A line of monkeys on a wall that appear to be a family

How To Play With Monkeys In Ubud!

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Have you ever wanted to get up and close to monkeys but you’re worried about how the monkeys are treated? The answer is The Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali!

There are plenty of exciting things to do in Bali, and you’ll be spoilt for choice for activities in Ubud. In between cooking classes, white water rafting and temple hopping, you might want something a little more relaxing! The Monkey Forest attracts people from all over the world who are looking to get super close to gorgeous (but sometimes a little scary!) monkeys!

Monkey Forest

In Ubud, there is a little wooded area aptly named The Monkey Forest. The park has temple-like structures, pristine paths and well-maintained garden areas. There’s also a frankly overwhelming number of ‘wild’ monkeys.

The Monkey Forest in Ubud

The workers in the park feed the monkeys all day long with sweet potatoes and other healthy food. However, the monkeys only really want bananas! Tourists buy and feed the monkeys bunches and bunches of them. The locals believe the monkeys to be sacred, so rest assured no one mistreats these wonderful creatures.

Monkey eating a big banana

Can you imagine a more perfect picture of a monkey?

Wondering if you will see a monkey? I can completely and utterly guarantee that you will. There are hundreds, and all of them want to be as close to you as possible, just in case you have a banana.
The park keepers will encourage you to hold the banana high above your head so the monkey climbs up you to try to get it. This can lead to some pretty funny pictures and videos. Don’t worry if you don’t get the perfect shot the first time, bananas are cheap and hungry climbing monkeys are aplenty.

Old monkey sitting on a branch looking grumpy

No banana makes a monkey very sad.


  • 40,000IDR (£2.31 – $3) per person.

This is definitely not an all day activity as the park itself is relatively small. A couple of hours is definitely enough time to have a casual stroll through the park.
We both had quite a lot of fun with the monkeys and did not see any particularly aggressive behaviour towards the tourists. I have read elsewhere that people can feel intimidated. I recommend that you just relax and see what happens!

Lots of greenery surrounding a wooden bridge

The park isn’t just good because of the monkeys, it is also beautiful in its own right.

Towards the back of the park, there are some small shops so you don’t have to leave the park to get refreshments. I would warn you that you pay a premium inside the park as per usual so try not to forget to bring your own.

Tall stone monkey statue

Every now and again you see old buildings and statues that remind you that you are in a temple.

BE CAREFUL of your belongings. The monkeys don’t seem to be aggressive but they are sneaky little thieves. You don’t want to see your expensive sunglasses glinting in the canopy above whilst a now trendy monkey rocks out with his friends.

Do you know any other great places to see our distant cousins? Do you have any good/bad experiences with The Monkey Forest in Ubud? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. I was on Bali last summer but did not go to the Monkey Forrest, because I was too afraid of monkeys running after me (that happend before..in Chiang Rai). LOL
    Your photos gave me a pretty good idea of how the forrest looks though 🙂

    1. If having monkeys running at you was a concern then you definetly made the right call by not going haha.

    1. No problem at all. Fantastic, I hope you have a good time!

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