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You have to start thinking about Western Australia. This is where the wild Australian coast really hits home. Beaches spanning 80 miles without a soul in sight, national parks where you can truly lose yourself to nature. Western Australia truly has to be the place to go if you’re not tourist inclined but still want to see what Australia has to offer.

Packing List

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For a comprehensive breakdown of this list go to our budget savvy packing list guide.

It’s a great place to go hiking to enjoy nature and watching local life, but the town of Ubud itself is also lovely with many delicious restaurants, bars, small shops and cultural performances. Many restaurants cater to clean eating and vegans and it’s a great place to go just for the food.

August is one of the best times to visit Ubud thanks to the fact that it is the dry season. Temperatures are a bit cooler and there is less rain. It is a popular time to visit so make sure you book ahead.

Key Phrases

Thank you – Terima kasih
Hello – Halo
Goodbye – Selemat Tinggal
Taxi – Taksi
How much? – Berapa banyak
Spicy – Pedas
Vegetarian – Vegetarian
Yes – Iya nih
No – Tidak
Toilet – Toilet

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