Are you looking for the aptly named Sandy Beach Paphos or simply looking for sandy beaches in Paphos? Here we give all the information about both!

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Sandy Beach – If you are looking for the exact beach called Sandy Beach then this is a chill beach with a variety of events (DJs, parties, etc) and tournaments (volleyball) throughout the high season. The music is good and loud and it is the perfect beach in Paphos for people wanting to have a good time.

Sandy Beaches In Paphos – If you are looking for other sandy beaches in Paphos then I recommend SODAP Beach in town or Coral Beach/Riccos beach for families.

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Sandy Beach Paphos

Sandy Beach Paphos is an average-sized sandy beach 5km north of Paphos town center. There are a few other sandy beaches in Paphos but none cater to the younger audience quite as well as Sandy Beach Paphos.

If you are looking for a chill vibe, loud music, volleyball tournaments, good surf, well-priced drinks, beach BBQs, live DJs, and crystal blue water then Sandy Beach Paphos is the best (and only) beach in Paphos to really tick all of these boxes.

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Sandy Beach Paphos has;

  • Shower Facilities
  • Bar
  • Food
  • Toilets
  • Volleyball
  • Sunbeds
  • Parking
  • Lifeguard

All of the facilities on Sandy Beach are pretty basic. The toilets are portaloos and do not expect loads of space in the changing facilities and showers. However, they are all serviceable and add to the relaxed vibe that Sandy Beach Paphos does so well.

Sandy Beach Paphos entrance sign

One thing that Sandy Beach Paphos does quite well is the sunbeds. When you turn up you will see two distinct areas of sunbeds. The sunbeds on the left, as you walk in, are reserved for Azia Hotel guests. But, the sunbeds near the bar are all available for hire from the bar itself.

These sunbeds are very good and have a variety of different options available. The sunbeds start around €5 if you also want an umbrella and €2.50 on their own. The full beds cost a little more and go very quickly!

The whole of Sandy beach Paphos

There is a SMALL amount of parking at Sandy Beach Paphos. I do not recommend assuming that there will be space and driving up. I highly recommend getting the 615 bus which stops very close to the beach. This also means that you can relax and have a drink and not have a designated driver!

To get to Sandy Beach Paphos, the bus you want to get is the 615 bus to Agiou Georgiou Ave bus station. There are plenty of stops in the Paphos town center, but check out the full timetable here to see the best option for you!

Sandy beach Paphos sunbeds

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Sandy Beach Paphos organises events throughout the peak season. These include;

  • Beach Parties
  • DJ Sets
  • Comedy Sets
  • Volleyball Tournaments
  • BBQs

To see what they have planned for the dates you will be at Sandy Beach Paphos then check out their Facebook page here.


Where To Stay For Sandy Beach Paphos

Paphos is the homo of holiday apartments and Villas. I have never seen so many options for full apartments with kitchens and pools. You would think that this drives the price up a lot but it really doesn’t. Of course, there are some luxury villas, which you will see below, but also some affordable options too. Check out our 3 recommended options for Sandy Beach Paphos below.

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Here you get to choose from a 3 or 4-bedroom villa with its own private pool. The Villa is also really close to Sandy Beach Paphos which makes it the perfect accommodation for a group of friends looking for a great time!


Terrazza Suites

Terrazza suites are also right next to Sandy Beach Paphos and have options for 2 or single-bed apartments. This is an even better option if you are solo travelling or in a couple! There is even a restaurant on site.


Moutallos Rooms

To get something more affordable then you will have to come closer to the town itself. Moutallos Rooms are affordable apartments a couple of km from Sandy Beach Paphos. They come with decent facilities with plenty of space.

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Other Sandy Beaches In Paphos


SODAP Beach is right in the heart of Paphos and has the most modern facilities of any of the beaches in Paphos. It has many decent sunbeds available to rent for €2.50 (an additional €2.50 for an umbrella) and excellent shower/toilet facilities.

The swimming here is excellent and protected by large man-made sea walls. There is a bar on site that will bring you drinks. Drinks can even be ordered from your phone and someone will turn up to your sunbed with your drinks.

The actual beach area is not the biggest in Paphos and I guarantee this will be absolutely packed out in the high season. If you want to come to SODAP beach in the high season then you are in for an early start if you want to guarantee a sunbed for the rest of the day.

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Faros Beach (Lighthouse Beach)

A seriously underrated sandy beach in Paphos, Faros Beach has a massive amount of space for people to find a spot on the sand. The beach has volleyball facilities and even some beach football pitches. It has a shower block/toilet block with a small cafe serving food attached.

The facilities are a little old but they are significantly better than Sandy Beach Paphos so if you are happy with Sandy Beach then you’ll be very happy with Faros Beach. There is a decent car park but, in the high season, you will want to get there early.

Faros Beach does have some sunbeds but, like the facilities, they are a little old. I recommend just bringing a towel and finding some space on the sand. The sand is nice and soft and will be more than comfortable enough for a nice long day of soaking up the rays.

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Venus Beach

Venus Beach is going to be one of the best beaches in Paphos in the near future. It has a really good amount of space and nice soft sand with man-made sea walls making swimming incredibly calm and safe for everyone.

At the moment it has a very basic shower and toilet facilities and a small vendor selling drinks. expect this to change very soon with more significant shops and facilities.

Sunbeds are available to hire and the beach has a very large car park where you should be able to find a space. Beware though, the car park is not paved and maybe a bit rough for a small hire vehicle.

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Coral Beach

Coral Beach is probably the most well-known beach in all of Paphos. It has a super long stretch of gorgeous soft sand and loads of great facilities.

Coral Beach also has; watersports, 2 restaurants, a permanent lifeguard, a toilet/shower block, a shop, and even massage facilities on the beach itself.

The beach has a very good car park but inside the car park, there is a bus stop that stops directly next to the beach. The bus is the same as Sandy beach Paphos (bus 615).

There are plenty of sunbeds but I always recommend you get here nice and early if you would like to guarantee a sunbed and the perfect day for the whole family.

Rikkos Beach/Yeroskipou Muncipal Beach

Rikkos Beach has to be the biggest and most well-facilitated beach in all of Paphos. It is truly huge. It has entire areas dedicated to restaurants, arcades, play parks, and other facilities all the way down the beach. This is the best option for families, by far.

If you are driving, there is a huge amount of parking so you shouldn’t have to worry about parking at any time of the day but don’t take my word for it and make sure you get there nice and early.

This might also be the best option in the high season as there is so much space you are guaranteed to still get space somewhere on the beach. The swimming is great with large protected areas which makes the swimming safe for everyone.

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Lara Beach

Lara Beach is quite a way north of the town but is one of the most picturesque and perfect beaches in all of Paphos. However, it is a protected area due to the turtles nesting on the beach.

This means that you are unable to have umbrellas here as it is against the rules, just in case you pierce a nest. I recommend coming up to Lara Beach for a day trip to see how gorgeous it is but I don’t really recommend staying here all day. There are no facilities to speak of and you will have to bring everything you need for the whole day.

To get to Lara Bay I recommend going on a tour that has ATVs or buggies. You can do this drive in a 2WD but please don’t, especially if it is a hire. Most hire companies (maybe all of them) will say you are not allowed to make that journey in a 2WD but we still see loads of people attempting it. We even saw a hire vehicle with the bumper hanging off at one point. We have written a whole guide to renting a buggy in Paphos here!

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What To Take To Sandy Beach Paphos

Below is a list of all the things we think you need to take to Sandy Beach Paphos, and any beach you ever go to! I have also added an essentials list at the bottom which I think all travellers need during their trips!

Tummy Control Swimsuit

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Other Things To Do In Paphos

The Blue Lagoon

We went to the Blue Lagoon on a self-drive boat… It was as insanely good as it sounds. This is, by far, the best way to experience the Blue Lagoon. We have made a video about all of the ways to get to and experience the Blue Lagoon which I have put below if you would like some more information. Book the exact boat we took here now or have a read of our entire guide to the Blue Lagoon here.

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Troodos Mountains

We visited this incredible area on the very highly rated 100% Cyprus tour. The tour takes you to all of the best places in the Troodos mountains and I highly recommend jumping on it, we had a fantastic time. We made a complete video about it which I have put below! Check out the exact tour we went on here.

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Baths Of Aphrodite

Even though I don’t rate the actual Baths of Aphrodite, the Adonis trails that are part of the area are absolutely fantastic. Check out the video below to see how you can do this and read more about the Baths of Aphrodite here.

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Old Town/Nightlife

We went to all of the best bars in Paphos, only to check them out for of course, not for our own enjoyment… What a good excuse to do it though! It wasn’t really what we expected and we discovered that some of the best nightlife in Paphos is actually in the old town. Check out our entire article here or watch the taster video below!

A Taste Of The Nightlife In PAPHOS

Aphrodite Waterpark

The Aphrodite Waterpark is a super cool and huge waterpark that caters to everyone. If you are into waterparks or you are part of a group of friends/family then this is probably the best family activity you can do in all of Paphos. Check out how to book here!

Wine Tasting

Paphos and its surrounding area are actually quite well known for their great wine and wine tours. If you are into that sort of thing, I know we are, then why not jump onto a wine tasting in Paphos tour? Check out our recommended wine-tasting tour here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Sandy Beach Paphos?

If you are looking for a chill vibe then Sandy Beach Paphos is the best choice but if you are looking for something a little more family friends then I recommend Rikkos Beach.

Is Sandy Beach Paphos Worth It?

It is the only beach in Paphos that truly caters to a younger audience that wants loud music, drinks, and a good time. If that’s what you’re looking for then it’s not only worth it, it’s your only option.

Do Sandy Beaches In Paphos Cost Money?

None of the Sandy beaches in this list cost any money to enter. There will be additional fees for sunbed hire. This tends to be around €2.50 – €5.00

Is Sandy Beach Paphos Good For Children/Families?

Not really. the beach is much more for young adults. There will be loud music and drinking throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that the beach is a bad place but there are better beaches in Paphos for children.

What Sandy Beach Paphos Is Good For Families?

The best sandy beach in Paphos for families is Rikkos Beach. It is huge and has all of the facilities that and child/family would ever want/need.

That’s our whole guide to Sandy Beach Paphos. Let us know in the comments section if this article was helpful and if there is anything we can add to the article to improve it in any way!