There are some incredible sights off the beaten track in Paphos! Let’s see all of the Paphos buggy rental opportunities to make the most of this gorgeous area.

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Akamas Buggy Tour

In our opinion, the best Paphos buggy rental experience you can have is this 4-5 hour buggy adventure up to Adonis baths and Lara Bay (amongst other incredible mini stops. It comes with lunch included and is everything we think a buggy adventure should be!

the sort of buggy you can expect on a paphos buggy rental experience

Paphos Buggy Rental

There are two options in Paphos for Paphos buggy rental; self hires or joining an ATV safari. Both have their pros and cons but both are also completely awesome.

Here we will help you decide which is better for you and also talk about tips for driving these beasts in Paphos, along with some other incredible things to do here. Let’s get cracking!

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The Best Paphos Buggy Rental Tours

#1 – Value Akamas Buggy Tour

This extremely highly rated 4-5 hour Paphos buggy tour visits so many of the best spots and is one of the most affordable options available.

You start by visiting the Adonis Falls then head over to the sea caves & shipwreck and finally make your way to the incredible Lara Bay for a swim. This is basically everything you could ask for in a Paphos buggy rental so click here to find out more!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4-5 Hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes (If requested)
  • Age Suitable For: 6+ (8+ recommended)
  • Need To Take: Swimwear
  • Start Time: 9 am
  • Lunch Included: Yes

#2 – Half Day Akamas Buggy Tour

This is essentially the same tour as our number 1 recommended Paphos buggy rental with an extra stop at the Edro III shipwreck and 5-6 hours instead of 4-5.

It’s the same price as the tour above so if you are interested in spending a little more time in the buggy and 1 additional stop then this is the Paphos buggy rental for you! Click here to see prices and availability!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 5-6 Hours
  • Pickup Included: If Requested
  • Age Suitable For: 6+ (8+ recommended)
  • Need To Take: Swimwear
  • Start Time: 9 am
  • Lunch Included: Yes

#3 – Village & Mountain Buggy Safari

This is the first Paphos buggy rental to venture away from the coast for part of the activity. The tour does start by going along the coast and visiting a couple of famous beaches but then veers inland to see the incredible mountainous regions.

This will conclude with a stop at the beautiful Episkopi village where you will be given the opportunity to walk around this gorgeous town. The air is so much cooler in the mountainous regions so if this sounds like your cup of tea then click here to find out more!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 3-4 Hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes (if requested)
  • Age Suitable For: 8+ Recommended
  • Need To Take: Swimwear
  • Start Time: 11:30 am
  • Lunch Included: No

#4 – Small Group Akamas Buggy Safari

A similar Paphos buggy rental to the options above including stops at the Erdo III shipwreck, Adonis baths, sea caves, and lunch at Lara Bay. This itinerary is repeated by different companies because it is the tried and tested route that covers the best the area has to offer.

The one difference with this tour is it starts to offer discounts to groups. The tours above just multiply the price by the number of people on the tour whereas these guys offer discounts for group sizes. So, it’s definitely worth checking out here to see if you can save some money!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 5-6 Hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes (If requested)
  • Age Suitable For: 18+
  • Need To Take: Swimwear
  • Start Time: 9:15 am
  • Lunch Included: Yes

#5 – Family Fun Buggy Tour

This family-orientated Paphos buggy rental includes everything you could ever need to make a hassle-free experience (which is important if you have kids!). This is also the cheapest (also shortest) Paphos buggy rental on this list which may be a good selling point if you want to do something else in your day!

The experience visits the sea caves and Lara Bay which are the two main stops in my opinion but saves time by not visiting the Adonis falls and other minor attractions. Click here to see availability and prices!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 1-2 Hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: 8+ Recommended
  • Need To Take: Swimwear
  • Start Time: Different Options Available
  • Lunch Included: No

#6 – Adonis Buggy Tour From Coral Bay

This is a 4-5 hour Paphos buggy rental tour that visits the Edro II shipwreck, sea caves, Lara Bay, and Adonis baths however, it does not include lunch. This makes it very slightly cheaper than the options above that include lunch.

In my opinion, the caving is not worth it and the additional cost for lunch is very minimal. This makes this my least recommended tour but the activities themselves are still exceptional. So, if you are looking for the quintessential Paphos buggy adventure without the food then this is the tour for you!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4-5 Hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Age Suitable For: All (8+ Recommended)
  • Need To Take: Swimwear
  • Start Time: 10:00 am
  • Lunch Included: No

The Best Self-Hire Paphos Buggy Rental

There are MANY companies in and around Paphos offering self-hire for buggies. They are essentially all the same as most of the requirements are legal ones so they cannot deviate. Also, you will find that the price for each of the Paphos buggy rental companies is very similar. This can differ slightly based on location but remember to shop around if necessary.

One last thing to consider is that all of the following Paphos buggy rental options have multi-day discounts. I don’t think anyone would have any reason to hire a buggy for more than 1 day (hiring a car is cheaper) but it’s up to you!

Thunder Moto

Cyprus RAC

Golden Ride

Chris Andreou

Which Is Better; Self Hire Or Tour?

You may be struggling to decide which option is better for you. Let’s discuss which type of Paphos buggy rental is best for you.

Better For An Organised Tour

The activities stated above are all organised but local experts which will ensure that you are taken to the best places in a timely manner. These guys have been doing this for many years and know exactly how to make the most out of the time allotted.

If you are not entirely comfortable with the idea of driving alone then on an organised activity you will always have a professional on hand to help with any concerns you have and to ensure that you are always going down a route that is designed for the buggy that you have.

If you are a family or adults with children then an organised Paphos buggy rental is definitely the best way to go. It’s just one less thing to worry about and guarantees the best outcome for the day’s activity without any unnecessary issues.

Better For A Self Hire

Self-hire can work out cheaper, especially if you are renting a buggy in Paphos for more than 1 day. I, personally, do not recommend this as I don’t see many reasons why you would want to spend that amount of money on transport when you can do everything in 1 day.

Either way, even for 1 day it can be cheaper and this is even more the case when you start to have a group of people. For example, if there is a group of 4 of you then a tour may end up costing upwards of $400 + but a 4-person buggy for a day may only be $200. The saving speaks for itself.

Of course, you will also get more time on the buggy than in any of the Paphos buggy rental tours above as well as much more flexibility. If you organise yourselves well and go to all of the spots that you want to then hiring a buggy in Paphos by yourselves may be a better experience.

My Thoughts On Paphos Buggy Rental

I tend to side with orgnised activities when it comes to these sorts of things as I like to be able to sit back and relax on holiday whilst someone else takes care of the rest. In this example, you would still get the thrill of riding the buggy in Paphos as well as not worrying about directions and safety.

However, if there is a large group of you (I would say 4+) and you are all adults then I really think I would recommend self-hire. Families with kids though – definitely not.

Places To Go In Your Buggy

Adonis Baths

The Adonis Baths is a great place to come on your Paphos buggy rental due to the gravel and bad condition of the track leading up to the baths. The baths themselves look like an absolutely amazing place to bathe and swim! You can find out more about the Adonis baths in this great blog article.

Most of the Paphos buggy rental adventures com to the adonis baths

Blue Lagoon

None of the tours above take you to the incredible Blue Lagoon in Paphos, probably because it is a bit far to go in the time they have available, however, it is possible to get there in a Paphos buggy rental. We went to the Blue Lagoon and made a video about all of the possible ways of getting there and wrote about it in this article. Check out the video below to see what you think but I don’t recommend going to the Blue Lagoon in a buggy as they are better options out there!

You NEED to visit the Blue Lagoon Cyprus! | Incredible Paphos Boat Trips in the Akamas National Park

Lara Bay

Nearly all of the organised Paphos buggy rentals come to Lara Bay and for good reason! This may be the most beautiful natural area in all of Paphos and has to be at the top of the list for anyone getting a buggy here.

Edro III Shipwreck

The Edro III shipwreck is very easy to get to and is worth stopping to have a look at as you make your way up the coast. It is a pretty cool wreck to see and if you have a drone it is an absolute paradise to video and photograph.

Paphos boat trips are just as good as ones leaving from latchi
Let nobody tell you that the coastline near Paphos has nothing to see

Mountain Villages

There are loads of incredible mountain villages in Paphos that can be explored. I, personally think that getting a tour specific to this region is a better option (as you can see in the video below) but you could also bring a buggy up here. A car hire would be cheaper though…

The No.1 Paphos Excursion: 100% Cyprus Tour

Sea Caves

These are some naturally formed caves that can only be accessed by swimming up from a local beach. It is a really nice place to have a dip and another great spot to stop as you make your way up the coast.

Tips About Driving A Buggy In Paphos


You will need an international driving license if you are from anywhere except the UK (UK drivers will still need their full UK driver’s license as proof). If you are not from the UK then make sure you get your international driver’s license before you travel to Cyprus as you will have to get it from your country of residence (it is usually a small fee).

Left Side

They drive on the left side of the road in Cyprus. Coming from someone who has driven on the opposite side of the road many times, it is incredibly easy to adapt and before long you will be doing it without thinking. Don’t let this hold you back!


In my experience, the locals are pretty patient when it comes to foreigners driving on the roads. I got a few tailgaters in the mountains that wanted to go faster than the speed limit but this is the minority which is very welcome. I actually found that it was a pleasure to drive in Cyprus.

Take Your Time

If you are planning on doing some serious off-roading then you don’t need to rush. For example, the road to the Blue Lagoon is sometimes next to a cliff edge that has no barrier. The road there is perfectly wide enough and safe enough but people can have accidents because they get the adrenaline rush of driving a buggy. Just remember to go at your pace and have fun!


There is not much signal in many parts of the Akamas so make sure you have enough fuel to get back from wherever you are going as you might not be able to call for assistance.

Other things To Do In Paphos

Water Park

The Aphrodite waterpark is the best waterpark by far in Paphos and is a must-visit for anyone who loves waterparks and families! Check out how to book here!

Wine Tour

Paphos and its surrounding area are actually quite well known for their great wine and wine tours. If you are into that sort of thing, I know we are, then why not jump onto a wine tasting in Paphos tour? Check out our recommended wine-tasting tour here!


Whilst we were in Paphos, the nightlife scene was experiencing a huge shift. The famous Paphos bar street was becoming less and less popular due to its terrible condition but the Old Town was exploding with amazing cocktail bars. We visited all of them (it was a fantastic night ngl) and you read all about it here!


There are so many decent beaches in Paphos so we decided to visit every single one of them and see which ones are the best! Check out our complete guide here and our short video showcasing them all below!

All Of The Beaches In Paphos - A Journey Up The Coast

Where To Stay In Paphos

There are so many incredible accommodation options in Paphos that it can be difficult to sieve through and find the best one available. We have done a complete guide to all of the best boutique hotels in Paphos and the best villas in Paphos for you to check out or just have a look at our top 4 below!


Bee Hostel







What To Take On Your Paphos Buggy Rental

During your Paphos buggy rental, it is going to be VERY dusty. Make sure you take clothing that is suitable for this. Also, make sure you take swimwear and towels so you can make the most of the glorious swimming opportunities. Next is a list of everything else that I think you should be taking with you on your trip!

ANLUKE Water Shoes

You will be extremely surprised how often you will be thinking to yourself that you WISH you had some water shoes. For example, any water activity/excursion you find yourself doing, or finding out the beach is not quite as soft and sandy as you originally thought. Hurting your feet, not being able to participate, or getting one of your pairs of shoes can ruin an experience.

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WOWSUN Polarized Sunglasses

A decent pair of polarised sunglasses is difficult to get at a decent price, especially if you want them to look good. These from WOWSUN have lots of different styles (male/female) and colours to choose from and they are very affordable. Click through to see all of your options.

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Tummy Control Swimsuit

Looking for a stylish, flattering, complimenting swimsuit that shows off all of your best features whilst also being great for swimming and having fun? Then check out all of the incredible styles and colours these tummy control swimsuits come in.

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JBL Flip 6 - Portable Speaker

The Flip series from JBL has been a huge success for years and rightfully so. Its compact size combined with its huge battery life (12 hours) and sound quality make it perfect for travellers and backpackers alike. JBL also do smaller versions if the size is a little big but I just love the sound quality the Flip 6 has to offer!

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DJI Mini 4 Pro

I have been flying drones all over the world for a few years now and it is an absolutely breathtaking experience. The DJI Mavic Mini series is, without a doubt, the best travel/backpacking drone in the world and the Mini 4 Pro is the best of the bunch. You could go for the Mini 3 but the 4 has omnidirectional sensors which will mean less worry flying, especially when you're a beginner. You can now get over 40 minutes of fly time so you don't need to waste your money on the fly-more kit either. Click through to get all of the technical specifications and buying options.

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GoPro HERO12 Black

The Go Pro Hero 12 takes the world-renowned Go Pro formula and hits even greater heights. The best of these has to be the Emmy award-winning HyperSmooth 6.0 for incredibly stable video during your wildest of travel adventures, and the front-facing screen for easy selfie and video capture! Find out even more by clicking through!

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Greatever Snorkel Set

We all know how frustrating it can be to hire snorkels from local vendors as the quality tends to be below par, or they just immediately fog up. We have chosen the Greatever snorkel set due to its affordability, face fit, and anti-fog attributes, which all combined make for an excellent addition to your luggage!

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Microfibre Poncho Towel

Need to change on a crowded beach? No more cowering behind a normal towel whilst someone holds it up! Need a compact towel that fits in your day bag? It's got that covered too. These have genuinely been a lifesaver over the years and there are literally no downsides!

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Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Paphos Buggy Rental?

An organised tour is around $90 per person and hiring a buggy for the day for yourself is around $110-$200 per day.

Can I Rent A Buggy In Paphos?

Yes, you can, read this whole guide to Paphos buggy rental for more information!

Is Paphos Buggy Rental Worth It?

If you are in a group of 4 then it is definitely financially worth it. If there are less than 4 of you then I recommend getting on one of the Paphos buggy rental tours instead!

What Do I Need For Paphos Buggy Rentals?

UK residents need to have their UK drivers license. Everyone else has to have an international driver’s license which will need to be obtained before leaving their home country.

How Old Do You Have To Be For Paphos Buggy Rental?

18+ to drive a Paphos buggy rental and no age requirement for passengers. There can be age requirements on some of the Paphos buggy rental tours, however.

That’s our entire guide to Paphos buggy rental! Let us know if this guide was helpful and if there is anything we can do to make it better in the comments section below!