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We realised that although we are beginning to share more of our stories now, we haven’t really shared much about ourselves or our expat life!

So, we’ll be updating anyone who cares (everyone, right!?)  on what we’ve been up to in the past month. You can watch our Instagram stories for more up-to-date version too!

August 2017

This August has been very busy – we’ve been working, catching up with friends and family and even welcomed a new baby into our lives! Don’t worry, it’s not ours – that would definitely mess up our travel plans for the future!!

Catching up with Friends and Family

Being away from home for such a long time means that when we’re back, we seem to always be busy! I visited the farm, enjoyed a cocktail night in London and even went glamping in Norfolk.

Glamping Ling's Meadow Norfolk Suffolk August

Meanwhile, Kev made the most of the warm weather and had about seventy-five barbecues, as well as helped with some cool DIY projects around the house. August has actually brought some nice weather for a change!

We also spent a perfect day in the sun in Windsor as I live very close, finishing off the day with a Champagne afternoon tea which I had been craving for months! We love travelling around the world and seeing new places, but it’s also pretty fun coming home and playing tourist in my own local area!

Enjoying ice creams from the ice cream man! August



Spending 11 weeks back in England meant that we had to cover our expenses somehow without going into our savings. For some reason, no one wanted to give us free money and we haven’t won anything on the scratchcards we’ve become addicted to, so we had to get summer jobs!

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We signed up to an agency who supply staff to festivals and events, and found a couple of weekends in August where we could work.

We worked at Reading Festival, which was actually quite fun as on our time off we went to watch You Me At Six, Bastille and Eminem!

Reading Festival Aftermath August

The second event wasn’t as great as we were waste management staff (a posh way of saying binman/lady) at Hampton Court Palace. However, the event was the Concours of Elegance which is a snazzy car show – after about 5 minutes I thought all of the cars looked the same but Kev had a good time checking out some old classics!

Hampton Court Palace Concours of Elegance August

We’d definitely recommend working some events if you’re on a quick break from travelling and you need to make some easy money!

New Baby

I saved the most exciting news until last! My not-so-little-anymore brother had a baby!!! His name is Aston and he is the literal definition of perfect.

We’ve been spending lots of time with him and even helping out with the night-time feeds and cuddle, which have actually been quite fun for us. I suppose when it’s not your baby and you can give them back, it’s more of a novelty waking up for a cuddle at 3am!

Holding New Baby Nephew 1 Week Old August

Obviously, we are still leaving for Australia soon so it will be extra sad leaving England knowing that I’ll miss out on so much of my nephew’s beginnings, but that’s what cameras and Skype are for!!

Australian Visa Update

Our Working Holiday Visas for Australia required us to have a medical check (we have living in China for two years to thank for that! £200 each to be x-rayed, prodded and pushed for 20 minutes!) which we both completed.

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Mine went through fine and I HAVE MY VISA!!! But we are still waiting on Kev’s so we can’t get too excited! As soon as his is through, we’ll start applying for jobs and we hope to leave on the 1st October.

Hopefully, by the time I write our next update, we will be very close to flying out to Australia and will have somehow managed to bag first class flights for that … The thought of travelling for 24 hours in those tiny seats, especially as we’re both blessed/CURSED with long legs, gives me nightmares!

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