Expat Life: May

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We realised that although we are beginning to share more of our stories now, we haven’t really shared much about ourselves or our expat life!

So, we’ll be updating anyone who cares (everyone, right!?)  on what we’ve been up to in the past month. You can watch our Instagram stories for more up-to-date version too!

May 2017



You could say that in China there are a lot of national holidays – and you’d be 100% right but we don’t complain. This one, though, was just the same May bank holiday that we have back home. AND we didn’t have to work on Saturday to make it up this time!

So we celebrated our extra day the best way we knew how – eating. In fact, we accidentally went to the same Italian restaurant that’s five minutes away from our house 7 days in a row. Yes, 7. Once we’d gone 3 times, it kinda became a thing…

Guilty Burger!

Guiltily finishing the 7th burger in as many days …



The cat that our friend rescued last month, Candy (the name of the rescuer and the cat haha) stayed with us for a few more days and then we had to say goodbye.

She was such a gorgeous kitten and so fun to have around, but luckily she found a new family so that made us happy!

Kev and his little cat babies in China



We’ll be leaving China in July and although it drives us crazy sometimes, we’ll miss all the friends we’ve made! We decided to hold a barbecue in the community area of our flat this month (it will get too hot and potentially thunderstorm-y soon!)

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It was such a good day – even people who work at our company in the office made it down, which was lovely as they’ve been so good to us over the past two years. The weather was perfect, there was so much booze and Kev’s burgers went down a treat.

Cake at our bbq in Beijing

The only real photo we got was this one – that’s a sign of a good party, right?



As you can probably tell, we love a good burger! So one of our favourite events of the year in Beijing is the Burger Cup. Held by The Beijinger, a kind of expat blog/website, there were around 30 beer and burger vendors selling the best of what they’ve got.

Along with the other thousands of attendees, we got drunk and ate too much. All in a day’s work!

Look At The Huge Burger! Burger Cup Festival, Beijing



Yes. Another festival, another three days off school. This time did have to make up the time on Saturday, but our school only ran until 11.10am so the kids could enjoy the afternoon off too. The Dragon Boat Festival fell on the 30th June which meant we had (Sunday, obviously) Monday and Tuesday off. What’s better about that is that it’s Children’s Day on June 1st so that’s Thursday off too!

We did actually try to take part in the festivities this time round – we were hoping to watch some fun Dragon Boat Races and eat zongzi (a type of triangular sticky rice dumpling wrapped in leaves) but apparently Beijing isn’t famous for activities around this time of year. Also, we remembered we tried zongzi last year and we weren’t that impressed!

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Since starting this blog, we have always dreamed of having millions of views a month and being called up personally by the leader of some exotic country in order to promote it. Obviously this hasn’t happened YET, but we did hit a high traffic goal this month (helped by taking part in Facebook group sharing threads).

It’s not a huge number by blogging standards, but it’s a massive step in the right direction for us. We celebrated by hi-fiving a lot and drinking a lot of wine.

Happy that we reached our blogging targets!

Happy that we reached our blogging targets!

Pretty much all we did this month was eat and drink, but it’s still been a good month! In June we have a weekend trip away to Inner Mongolia to look forward to, as well as finishing school!

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Our First Blogging Award: The Liebster!

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