slide at waterbom bali on day 6 of the 1 week bali itinerary

It’s not fear in my eyes I swear!

Pro Tip

At around 4pm every day all of the bakery goods throughout the park go to half price until the park closes. Wait till then to fill your face with all the cakes and muffins you could want.

By the end of Waterbom, you won’t have any energy left to explore any more of Kuta. If by some miracle you do then avoid the main strips as they are catered very much to people who just want to get drunk and party. If that’s your thing then knock yourself out.

Remember your flight is the next day!

Pro Tip

Take your action camera! They are one of the only big waterparks I have ever been to that allow you to take action cameras on some of the biggest slides (not all of them). Don’t miss out on getting some epic videos.


Stay wherever you booked on day 5 to save yourself the trouble of moving.

Day 7

Final Day

Depending on your flight, the last day of your 7 days in Bali will be spent biding time until you have to be at the airport. Either way, there are some very good alleyways and back streets in Kuta with much nicer and cheaper food as well as some really nice shops for souvenirs and gifts.

Many motorbikes in rows by the see in Bali

You’ll get used to seeing thousands of bikes during your week in Bali!

If you haven’t already maxed out your luggage space with memories and gifts then Kuta is a great place to wander around until you have fulfilled your quota.

Pro Tip

If you’re about to buy something from a local then do some research into how much it would cost back home. I thought $9 for an Uno card set was pretty good but apparently, it’s not. Maybe that’s just my own idiocy but nevertheless, be prepared!

After this packed week full of early starts and late nights you’re going to leave Bali with memories galore and pictures to remember them by.

Final BIG tip!

I highly recommend checking yourself into Premier Lounge at Ngurah Rai airport before your flight. After you’ve bought yourself a meal and a drink in the terminal then you’ll probably have spent more money than what this lounge would cost ($22). With AC, buffet, showers and drinks all complimentary, I really can’t see a better way to prepare you for an international flight. Bali is a great place to visit if you’re on a budget but if you want to splash out a little on your way home then a lounge is a great idea!

Packing List

Holdall (if you’ll hike go rucksack, if not definitely go holdall)
7x Underwear
7x T-shirts/vests
2x Shorts
7x Socks
Cover up (for temples, a shawl would suffice

For a comprehensive breakdown of this list go to our budget savvy packing list guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go to Bali?

The dry season is the best time to visit Bali, which runs from April until October.

Are 7 days in Bali enough?

I think it is just enough time to experience Bali. We would always like more time and if you can go longer then why not. With this itinerary, I think you can see enough to get a good feel for the Bali.

How much is a beer in Bali?

IRP 25,000 in a bar (cheapest). Around US$1.7 

Can I use US dollars in Bali?

Local shops do not accept US dollars throughout Bali, you can, however, change dollars into IRP at many exchanges throughout the Island. The exchange rate offered by these exchanges is also relatively good compared to other countries.

Do you need injections for Bali?

It is recommended to make sure you are up to date with all vaccinations, please click HERE for more information about vaccinations and real medical advice.

Do you need a visa for Bali?

If you are staying for 30 days or less then there is a list of countries HERE that do not require a visa. If you require longer then a visa will be necessary unless you leave the country and return once a month.

What language is spoken in Bali?

Indonesian primarily, however, a small minority still retain the original Balinese language.

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A 7 day Bali itinerary gives you a short but very achievable amount of time. In this Bali itinerary I have packed in, white water rafting, playing with monkeys, sunset over a volcano, surf lessons and even one of the biggest and best waterparks in Asia! Bali Itinerary | A Week in Bali | 7 Days in Bali | Travel Asia | Things To Do In Bali | Indonesia Travel | Backpacking Bali | #baliitinerary #indonesia #bali #travel #explore #adventure

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