The views you can expect from Paphos luxury villas

The 17 Best Paphos Luxury Villas | 2023 Guide

Paphos is the heart of the perfect west coast paradise in Cyprus. These Paphos luxury villas will put the cherry on top of an already well-iced cake!

Our Top 8!

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Paradise Cove

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Platzia Beach

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Villa 26

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Villa Pelagos

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Eden Garden

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Posidonia Villa

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Villa Evelina

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Pleiades Villa

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How Did We Pick Our Paphos Luxury Villas?

All of the following Paphos luxury villas are entire villas that you do not have to share with anyone. All of them have their own private pools and they have each been hand-picked for their unique charm and incredible style.

There are so many villas in Paphos, however, these are only the best of the best and most luxurious.

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Villa Pleiades

Villa Pleiades is situated on a stunning little stretch of coastline near the famous Edro III shipwreck. The Villa itself oozes luxury in every corner with its marble effect tiling and a pristine pool with built-in outside BBQ facilities.

The epitome of Paphos luxury villas

With 5 bedrooms, this Paphos luxury villa sleeps up to 10 people so it would work perfectly for a group of friends or adult family members. It also has space for parking which makes it simple to get to one of the many incredible beaches nearby or drive down to Paphos town to visit one of its incredible restaurants. Click here to see more photos, prices, and availability.

If Villa Pleiades is not available, remember to check out Villa Adaris which is the same in every way next door!

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Villa Infinite Blu

Villa Infinite Blu is a beautiful 3 bedroom Villa that sleeps up to 8 with the help of a couple of sofa beds that can be utilized throughout the property. However, I would suggest going with a maximum of 6 as this means that you can keep the living areas nice and tidy!

The sort of pool you should expect in Paphos luxury villas

This Paphos luxury villa is nestled a little way up a small hill which means that it is away from the busy main road and gets incredible uninterrupted views of the setting sun in the west. See more images, reviews, and availability here!

Ayios Sozontas Villa

Cyprus is famous for its incredible rolling hills and cool mountain air which is a welcome respite from the humidity and heat of the coastline. Ayios Sozontas villa is a huge, secluded detached villa that lives and breathes peace and quiet.

The Villa itself has a warm country coziness to it that is simply divine and a welcome change to the more common white walls and ceiling throughout. This is the perfect Paphos luxury villa for large families and groups as the sheer space you get here is breathtaking. See more images and availability here.

Kallizoni Villa

If you are looking for accommodation as close to the incredible Akamas National Park as possible then Kallizoni Villa ticks all of the boxes. This stunning 4-bedroom villa perfectly accommodates 7 people with a gorgeous outdoor pool, BBQ facilities, and large clean sweeping rooms throughout.

Another amazing view in one of the best Paphos luxury villas

This Paphos luxury villa takes full advantage of the amazing scenery surrounding it and customers can count on leaving Kallizoni Villa more relaxed and invigorated than ever before. Check out more images, reviews, and prices here.

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Villa Yioukkas

As soon as I saw Villa Yioukkas I fell in love with it. Is that because it has a pizza oven on-site? Maybe… However, this Paphos luxury villa sleeps up to 4 people in its two spacious rooms and has an incredible outdoors area including a pool big enough for 10 people let alone 4.

It is just on the outskirts of Paphos so you are very close to all of the incredible restaurants and facilities that Paphos has to offer whilst enjoying a quieter area of town. Because of this, this is an absolutely fantastic option for small families and groups. Have a look at more images and prices here.

Paradise Cove Beach Villa

Right in the heart of Paphos and right on the coast, what more could you ask for? This collection of beachside villas has options for 1-bedroom up to 3-bedroom villas which are perfect for small groups or families.

If being super close to all of the best facilities that Paphos has to offer is a must then this is one of the best Paphos luxury villas for you. Check out all of the available options and different prices here.

Villa Phoenix

Villa Phoenix is one of the few Paphos luxury villas situated to the south of the town and is one of the only great villas near the brilliant Secret Valley golf course. The Villa itself is open and spacious with an outdoor area more than big enough for the 6 people the villa can accommodate.

Even though Villa Phoenix has these large open spaces, it still has a cozy feel to it that would be perfect for families or small groups. Check out the availability, reviews, and prices here!

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Platzia Beach Villas

A selection of 3-4 bedroom beach villas right on the west coast in the popular area close to Coral Bay. Platzia Beach Villas offer a really good amount of space inside the villas as well as a great garden area for all 8 of the people they accommodate.

Paphos is a short 7-minute drive away so this whole complex is the perfect match between convenience and peaceful serenity. I, personally, think that this is one of the best Villas in this whole article for families with children. See what I mean with more pictures and prices here.

Villa 26

The architect’s brief – the perfect large open 6-person holiday villa – and they really delivered. I particularly like the outside and living areas as they will probably be where you spend most of your time and they are perfect.

Villa 26 is situated in Paphos town but in the northern suburbs so you get all of the convenience of the town with none of the annoying hustle and bustle. This is the perfect Paphos luxury villa to sit back, relax, and take in the sun and beauty that Paphos has to offer. See more images and availability here!

Villa Pelagos

Villa Pelagos is on the north coast of the Paphos area and is seclusion defined. Most of the coastline nearer to the city will be very busy during the high season but you definitely will not get that up here. If you are looking for a Paphos luxury villa suitable for an incredible family holiday then this could be exactly what you are looking for.

The best view I have seen in any of these Paphos luxury villas

The Villa has absolutely breathtaking views along the north coast and ticks every single box for facilities and amenities on site. Make sure to make the most out of the nearby Latchi which is the home of watersports and excursions into the amazing Akamas National Park. Check out the views and availability here.

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Garden Of Eden Villa

Are you looking for something other than the typical white-washed hard lines of modern Paphos luxury villas? Garden Of Eden Villa is exactly what you are looking for. Situated to the north and slightly inland of Paphos town, this villa has soft stone arches and warm inviting spaces to entice and relax the most stressed of us.

You will fall in love with this homely feel as you soak up the Mediterranean sun in the world-class pool. This is one of my favorites and is probably the villa I would choose in this list for my own personal holiday. See if you agree with more pictures, reviews, and availability here.

Posidonia Villa

Well, it doesn’t get much more luxurious than this. As Paphos luxury villas go, this is the pinnacle. A simply incredible villa. You don’t have to choose between the convenience of Paphos town and the luxury of the villas on the outskirts, this has it all.

I don’t need to describe how beautiful this Villa is, you can see that for yourself. however, it sleeps up to 10 and is perfect for large groups or family get-togethers. It’s right next to the beach and has all of the amenities and facilities you could ever need right on the property or right on the doorstep. Check out the pinnacle of Paphos luxury villas here.

Victorias Villa

This is the sort of accommodation that makes you wonder if it should still be classified as a Villa or a mansion. It is absolutely huge and you definitely won’t have to be worrying about sharing your space with anyone else, you can’t even see the closest neighbor in the images.

This 6-bedroom super villa boasts incredible landscaped gardens, a pool terrace with BBQ facilities, and every view you could possibly imagine. This is, by far, the biggest Villa on this list so if size matters and you want to feel like an actual Bond Villain then this is the Paphos luxury villa for you. Check out more images, availability, and price here.

Villa Evelina

Villa Evenlia is part of a row of purpose-built holiday villas and it does not disappoint. The Villa seems to use its wide open spaces and brilliant design to make luxury effortless. The Villa has 3 bedrooms and is perfect for a large family. It is right next to the incredible Akamas National Park which means it is even more perfect if you have an adventurous family.

A gorgeous external view of one of the best Paphos luxury villas

During our visit to Paphos, this area was by far our favorite place in Cyprus and if you decide to book I am sure that you will agree by the end. It has all of the facilities you can expect including; BBQ facilities, a pool, and a fully equipped kitchen. Check out the villa in more detail right here!

Gaia Residence

Villas in the Paphos hills are not a common occurrence in this list of Paphos luxury villas but they should not be overlooked and Gaia Residence is no exception. This incredible 3-bed Villa sleeps up to 6 and is the definition of remote, quiet living.

The Villa itself is quite close to Polis and Latchi in the north which is the place to get access to the incredibly beautiful Blue Lagoon. Make sure to check out our guide to enjoying the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus because you’d be insane to miss it, especially after booking this beautiful Villa.

If you are looking for a cooler, more remote Paphos experience but still want access to the best that the west coast has to offer then book a couple of weeks in Gaia Residence and experience real tranquility. Check out prices and availability here.

Thalassa Villa

Wow, just wow. When I think of Paphos luxury villas then I imagine Thalassa Villa. This is the quintessential contemporary luxury that you are looking for. A new, stylish villa that has incredible views across the western coastline that enjoys amazing sunsets.

Every single part of this 3 bedroom Villa is luxury, including the pool, jacuzzi, kitchen, living spaces, and perfect outside seating area and BBQ facilities. Thalassa Villa is probably the exact villa that you are looking for so click here to see more images and prices now.

Sunset Park Villa

Aptly named with absolutely fantastic views of the sunset over the west coast. Sunset Park Villas is a selection of identical 2-bed villas that all come with their own private pool, incredibly beautiful modern interior, and a range of other must-have facilities.

If you’re looking for the Instagram-style villa feel then look no further than Sunset Park, it oozes class. This could be the very best option for a couple looking for a romantic getaway if you also want the proximity to the town center that Sunset Park gives. Check out the location and availability here.

Things To Do In Paphos

The Blue Lagoon

We hired a small speed boat to self-drive up the coast and experience the absolutely perfect water of the Blue Lagoon/ This is by far the best way to travel to the Blue Lagoon but watch the video below for all our other suggestions as well. See the whole article here or just go ahead and hire the boat we hired right here!

You NEED to visit the Blue Lagoon Cyprus! | Incredible Paphos Boat Trips in the Akamas National Park

Troodos Mountains

We experienced the Troodos mountains with the 100% Cyprus tour and we highly recommend you do the same. They will take you into the glorious mountain range and to all of the best picturesque villages and spots. Check out the video below to see the tour in full and also check out all of the other best excursions in Paphos here!

The No.1 Paphos Excursion: 100% Cyprus Tour

Sunset Cruise

Paphos is full of opportunities to make the most of the incredible sunset with loads of sunset cruises available, some even have private fireworks displays every night! We recommend checking out the Wave Dancer night cruise which includes a full 3-course dinner and that firework display.

Lara Bay

I’m sure you’ve heard of the incredible beaches deep inside the Akamas National Park which are home to incredible sea turtles. Well, you can get a tour in a buggy, jeep, or ATV all the way up there to explore and discover this piece of paradise all for yourself. Check out our recommend tour here.

Wine Tour

If you’re like me and Jade then you won’t need much convincing to book yourselves onto a winery tour in Paphos. The whole region is famous for its wine so why not get in on the action?! Check out our recommended tour right here!

Baths Of Aphrodite

The actual Baths Of Aphrodite are not actually that interesting and I do not recommend seeing them, however, the country park they are nestled within and the available trails up into the hills, and the views at the top are simply mind-blowing and should not be missed. Check out our video of the baths of Aphrodite below for more info or check out the full guide here.

Are The Baths of Aphrodite in Cyprus REALLY Worth A Visit?

What To Pack

Here is an up-to-date list of all the things I think you need to take to Paphos. In the end, I have also included an essential list that I think anyone going anywhere should have! All of the products are routinely updated so make sure to click through to see prices!

If you haven’t already got a swimming costume then what the hell are you doing?! Have a look at this gorgeous high waist bikini and get a swimsuit before you leave. I absolutely love the dual colour option but there are loads of colour options available. Take a look here.

If you need some sunglasses then take a look at our recommended pair right here. Kev has just done 7 months without a pair because he couldn’t find any he liked on the trip and it was just a lot of complaining about the sun. Don’t be a Kev… Find out the price of not being a Kev right here.

Travelling with hundreds of books isn’t feasible, so packing a Kindle is a no-brainer! The latest Paperwhite has a 6.8″ display so it’s much better than reading on your phone. There’s also a warm backlight and an incredible 10 weeks of battery life! This version is even waterproof so you can relax by the pool with peace of mind. I’ve had my Kindle for 10 years and it’s still perfect – this is a purchase that will last you a lifetime! Check out the full specs here.

If you’re looking for a snorkel kit then check out this Greatever mask and snorkel. We have been on so many snorkel and boat tours where the snorkel hire was dreadful and it ruins the experience. If you have room then definitely take your own set. Take a look at our recommended kit here.

Don’t even think about stepping out in the sun without protection! This factor 50 sun cream from Sunbum is vegan, reef-safe and smells like summer, as well as being dermatologist approved! It’s non-greasy, easy to apply and doesn’t leave a white cast so you can quickly rub it in and get on with your adventures! Take a look on Amazon here.

If you’re stuck on what kind of towel to take with you then take a look at this microfibre poncho. We absolutely love ours and it is insanely helpful when you need to change on the beach. They dry fast and pack down super small so you’ll be able to fit one in your day pack easily enough. Check out the price here.

If you’re planning on going to the beach then make sure you have some flip-flops in the bag. There is nothing worse than getting sand in your shoes or socks and there is nothing better than feeling the sand on your feet. We recommend an affordable pair like these Old Navy casual flip-flops. They will get the job done and shouldn’t break almost immediately as other brands might. Check them out in more detail here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Look For In Paphos Luxury Villas?

Most luxury villas in Paphos are going to be the typical tiled white building with contemporary interior designs. Make sure you also get a pool, BBQ facilities, and parking at the least!

What Is The Best Paphos Luxury Villas?

This completely depends on your style! Have a look through the article to see if you can find one that you love.

Are Paphos Luxury Villas Good For Families?

Some of them actually say no children so it is important that you check that the Villa is family friendly before you book.

How Much Are Paphos Luxury Villas?

This varies wildly based on size and location. However, they can be as low as $150 a day. This can be significantly higher, however.

That’s our entire guide to the best Paphos luxury villas. If you think we have missed a gem of a villa from our list, please let us know in the comments section below!

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