Mirissa is absolutely gorgeous. What better way to experience this incredible location than in one of the Mirissa boutique hotels? Let’s find out the best!

Our Top 8!


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Three Gables

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The Best Mirissa Boutique Hotels

I have created a list of all of the most beautiful and highly rated Mirissa boutique hotels in the whole town. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this list then I’ll be very surprised!

The only thing I have not included is the price as this changes throughout the year. So, remember to click through any of the links or buttons to see up-to-date reviews and prices! Also, after the list, I have included lots of amazing things to do during your stay in Mirissa!

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#1 – Lantern Boutique

Lantern Boutique actually features in our villas in Mirissa video as you can book the entire place out! However, in reality, this gorgeous property is treated as a 6-bedroom luxury boutique hotel.

Lantern boutique is one of the best Mirissa boutique hotels

Everything from the; onsite restaurant, pool, sun loungers, bar, beach, and atmosphere is absolutely perfect. This list is in no particular order but if I had to choose from these Mirissa boutique hotels then Lantern Boutique would be my number one choice.

If you want more information then watch our Villas in Mirissa video and skip to the Lantern boutique where we show you around and have a chat about this wonderful accommodation. Check out up-to-date prices and availability here!

#2 – JJ’s Hostel

JJ’s Hostel is a fantastic boutique hostel that is definitely the most affordable accommodation option on this list. You have multiple room types, including; private queen rooms, mixed dorms, and female dorms.

JJ’s is one of the most highly rated Mirissa boutique hotels and has a great reputation for being exactly what a hostel should be; chilled with brilliant communal areas. JJ’s is towards the west of Mirissa Beach which is where some of the best surfing is in Mirissa.

This is really the only option for someone wanting the boutique vibe who is also on a tight budget so check out JJ’s hostel here for more information!

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#3 – THE SLOW Vegan

The Slow Vegan offers everything that Mirissa boutique hotels should offer, bar, restaurant, originality, and class! It has its own private beach area but it is right next to the main Mirissa Beach in case you want a change of scenery.

Obviously, this is a completely vegan accommodation option so, if you are a vegan or someone who wants to try the vegan lifestyle, then this is the best option in all of Mirissa (we are actually doing Veganuary right now!). Check out The Slow Vegan here for prices and availability!

#4 – Three Gables

Three Gables Boutique is extremely well known in Mirissa and offers a truly private and intimate experience. We really wanted to visit and review Three Gables during our month-long stay in Mirissa and the Three Gables staff really wanted us to come down.

However, they take privacy extremely seriously and we could never find a time when the Villa was completely empty to allow us to come in to take some pictures and have a look around. If this level of dedication is important to you then there are very few places like Three Gables in Mirissa.

Three Gables also has an incredible pool, private beach access, a private restaurant, all ocean views, and a bar on-site. Click here to see prices, availability, and incredible reviews!

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#5 – D Canal House

D Canal House is a short distance inland from Mirissa beach making it one of the most peaceful Mirissa boutique hotels. You only have to come inland a tiny amount to suddenly be in a world completely your own.

D Canal House has beautiful room options, including some with personal kitchens (if you are deciding to spend a little longer here or save some money). The rooms and gardens are beautifully decorated and well kept and the small amount of rooms really helps the personal boutique vibe. Check out availability and prices here!

#6 – Saltasia

Saltasia is another one of the Mirissa Boutique Hotels that we visited so you can see our full opinion of the place on villas in Mirissa video! Suffice it to say, it was lush. As soon as we arrived we were treated with amazing hospitality and complete peace and serenity.

Saltasia is a fantastic Mirissa boutique hotels with a brilliant pool

The food we had was amazing, the pool is the perfect size for the property, and all of the rooms had that cozy personal feel that is so important in boutique accommodation. When we were there, we were also VERY impressed with the price but check out up-to-date prices and availability here!

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#7 – Casa Mira

Casa Mira is the epitome of boutique accommodation with very few rooms, beautifully decorated spaces, a cozy vibe, extreme privacy, and personal service. It is called a villa but none of the rooms have access to private kitchens so I would definitely consider this to be one of the best Mirissa boutique hotels rather than a villa.

It’s a little bit down the coast from Mirissa town center but you are sure to be able to organize a tuk-tuk or hire a vehicle from reception which makes it barely minutes away. As much as I love Casa Mira, it does not have a pool so if this is very important then one of the other Mirissa boutique hotels may be a better option. Check out prices and availability here!

#8 – Sea World Boutique

Sea World Boutique Hotel is down the east end of Mirissa and has a great pool right next to the beach. They have an on-site restaurant, bar, and shared lounge. The rooms are well decorated with options for a balcony sea view.

I would say that the rooms are a little more basic than the other Mirissa boutique hotels on this list but this does come with much better prices year-round. That being said, the rooms and facilities are still top-class! Check out more images and reviews here!

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#9 – Villa Atulya

Villa Atulya is another place we visited so check out the video again and check out Villa Atulya! We thought the unique architecture, incredible grounds, and brilliant grounds make this one of the best Mirissa boutique hotels available.

View of Villa Atulya in Mirissa with swimming pool in front. This could be one of the best Mirissa boutique hotels

The rooms are, of course, amazing but the garden and pool are where this property really shines! The garden is huge with plenty of space to play. This makes Villa Atulya the best Mirissa boutique hotel for large groups and families with young children. Check out Villa Atulya here!

#10 – The Spice House

Four poster beds, wrap-around pool, cozy nooks and crannies to relax, contemporary design mixed with colonial architecture, incredible gardens, and personal feel, what more do you need to make a boutique hotel?!

I really like the look of The Spice House and the reviews speak for themselves. The hotel is situated just down the road from the main Mirissa Beach near the Instagram-famous Coconut Tree Hill so you have everything at your fingertips! Check out The Spice House in more detail here!

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When To Go To Mirissa Boutique Hotels

The best time to go to Mirissa is Decmber-February. This is because it is the least rain and the most pleasant temperatures.

From June-August, the temperature is pretty good and the prices are at their lowest so this could also be a good time to come. However, there is more rainfall at this time.

For more information about when to go to Mirissa check out this handy guide.

How Long To Stay At Mirissa Boutique Hotels

I recommend staying in Mirissa for at least 4 days. This will give you enough time to go whale watching (see our complete guide here) and experience this gorgeous little part of Sri Lanka while also giving you enough time to carry on your Sri Lanka adventures.

If you are looking for a total beach getaway then come down for 10 days and soak up the rays!

What To Take To Mirissa Boutique Hotels

This list is all of the most important things you need to make the most of any of the Mirissa boutique hotels on this list. I have also included an essential list that I believe that all travellers need in their bag!

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Things To Do In Mirissa

Whale Watching

This is the best thing to do in Mirissa. You HAVE to do this. Mirissa is the best place in the entire world to see the incredible blue whale. If you come to Mirissa and don’t go Whale watching you will personally make me sad. Check out our full video guide below and check out our complete article here! If I have convinced you already book the exact tour we went on here!

Realistic Experience For Whale Watching In Mirissa

Secret Beach

Secret Beach is a great little beach hidden away from the main Mirissa beach. It can get busy in the high season but it will never be as busy as the center of town. It has a cool little bar and some decent spaces to relax in the sun. Check out the video below and our complete guide here.

Discover SECRET BEACH MIRISSA: A Sri Lankan Paradise in 2022!

Mirissa Beach

Everyone who comes to Mirissa will end up going to the incredible Mirissa beach. It is a huge, sandy beach that holds many thousands of people in its wide glorious spaces. In the evening, all of the hotels and restaurants put on tables and fire torches to make this the most romantic and incredible place in the town to get a meal whilst the waves lap up at your feet!

Coconut Tree Hill

This little hill full of coconut trees (who would have figured) is a great little spot to get an iconic Mirissa image. It’s not good for anything else but if you love photography it may be the best spot in town. Our full video guide is below!

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa: Is It Worth Your Time In Sri Lanka?

Yala Safari

It’s a little way away from Mirissa but if you are planning on only staying in Mirissa then there are tours that will pick you up from Mirissa and take you to the park. Yala safari park is absolutely incredible and we had an incredible time on both of our 12 hours safaris. Check out the video below to see what I mean and have a read of our full article about Yala National Park. Check out the safari that we went on here!

A Realistic Guide To Yala Safaris - What Will You See?

Day Trip To Galle

Galle is an amazing little town on the coast down the road to Mirissa. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent in Galle and it is easily a day trip from Mirissa. Have a watch of our video below about all of the things to do in Galle and arrange a day trip with your hotel! Take a look at our complete article here.

The 8 Best Things To Do In Galle, Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Mirissa Boutique Hotels?

I think the best boutique hotel in Mirissa is Lantern Boutique. It is the perfect vibe, peace, style, and price.

Are Mirissa Boutique Hotels Good?

This area of the world seems to do boutique VERY well. I highly recommend any of the Mirissa boutique hotels on this list.

How Much Are Mirissa Boutique Hotels?

They range from $30 a day to $400+ a day. It completely depends on how lush you want your accommodation to be!

Can I Book Out Entire Mirissa Boutique Hotels?

Some of the accommodation options in this list can be completely rented out! For example; Atulya, Lantern Boutique, and Saltasia can all be completely hired out if they have the availability.

Do Mirissa Boutique Hotels Serve Food?

All of the Mirissa boutique hotels on this list have food/restaurants on-site.

That’s our entire guide to Mirissa boutique hotels! let us know if you found this article helpful and anything we can do to improve it in the comments section below!