2 People leaning over a cobar sign at a railway station

An Outback Mining Town – A Photo Essay

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Ever wondered what it looks like out here in an outback mining town? It’s not all tumble weeds and rail tracks, or is it….?

A car decorated with christmas themes in Cobar NSW

It might be boiling hot on Christmas Day but it doesn’t stop the festivities!

An old oil drum being used as a bin in cobar

‘Newey’ is the name of the new reservoir in the town. Literally because it is new…

A give way sign at a train crossing cobar

The outback near cobar

The red dust is everywhere and gets in everything.

A very long straight road dissapearing into the horizon

You get used to seeing roads disappear into the horizon.

An overgrown railway track in Cobar

Signs of the old days are everywhere in these towns.

A large monument to mining at cobar NSW

Mining towns are very proud of their heritage and you can always see monuments to the towns history.

A flat metal cutout of an old miner in cobar

An old drill monument to mining in cobar

A mini golf course in the outback NSW

Mini golf can be found anywhere in the world apparently.

A green parakeet in outback australia

It might be dry but there is wildlife everywhere.

A train track at a station in outback NSW

Two trains a day. They take incredible amounts of ore away from the town.

A deep mining pit with an entrance into the mine right at the bottom

The road carries on underground another 1.5km

A very blue and orange sunset in cobar NSE

The landscape allows for some beautiful sunsets.

A modern very large mining truck carrying ore from an underground pit

The old is replaced by the new and modern industry is everywhere

A mining lorry zooming around cobar

2 people holding hands watching the sunset in cobar

Do you have any interesting photos from these quirky small towns scattered all over Australia? If so share them in the comments section below!


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