Thinking of taking a short break in Malta? Make sure you look through our comprehensive guide to making the most of your limited time!

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A short break in Malta is a fantastic idea and it could be one of the best places in the whole of Europe for a quick getaway.

I recommend seeing Valetta, Mdina, Comino Island, and Gozo during your 4 days.

  • Day 1 – Walking Tour Of Valetta in the morning, The 3 Cities at midday, and Mdina in the afternoon.
  • Day 2 – Comino Island tour and travelling up to your Gozo hotel.
  • Day 3 – Beach day at Ramla beach
  • Day 4 – Sightseeing the Cittadella in Victoria and travelling back down to the airport

Check out my recommended accommodation here – Valetta & Gozo

A Short Break In Malta

Whether your short break in Malta is a week or a quick weekend city break, this gorgeous country will tick all your boxes. I’ll first give you my perfect idea for a short break in Malta and then go on to give you loads more options if you’d like to try something a little different!

Malta is the type of country that is accessible to any budget. Below, I have also gone into detail about how to optimise your experience whatever your available finances!

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My Perfect Short Break In Malta

If I was working a Monday – Friday job then I would take off the Friday and Monday and take a late flight on Thursday over to Malta International Airport. Getting earlier flights tends to cost more so you could get an early flight on Friday but then you’ll spend half your first day travelling and spend more!

Write off Thursday night as travelling and have a good nights sleep in your hotel. I have gone into places to stay for your short break in Malta down the post but have a look at my top 4 recommendations below to get a feel for what you can expect!

I would choose to stay around Valletta for my short stay in Malta as it is one of the most incredible cities I have ever been to and has the best transport links on the island. If you have the money then think about staying in Valletta itself (especially if this is a romantic getaway!) but if you’re on a tighter budget then many of the neighbouring towns have better deals and are very close (Gzira, Sliema, St Julians, and Msida).

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Day 1 – Valletta, The 3 Cities & Mdina

Spend the first day walking through the majestic capital, taking in the incredible sights and history that are rampant throughout the whole country. I recommend the Original Valletta Walking Tour if you want to learn about the city in more detail (one of the highest-rated activities in the whole of Malta).

For lunch, travel across the harbour in a small boat which you can grab from the Lascaris Water Taxi Station (see map below). This boat is smaller and more personal than the larger 3 Cities Ferry but the larger boat is slightly cheaper.

I highly recommend trying out one of the restaurants on the Birgu waterfront as this has the best options as well as the best views in all of the 3 cities. If you are looking for more of a bargain then have a quick walk down the dock as there are some cheaper alternatives at the end of the waterfront.

The 3 cities are nice to have a quick walk around to let your lunch go down but at around 2 pm grab a taxi to Mdina. Malta uses to Grab app to book taxis so make sure you download Grab before you travel (android/apple).

The beautiful vittoriosa marina during our short break in in Malta

It is not too expensive to get a taxi this distance in Malta but if you are still looking to save the pennies then there is a very affordable bus (same time as a taxi) from Valletta leaving every 10 minutes. If this is the option you would rather take then I would miss out on the 3 cities, have lunch in Valletta and grab the bus to Mdina from there.

Mdina may be my favourite place in all of Malta. It is only topped by the place I proposed to Jade in Gozo. It is a small fortified city on the top of a hill and it is one of the most imposing structures I have ever seen.

Mdina looks good from the outside during a short break in malta, imagine what it looks like on the inside

I recommend spending the rest of the afternoon simply walking the streets of Mdina and popping into the many artisan shops and small museums that can be discovered whilst walking the maze of this incredible city. Take a look at these incredible walking tours of Mdina if you would rather have a guide on your short break in Malta.

Mdina is also home to brilliant restaurants which you can check out below.

In the high season, these restaurants can become fully booked very easily so remember to reserve a table before you fly out!

After that very eventful and long day, I recommend heading back to your hotel to get some well-deserved sleep!

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Day 2 – Comino Island & The Blue Lagoon

You can either get an hourly taxi over to Comino island and then spend the rest of the day exploring the island and its beaches by foot or you can book this incredible 6-hour catamaran adventure which takes you to all of the best spots on Comino as well as some amazing swimming spots on the mainland too.

The Blue Lagoon gets incredibly busy during summer short break in Malta. Make sure you book a boat if you dont want to contend with the crowds

We went to Malta outside of the high season which means there are A LOT less people on Comino. This is why we chose to get the ferry across and explore at our own pace. However, I really do not recommend this approach if you are going from June to August as there are way too many people on the island and it ruins the overall vibe. Read the entire guide to the Blue Lagoon here.

By booking a catamaran tour, you will have space on the boat to relax, you’ll be anchored away from the beachgoers so you will have ample swimming space, and you will get to explore places that other people do not have access to. Check out the catamaran tour here!

If you have chosen to go on the boat trip then you will be back in St Paul’s Bay at around 3:30 pm. Plenty of the day left!

From St Paul’s Bay, head up to the Gozo Ferry (Cirkewwa bus stop) from the Mary bus stop in St Julians (about 10 mins from the boat drop-off point), or simply get a taxi. You can check the Gozo ferry times by looking at the website here.

As you have probably worked out, you will be staying on Gozo for the next couple of days so make sure you have taken all of your belongings on the boat trip so you can go straight to the ferry after Comino. Obviously, you will not be able to do this if you have left your stuff back in Valletta. The Gozo ferry runs 24 hours a day so even if you have to go back to get your things, you’ll still have time.

Welcome to Gozo, one of the best locations for a short break in Malta

Head straight to your hotel in Gozo (we highly recommend the boutique hotel that Jade and I celebrated our engagement in, Bliss Boutique Living). It will be getting on a bit by the time you are at your hotel so take a look at local restaurants and enjoy your evening! If Bliss Boutique isn’t available then have a look at these other incredible boutique hotels on Gozo.

If you choose to stay at Bliss Boutique Living then I highly recommend the restaurant Al Sale which is a couple of minutes down the road. We had our engagement dinner there and it was incredible.

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Day 3 – Gozo Island

You can’t come on a short break to Malta and not have at least one day relaxing on the beach! Well, Gozo is home to the best beaches in all of Malta (check them all out here). If a beach day doesn’t sound adventurous enough for you, check out our top excursions in Gozo guide.

I recommend heading down to Ramla Beach which is on the North East side of the island. This is by far the biggest beach in Malta and the entirety of this huge beach is gorgeous soft sand with very good swimming and facilities. Many tourists do not bother to come over to Gozo, even in the high season, so it should be easy to find a space, even in the summer.

A short break in Malta is incomplete without a trip to one of their awesome beaches

There is a cafe on the beach which is pretty reasonably priced so you don’t have to take food and drink if you don’t want to be lugging it around with you all day.

Head back to the hotel in the late afternoon to have a shower and freshen up and make your way over to Victoria to have a wander around this beautiful city by night. Do not worry too much about exploring the actual sights as you can do that in the daytime tomorrow!

Pro Tip

If all of this eating out is really not in your budget then keep an eye out for the patisseries! Malta is famous for these tiny little shops on the side of buildings that sell very tasty and very cheap pastries throughout the day.

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Day 4 – Victoria

Day four of your short break in Malta all depends on what time your flight back home is. If you have managed to get a late afternoon/evening flight then you will have more than enough time to explore the Cittadella in the heart of Victoria.

During your short break in Malta, make sure you visit the Cittadella on Gozo

The Cittadella is a quite extraordinary fortification with around 3500 years of history! It is a must-visit attraction in Gozo and will take a few hours to walk around and appreciate the different things to do and see throughout the Cittadella.

After strolling through the Cittadella, it will be around lunchtime. This is the perfect time to sit in one of the many restaurants in the Citadella’s surrounding area. If the weather is good then I recommend sitting out front in one of the many gorgeous courtyards.

checking out Victoria on Gozo island is a must do during your short break in Malta

After lunch, it is time to head back to the mainland to give yourself time to get back to the airport for your flight back home. Just do the same thing in reverse, jump on the Gozo ferry and take the bus straight down to the airport/Valetta (if you have a little more time).

This is where my 4-day short break in Malta comes to an end! Remember, keep scrolling for so many more activities you can do in Malta to mix up and customise your short break in Malta!

Other Things To Do In Malta

Popeye Village

Popeye Village is the original film set from the Robin Williams Popeye film! However, it has now been converted into a very good waterpark focused on families with young children. If you fit into that category this is the best thing you can do in the entire country with the kids. Grab some skip the line tickets here! You can check out all the water parks in Malta here too!

If you have a family then visiting the popeye village is the best thing you can do during your short break in Malta

Day By the Pool

I know some of you are looking at my short break in Malta and thinking ‘Woah, Kev dude! That’s so many activities and I just wanna chill by the pool!’ Well, I’ve got you covered there too! We have compiled a whole list of all of the best places you can chill by the pool for the day, from the biggest resorts to the most private of sanctuaries. Check out our whole list here!

People relaxing on a day by the pool malta in a rooftop infinity pool

Red Tower

Malta is very famous for the towers that are scattered around the islands. They were used as warning towers where they would light fires along the whole chain of towers, all the way back to Valetta to warn the capital of an invasion force. However, only one of them is bright red! It is also one of the only towers that you are allowed to go inside and have a look around. I highly recommend going and checking it out. Have a look at our full guide to the Red Tower here.

St Agatha's Tower - The Red Tower of Malta

Diving On Gozo

Gozo is one of the best places in the whole world to go diving. Some of the underwater systems here are absolutely world-class and you simply HAVE to check it out if you are a certified diver. There are courses for beginners too! Check out our recommended dive activity here!

You can go diving from your gozo farmhouse with indoor pool

Wine Tasting

Wine? Cheese? Sun? Ancient City? I’m not sure how much I’m going to need to convince you to check out this activity. If you are into wine and cheese like we are then you’re probably going to do it! Check it out here.


If you’re into ancient historical sights then you have to see the Hagar Qim complex. It is believed to be far older than both the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge! I highly recommend checking out this temple complex tour which visits Hagar Qim and 3 other temple complexes in the south of Malta (along with fishing villages and the Blue Grotto). It is truly one of the best experiences available in Malta.

Where To Stay For Your Short Break In Malta

If you have followed my ideal short break in Malta then you have all of my recommendations already. However, if you are looking to mix it up then we have written a full guide to all of the best places to stay in Malta. You could also watch the video below which summarises that post.

Where To Stay In Malta - All Places Visited and Reviewed!

Here is also a list of all the places I have recommended in this article for you to take another look at!

What To Take On Your Short Break In Malta

Here is a short list of all of the things that I think are important for your short break in Malta. I have also included a travel essentials list at the bottom that I think all travellers should have!

WOWSUN Polarized Sunglasses

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When To Take Your Short Break In Malta

Dare I say it… Malta is a year-long destination!

The winter months don’t get too cold and the prices for all the accommodation can be less than half or more! However, the temperature isn’t quite high enough to experience the incredible beaches and the Blue Lagoon so if you want to do this exact short break in Malta then I recommend from May to October.

The actual best time to go to Malta is Late September – Early October. There are nowhere near as many tourists and the weather is better then than at any other time (not too hot like the middle of summer). As you are planning a weekend in Malta, I am assuming the time of year doesn’t particularly matter so definitely try to go around this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should A Short Break In Malta Be?

I know 4 days is difficult for some (getting time off work/kids) but if it is possible to get the Friday and Monday off then that is ideal. You can, however, make a weekend of it which I have written a guide to here!

When Is The Best Time For A Short Break In Malta?

The best time for a short break in Malta is late September – Early October. This is due to the crows dissapearing and the weather still being incredible.

How Much Will A Short Break In Malta Cost?

Depending on flights, time of year, and the accommodation you choose, it can vary between £300 – £1000 for your short break in Malta.

Is Malta A Good Place For A Short Break?

Yes. This country is small enough to go anywhere, see anything, and experience anything you could possibly want in a very short amount of time. I would say that a short break in Malta is the best short break in all of Europe.

That’s my entire guide to a short break in Malta! I hope it’s been helpful. If you have any questions or recommendations, please let us know in the comments section below!