BEFORE YOU BOOK your kayaking in Langkawi tour, take a look at our complete comparison article looking at all of the best kayaking tours on the island.

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Sunset Kayaking Mangrove Adventure

This kayaking in Langkawi tour is properly good. It couples kayaking with seeing the gorgeous Langkawi mangroves AND you even get to plant a mangrove baby! You’ll get to visit a floating fish conservation platform, have lunch, swim on a hidden beach, and finally watch the sunset from the middle of the sea. If you want the best Kayaking in Langkawi tour then this is the one for you. If I haven’t convinced you then watch the video below!

An Incredible Langkawi Mangrove Kayaking Tour - Possibly The BEST There Is!

Choosing The Best Kayaking In Langkawi Tour

Ask yourself what you want to get from your Kayaking in Langkawi tour. We wanted as many activities as we could during the tour itself and that’s what we got. But, you might want to specifically go into the mangrove forest to be up close and personal with the nature of the area.

Either way, we will go through, what we consider to be, the best kayaking in Langkawi tours and weight up why each one is slightly different, and try to help you make the most of your hard-earned money and time! Remember to click through any of the links to see prices, photos, and reviews about the tour you’re interested in.

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The Best Kayaking In Langkawi Tours

Kubang Badak Mangrove Kayaking Tour

The Kubang Badak tour starts by making your way through the gorgeous mangroves for over an hour until you reach your first stop at the bat caves. After exploring the caves you get to swim on a secluded island in the crystal blue waters.

It all finished after you have made your way back to the start point and had a freshly prepared lunch at a local house. If you’re going to go kayaking in Langkawi then you’re probably going to want as much time on the water as possible and this tour really tries to maximize the time in the actual kayak. Check out the tour right here.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Age Suitable For: 5+ (8+ Recommended)
  • Tour Pace: Medium
  • Start Time: 09:30
  • Lunch Included: Yes

Click here to check availability and prices.

Sunset Kayaking Adventure

This is the tour we did and it was absolutely fantastic. I literally couldn’t change anything about our experience. We started by having a quick lesson about kayaking and made our way across the river to a mangrove planting spot to plant the baby mangroves that we had been given at the start of the tour.

An Incredible Langkawi Mangrove Kayaking Tour - Possibly The BEST There Is!

We then made our way downstream to a floating fish conservation platform where we had talks about the different types of wildlife that is present in the area. This is where you would then get lunch provided (we went on Eid and this meant that the restaurant was closed).

After that, we went up to a secret secluded beach where we had time to relax and swim in the warm water. Lastly, we made our way through the blue lagoon, a small mangrove forest, and ended up watching the sunset in the middle of the sea. Truly brilliant.

Floating fish farm on a langkawi mangrove tour whilst kayaking in Langkawi
This is the floating fish farm that we visited

Considering there are so many activities on this kayaking in Langkawi tour, we were in the kayaks for a serious amount of time. So much so that I would recommend this tour to people who are ready for a good few hours of Kayaking at least. Check out the exact tour we went on right here.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4 Hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Age Suitable For: All (8+ Recommended)
  • Tour Pace: Medium
  • Start Time: 16:00
  • Lunch Included: Yes

Click here to check availability and prices.

Half-Day Mangrove Kayaking In Langkawi

Some of the kayaking in Langkawi activities actually have part of the tour by boat. This tour starts with a short boat ride to the bat caves to have a look around and then to a floating fish farm platform. Here you will have a look around the fish farm and then board the kayaks. You then spend around 2 hours going through the narrow and intimate mangrove passages with a knowledgeable guide.

This may have a portion of the tour not in kayaks but I think the part where you are in kayaks is absolutely stunning and it has definitely earned its place on this list. Check it out here!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4 Hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Age Suitable For: All (8+ Recommended)
  • Tour Pace: Medium
  • Start Time: 10:00
  • Lunch Included: No

Click here to check availability and prices

Mangrove Forest Kayaking

This kayaking tour is almost identical to the one above where you get a boat ride to a fish farm platform, get talks about the fish and their conservation, visit the bat caves, and then spend two hours paddling through the mangroves.

However, this tour also has the option for lunch and pick-up so if either of these things is important then this might be the better tour to choose! Check out the prices for the different options here.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4 Hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: Any (8+ Recommended)
  • Tour Pace: Medium
  • Start Time: 09:00
  • Lunch Included: Yes

Click here to check availability and prices.

Mangrove Kayaking Tour

You’re probably starting to think that all kayaking in Langkawi activities are the same by this point, and you’re not wrong. They have found a good way of doing it so most stick to quite a similar itinerary. This one takes out the bat caves and spends much longer in the kayak.

This means that you’ll be spending more time doing the thing that you came here to do, kayaking in Langkawi. As this activity is primarily in the mangroves, you will not be having to put too much effort into the kayaking side of things so I would also recommend this to pretty much anyone. Check it out on Klook here!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4.5 Hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: 8+
  • Tour Pace: Medium
  • Start Time: 09:30
  • Lunch Included: Yes

Click here to check availability and prices.

Mangrove Safari In Kayak

This kayaking activity is the first of the list to actually mention that tides may change the tour. I am sure that the other tours take this into consideration but it is good from an organizational point of view. You do the typical meander through the mangroves, bat caves, floating restaurant for lunch, and a relaxing journey back to the jetty.

I like how this tour says this will be a relaxing experience from start to finish so this is definitely for people who are looking forward to the kayaking aspect but wants the reassurance that they won’t be pushed harder than they want to be. Check it out right here.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4-5 Hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes (if selected)
  • Age Suitable For: Any (8+ Recommended)
  • Tour Pace: Relaxed
  • Start Time: 09:00
  • Lunch Included: Yes (if selected)

Click here to check availability and prices.

Pros & Cons Of A Kayaking In Langkawi Tour


  • You get really close to the nature of the area.
  • You’re not contributing to the pollution caused by boat traffic.
  • Gets your body moving!
  • A great activity for a family with kids.


  • Does include physical exercise.

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Where To Stay For Your Kayaking Tour

There are a couple of places where your kayaking in Langkawi will start but it will almost certainly be in the northeast of the island. There are not a lot of accommodation options up that way as there is not a lot to do up there so I recommend getting accommodation on the south coast and making your way up to the kayaking on the day. The following are our top 3 choices for Langkawi.

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Bed Attitude

A brilliant hostel situated in the small beach town of Pantai Cenang. We stayed in this town during our stay and it is a fantastic option for the whole island. This is definitely THE choice on the island for hostel.


The Sanctuary

A quite spectacular villa complex where you can get a whole villa for yourself for an insanely affordable price. The complex is also situated in Pantai Cenang and has a pool, amongst other facilities.

5* Super Luxury

Four Seasons Resort

A truly breathtaking resort that is almost certainly the best place to stay in all of Langkawi. Boasting a mile-long private beach and stunning private villas, you cannot get better than this. Take a look at all of the facilities by clicking through the book now link below.

If none of these options are piquing your interest then take a look at this map below which highlights all of the current accommodations available on the island. Remember to put your dates in to see what is available when you would like to go.

What To Take To Your Kayaking In Langkawi Tour

First I will list things that everyone should be taking on a kayaking in Langkawi tour and then at the end, I will put our current travel accessories for any budding travelers out there. All of these are updated regularly so you don’t have to worry about anything that is out of date!

Tummy Control Swimsuit

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Other Things To Do In Langkawi

Sunset Cruise

This sunset cruise might actually be the highlight of our entire Langkawi trip. If I haven’t convinced you to take a kayaking trip in Langkawi then I hope I will convince you to take this one. It’s an extremely affordable trip with dinner and alcohol included and the picture below is the actual sunset we got taken with my drone (and this was considered to be an average sunset.)

This is our actual sunset. Absolutely perfect.

We have written an entire article about the best sunset tours in Langkawi so check that out here or watch the video below! If we have convinced you then check out how to book right here.

The BEST Sunset Cruise In Langkawi!

Eagle Square

Eagle Square is where the iconic huge statue of a Brahmini Kite rests on the end of a pier looking out to sea. It’s actually pretty cool so if you find yourself coming down to the area (maybe for a sunset cruise) come a little bit early to check out the statue and surrounding area before your cruise.

Cable Car & Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Cab is over 1.7km long and takes you to some of the most incredible views across the whole of Langkawi. This is also where the famous Sky Bridge is which is probably the best place on the island to get spectacular photos. You can tickets for the cable car and sky bridge right here.

Pantai Cenang Watersports

Pantai Cenang beach is a really fantastic white sand beach with bars, restaurants, and water sports throughout its entirety. It is the best place in Langkawi for watersports and if you want to try out parasailing, jet skiing, banana boating, etc then this is the place to come.

You can get a banana boat or parasailing experience right here!

Island Hopping

Island hopping in Langkawi is another fantastic activity, especially for couples and families. We had a very good day whizzing around on the speedboat visiting 3 different islands, including a really cool freshwater lake in the middle of the sea and a secluded beach (check out the entire article here!).

I highly recommend this activity and you will also be amazed about how affordable it is. Check out the tour we went on here.

Island Hopping In Langkawi - CHEAP AND WORTH IT?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kayaking In Langkawi Worth It?

Definitely. You get really close to the nature of the island and if you get a good guide (any in this list) then you will learn so much at the same time.

Is Kayaking In Langkawi Good For Families?

It’s absolutely fantastic for families with children around 8+. I genuinely think this might be one of the best activities in all of Langkawi for families.

How Long Is A Kayaking In Langkawi Tour?

Most kayaking in Langkawi activities are around 3-5 hours.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Do Kayaking In Langkawi?

Some say 8+, some say any age but in general, you don’t want to be going with children under 8 years old.

How Much Is Kayaking In Langkawi?

A Kayaking In Langkawi tour tends to be around $30 – $80 depending on whether you get lunch and hotel pick-ups included.

How Hard Is Kayaking In Langkawi?

This depends on the tour but none of the tours in this list (nor any I have seen) advertise as strenuous activities. They are more designed around anyone being able to participate.

Is Kayaking In Langkawi Safe?

All of the tours in this list come with mandatory life jackets, making them quite safe. DO NOT do any tours that do not provide or do not force you to wear these.

And that’s our complete guide to kayaking in Langkawi. Please let us know in the comments below if this has been helpful and if there is anything we can add to make this article even better!