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21 Of The Best Places To Visit In December | 2023

Christmas is coming! Travelling during the holidays can be stressful but if you plan ahead then it can be the perfect time of year to travel.

Some of the best places to visit in December in the world might surprise you – there are plenty of destinations you’ll be adding to your winter travel bucket list!

It’s one of the best times of year to travel whether you love to discover how other cultures celebrate the festive season or you’re trying to avoid Christmas altogether!

There are hundreds of places to visit in December that you’ll fall in love with, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 21 to make your vacation decisions easier.

Check out the best countries to visit in December 2023 and let us know if you decide to stick with some cold winter fun or escape to a sunny beach somewhere!

Statue of Liberty from low angle with blue skies and cloud - New York is one of the best places to visit in December
You’ll never guess where’s good to visit in December…

The Best Places To Visit In December 2023

Whether you’re into jumping around in the snow and looking out for Father Christmas, or temple hopping and swimming in waterfalls, we’ve got you covered!

Click on the table of contents to take you to the specific destinations you’re interested in.

Or, you can browse through the whole list and take your pick from the varied places around the world! Don’t forget to check out our accommodation recommendations too.

We always use to find the best deals on hotels, hostels and apartments so we’ve shared some great options from them.

Christmas Island, Australia – Make Time To See The World

Christmas Island, an Australian External Territory is an eco-travellers paradise. Home to several endemic crab and bird species, the Island is over 65% National Park, is surrounded by amazing diving opportunities and is home to less than 2000 people.

Whilst it is beautiful to visit at any time thanks to its tropical, year-round climate, if you really want to see something special, visit in December when you will have a chance to witness 50 million red crabs migrating from the rain-forest to the coasts to mate and spawn.

David Attenborough described it as one of the most spectacular migrations on the planet, and he was not wrong.

Lots of red crabs on the sand and climbing on rocks on Christmas Island - one of the best places to visit in December
50 million of these!!!

The migration closes almost all roads on the Island (and there are not many to start with!) as locals and visitors give the crabs the space to do what they do naturally.

It is truly an incredible sight and one I was incredibly lucky to witness.

If you’d like more information about how to plan a visit to Christmas Island and see this incredible natural wonder for yourself, this guide has everything you need.

Try something different this year and experience a sunny holiday destination in December!

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Bagan – Stories by Soumya

One of the best places to travel in December is Bagan in Myanmar. And that is because of three very important reasons – the weather, the balloons, and the photographs.

December is a particularly pleasant time in Bagan. The weather is mild with temperatures ranging between 15° – 25°C. Days are sunny but not hot. You can escape the wetness of rains as well as the scorching heat of summer: a perfect time to explore.

A temple in the background with foggy red sky and trees in front in Bagan - one of the best places to visit in December
Imagine exploring this ancient city!

Bagan has a short ballooning season from October to April with December being quite popular. Cooler temperatures and calmer winds ensure that you can float closer to the temples and get a detailed look.

December also comes with multiple layers of fog during dawn and dusk. If you are looking for that perfect picture of Bagan enveloped in a shroud of mist, December is the perfect time to go.

Home to more than 2000 ancient temples, Bagan is one of the most mesmerizing, yet relatively unexplored, archaeological sites in the world.

Many of these temples contain well-preserved frescoes and carvings that are a treat for sore eyes.

It is easy to get lost in the beauty of Bagan – it really is one of the best places to visit in December.

Click here to check prices and information on city tours.

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Laos – Life of Doing

If you want a laid-back and relaxing country to have a vacation, then Laos is the perfect place for you. One of the best times to visit Laos is in December.

The weather is perfect with the dry season and also has sunshine throughout the day.

Temperatures range between 15-26℃ (59-79℉) depending on your location. It’s a popular place to visit so you will encounter larger crowds at the tourist locations but that shouldn’t deter you from visiting.

Bright greeny blue waterfall pools in Laos
these waterfalls aren’t a bad place to visit in December!

Want to know where to travel in December?

Luang Prabang is a UNESCO Heritage site and is highly recommended with temple hopping and seeing museums, eating delicious street food, swimming in Kuang Si waterfalls, and more.

If you like big cities, visit the capital, Vientiane, and relax along the Mekong River.

We also can’t forget about Vang Vieng where you can de-stress along the Nam Song River, go caving, rock climbing, and encounter adventures.

Have an amazing time in Laos, especially if you’re going to travel in December. Click here for more details on adventure tours!

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Swedish Lapland – Becky The Traveller

One of the best European destinations to visit in December is Swedish Lapland. Although the cities in Sweden are very pretty during the winter months, the best place to visit for a really spectacular experience is Swedish Lapland.

In the far north of this Scandinavian country in the Arctic Circle, you’ll find a winter wonderland with snow-covered trees, frozen lakes and glistening icicles.

But for me, on my Lapland trip, there was one thing I wanted to see, nope not Santa, although I did him too! It was the Northern Lights.

Red, yellow and green Northern Lights across the dark sky with village underneath
imagine seeing this in real life!

During the winter months, there are limited hours of sunlight, which means a greater chance of seeing the Northern Lights so that makes December the perfect time to visit Lapland.

I spent five days in Abisko National Park which is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights due to the huge lake which creates a unique micro-climate.

Abisko National Park is also stunning to explore during the daytime as well, with sledges and snowshoe tours there’s something for everyone.

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Doha – Dotted Globe

Are you looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination that promises the culture of old Arabia, the amenities of a developed nation, multicultural culinary delights, and the luxury of world-class spa resorts?

Then consider a trip to Doha, Qatar in the Middle East.

Qatar is one of the safest Middle Eastern countries and offers lots of things to do for all types of travellers.

Most of the tourist attractions in Qatar are concentrated around the capital of Doha. Doha is also perfect for a short or long layover; even with a day in Doha, you can take in the most popular sites of Souq Waqif,

Museum of Islamic Arts, the Doha skyline and Katara Cultural Village.

Red and whute flags sticking out into busy street in Qatar
Qatar definitely looks like one of the best places to visit in December – look at the weather!

For a longer holiday, you can indulge in dune bashing, visit the UNESCO Site of Al Zubarah or kayak in the mangroves.

December is perfect to visit Doha since the hot and humid summer comes to a close and the cool weather is pleasant enough to explore the desert environment. It really could be the best Asian country to visit in December!

Click here for a great desert safari tour experience. We don’t recommend choosing a tour with a camel ride included as there is no guarantee of the healthy treatment of the animals.

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Austria – Travel Tyrol

Centuries-old traditions and beautiful winter mountain scenery make the central European country of Austria one of the most magical and best places to visit in December with family.

It starts with Saint Nicholas and Krampus making their rounds on or around 5 December.

Saint Nicholas awards children for good behaviour while the devil-like Krampus scares the hell out of the naughty ones!

Austria is especially famous for it’s authentic Christmas markets. Whether in Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck or a small village – Christmas in Austria is the real thing.

In the beautiful setting of historic old towns, you can wrap your hands around warm mugs of Glühwein, taste traditional treats like Kiachl, listen to atmospheric music, and shop for original hand-made gifts.

A tall church steeple at nighttime with Christmas market stalls in the foreground, in Austria - one of the best places to visit in December
The Christmas market on the town square of Seefeld in Tirol, Austria in December.

In the mountainous Alpine villages, skiing and other fun winter activities await in the snow. Or you can simply check into a spa hotel for some winter pampering.

Whether you’re visiting with a family or as a romantic breakaway, there are many unique things to do in Austria in December to ensure an unforgettable holiday.

Austria definitely is one the the best European countries to visit in December.

Click here for more information on tours and city attractions across Austria.

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Oslo – Rachel On Route

Back in 2014 I decided to travel on my first solo trip! I’d never done anything so adventurous so I wanted somewhere safe, quiet and cultured. I opted for Oslo, Norway, and December was the perfect time to be there!

As it was in the run up to Christmas they had an ongoing Christmas market – which was far less busy than others I have visited around Europe.

It was so lovely not being pushed/elbowed around in a big crowd, and I spent each evening having a browse (and tried a lovely Elk burger!)

Boat in the harbour with pink sunset in Oslo, Norway in December
this incredible sunset makes me want to visit Oslo right now

The city was also perfect for wandering and discovering beautiful architecture (I’m looking at you, Opera house) art in the Munch museum and Astrup Fearnley Museet, and the views of the harbour at sunset.

But for me the absolute highlight was the Nobel Peace Prize museum.

The Nobel Peace prize ceremony is held in December, so if you are lucky to be there, you may gain a peep of the celebrations. The year I visited was when Malala received her prize, and I was lucky to see her in person. The exhibitions there are a wonderfully poignant testament to the people being honoured.

Oslo has a 24/48/72 pass that you can buy, which gives you free entry to over 30 attractions and museums, as well as FREE transportation around the city. You’ll even get discounts on your shopping and meals! Click here to get yours now.

For the best city tours and attractions, click here so you can book ahead of time.

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Citybox Oslo

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New York – Travelling Collecting

December is my favourite month to be in New York City because it is a Christmas holiday/ winter-in-the-city fantasy land.

There are three iconic ice skating rinks – Bryant Park (free with your own skates), Rockefeller Centre at the base of the giant tree, and Central Park with views of Midtown and the Plaza Hotel.

After skating, do a self-guided tour of the department stores’ holiday windows. Start at Macy’s then pass the lions in front of the New York Public Library that are decorated with Christmas wreaths.

Walk up Fifth Avenue and see the enormous real Rockefeller Centre tree and enjoy the light show at Saks before seeing their windows.

Large Christmas tree with bright multi coloured lights in front of tall building lit with pink in New York - one of the best places to travel in December
you can’t miss the famous tourist attractions in New York!

As you pass the Lindt chocolate store, pop in – they usually have free samples for the holidays. Finish at the over-the-top Bergdorf windows. The kids (or your inner kid) will enjoy another self- guided tour of all the Christmas trees.

Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, and Bryant Park all have enormous trees. The Natural History Museum has a tree that’s covered in origami animals.

St John the Divine cathedral has a flock of origami cranes flying on and around their tree, and the Met’s tree is covered in angels.

Then venture into Brooklyn for the crazy decorations in Dyker Heights, where neighbours all try to outdo each other with over-the-top lights and decorations.

And, of course, don’t miss the annual Rockettes Christmas Spectacular in Radio City Music Hall and the Nutcracker ballet at Lincoln Centre. It’s impossible not to get into the holiday spirit in New York in December.

Click here for skip-the-queue tickets for the main attractions.

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Taipei – Chloe’s Travelogue

Winter is the best time to visit Taipei, Taiwan. In particular, December is a great month for travel because of three reasons – the weather, low season, and festivity.

Taipei observes the subtropical climate year-round with hot and humid weather, except for its short winter. In December, the city cools down with temperatures ranging between 15-21°C (59-70°F).

The pleasant weather makes it much more comfortable to explore the city day and night and to enjoy the outdoor activities.

Besides the mild winter, December also is a low season with considerably fewer tourists in the city.

You can enjoy the popular tourist sites with less crowd. It might also mean you can score more affordable hotel rooms.

Tall skyscraper in background, park in foreground with fountains and green trees
being outside at this time of year is fun!

Lastly, Taipei gets into the holiday mood in December. The Xinyi District streets near Taipei 101 and shopping malls are beautifully decorated with Christmas lights all month.

Christmas markets and festivals sporadically pop up where you can buy unique handcrafted souvenirs.

But the crème de la crème of the festivity is the New Year Count Down Party. On New Year’s Eve, the city closes off many blocks of Xinyi District to throw a massive party to watch the spectacular fireworks from Taipei 101.

Before you plan your trip to Taipei this December, steal ideas here on how to see the best of Taipei in 3 days and click here to book a handy private Taipei tour now.

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Prague – Just A Pack

What is the best thing about December in Prague? Cozy pubs? Mulled wine? The chance of seeing the beautiful Baroque and Gothic buildings covered in a light dusting of snow?

While all of these things are great, Prague in December is all about Christmas markets.

And in case you didn’t know, nothing screams Christmas joy like a Prague Christmas Market.

While the Czech Republic isn’t necessarily a religious country, they are indeed a traditional people and they sure know how to get into the Christmas spirit when the season rolls around.

Huge city Christmas tree in Prague with church building in background

Prague’s Christmas markets are unlike anything you’ve seen before, even if you’ve explored other Christmas markets around Europe.

With traditional Czech food and drink, handmade souvenirs and gifts, and, of course, seasonal alcohol galore, Prague’s Christmas markets will show you a whole new side of the city.

So if you are looking for a December destination and you love feeling festive for Christmas, we highly recommend Prague!

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Hotel Aura Design & Garden Pool

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Stockholm – Wandermust Family

For me the best time of year to visit Stockholm is actually in December! Yes, the weather is cold, and the daylight hours are limited but the city is very special in the run up to Christmas.

Although not the large sprawling Christmas markets of Germany and France, Stockholm has a quaint and very traditional market at the living history museum – Skansen.

It’s one of the top things to do in Stockholm no matter when you go!

You can pick up lots of traditional Swedish fare and arts and crafts, wander round buildings that recreate traditional Swedish life and warm yourself up with gluh wine around roaring fires places!

Church-like building reflecting on the water on edge of the city
the pretty city is perfect in December

There is also a smaller market in the old town of Gamla Stan which is a great place to wander round, or perhaps take a walking tour to learn more about the history of the city!

If you can time your visit for the 13th December I would recommend this as this is the festival of St Lucia! On this date there will be a procession of St Lucia where a young adult will be elected to represent the saint and will wear a traditional crown of candles!

So yes, it might be cold in December but you will be rewarded if you brave the cold and visit Stockholm in winter.

Click here for an unmissable ABBA experience whilst you’re in Stockholm.

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Zanzibar – Off Goes Annie

Zanzibar is paradise, with that bit extra. Think bright white sandy beaches, lapped by crystal clear ocean, whilst also providing so much interesting culture.

Where Tanzanian, Arab and Indian cultures meet with world-class beaches in Nungwi, Zanzibar really does have it all.

You can enjoy incredible food as you wander between around the gorgeous old streets of Stone Town, before spending your days sunbathing in pure bliss further north of the island.

Girl sat on tree facing towards ocean in Zanzibar in Deceember
Views for days!

December is the perfect time to visit Zanzibar, as part of the region’s shoulder season. Promising temperatures between 24 and 32 centigrade, December brings Zanzibar’s ‘short rains’.

At this time, brief downpours relieve the humidity, promising clearer skies immediately after. Many people are put off by the idea of rain, but since it only lasts for such short periods, it makes for an ideal and crucially, quieter, time to visit.

The beaches around Nungwi and Kendwa will have far fewer people on them, giving it that extra special feel.

What’s more, if you’re visiting towards the end of December, it’s well worth lingering longer to celebrate New Year at Kendwa Rocks, famous for its annual New Year’s Eve party.

Click here to organise your day trips in Zanzibar.

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Villa Huruma

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Nice – Ms Blissness

If you like the idea of sparkling sea, wine, warmth, and winter sunshine, then Nice, in the south of France, is one of Europe’s greatest cities to visit in December.

No matter the time of year, Nice is a buzzing and vibrant city. It’s not only a wonderful place for a winter family holiday but there’s also still a lot to do here in the cooler months.

The French Riviera is made up of three key locations; Nice, Cannes, and Saint Tropez. They’re all in fairly close proximity to each other and you can easily make day trips from Nice to visit these other areas.

A definite must when in Nice is to visit Monaco! It’s only about a 30 minute bus ride away and the bus ticket only cost us 1.50 EUR! This was one of my favourite parts of our trip.

Coastline shot of aquamarine water and building on the sand
Look at that perfect water!

In Nice itself, strolling along the Promenade des Anglais is one of the best things to do in December. It’s a great way to soak up the winter sun while taking in the fresh sea air.

Many of Nice’s main attractions are within walking distance from the central point of the promenade.

One of the best attractions is the viewpoint from Castle Hill. It’s a short 10 minute walk up a view stairs and the views are incredible.

Other things to do include; exploring the quaint old town, checking out the Lascaris Palace, and wandering around the city squares – Place Massena and Place Garibaldi.

Also, don’t forget about all the cute little cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the old town. December in Nice is a magical time. Between the amazing lights, winter sunshine, and many activities, it’s a fabulous winter destination in Europe.

Click here to book an awesome French Riviera driving tour from Nice.

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B&B Villa Du Roc Fleuri

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Jebel Akhdar, Oman – Verses By A Voyager

Oman is a pretty hot and humid country and even in December the average temperature remains around 16-18° C. However, the second-highest mountain peak in the region, Jebel Akhdar, is one of the best destinations to enjoy December in Oman.

Standing 2000 metres above the sea level, Jebel Akhdar, also known as the “Green Mountain” is the part of Al-Hajar mountain range.

It comprises of an area of a plateau with beautiful wadis and ancient houses around.

A drive to this mountain peak offers spectacular views of the surroundings and this mighty mountain depicts a story of Oman’s dark and rugged beauty.

This area is quite hot all year round but during the month of December, the temperature at the peak of the mountain falls till -5° C and hailstorms are common.

cloudy blue skies with mountain range in the background with green grass near the front
A trip to Oman in December is surely something to consider?

It is quite unusual to witness such low temperature in a hot country like Oman, but Jebel Akhdar provides this opportunity.

The best way to enjoy this place is to camp there. People opt for hiking and cycling too.

Beautiful sunrise and sunset are witnessed from the peak of the mountain and star gazing is a popular activity there during cold, winter months.

There are two very luxurious resorts built at Jebel Akhdar which add to the grace of this place.

Click here to enjoy an exciting tour before you reach the mountains!

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Where To Stay

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

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Madeira Island, Portugal – Two Find A Way

Madeira Island is located in the north Atlantic ocean, southeast to continental Portugal. Its unique location is in part to blame for the treasures you find on the island, regarding the stunning scenery and unique fauna and flora.

The weather is mild all year round, and while December is a time for low temperatures and rain or snow in most of Europe, in Madeira you’ll find an average of 18°C and plenty sunshine hours that allow for memorable beach days in the last month of the year.

Man standing above clouds
Imagine standing here!

If you want to avoid the crowds, the first few weeks of December are perfect as it’s low season. You can also visit at the end of the month for the famous New Year celebrations, which include the largest firework display in the world.

Although you can find plenty of attractions in the main cities of the island (especially Funchal), the truth is that Madeira is the perfect destination for nature lovers.

The diversity is astonishing, and there are countless ways to see and experience it yourself. There are plenty of Madeira hikes and walks for all preferences and levels of experience as well as easily accessible viewpoints across the island.

Book your city, walking or adventures tours here!

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Solar da Bica

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Cape Town – Temples and Treehouses

December is peak summertime in Cape Town, South Africa. This is when the city is at its most vibrant. With temperatures averaging 27 degrees celsius, the weather is perfect to explore its miles of amazing coastline.

Make sure you get outdoors and discover Cape Town’s natural beauty — picnic on the beach, take in a summer concert at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and ride the cable car up to Table Mountain.

Despite the fact that this is a cosmopolitan city with cute shops and great food and coffee, it’s also closer to wildlife than you might expect.

View of the green blue sea and a narrow sandy beach from the trees
Cape Town is the perfect place to visit in summertime!

You can see seals playing in the water and sunning themselves on the pier at Kalk Bay, and visit the penguins at Boulders Beach.

One of my favourite things to do in Cape Town in the summertime is to spend a day wine tasting at one of the city’s beautiful historic wineries.

At Groot Constantia, the oldest wine estate in South Africa, you can sit outside in the sunshine with a backdrop of mountains and rolling hills of vines, and sample some of the best wine in the country.

Book your wine tour, shark cage diving or helicopter flight here!

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Si Si Studio

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Tulum – Getting Stamped

It’s always a great time to visit Tulum but our personal favourite is in early December. There are many reasons why we love travelling to the Yucatan in December but here are a few.

The temperature is great and it isn’t quite yet high season. The hotel prices are lower and there are way fewer tourists in town.

Tulum is the perfect place to visit in Mexico for those who love beaches, adventure, culture, and food. We would suggest at least a 4-night trip; we often go and spend one week in Tulum.

Blonde woman facing away from the camera looking out into blue sea and green shrubbery
Visit Tulum in December for a peaceful trip!

There are tons of Tulum attractions to keep you busy. We suggest renting a car or bike to cover the most ground. We like to spend a day on the beaches of Tulum soaking up the sun and gorgeous turquoise waters.

When you need a break from the beach, head to one of the nearby cenotes. Our favourite nearby cenote is Dos Ojos.

Make sure to head to the famous Tulum Ruins, but go early it gets really hot in the mid-day and is always busy.

If you are craving some real authentic tacos and a fun night out head into Tulum town.

Book your guided day trip to the cenotes here.

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Where To Stay

X´kekén Hostel

Free WiFi, complimentary breakfast, bike rental, terrace + garden

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Morocco – The Conversant Traveller

December is a fantastic time to head to Morocco, where the warm temperatures mean an escape from the chill of winter in more northern climates.

The southern desert areas near Merzouga and Zagora are at their best during this period, being much cooler than in the baking heat of the summer.

Tourist numbers are lower than during autumn or spring, which means you’ll have less competition for space at popular sights and activities like this awesome quad biking tour! Prices also fall a little, especially in the cities, so it’s a great time to grab a bargain.

Blue sky with huge orange sand dunes
Could you imagine yourself here this December?

Visiting Morocco in winter also means there’s less hassle in the markets and tourist areas, as vendors are winding down from the busy season and don’t have much of an appetite for hard haggling.

The light in December is ideal for capturing those incredible sunrise and sunset shots, and the skies can be bluer and clearer than at other times of the year.

If you’re in Marrakech, head to the International Film Festival to enjoy cinema screenings and workshops, while down near the Sahara region the Moussem de Tan Tan is a celebration of a desert culture where visitors can meet nomadic tribes in an authentic environment. 

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Where To Stay

Desert Heart Luxury Camp

Free WiFi, outdoor dining area, complimentary breakfast, private bathroom

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Tasmania – Dive Into Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost, island state, is the perfect place to visit in December. December is when the weather warms up, the days are long and the biggest events on the island take place with the Taste of Tasmania and the end of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Much of Tasmania is a national park and getting out and enjoying nature is the best way to explore Tasmania.

December is the perfect time to do this when there is less chance of extreme weather conditions in popular areas like the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

White sand merging to turquoise blue waters with mountains in the background
Imaging spending Christmas here!

The warmer weather is also perfect for enjoying the many beautiful beaches Tasmania is home to like Wineglass Bay pictured above. Peak tourist time doesn’t start until Christmas time so earlier in December is a great combination of fewer tourists plus good weather. 

The Taste of Tasmania is an annual festival that takes place in late December in the capital, Hobart. This is the perfect chance to try the fresh produce and wines that Tasmania is famous for. The best producers from all over the state are in one place and it’s easy to visit, walk around and taste all of Tasmania.

December really is the perfect time to visit Tasmania.

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Where To Stay

Freycinet Lodge

Ensuites, beachfront, complimentary breakfast, bike rental

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London – Dymabroad

One of the best destinations to visit in December is London in the United Kingdom. The city is always great to visit, whether you have just one day in London or longer, but in December it is even more special!

There are many things to do in London in December. For example, you can visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This is a very fun Christmas market with lots of attractions and stalls.

Besides that one, there are many other Christmas markets throughout the city, such as the ones at Leicester Square and London Bridge.

There are also several ice rinks in London. The most popular one can be found in front of the Natural History Museum and there is a great one as well at Somerset House.

Huge retail building on corner of road with the word SALE written downwards, London traffic including silver cab and silver car at the bottom
Shopping in London throughout December is just a magical experience

If you want to see an amazing play, then go to the Nutcracker by the English National Ballet. This is a great show with spectacular dance and music that is definitely worth your time!

Furthermore, the streets of London look lovely in December! There are decorations and lights everywhere that really add to your experience!

London may seem overwhelming but don’t forget that you don’t have to walk around the city – you can buy a River Thames hop-on-hop-off boat ticket here to save your legs!

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Where To Stay

The Ship Rooms

Free WiFi, good location, private bathroom, allergy free

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Rome – The Diary of a Nomad

One of the best places to visit in December is undoubtedly Rome, the ancient capital of Italy. In fact, there is no better place to experience the festive spirit than at the Eternal City.

To start off with, Piazza Navona, a large square in the historic centre of Rome, is bustling with the biggest Christmas market in town.

You’ll find everything from sweets to gifts there, along with a large nativity scene on display and a vibrant merry-go-round in the middle of the square. 

Nighttime scene, brightly lit buildings behind a lake reflecting in the water, bridge going across
Rome is the perfect place to spend the end of the year

Another great thing to do in December in Rome is to take an evening stroll to see the beautiful Christmas trees scattered in the historic centre.

The biggest ones are at Piazza Venezia and next to the Colosseum. For a more immersive experience, join some awesome Rome tours by night and learn history from an expert guide as you visit these stunning places!

Lastly, don’t miss out on Christmas at the Vatican. You can book tickets to attend the Christmas Eve mass at the St. Peter’s Basilica (the most-watched Christmas mass in the world) and hear the Pope address the crowd at St. Peter’s Square on Christmas Day!

If you’d rather take a bus tour to explore the city at your own pace, book your tickets here.

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Where To Stay

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Are you planning a trip this December, or even next year? Let us know where you go in the comments!

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