There are 6 main ways to travel from Galle to Mirissa, so we’ve explained them all in this post and given our top tips for the journey!

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Without a doubt, the best way to get from Galle to Mirissa is to take the train. It’s cheap, quick and easy, plus you get great views as you ride along the coast. Book your train tickets in advance here.

Galle To Mirissa

The south coast of Sri Lanka is gorgeous, so you’ll probably want to spend time in more than one town. If you’re travelling south from Colombo to Mirissa, stopping in historic Galle is a great idea before moving on to the more touristic beach town of Mirissa.

This guide will explain each method of how to get to Mirissa from Galle in detail, giving you schedules, prices, timings and even comfort ratings! The ratings look at how cheap the transport is, how comfortable you’ll be on the journey and how long it takes.

Whether you want to drive, be driven or enjoy the scenic train journey, there’s an easy way to get there and none of these options takes very long. Here is our favourite way to get from Galle to Mirissa.

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Travel From Galle To Mirissa By Train




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This is one of the more popular ways of getting from Galle to Mirissa, as it is so scenic and really easy to do! The route will take you along the beautiful coastline, past Unawatuna, Talpe, Koggala and Weligama. You won’t always directly be opposite the water but you’ll still see plenty of the ocean.

Some of the trains leave from Colombo so it might be quite busy by the time you get on in Galle. Luckily, it’s only a short ride to Mirissa so even if you have to stand, it won’t be too bad.

Here’s the train timetable from Galle:

Departure TimeArrival timeDurationFrequencyAvailable Classes
05:3006:391hr 9Mon – Fri3
07:0008:031hr 3Mon – Fri2/3
09:3510:3055 minsDaily2/3
14:1015:161 hr 6Daily2/3
16:3917:411 hr 2Daily1/2/3
17:0517:5449 minsDaily2/3
20:5021:4050 minsMon – Fri2/3
The Galle to Mirissa Train Time Table

Buy your tickets before you travel here or click on the button below.

You can choose from first, second or third class seats. You’ll need to buy your first-class tickets ahead of time here, but if you want to take the chance and buy unreserved tickets for the 2nd class or 3rd class, you can get these at the station on the day you travel. You can also use the search box below to check prices and availability!

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Make sure you get a seat on the right-hand side for the best coastal views. More importantly, though, sit in a carriage near the front of the train. The platform at Mirissa is tiny, so you need to be in the right place to be able to get off it!

Galle to Mirissa train route with tracks and trees on the right

We didn’t know this and were standing near the door of a carriage near the end of the train with our 50+ kgs of luggage. When the train stopped, we couldn’t jump out as we were about 2 metres above the tracks, and we didn’t have time to move down to a different door as the train only stops for a few minutes. Luckily, the next station wasn’t too far, so we moved up, got off there and took a tuk-tuk back to Mirissa!

Approx. Cost: 35rs/70rs/6000rs

Schedule: 7x per day

Time: 50 mins – 1 hr 10

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Travel From Galle To Mirissa By Bus




In Sri Lanka, the bus system is not exactly well organised, and the journeys themselves can be a bit wild, to say the least! However, the rides are VERY cheap – so if you’re travelling Sri Lanka on a really tight budget then this is the way to go.

Blue and white Galle to Mirissa Bus

To take the Galle to Mirissa bus, you’ll need to make your way to the Galle Bus Stand. It’s easy enough to find as it is just a minute’s walk from the railway station.

Both the #350 and the #2 travel from Galle to Mirissa (the end destination will be Matara – you could take a day trip there too as it’s easy enough to return from Matara from MIrissa) but your best bet is to ask for the next bus and the cost of the ticket once you get here. As I said, the system is not well organised, so the timetable and prices often change depending on who you ask!

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Take a look at this timetable, or you can search from this one as well to plan your trip. You can also use the Google transport planner, but do be prepared to wait around a bit for a bus!

Approx. Cost: 100/200 rupees

Schedule: 3 – 4 times per hr

Time: 1 hr – 1 hr 30

Drive A Tuk-Tuk From Galle To Mirissa




Yep, you read that right – you can drive your own tuk-tuk all the way from Galle to Mirissa! We did this, and it was such a fun trip! Read our full review of the whole experience of renting a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka here.

RENTING A TUK TUK In Sri Lanka!!!! An Honest Review!

You’ll need to book with a company so that you will be fully insured, with the correct licence to drive. You can organise this all yourself or ask the company to do it – I’d recommend the latter so that a) you don’t waste precious holiday time going to the transport offices in Colombo and b) you don’t get it wrong!

We used Sri Lanka Road Trip for our tuk-tuk rental, but another popular company is Tuk Tuk Rental.

Driving a tuk-tuk is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Ask the company who is renting the tuk-tuk to you to give you a quick lesson before you head off. Don’t forget that in Sri Lanka, you need to drive on the left – easy enough for us as we do the same back home in the UK but it might take some getting used to if you don’t!

Black tuk tuk in front of ocean

The Galle to Mirissa route is pretty much one road all the way, which makes it easy to drive. Travel along the A2 road for the best views!

The speed limit for tuk-tuks is 40km which I liked because it meant that I could drive relatively slowly without feeling the pressure from other drivers – I just stayed to the left of the road and let any crazy drivers overtake me!

There’s enough space to fit one person comfortably in the back with luggage, so you can pick your tuk-tuk up from the train station in Galle and drive to your next accommodation in Mirissa.

Prices for tuk-tuk rental in Sri Lanka depend on how long you’re hiring for – but they start at around $25 per day, getting cheaper if you rent for longer.

Approx. Cost: $25 per day

Schedule: Your own!

Time: 1 hr

Hire A Tuk-Tuk driver From Galle To Mirissa




If you want the tuk-tuk experience but aren’t confident/able to drive, then hiring a driver is obviously the next best thing. There are a few different ways to find someone.

This website tells you the price regulations that the drivers should follow. However, it isn’t really enforced and the drivers seem to make it up as they go! Use it as a guide but don’t fuss too much about a few hundred rupees here and there, especially as you’re going so far.

Red tuk tuk waiting for us
  1. You can ask your hotel – usually, they’ll have their own tuk-tuk or they’ll know someone who has one. Tell them your budget and be open to negotiation as they are making your life easier by offering you a convenient way to travel. A good price would be around 2200 rupees.
  2. Download the PickMe app and call for a tuk-tuk. You’ll be charged around 2000 rupees, depending on demand, and you can pay by cash or card which is helpful. The only downside with this is that even though you can arrange a tuk-tuk for a set time (important if you’re going super early in the morning), there’s no guarantee that a driver will pick up the job.
  3. Another way to find a tuk-tuk to take you from Galle to Mirissa is to simply flag one down! You might get lucky and find a driver willing to do the distance from Galle to Mirissa – it’s a 40km trip. You’ll probably have the most success by doing this at the train station, but asking any tuk-tuk driver you have used is worth a shot.

Approx. Cost: 2200 rupees

Schedule: Your own!

Time: 1 hr

Drive A Car From Galle To Mirissa




Hiring a car is a great way to explore Sri Lanka. It gives you great flexibility on your trips, and you can stash your luggage in the back without worrying about it getting lost, stolen or broken! The Galle to Mirissa distance is not far which makes this a great mini road trip.

Most car hire companies offer their service straight from the airport, so you can pick up your car, cruise along the coast and then drive from Galle to Mirissa (stopping at cool spots if you wanted!)

Small hire car

Book a car that comes with seatbelts (you’d be surprised at how many don’t!), roadside assistance, and a driving permit. It’s easier to ask the company to organise the permit for you rather than do it yourself.

You’ll have to pay a deposit, and only drivers who sign the paperwork will be insured to drive (you can add on someone else for a few extra thousand rupees.)

There are some local car hire companies that you can try, like Casons Rent-A-Car, or you can look at prices on a comparison site like Travel Supermarket. You can also visit the local travel agencies and car rental offices as soon as you arrive.

Approx. Cost: 8500rs per day

Schedule: Your own!

Time: 55 mins

Get A Taxi From Galle To Mirissa




Taking a Galle to Mirissa taxi is an easy way to travel, but you do have to be careful when booking to make sure that you aren’t being ripped off.

I would recommend choosing from the first two options as if you were hiring a tuk-tuk driver from Galle to Mirissa. You can ask your hotel or use PickMe. I wouldn’t personally ask any random person with a car if they can drive you anywhere!

Car driving from Galle to Mirissa in traffic
there can be quite a lot of traffic coming out of Galle in rush hour

This journey will cost you anywhere between 3000 – 4000 rupees, depending on what time you need to be picked up and how many passengers there are. Some drivers only have a minivan, so they will probably charge you more than someone with a small car. Some of these small cars are actually TINY – the first car we hired with a driver struggled to fit the three of us and our 2 big suitcases in, so if you are using PickMe or a hotel recommendation, double-check the size of the ar before you agree!

Remember to make sure your seats have seatbelts – the roads can be dangerous here and we all know how much a belt gives you in an accident!

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A plus would be air-conditioning, but if the car doesn’t have it then it’s not the end of the world as you can just enjoy the breeze from an open window.

Approx. Cost: 3200rs

Schedule: Your own!

Time: 55 mins

Pro Tip

Don’t pay for your driver’s fines!

This is a weird tip and one that is unique to certain situations, but it’s something that we experienced so I thought I’d mention it!

There are a lot of police watching the roads, which means there is a chance that your driver will get pulled over if they’re driving erratically or using the wrong lanes etc.

On one of our trips, we asked our driver to stop at an ATM. He did, but he got pulled over by the police quickly afterwards as he had ignored the ‘No Parking’ sign. He was fined 1000 rupees, and we had to drive to the station for him to fill out the forms and then back to show the officers that he’d complied.

At the end of the trip, he demanded that we paid the fine. We thought this was ridiculous as it was him who was driving, him who had ignored the sign and him who had broken the law. We did not ask him to stop illegally – we were happy to wait to find a more accessible ATM.

Just beware that this might happen, and be prepared to put your foot down as the drivers should be the one respecting the law and the rules on the road.

Things To Do In Galle

Galle is a gorgeous city, with plenty to keep you entertained and in awe! From historical buildings and fascinating museums to remote beaches and boutique shops, there’s something for everyone.

Read our post on the best things to do in Galle here.

We spent a week in Galle, but you could easily fit in lots of activities in less time than that if you’re on a strict schedule. See what we got up to in Galle in the video below!

The 8 Best Things To Do In Galle, Sri Lanka

We also did a bit of beach hopping in the Galle area, and discovered where to go for tranquillity, parties and turtles! My two favourites were Unawatuna and Galle City Beach – read this post for more information on them as well as 8 more incredible shores. The distance from Galle to Unawatuna is only 5km and it’s super easy as you just need to continue along the coastline!

Don’t forget to watch the video below as well to find the best beach for you.

10 Beaches In Galle You Need To Visit!

Where To Stay In Galle

Galle is not a huge city, so wherever you stay, you’ll have easy and quick access to all of the main attractions and fun. You can find beach dormitories, family-run guesthouses and five-star hotels in Galle, as well as everything in between. Here are my top recommendations for accommodation in Galle:

Budget-friendly hostel:

Lala’s Place
  • Cabana option
  • Bar on-site
  • Shared bathroom

Budget-friendly guesthouse:

Fort Sapphire
  • Great location
  • A/C
  • Great WiFi

Mid-range guesthouse:

Iffa House Galle Fort
  • Breakfast included
  • Bike rental service
  • Suites available

Mid-range hotel:

Mango House
  • Free toiletries
  • Breakfast included
  • Garden

Luxury spa resort:

Wirdana Resort & Spa
  • Infinity pool
  • Spa centre
  • Sun terrace

Luxury hotel:

Le Grand Galle
  • Sea views
  • Swimming pool
  • Breakfast included

These accommodation options all have a rating of 8/10 or higher on, which means that most of their reviews have been incredibly positive.

What To Pack For Galle To Mirissa

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Things To Do In Mirissa

Mirissa is a gorgeous coastal town, with chilled vibes and lots to keep you entertained. We spent a whole month in Mirissa and loved every minute of it.

Many people visit Mirissa because it’s a good place to learn how to surf – lots of schools offer lessons but if you’re a pro then you can take advantage of some decent waves too.

There’s plenty of cheap Sri Lankan food, but if you fancy a change then you’re spoilt for choice with restaurants serving pizza, pasta, smoothie bowls, avocado on toast, Indian curries, burgers, chips, seafood and more.

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Coconut Tree Hill

If you want to get your fix of Insta-worthy pictures, then Mirissa is a great place to go. The famous Coconut Tree Hill is located here, so read this post for everything you need to know about it and watch our video on it too!

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa: Is It Worth Your Time In Sri Lanka?

Visit Secret Beach

If you’re tired of the busy beach, then you can always take a little walk a bit further along the coast and find Secret Beach. It’s much smaller and quieter, but you’ll still be able to rent a sunbed and grab a beer to watch the sunset.

Find out more about Secret Beach in our article here and watch the video below to see how we got there and what we thought of the place!

Discover SECRET BEACH MIRISSA: A Sri Lankan Paradise in 2022!

Whale Watching

The most popular thing to do in Mirissa is definitely a whale-watching tour. We have taken two different trips, and both times we saw lots of blue whales! It was such a fantastic experience – a must-do when you’re in Mirissa!

Check out our video from our latest tour and see what the experience is like for yourself!

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Realistic Experience For Whale Watching In Mirissa

Where To Stay In Mirissa

You won’t be stuck finding accommodation in Mirissa – the problem will be choosing from the best!

If you want to treat yourself, check out these incredible villas in Mirissa. Not only are they stunning, with incredibly helpful staff, delicious meals and amazing sea views, but they’re also all fantastic value for money too. You could also check out these best 10 boutique hotels in Mirissa if that is more of your vibe!

Watch our video to see 9 of the best villas you can find in Mirissa and choose your favourite!

The 9 BEST Villas In Mirissa - Visited & Reviewed!

If you’re looking for a different type of accommodation, then here are my top picks for the town.


Sun & Moon Hostel

  • Breakfast included
  • A/C
  • Balconies


The Point Mirissa

  • Breakfast included
  • 1 minute from beach
  • Surfboard rental


Beach Mirissa
  • Private beach
  • Breakfast included
  • Infinity pool


Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa
  • Breakfast included
  • Garden + terraces
  • Spa on-site

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go from Mirissa to Galle?

The best way to take this journey is by train.

What is the cheapest way to get from Galle to Mirissa?

The cheapest way to get from Galle to Mirissa is by bus. This should cost around 100 rupees.

What is the most comfortable way to travel from Galle to Mirissa?

Travelling from Galle to Mirissa by car is comfortable if you have seatbelts and air-conditioning. However, the train can also be comfortable if you get a seat as the carriages are quite spacious.

What is the quickest way to get from Galle to Mirissa?

The quickest way to take this journey is by hiring a driver in a car.

How much is a taxi from Galle to Mirissa?

This depends on the type of car you want (if you have luggage you’ll need more space) but typically for a standard car you’re looking at paying between $20 – $30.

Travelling from Galle to Mirissa is pretty simple! Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about the journey!