Picking between the best August holiday destinations really might be difficult to do this year. From tropical Queensland, to chilly Iceland and everything in between, August is the perfect time to explore what the world has to offer! Pack your bags and set off on an adventure that is perfect for this time of year!

Some of the best places to visit in August in the world are incredibly affordable, suitable for both families and couples, and have fantastic weather.

You’re spoilt for choice at this time of year – should you grab your hiking boots and traverse the Lake District? Or road trip the ancient Silk Road Route through the mountains of Central Asia? How about discovering the captivating culture of Romania?

Dark palm trees silouhettes with pinky orange sky and blue mountains in the background
You can always find perfect sunsets when you travel in August

The Perfect August Holiday Destinations 2023

August can seem like an unlikely time to be jetting off on holiday because prices tend to be higher at this time of year. However, if you book far ahead in advance, you’re bound to grab a good deal on flights and accommodation!

August also usually offers the best weather for plenty of destinations, so you won’t have to worry about your trip being ruined! Click on the holiday location that interests you the most, or if you’d prefer to discover somewhere new, scroll through the whole post and let us know what you think!

You’re pretty much guaranteed to find your perfect August holiday destination for 2022 here, so get booking!

Bristol – Wanderer of the World

When other cities heat up and call for beach days, picnics and sunbathing, Bristol in England does something a little more unique.

It holds an annual ‘International Balloon Fiesta’, Europe’s largest meeting of hot air balloons, seeing over 100 balloons take to the skies over the city.

Hot air balloons i the air above a fairground
You’re never too old to enjoy balloons!

Usually held during the first week of August, the balloon fiesta is great fun for kids and adults alike. Not only can you do a bit of balloon spotting, but you can also get involved with live music, delicious street food and funfair rides… all for FREE!

Although the fiesta is Bristol’s biggest draw in August, this shouldn’t be all you come for. Bristol truly comes to life during the summer months with lots of free music festivals, food events and other celebrations.

Now… how much should I bet that Bristol just appeared on your travel wish list?

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Where To Stay In Bristol

Mollie’s Motel & Diner

Restaurant on-site, accessible rooms, bar on-site, terrace


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Romania – Moto Roaming

Whilst a conventional European summer trip conjures up images of visitors flocking to soak up the Mediterranean Sea delights, perhaps I could entice you towards a Balkan country; little known and not on the traditional tourist itinerary – for now!

Romania, in the east of Europe’s community, is richly diverse and whilst still speckled in communistic mystery, offers a treasure trove of cultural and natural surprises. Romania in August – why not?

Deviate from the summer norm. Come to a place where you share your experiences with only the birdlife of the Danube Delta or pilgrims visiting the Painted Monasteries of Moldavia.

Large regal building with a fountain in the front and a man satnding by it
The buildings here are stunning!

Or perhaps you could rub shoulders with the farmers who still harvest their summer haystacks by hand in Maramures.

For an adrenaline rush, drive the infamous twists of the Transfagarasan Pass or better still, the TransAlpine Route. Indulge in Vlad the Impaler’s merciless reign across Transylvania (click here to visit Dracula’s Castle!) or soak up the atmospheric history of Sibiu and Sighisoara.

Zarnesti’s Bear Sanctuary, which has saved countless animals from touristic torture may tug at your heartstrings whilst you wonder at the ostentatiousness of Bucharest’s People’s Palace.

Romania, a land of intrigue that will appease your curiosity for culture and extraordinary natural beauty.

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Where To Stay In Romania

Black & White Apartments

Great location, free WiFi, kitchen + dining area, free cancellation


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Port Douglas – Our 3 Kids v The World

One of the best things about living in Australia is you can always escape the cold, I’m from Melbourne so August is a pretty uneventful time of year, grey, cloudy and wet generally.

However, the top end of Australia is beautiful this time of year. One of my favourite place to visit is Port Douglas, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Forest.

Port Douglas is easily accessible by flying into Cairns and then travelling by road for an hour north. It is full of beautiful resorts and with palm trees swaying in the wind, it’s an ideal location for a holiday. Read More: How To Get From Cairns To Port Douglas: The Great Barrier Reef Drive

Restaurant umbrella over a table overlooking a harbour
Definitely vist Port Douglas if you’re looking to wind down!

Port Douglas is the perfect place to visit the Great Barrier Reef or just relax and sit around the resort pool. If you want to get into the water – then this is the best place for diving and snorkelling! Click here to find out more.

There are a number of great restaurants in Port Douglas and the main street can cater for all budgets when dining out.

Cape Tribulation is a short drive past Port Douglas were you can experience a rainforest thousands of years old. It has it all, sun, fun, ocean, forest and if you’re game, click here to take a tour to see some of our huge saltwater crocodiles. 

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Where To Stay In Port Douglas

Uyoung Diving Resort

Shared kitchen, garden, free WiFi, outdoor swimming pool


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Iceland – The World Pursuit

Europe, in general, is great to visit if you’re looking for a top August holiday destination; however, it can get very hot on the main continent. That’s why I prefer travelling to Iceland during the summer months.

August is the warmest time of the year to travel the Arctic circle with summer temperatures in Iceland averaging around 15°C. In August the sun rises between 5 a – 6 am and sets around 10 so you still get long days with the ability to sleep in darkness.

Read More: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Iceland In Summer

Man wearing a cap stroking an Icelandic pony
Locals are friendly too!

August is a great time to experience the best of Iceland. The land will be green and lush, the sun is out, and popular tours are running. It’s also a great time if you want to go on a hiking and camping adventure as the climate is ideal.

While the weather may be ideal it’s also the most popular time to visit Iceland so try to make your plans early as things book up. The Blue Lagoon, for example, is a must-do activity so book your tickets for the day you want to go before they are snapped up!

We also highly recommend taking a full day for a snowmobile tour like this one. For a full breakdown of the best snowmobile tours in Iceland, click here.

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Where To Stay In Iceland

Brekkugerdi Guesthouse

Free Wifi, shared lounge, complimentary breakfast, sun terrace


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Ubud – Simpler and Smarter

August is the perfect time to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world – Ubud.

Ubud is located about an hour from the popular coastline of Bali but it is a whole different world. It’s much more peaceful than the crazy areas of Kuta and its surrounings and it’s in a beautiful setting with rice terraces and lots of greenery.

Read More: The Perfect Bali Itinerary

Ubud is such a fun place to explore

It’s a great place to go hiking to enjoy nature and watch local life, but the town of Ubud itself is also lovely with many delicious restaurants, bars, small shops and cultural performances. Many restaurants cater to clean eating and vegans and it’s a great place to go just for the food.

August is one of the best times to visit Ubud thanks to the fact that it is the dry season. Temperatures are a bit cooler and there is less rain. It is a popular time to visit so make sure you book your tours ahead of time.

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Where To Stay In Ubud

Ubud Tropical

Shared kitchen, outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi, complimentary breakfast


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Jeju Island, South Korea – Be Marie Korea

Jeju Island is the biggest island of South Korea, located off the south coast of the peninsula. The volcanic island is accessible by plane from mainland Korea and from other Asian countries or by boat from Busan.

What draws people to Jeju are the stunning beaches, elaborate hiking trails and the delicious food. Seafood and black pork are a must-try when on the island.

The black pigs are natives to the island and taste different from mainstream pigs. The pork is smoked over burning hay, which gives the meat juice a unique flavour and makes the meat a bit chewier than regular pork.

Black rock fading into the sea
This is such a unique area!

Jeju Island has two main cities, one located in the north and one in the south, which are a 1-hour bus ride away from each other. For first-timers in Jeju, it is recommended to stay in Jeju city and discover the island from there.

You can visit Jeju all year round, but the best time to visit is during the summer months. During July and August, the temperatures are just under 30°C but the wind makes it much cooler.

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Where To Stay On Jeju Island

Slow Citi Guesthouse

Great location, good transport links, breakfast included, shared kitchen + lounge


Click here to check prices and room availability!

The Lake District, England – 2 Traveling Texans

England’s Lake District is one of the best places to visit in August because of the stunning scenery and tranquil atmosphere. The weather will be ideal for exploring the area either on a boat or on foot.

In addition to being a National Park, the Lake District has been recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can take a boat tour with Windermere Lake Cruises. The water is calm and the scenery is picturesque. We took the boat from Bowness to Ambleside, do some exploring, then returned back to Bowness. If you prefer you can also rent a self-drive or rowboat to explore the lake on your own.

Green hills with sheep
England’s natural beauty is just stunning

Click here to find out more about the boat tours you can take.

There are countless hikes that you can do in the Lake District. We did the Stock Ghyll with the Sweden High Bridge extension which is about 5 ½ miles long.

It starts in Ambleside and you see the Stock Ghyll waterfalls and amazing views of Lake Windermere. It was not a difficult hike but it was so scenic.

Whether you decide to go boating, do some hiking, or just explore the pretty towns, I am sure you will love the Lake District as much as I do.

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Where To Stay In The Lake District

Oakfold House

Excellent location, free parking, private gardens, breakfast included


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Pamir Highway, Tajikistan – Against The Compass

At 4,600 meters above sea level, the Pamir Highway is one of the world’s greatest road trips.

Unofficially linking Kyrgyzstan with Afghanistan but, officially, going from Dushanbe, in Tajikistan, to Osh, in Kyrgyzstan, for 1,250 kilometres, the Pamir Road goes through the third mountain range in the world, the Pamirs, a massive range composed of several 6,000 and 7,000-meter peaks.

Long straight road going into the distance
Road trips are the best!

From the green plains of southern Kyrgyzstan to the arid Tajikistan landscape and the 300 kilometres of road that follow the Panj river, from where you can see Afghan villages and even wave at the many Afghans, this ancient Silk Road route, which even Marco Polo himself had crossed, should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Because of the high altitude, August would be the ideal month to travel the Pamir Highway, when day temperatures are mild, nights aren’t cold at all and, basically, the different homestays and other accommodation options are open.

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Where To Stay Along The Pamir Highway

Hotel Shumon

On-site restaurant, bar and gym, complimentary breakfast, private bathrooms


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Asturias, Spain – Stingy Nomads

Asturias, a green mountainous region in Northern Spain is one of the country’s hidden gems. Asturias boasts spectacular beaches, a dramatic coastline, breathtaking mountains, charming small towns, and delicious food.

It’s an amazing place to come for adventure lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Local beaches have some great surfing spots with surf camps and schools spread along the coast.

Sea kayaking and paddleboarding are other water sports that can be practised here.

Long road stretching out in front, grass either side. leading to a beach
Such a gorgeous place!

The Picos de Europa, a beautiful mountain range in Asturias offers some fantastic hiking trails and long-distance walking routes with breath-taking scenery. Spending a couple of days camping and hiking in the Asturian mountains is an incredible experience.

August is the perfect time for visiting the region. The temperature is nice, it’s warm but not too hot, there is not much rain – very comfortable weather for outdoor activities.

Local festivals are another reason to travel to Asturias in August. There are several events in the region that are worth visiting such as Semana Grande, the biggest festivity in Gijon, San Augustin celebration in Avilés, or several cider festivals across the region.

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Where To Stay in Asturias

Casa Mario

Rustic decor, complimentary breakfast, shared lounge with TV and games, great location


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Verona – Travel For A While

While travelling to the main tourist cities in Italy in August can be crowded, hot and expensive, Verona is well-worth visiting in August.

Weather is great in northern Italy in the summer months and the Opera Festival at the Arena of Verona attracts a lot of visitors every August.

Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, listening to an Opera in a 2000 years old Roman Arena with perfect acoustics is still an amazing experience.

Verona looking over the river at sunset
Enjoy a beautiful sunset in Verona!

Verona is also a beautifully preserved medieval city with lots of treasures to discover.

Walk on Romeo and Juliet’s steps in Verona, visit Castelvecchio fortress, and admire the bridges over the Adige river.

Try to eat the local food and don’t forget to go local on the wine too. The region around Verona produces great wines like Amarone di Valpolicella, Soave, or Bardolino.

Another thing you should do in August is a day trip to Lake Garda from Verona. You can choose any of the small towns around the lake and even go for a swim in the refreshing waters of Lake Garda.

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Where To Stay in Verona

Hotel Milano & Spa

Central location, room only or apartments, spa on-site, breakfast available


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Door County, Wisconsin – Have Clothes Will Travel

Door County, Wisconsin is a great destination to visit at any time of year. This is especially true in August, though, thanks to the nearly perfect weather and the variety of fun events to choose from!

The best things to do in Door County involve being outdoors, and with the average temperature in the 70s Fahrenheit, this means they are easily accessible and far more enjoyable.

These activities range from hiking to shipwreck diving to relaxing on the beach and kayaking. Plus, if you enjoy fishing, August is one of the best times of year to go salmon and lake trout fishing from Door County.

Viewing the ocean from rocky land
What a beautiful place!

The first week of August is also Maritime Week in Sturgeon Bay – which focuses on the area’s extraordinary maritime history and honours the area’s local Coast Guard personnel (past and present). This week is also (under normal circumstances) the week the Door County Fair is held.  

One of the many things Door County is known for, though, is its incredible cherry orchards. To celebrate this, the town of Jacksonport hosts its annual Cherry Fest on the first Saturday of August.

Here you will find all things cherry to enjoy – from kolaches to pies and ice cream, jams, and even cherry brats! There are also helicopter rides, a car show, and a variety of musical performances.

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Where To Stay in Door County

Inn at Cedar Crossing

Great location, shared kitchen + lounge, free Wifi, bar on-site, breakfast included


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Acadia National Park, Maine – Explore More Clean Less 

August is the perfect time to visit Acadia National Park in coastal Maine, United States, with sunny days and cool nights!

The warmest days of the year make dipping your toes (or swimming) in the cold ocean much more appealing; the water usually registers at a chilly 55 degrees Farenheit. The warmer weather and sunnier skies make it less likely to have fog obstructing coastal views on hikes and drives!

Man with 2 children sitting on a flat rock ledge looking out onto Acadia National Park
Take in these stunning National Park views!

Visitors can’t miss exploring the neighbouring small tourist town Bar Harbor, that is full of dining options, cute shops, and a sandbar hike to a deserted island if you time the tides right.

Inside the park, you can’t miss the sunrise over Cadillac Mountain, exploring tidepools for seastars, eating popovers at Jordan House, hearing the waves at famous rock formation Thunder Hole, and hiking along the flat and stunning Ocean Path trail along the cliffs.

Culture buffs will enjoy the Abbe Museum and scientists can’t miss the Bar Harbor Whale Museum. If you decide to go, read these tips to have the best trip to Acadia National Park while you research your itinerary!

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Where To Stay in Acadia National Park

Edenbrook Motel

Private bathrooms, good views, large rooms, air-conditioning


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Norway – The Diary of a Nomad

Norway is one of the best places to visit in August especially if you want to avoid getting boiled under the sun.

On average, temperatures across the country range from 11°C (52°F) to 20°C (68°F) during this month, giving you pleasant breezes and a refreshing summer experience. 

August is an amazing time to go for the many spectacular hikes in Norway. Some of the best ones are Trolltunga, Preikestolen, and Kjeragbolten. The view of the fjords you’ll get along the way are unbeatable; every corner is breathtaking — it’s one of the many things that make Norway an incredibly dreamy destination!

Girl sitting on rock edge over blue water
Imagine your next holiday being here!

For a more relaxing experience, you can also take a cruise on the fjords and get up close and personal with the mountains framing the water. It’s truly a magical experience. Some of the best fjords to ruise on are Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord, and Lysefjord.

Lastly, another unmissable thing to do in Norway in August is to take advantage of the great weather and go chasing waterfalls! You can see many of them from fjord cruises already, but you can also enjoy beautiful hikes to the Storsæterfossen, Brekkefossen, and Voringsfossen waterfalls.

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Where To Stay in Norway


Woodfired hot tub, bbq facilities, garden/river/mountain views, shared kitchen


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Dublin – Volumes & Voyages

Many people wouldn’t think to visit the Emerald Isle in the month of August. While everyone is visiting the hotter areas of Europe like Spain and Croatia, why not visit Dublin?

In August, Dublin is absolutely perfect to visit because the weather is just warm enough. It never gets scorchingly hot in Ireland, especially in Dublin because it’s right on the coast!

People milling about outside of Temple Bar - brick building with red awning
You can’t visit Dublin without enjoying a pub trip or two!

There are quite a few fun things to do during this time of year in the area of the city. First of all, definitely try taking a day trip to either Howth or Bray. These are two tiny coastal towns near the city of Dublin that each has coastal cliff walks. If you’re not a fan of heights, opt to take a day trip to Bray instead of Howth!

Other fun activities during this time include dining at the great pubs with outdoor seating in the Temple Bar District and picnicking in St. Stephen’s Green. Be sure to also take advantage of Dublin’s prime location by utilizing the Irish Rail to take day trips to great places like Galway, Killarney, and Cork!

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Where To Stay in Dublin

Drury Court Hotel

Excellent location, free Wifi, multi-room options, private bathrooms


Click here to check prices and room availability!

Packing List Essentials

There are so many different locations on this list so I will not include our recommended clothing but definitely take a look at these essentials that we think any traveller needs in their bag.

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Have you planned a trip to any of these top August holiday destinations? Or is there somewhere else amazing to visit in August? Let us know in the comments below!

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