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The Best Places To Go In May 2020

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A May Bank Holiday should only mean one thing – time to plan your next trip! Find some of the best places to go in May and discover some amazing opportunities for visiting these incredible countries.

It may be spring in one hemisphere and autumn in the other but you’re almost guaranteed some of the best weather in May.

We’ve listed some of the best places to go in May, so kick back with a coffee and get planning your next trip! There’s also some accommodation recommendations here too so you can get booking quickly and snap up the best deals!

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Vilnius – Helen on Her Holidays

May is one of the loveliest months to visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The days are getting longer and warmer after months of winter, pavement cafes have sprung up and everyone’s enjoying the first rays of sunshine.

3 women sat with instruments

Live music on the streets is always pretty cool!

Since 2007, May has brought another reason to celebrate in Vilnius. The first Saturday of the month is Street Music Day, an annual event which sees musicians of all types take to the city centre streets.

You’ll see everything from punky guitar duos to traditional instruments; young recorder troupes to older rockers, and it’s all free, unless of course you want to show your appreciation. As well as Street Music Day, May is a great month to see everything else that Vilnius has to offer; the castle, the beautiful cathedral, the old town and the “independent republic” of Uzupis.

Being accompanied by street musicians on every corner makes for a very memorable visit.

Click here for the best tours in Vilnius.

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Paris – Four On A World Trip

Paris awakes back to life in spring and in no month, you can feel this more than in May.

Days are stretching long enough to enjoy an Apéro on a terrace or have a stroll around Jardin Luxembourg. Life happens outside again and there is hardly any place to enjoy life more than in Paris.

Spring and its long awaited warming sunrays are adding an extra layer of “joie de vivre” above everything that makes Paris worth a journey all year round.

Trees and brown buildings in background

You can always find cute spots in Paris!

If you want to experience Paris like Parisians do: go out! Cancel your dinner plans in a fancy restaurant and have a picnic along the Seine, enjoy a too early glass of wine outside on a terrace or just roam around the city and enjoy the moment.

May is however also an excellent time to relocate your open-air lunch to one of the many parks in and around Paris. For example, to the Parc Floral with its thousands of blooming flowers and frequent free jazz concerts.

Just as worth visiting is the Albert-Kahn-Museum and the associated 4 hectares of garden that is rather a patchwork of different garden and architecture styles, such as Japanese, French and English gardens, but also roseries, orchards and forests.

Find the best day tours in Paris here!

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Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula – Travel Lemming

The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. And it’s really no wonder why, given the incredible offerings and amazing warm weather of this tropical paradise.

The Yucatan has famous beaches in Cancun and Tulum, tranquil islands like Isla Mujeres and Holbox, and thousands of hidden jungle swimming holes (called “cenotes”). It even holds one of the New Seven Wonders of the World just outside Valladolid, Mexico: the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.

Chichan Itza - grey stone pyramind with sunlight shining over the corner

Mexico is so impressive!

Each year, the Yucatan explodes with tourists from the December holidays through April, when spring break and the Semana Santa holiday bring hoards of visitors.

But the crowds start thinning out after that, and by May hotel prices are half of what they were a month earlier. That means you’ll have more money to explore, while still being able to take advantage of warm and dry weather before the summer rains set in.

So if you’re in need of an excellent travel destination for May, look no further than the gorgeous Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Click here to book your tours online.

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Tuscany – Explore Now Or Never

The weather in Europe in May is beginning to improve, and May is wildflower season in Tuscany! During our visit to the Val d’Orcia region, the rolling hills were carpeted in pale pinks, vivid yellows, and crisp white wildflowers.

Stone house with green bushes and pink flowers

Tuscany is full of pretty streets like this!

Best of all, if you get outside of famous Florence to explore sweet little hill towns like Montalcino, Montepulciano or Pienza, you’ll catch the best of the beautiful spring weather while still missing the crush of summer crowds.

For a more local experience, consider staying at an “agriturismo”, an Italian farmstay. Whether you are looking for a luxury romantic getaway, a bare bones place to lay your head after a busy day of sightseeing or something in between, there no doubt exists an agriturismo for every travel dream and budget. Think scenic Italian countryside. Many make their own wine and have memorable restaurants onsite.

On our visit, our agriturismo in Pienza made an ideal base for visiting the beautiful Abbey of Sant’Antimo near Montalcino and a drive through the wildflower-strewn Monte Amiata to one of the best meals of our lives at tiny Ristorante Ana in Pinacastagno.

Click the buttons below to check out prices and more information on some cute farmstays in Tuscany! If you’re looking for the best tours in Florence, click here.

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Morocco – The World Pursuit

One of the best places to go in May is Morocco! While May brings more tourists into the country than the years previous month it also gets warmer and the days are longer.

Average temperates in May are between 70 and 85, which is warm, but not boiling hot like Morocco can get in July. There are so many great cities to eat, experience the culture, and enjoy the medina. The seaside town of Essaouira is great for beach days, while Marrakech is good for eating and culture, and then there is the great Sahara desert for great views.

Short blue buildings with a woman in a red cloak walking up the hill

Have you ever been anywhere like this before?

However my favourite place to visit in Morocco is the “blue city” or Chefchouen. You’ve likely seen Chefchouen on Instagram. It’s the city that is completely painted blue, and is absolutely mesmerising to walk around. If you head to Morocco in May, make sure to head to Chefchouen (you’ll even stay cooler here with all the blue paint!).

Take a tour in Chefchouen and get some mazing photos of the city! 

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Würzburg – Penguin and Pia

Würzburg is a small city in Northern Bavaria and the perfect place to spend a day (or a few).May is a great month to visit, as the warmer temperatures allow the city to really come to life.

The area around Würzburg is known as one of Germany’s wine regions, so wine (especially white wine) plays a big role in the city’s culture. You’ll see people standing on the Old Main Bridge – a historic stone bridge that connects the old town of Würzburg with the part on the other side of the river – enjoying the sun and a glass of wine. During the month of May (and the following months), there are also various wine events in the city that you can enjoy.

High view of city with river going acorss

This cute European city is the dream!

If wine is not for you, Würzburg still makes a great city to explore. You can visit the Marienberg Fortress on top of the hill, stroll along the river Main, or explore the beautiful old town and the Hofgarten, which one of the best preserved Rococo Gardens in Germany. There honestly is something for everyone, and the warmer, less rainy weather makes all these experience so much nicer to do in May.

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New York – Where Jo Goes

New York is amazing at any time of year and makes a fantastic trip whenever you go. But in May the city has cast off its winter layers. Central Park is alive with people, street entertainers, musicians, skaters and outdoor art exhibitions bring the green space of the city alive.

High view of Central Park with skyscrapers

You’ll never be bored in NYC,

The last Monday in May is Memorial Weekend when USA honours its armed forces. Fleet Week celebrates America’s sailors and Marine Corps – a flotilla of tall ships visits and parades along the Hudson River.

The streets are thronged with sailors and crew, like a scene from Officer and a Gentleman. Kids salute them, women kiss them and they get served first in every bar. Memorial Day itself is a public holiday and a day when you can grab a cab with ease and whistle through the deserted streets of the city, free of the workers that usually clog up the traffic.

Watch one of the Memorial Day parades and even join in a bootcamp led by military instructors. It can get hot in the Big Apple in May – head for the river and get the ferry to the Statue of Liberty or take a boat trip down the Hudson. NYC is always ready for a good time, but May brings a party to the Big Apple as well as the sunshine and is a great time to visit.

Click here for more of the best tours in NYC that you can easily book online.

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Jordan – Show Them The Globe

As the cooler winter temperatures start to rise and before the sizzling summer arrives, May is the perfect month to explore Jordan. Jordan can be stifling hot during the summer months and the typically cooler May temperatures, while still beautifully sunny and dry, provide a great opportunity to get outside and explore the country.

Looking up to brown buildings

Such an awe-inspiring country!

Days are spent hiking through the rose-red city of Petra, the nights eating dinner with the Bedouins under the stars and the afternoons floating in the Dead Sea.

Zip through the majestic Wadi Rum desert following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia stopping to dance on the red sand dunes and echo through the gorges. From the Roman ruins of Jerash to the 1000 year old murals of Quesir Amara and Um er-Rasas to the chaotic and incredibly alive streets of Amman Jordan is diverse with amazing people, delicious food and a natural beauty that is so abundant.

There’s plenty to do in Jordan – click here to choose from the best tours!

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Malawi – TraveLynn Family

Known as the ‘warm heart of Africa’ due to its wonderfully friendly people, Malawi packs a lot in to its relatively small landmass; with majestic mountains rising from the tea plantations in the South, to the tropical white-crescent beaches fringing the lake, to an intimate big five safari experience.

Come May, the heavy rains of the wet season has passed and it marks the beginning of the dry season for Malawi. This makes it a wonderful time to visit as the land is still lush from the rains, the days are dry and sunny, and the evenings fresh.

Beach with small child looking out into sea

Look at this beautiful water!

The highland regions of Nyika, Zomba and Mulanje can get rather chilly around the time, however here you will find wonderfully hospital cottages with a roaring fire to keep you warm.

A must for anyone visiting Malawi is the lake. Cape Maclear is our favourite spot where your days can be spent snorkelling and swimming in the crystal clear water, or simply lounging on the pristine sand until the sun dips behind the horizon.

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The Blue Mountains – Delve Into Australia

The Blue Mountains, a stunning range of ridges and remote valleys two hours west of Sydney, are a great destination at any time of year, but May is one of the best times to visit because the temperatures are just about right, day and night. And you’re also finally free of the bush flies that tend to swarm around you in the heat of summer.

The drop in temperature makes everything more pleasant and agreeable. It’s the best time of year to embark on long bushwalks like the Jamison Valley and Megalong Valley – these would be much harder in summer. Evenings and nights are cool, rather than the balmy heat you’d get in summer or the bitter cold of winter.

Looking over the mountains with misty blue haze

You would never expect this to be close to Sydney!

You also get some beautiful autumn colours coming through at this time, and you can see these in the village of Leura and up at Mount Tomah Botanic Garden.

Autumn is also a very evocative time to visit the Blue Mountains because of the mists that often form in the valleys around dawn. The view of the famous Three Sisters rock formation then and at sunset can be absolutely amazing.

Check out these Blue Mountains tours too!

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Plovdiv – Owl Over the World

Building with curved roof and trees

There are some gorgeous buildings to find in Europe.

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and Europe’s oldest inhabited city. Having this in mind, you can guess that city has lots of history to offer. Walking around The Old Town of Plovdiv feels like walking through different historical ages.

The fact that the city is so close to Sofia, makes a day trip to Plovdiva favourite thing to do for many Bulgarians living in the capital.

Plovdiv is also called ‘’the city under the hills’’ and hiking one of the 7 seven hills that surround the city is an awesome thing to do, plus, you get to enjoy lovely views.

Plovdiv is the perfect place to visit in May, because the weather is still pleasant at that time. During the summer Plovdiv is very hot. Spring and autumn are the perfect time to visit this wonderful, old city.

Take a look at the best tours in Plovdiv and book here.

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Apulia – Tips 4 Italian Trips

Beach town view from cliff

Italy literally has everything you’d need to spend a couple of months here!

Apulia is a fantastic region in the South East of Italy, that has the longest coastline of any region in Italy. Nearly 140 kilometres of pure water and golden sandy beaches belong to the Gargano’s promontory, that stands in the Northern part of Apulia.

We had the chance to visit this area several times, and we highly recommend to go there in May. Spring overall is a great moment of the year to visit the so-called “heel of Italy”.

Guess why?

Because it’s cheaper and less crowded in comparison to summer.Restaurants are open, offering outstanding local food. Taste mussels soup, orecchiette (the unbeatable typical pasta) or paposcia(a sort of huge sandwich made with the fried bread of pizza).

Plan a visit to the city of Peschici, Monte Sant’ Angelo and Vieste and stroll around the narrow street with clothes hanging here and there.

And finally, take your time to relax at the beach while no one disturbs your nap. No parasol, nor lawn chairs. Just enjoy a quiet and wide beach and waves rolling in.

Click here to explore the best of the region on a day tour.

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Enjoy your May day holidays by exploring a new city or country and discovering everything they have to offer. Try delicious new foods, practice a new language and experience a different type of accommodation. Planning where to travel in May should now be easy!

Have you been to any of these destination in May? Where else should be on our list? Let us know in the comments below!



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