Mirissa is the jewel of the south coast of Sri Lanka with incredible accommodation. Here we look at the very best guest houses in Mirissa to elevate your stay!

Our TOP 8!

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Casa Maria

Guest House

Peacock Villa

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Morning Star

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Boho Garden

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Orchid Rest

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Guest House

Sethun Guest

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Bird House

The Best Guest Houses In Mirissa

Guest houses in Mirissa have absolutely exploded in recent years with over 400 options currently available in this small town. These family-run businesses have lots of benefits, including lower prices, personal service, and some really unique locations.

I have only included the very best guest houses in Mirissa which all have extremely high reviews and are in the perfect location to make the most out of the incredible Mirissa beach. I have also included options for all budgets so remember to click through to see prices!

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#1 Casa Maria


Casa Maria is, in my opinion, the best guest house in Mirissa due to its incredible location and peacefulness. It is a short walk to the stunning Mirissa beach and is less than a 10-minute walk to the whale watching boats in Mirissa harbour. The property maintains an old-style feel but is in fact quite new with modern facilities. If you want a gorgeous, quiet guest house with a pool then this is the choice to go for. Check prices and availability here!

#2 Peacock Villa


Peacock Villa combines the benefits of a small family-run business with a defined, modern and luxurious design to really give you the best possible accommodation experience. The Villa is situated slightly inland (a 5-minute walk to the beach) which means that it is away from the hustle and bustle of cars and people making it extremely peaceful. This is one of the highest-scoring guest houses in Mirissa so check it out in more detail here!

#3 Morning Star


Morning Star is a great example of where boutique meets guest house. Sometimes you can feel like you are literally living in someone’s house (which some people do prefer) however, that is not the case here. The rooms all come with carved 4 poster beds and the facilities ooze boho vibes mixed with contemporary design. Incredibly high reviews and a great location slightly east of the beach (the quiet end) makes this one of the best guest houses in Mirissa for sure. Check it out in more detail here!

#4 Bird House


This is probably the most unique of all the guest houses in Mirissa. The owners have literally built an elevated cabin above their house, hence the name ‘Bird House’. I admit that it is more basic than many of the other guest houses in Mirissa but it is insanely affordable and, as you are the only people staying here, the owners will be on hand to give you any help you could possibly need to make your stay as perfect as possible. The price alone means you should definitely check this out!

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#5 Boho Garden


With Boho in the name you can expect, fairy lights, pallet wood chairs, gorgeous spaces, and amazing company. As this is one of the larger guest houses in Mirissa they have also got a restaurant which is quite rare so this is a huge positive. If you are looking to meet other like-minded people and have a really chill experience then Boho Garden might be the place for you. Check it out here!

#6 Suriya Guest


With only two rooms available on sight, Suriya Guest House is the perfect example of what a guest house should be. You can expect the owners to go above and beyond to make sure that your trip is exactly what you want it to be. The location is also fantastic being within walking distance of both the beach and the whale-watching tours in the harbour. The price is also extremely good for the quality of the rooms available. Check it out in more detail here!

#7 Lavender Mirissa


Lavender Mirissa has 3 rooms, one of which has a balcony and sea view which I HIGHLY recommend that you try to book as it is by far the best room at the property. As you can imagine with a sea view, you are very close to the sea and the famous coconut tree hill which has the best photo opportunities in the whole of Mirissa. This is the quieter end of Mirissa so if you are looking for something with a bit of class and blissful peace then Lavender Mirissa is the place for you. Check it out here!

#8 Orchid Rest


Orchid Rest is a nice, clean guest house in Mirissa that has a peaceful garden area to relax in your downtime. The facilities are of decent quality and the entire property is well worth the money they are asking. The location is right in between whale watching and Mirissa beach (this location is becoming a theme of this article) so this is a great place to be. Check out more images, reviews, and prices here!

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#9 HappyShack Hostel


Maybe HappyShack should be higher on this list as you can see from the reviews it is a very highly-rated accommodation option. But is it a guest house or is it a hostel?! It is listed as a guest house so it makes the list purely because of how good this hostel is. The vibe is excellent, the rooms are fantastic and the decoration is superb. You are almost guaranteed to meet new interesting people and HappyShack should elevate your stay in Mirissa. Check out more images and book here!

#10 Sethun House


Sethun House has to be one of the best guest houses in Mirissa. It epitomises everything a guest house should be. A small number of rooms, a brilliant host, a good location, and value for money. If you’re looking to get stuck into some decent food then the breakfast is VERY highly rated with multiple different options available every morning. The rooms are spacious, clean, and have good facilities, plus the wifi is good which can be quite a problem in Mirissa. Check it out in more detail here!

#11 Thusara Guesthouse


There are not many guest houses in Mirissa that come with a kitchen inside the room so if you are looking to save some money on eating out then Thusara Guesthouse could be a fantastic option for you. It is tucked away up a small lane which gives it a brilliant amount of privacy and quiet and is still only seconds from the beach, could the location get any better?! Check out Thusara Guesthouse here!

#12 Amal Guest House


Amal Guest House is one of the most pristine guest houses in Mirissa. Everything from the front gate to the rooms is spotless in both cleanliness and design. There is a communal kitchen which is considerably better than nearly all of the other kitchens on this list and, on top of all of that, you get a fantastic host that is ready to help with any of your needs. If that is still not enough then there are bikes on site ready to hire to see the local area in the best possible way. Check it out in more detail here!

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#13 The Dale Mirissa


In Mirissa you can either be right on the beach or very slightly set back inland. The beach is noisy, busy, and bustling with activity but you only have to go back half a mile and you are staying in a completely different location. This is where The Dale shines. It will feel like you are nestled in the middle of the jungle itself with only the peaceful noise of the animals and birds keeping you company. The guest house itself is immaculate and is easily one of the nicest-looking guest houses on this entire list so definitely check out The Dale here!

#14 Sagopearl Guest


Sagopearl Guest House is a combination of incredible value and fantastic hosting. It may not be the fanciest of all the guest houses in Mirissa but when you’ve got a bed, incredible homemade food every day, and you’re getting a beaming smile every time you come home, what more could you ask for? Sagopearl Guest House is the one to choose if you want to save the pennies but not degrade the experience in any way. Check out Sagopearl in more detail here!

#15 Minara Guest House


Situated down close to Coconut Tree Hill, Minara guest house has large open rooms on the quieter side of town. Each room comes with a desk so for any digital nomads out there looking for a decent spot to do some work Minara is a great option. The guest house also has a restaurant on-site so for those long productive days, you can grab food right on your doorstep. Check out Minara guest house in more detail here!

#16 Seaside View


Probably the aptest name of all the guest houses in Mirissa, Seaside View is exactly what it’s called. Each room comes with a fantastic sea view and is situated right on the beach. The rooms are not the biggest but you cannot beat the view for this price anywhere in Mirissa. I wouldn’t recommend it for a prolonged stay but if you are only in Mirtissa for a few days this Seaside view is a fantastic option. Check out prices and availability here!

#17 Sunnyplace Guest


Sunnyplace Guest House is another guest house in Mirissa that takes full advantage of the hosting side of staying in a place like this. You will basically have a local helping you make the most of your entire trip which many bigger hotels and villas simply do not offer. Aside from that, you will get good, clean spacious rooms with a desk in each one and a private bathroom. The guest house is situated a few minutes walk from the beach making it quieter and more peaceful than some of the other guest houses in Mirissa, Check out Sunnyplace in more detail here!

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#18 Flip Flop Inn


Flip Flop Inn is situated right next to Mirissa beach and very close to the whale watching in Mirissa harbor. I really like the fact that breakfast is included in the price AND you get the option of 4 different breakfasts. Very often in Sri Lanka, you will not particularly like the breakfast that is served so having the option between 4 is exceptional at this price point. The rooms all come with good A/C and a large modern bathroom with a shower. Check out more reviews and prices here!

#19 Ramesh Guest House


Every room at Ramesh guest house has its own little patio with chairs and tables out the front. I absolutely love this and Jade and I have always used spaces like this in the evening, maybe with a few beers when we’ve had a long day and don’t fancy going to a bar or out for the night. This could be perfect for couples as these private spaces are actually pretty rare for guest houses in Mirissa. The rooms themselves are spacious, clean and have excellent facilities. Check out Ramesh Guest House in more detail here!

#20 Mirissa Breeze


Mirissa Breeze prides itself on its exceptional food and its reception which can offer services and advice to any of its guests at any time. Having an actual reception is quite rare for guest houses in Mirissa because usually, the owners are on hand anyway. However, you may find an actual location at the accommodation to get advice from a little more convenient than having to find the owners. If this is more your cup of tea then check out Mirissa Breeze in even more detail here!

BONUS – Angel Rest


Angel Rest is the last of the guest houses in Mirissa on this list and is kind of my wildcard entry. It does not have many reviews (although the ones it does have are pretty good) but it is in an incredible location, is an incredibly beautiful building, the rooms are stunning and the food looks amazing. This may well be a huge up-and-coming guest house and the price is still relatively competitive. I recommend checking it out here for more pictures and pricing!

Things To Do In Mirissa

Whale Watching

This is the number 1 thing that you simply must do when you are visiting Mirissa. It may be the greatest place in the whole world to see Blue whales and you cannot miss this opportunity. What our video below, read our full guide here, or just simply book the exact tour we went on here!

Realistic Experience For Whale Watching In Mirissa

Yala Safari

I know it is a little down the coast but you can actually get a Yala safari from Mirissa (it is a very early start though). If you are not planning on going closer to Yala during your Sri Lanka trip then I highly recommend going down to Yala as this is the best thing we did in the whole of Sri Lanka. Check out our video below to see what you can expect, read our whole article here, or book yourself a full-day Yala tour here!

A Realistic Guide To Yala Safaris - What Will You See?

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa beach is one of the best beaches in the whole of Sri Lanka in my opinion and not just because of its fantastic swimming and huge open sand. It also has loads of restaurants that put out chairs and tables all along the beach when it gets dark with fires and candles which turns the whole beach into a magic place to eat and drink. Imagine having a beer surrounded by lights whilst the waves lap near your feet.

many of the guest houses in mirissa on this list are right next to the beach!

Secret Beach

If you’ve had enough of Mirissa Beach or you want something a little quieter then you have to check out Secret Beach near Mirissa point. It’s a strange way to get there so make sure you watch our video below but it’s well worth a visit for one of your more chill days by the beach. Make sure to read our full guide too for more information.

Discover SECRET BEACH MIRISSA: A Sri Lankan Paradise in 2022!

Coconut Tree Hill

Easily the best place for INstagramme shots in all of Mirissa. Only go here if you actually want those shots though because apart from the photogenicness (is that a word) of the area, it’s not really worth going. Check out our video below to see what I mean, oh and check out our article too for more information!

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa: Is It Worth Your Time In Sri Lanka?

Treat Yourself To A Night In A Villa

I know you’re here to look at guest houses in Mirissa, and you’re probably doing that to save money. But, check out our article and video below to see if you want to treat yourself to a few nights, or more, in one of Mirissa’s amazing villas. You may be surprised about the price of some of them to be fair!

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What To Take To Mirissa

There are many reasons to go to Mirissa and you may not even be going for its incredible beaches or wildlife. However, this list encompasses all of the things that we think you should take on your trip to Mirissa. All of the items are updated regularly so remember to click through to see prices and availability near you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Guest House In Mirissa?

Casa Maria. It is a difficult question because there are so many incredible guest houses in Mirissa but Casa Maria ticks all of the boxes in my opinion!

What Are The Best Guest Houses In Mirissa For Couples?

Ramesh Guest House is fantastic because of the small patio that all of the rooms have for a nice romantic evening in the garden but also Angel Rest because of the incredibly secluded location.

What Are The Cheapest Guest Houses In Mirissa?

The cheapest guest houses in Mirissa are around $5 per night. Take a look through this list to see how many you may be able to afford.

How Much Are Guest Houses In Mirissa?

Guest houses in Mirissa range from $5 per night up to $25 per night. You don’t want to be looking higher than that as there is no need.

How Long Should I Stay In Guest Houses In Mirissa?

Depending on the guest house there is no reason why you can’t stay there for many weeks. They tend to be much nicer than hotels for long periods of stay as the families are very warm throughout.

That’s our entire guide to all of the best guest houses in Mirissa. If you found this review helpful then please leave us a comment in the comments section below! If there are any other guest houses in Mirissa that you think are fantastic that are not on this list, let us know about that too!