East Fjords Iceland

The Ultimate Guide To The East Fjords Iceland 2023

The East Fjords in Iceland are home to some of the most magical and remote locations in Iceland. Read our guide to help plan your secluded adventure.

If you’re planning a trip to Iceland then you may not have even considered venturing above and beyond the South East coast.

Why would you? Some of the best tourist hot spots, glaciers, geysers, lagoons, northern lights, mountains, waterfalls and hiking trails are easily accessible a short drive from the capital in Reykjavik.

Why would you travel 4+ hours away from all that to a remote, sparsely populated, intimidating area of land that, on face value, offers a lot less than the south?

I’ll tell you why.

Secluded locations and few people is what the East Fjords are mostly known for.

You didn’t come to Iceland to wade through the crowds, queue up to see a waterfall and pay through your teeth for short tours and food.

If you’re planning a trip to Iceland in the summer then that is what you can expect on the south coast.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s well worth the visit but if that’s not what you’re looking for then the East Fjords in Iceland are your answer.

The East Fjords Iceland are a place where you can disappear into the nature this country has to offer. Considering only 3.2% of the entire population live in this region, you can understand the level of privacy and peace that you can expect on your visit.

If you’re into hiking, camping, seclusion and exploring eerie locations swamped in myth and mystery then read on and find out everything you can see, do and experience in the East Fjords.

Where Are The East Fjords Iceland?

Well, firstly they are on the east coast of Iceland. It may sound obvious but the Westman Islands are off the south coast so who knows anymore! The East Fjords are nestled in between Borgarfjörður Eystri in the north and Berufjörður in the south.

This covers a stretch of coastline around 100 – 140km long, depending on if you go by road or how the crow flies.

So, the East Fjords are not all that big. The distance between attractions and towns are usually short but beautiful.

In my opinion, this makes the East Fjords the perfect place for a road trip because you spend less time in the car and more time exploring but still get to do some absolutely incredible drives. See our complete guide to renting a 4×4 in Iceland here.

A gravel track in the East Fjords Iceland
These gravel roads follow the coastline of many of the Fjords.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the East Fjords Iceland is in June onwards. June is the start of the high season in Iceland so the prices do creep up significantly after this point, however, any time before June then you risk many of the trails and sights still being covered with heavy snow.

Any of the summer months are highly recommended. The East Fjords don’t tend to get too crazy busy at any time of the year so the crowds should never be an issue. The crazy long summer days and midnight sun will allow you to get the most out of your visit.

The East Fjords really are a secret paradise

Winter is definitely not the time to visit this secret wonderland. Many of the paths and roads will be completely cut off and a lot of the East Fjords may even be completely inaccessible.

To put it into context, there is a village that is entirely cut off for 6-7 months of the year due to the snowfall.

Also, the main activities the East Fjords have to offer are hiking and exploring. Neither of these things will be possible in the winter months so it is not recommended to visit at this time.

East Fjords Iceland | Everything To See, Do & Explore!

Borgarfjörður Eystri

The East Fjords Iceland has a lot to offer but this may be the creme of the crop. I may actually struggle to put into words how ideal this small town is if you’re looking for that incredible perfect remote Icelandic experience.

It starts with a 70km drive from the town of Egilsstaðir. This drive weaves through the mountains and even has parts where you drive on a gravel road next to a cliff with no barriers. Sounds terrifying but it will only add to the incredible adventure that this small town has to offer.

Get used to sights like this, the East Fjords are full of them!

Eventually, you come to a tiny seaside town with a population of only 100. But in this tiny remote town, you get over 150km of incredible hiking trails, beautiful accommodation, peace and serenity people only dream of and one of the largest puffin populations in Iceland.

I highly recommend getting down there for at least a couple of days to soak up one of the most genuine and authentic Iceland experiences you can get anywhere in the country.

Pro Tip

I was extremely impressed with the website that this tiny town has dedicated entirely to itself. Definitely have a look as it will help you pick the best activities in and around this town to maximise the enjoyment of your stay.

Best Time To Go To Borgarfjörður Eystri

Any time from June onwards is a good time to visit . I recommend going in July as this means the roads have the highest chance of being ice and snow free which obviously makes it a lot safer.

The puffins are there from the middle of April so if you are going for them then this could be a good time to go as it will also be the least busy. In the last year, the town only got around 2000 visitors for the whole of summer so I doubt it will ever be too busy. Check out the complete guide to seeing the puffins of Iceland here!

If you can get this close to the puffins then anyone will be able to take pictures like this!

Where To Stay At Borgarfjörður Eystri

There are a few hotels and guesthouses in the surrounding area and many of them have extremely high reviews.

However, the one place that really stands out from the others is Blabjorg Guesthouse. Close to all of the hiking trails and the puffin colony, it also features hot wooden hot tubs sitting with a beautiful view of the Fjord. I highly recommend staying here for your Borgarfjörður Eystri stay.

Check Out The Reviews Of Blabjorg Guesthouse Here



If Borgarfjörður Eystri above is famous for its natural attributes and incredible scenery then Seyðisfjörður is known for its incredible man-made beauty.

The town of Skaftfell, in Seyðisfjörður, is widely considered one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the whole of Iceland and it’s understandable why. The town is covered in beautiful brightly coloured wooden houses and is home to an incredible summertime art scene.

This location may be famous for its quirky artistic town but it doesn’t take away from its also incredible natural beauty. This is perhaps what makes Seyðisfjörður so unique.

It has everything a tourist would want. A vibrant family-friendly community that is immensely welcoming of tourists amidst a breathtaking backdrop of quintessential Icelandic scenery.

One of the most beautiful towns in all of the East Fjords Iceland
Skaftfell town really is a picturesque as people make it sound.

I recommend spending a night here to give yourself time to wander the streets and local hikes. If you’re looking for a place to stay then I highly recommend Hafaldan HI Hostel. It’s a decent price, in a decent location and has very good facilities.

Check Out The Reviews Of Hafaldan HI Hostel Here


The drive to Seyðisfjörður is another absolute beauty of a trip so if you’re in Iceland looking to have an epic road adventure then I recommend having Seyðisfjörður on your list.

Camping In The East Fjords

During summer, camping is one of the most common activities amongst the Icelandic people. Who can blame them?! Well, the East Fjords in Iceland have some of the most spectacular campsites where you can relax, have a bbq and a drink until the sun sets…. If it ever does!

If you do decide to go camping then remember this is still Iceland and it never really gets that warm. Bring a warm sleeping bag and warm clothing in case the temperature hits one of its summer lows.

I couldn’t possibly list all of the available campsites in the East Fjords as this would be tedious as well as not very informative. Visit Austurland has a very good page dedicated to some of the best camping spots in the East Fjords so I recommend taking a look there for some ideas.

Pro Tip

Don’t plan your trip around ‘wild camping’. It is discouraged by Icelanders and is also very difficult to do, mainly because of the lack of shelter that trees would provide. It is also difficult to find a place that you are 100% sure is legal. There are so many well priced legal campsites in the East Fjords that I don’t think it is worth the risk.

Hallormsstaðaskógur Forest

If you’ve seen any pictures of Iceland then I guarantee you didn’t see any trees. As trees go, Iceland is a veritable desert! However, Hallormsstaðaskógur forest in the East Fjords Iceland makes up for it 10 fold.

If you are heading to the forest in June then you have to take part in the Skógardagurinn Mikli festival which takes place in amongst the trees of the forest.

Have a look at which weekend it is going to be on and get involved in the music, stalls, competitions and festive spirit. This would be absolutely ideal if you were travelling with kids.

Hallormsstaðaskógur forest is right on the banks of the beautiful Lagarfljót lake

If you are planning on camping the East Fjords in Iceland then book Hallormsstaðaskógur forest before you book anywhere else.

In my opinion, this is the best place to go camping in all of the East Fjords. The two locations available are Atlavík and Höfðavík. Both are very different so take a look at which one would better suit your needs.

There are 11 stunning hiking trails throughout the forest and you can pick up a map from Hotel Hallormsstadur.

Lagarfljót Lake & The Serpent

Adjacent to Hallormsstaðaskógur forest there is the huge lake Lagarfljót. If you are visiting the forest a really good place to stay is the Atlavík camping ground that is adjacent to the lake.

The lake itself is 25km long and has bridges at both ends. This makes for quite a nice little road trip around the lake if you have a nice summer afternoon free.

However, this is hardly why the lake is famous. It’s most well known for its very own mythical serpent, the Lagarfljótsormurinn. Very similar to the Loch Ness Monster, the Lagarfljótsormurinn is said to be a huge serpent that has occupied the lake for hundreds of years.

Whether you believe in the legends or not, this is a great place to take kids and capture their imaginations whilst having a nice peaceful hike around the gorgeous lake and its adjacent scenery.

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Hengifoss & Litlanesfoss Waterfalls

As with a lot of the activities in the East Fjords Iceland, Hengifoss waterfall is a hike from the car park. This could be one of the reasons why the East Fjords is less visited than the south.

Personally, I think it adds to the experience but if you are short on time then this could be an issue.

Hengifoss waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Iceland, standing at about 128m and is about a 2.5km hike from the car park to the falls. Halfway to Hengifoss, there is another beautiful waterfall called Litlanesfoss. Both waterfalls are definitely worth the hike so I recommend taking a camera to capture some epic shots.

A waterfall in the East Fjords Iceland
The first waterfall you come across, Litlanesfoss, is not exactly bad!

Camera Tips For Waterfalls

If you are wanting to capture the quintessential moving water look people love when picturing waterfalls then you’ll need to change the setting on your camera manually because the automatic settings will not allow for this.

Set your camera to the shutter speed function (this should be marked simply as an S on the top or in the settings) and then set your shutter speed to 1 second (on the camera that will be shown as 1″).

The main attraction! Be careful walking up to it as the ground can be loose.

Take a picture and have a look, this is your test shot. More often than not, this will produce the right amount of blur for a good picture, however, if you want more blur then increase the length of the shutter speed and for less blur decrease it.

You will NEED a tripod or place to put the camera for the shot. Even a surgeon can’t hand hold a 1-second shutter speed!

Mjóifjörður | Complete Isolation In The East Fjords

You thought some of the other fjords were isolated and peaceful?

Well, Mjóifjörður takes the grand prize by a long way. In the whole fjord, which is about 18km long, there are only 25 residents.

Even more incredibly, from October to May you can’t even drive to it as the road in is too treacherous. This means that the residents rely on a twice-weekly ferry coming in from Neskaupstaður.

Lastly, as if the first two things weren’t enough, tour buses do not run to this town as the gravel road is too steep for them to traverse. Don’t let me put you off though. A good 4×4 vehicle in the middle of summer and you will have absolutely no problems as long as you take it slow and steady.

Explore with no one else around for miles.

It’s well worth the effort too as the fjord has waterfalls, myths, secluded lighthouse, small town, shipwreck and even small inlet that used to be used as a prison.

There is quite a nice guesthouse in the fjord called Sólbrekka Holiday Homes. If you are thinking of really losing yourself and getting off the grid then Mjóifjörður is the place for you.

Check Out The Reviews Of Solbrekka Holiday Homes Here


Hólmanes Peninsula

There is a fantastic little nature reserve situated on the Hólmanes Peninsula that you can easily stop by when travelling up Route 1 to the other attractions in the Eastfjords Iceland.

Jump off of Route 1 onto Route 92 and around 12km down route 92 you will come to the Hólmanes Peninsula and the entrance is by the side of the road.

The walk takes roughly 2 hours if you take it leisurely. The variety of birdlife, vegetation and spectacular views makes Hólmanes Peninsula an extremely worthwhile stop off whilst road tripping the East Fjords Iceland. If you’re really lucky, you might even stumble across a herd of wild reindeer!

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Vattarnes Peninsula – A 50Km Road Trip Detour From Heaven

If you were road tripping the East Fjords in Iceland and you missed the Vattarnes Peninsula detour then this would be the biggest mistake you’d make in your trip.

Imagine this, a 50km gravel road circumnavigating the entire peninsula and its coastline, every second having incredible panoramic views of the ocean, back dropped by rolling hills and steep cliffs.

There are some nice places to park up along the 50km route and some of the more scenic areas are a great place to stop and have a picnic whilst soaking in the views. When you get to the Route 1 – Route 995 turning, don’t take the bypass up Route 1, you’ll miss some of the most spectacular scenery that the whole of the East Fjords has to offer.

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Papey Island

Papey Island is a tiny island off of the east coast and is definitely worth a visit. Apart from the oldest wooden church in Iceland, Papey island does not have anything unique that you can’t do quite easily on the mainland. However, who the hell doesn’t want to zoom across on a little boat to a small green blob in the sea!

I’m not joking either. There is something a little more gratifying seeing the puffins and other birdlife knowing that you’re really in the middle of nowhere on a completely uninhabited island.

Boats leave from the small town of Djúpivogur on the mainland during the summer. If you are in the area then I recommend going across as it really makes for a special little summer afternoon.

A small church on an island in the East Fjords Iceland
The oldest wooden church in Iceland looks pretty good to me.

How To See The Reindeer In The East Fjords Iceland

So you’ve done your research and you know Iceland is famous for its puffins, whales and seals.

But what about its wild herds of reindeer?! If you’re on a trip to see all of the best animals in Iceland then the reindeer of the East Fjords Iceland are a must-see.

They tend to be difficult to spot but if you do then it makes it feel like Christmas!

I can’t tell you that there is one best place to see them as they are wild and they get around. However, it is only possible to see them in the East Fjords. I recommend just keeping your eyes open throughout your entire journey through the East Fjords as they may simply be on the side of the road or walking around near a hiking trail.

If you are looking to get some pictures then be very patient and slow. They are not like the puffins of Iceland at all and will run away if you get too close.


Stórurð is nestled in the far North East and is definitely one of the best hikes you can do in all of the East Fjords. There are actually a number of different trails you can take form the car park but be prepared for a good 8-hour hike.

A lot of people are rating the hike quite low because they did not realise that this is not a short walk for an afternoon.

You also do not need to be an experienced hiker as the trails have no technical difficulties. Just be prepared for quite a distance. There are a number of different trails to choose from but you can expect something around 14km give or take.

When you get there, I recommend researching the trail that you are thinking of taking so you do not get any surprises.

Best Time To Go To Stórurð

I recommend going to Stórurð from the middle of July – September. I highly recommend trying your best to visit Stórurð on a sunny clear day. The views you can get from this beautiful hike can be quite easily ruined by low clouds and fog.

If this is impossible then never fear! Even with less than perfect visibility, the hike is still very much recommended for any keen hikers.

Locations In The East Fjords Iceland

Recommended Packing List For Iceland

Regardless of the time of year you go, it’s going to be pretty cold. This list is specific to Iceland and we highly recommend having a look through it to see if you have everything we suggest. There is nothing worse than letting the cold ruin your trip.

This windproof/waterproof jacket is absolutely perfect for keeping the cold out and staying warm when you are visiting such cold places. If you only have a warm waterproof jacket I would seriously consider upgrading to windproof as it makes even more difference than the fleece lining in my opinion. See our recommendation here.

If you’re looking for some decent waterproof trousers then take a look at these. They are windproof and waterproof but also insulated which means that you may get away with only wearing these and not having to have an additional layer underneath. They also do a very good job of not looking too much like waterproof trousers. Have a look to see what I mean here.

If you’re planning on doing some serious hiking then we recommend you take a look at these Columbia walking boots. They come in loads of different colours and we think that they are really stylish. The most important thing however is that there are comfortable, waterproof and resilient which these are! There is nothing worse than sore feet preventing you from making the most out of your trip so don’t put it down to chance. Check them out in more detail here.

If you get particularly cold then you are going to want to take a look at these fleece-lined full-body thermals. If you couple these with decent clothing over the top then the coldest of people should be warm in the coldest of places. Have a look at colours and sizes here.

If you’re looking for a pair of warm gloves then check out these waterproof/windproof/thermal gloves. When you’re looking for decent gloves then fashion should not be your main priority. I don’t know about you but cold hands are the pinnacle of annoyance! These absolutely get the job done and you don’t have to take them off to use your phone which is a godsend. Take a more detailed look here.

If you are worried about getting cold feet (and you should be) then take a look at these brilliant thermal socks by Hot Feet. They should keep your feet warm in the cold conditions you will be facing, as long as you have decent footwear as well! You get 8 pairs which are also really good for the price. Take a look in more detail here.

You absolutely need to have a warm hat when you are visiting cold places so take a look at this gorgeous fleece-lined cable knit beanie. It’s a timeless style and will absolutely keep your ears and head warm for your trip! Take a look at different colours here.

If you’re not a massive fan of fleece-lined hats (Jade isn’t) then earmuffs are the way forward. These vegan earmuffs look amazing and come in varying sizes whilst also looking really cute. I personally like the brown faux leather look but there are lots of different colours available. Take a look here.

It goes without question that you’re going to need a jumper. This gorgeous knitted jumper will keep you warm whilst also looking the part (people love the knitted look in the cold!). There are a few colours to choose from the reviews talk for themselves! Take a look here.

The Best Accommodation In The East Fjords Iceland

There is an amazing amount of gorgeous accommodation options in the East Fjords Iceland. However, I have narrowed it down to 5 top picks.

These 5 are spread out from the south to the north so if you are making your way slowly up the East Fjords then these would be perfect to make it a perfect relaxing trip.


If you’re on a budget then look no further than Braz in the south of the East Fjords. You’ll be treated to some very nice food and some great views. Use this as a one night stay after travelling the long distance from Reykjavik in your hire car.

Check Out The Reviews Of Braz here


Mjoeyri Travel Holiday Homes

Just past the Hólmanes Peninsula nature walk there lies a small town called Eskifjörður. The Mjoeyri Travel Holiday Homes are an absolute peach to stay at and offer some fantastic views whilst you bathe in a hot tub inside of an old boat!

Check Out The Reviews Of Mjoeyri Travel Holiday Homes


Langahlid Cottages & Hafaldan HI Hostel

Langahlid Cottages is in the small town of Seyðisfjörður that is one of the top places to visit on this list. The cottage comes in a small secluded location along the coastline and a hot tub overlooking the views.

Check Out The Reviews Of Langahlid Cottages Here


It’s going to cost a little more so if you’re still looking to save money then I recommend staying in the Hafaldan HI Hostel instead, a small hostel in the same village.

Blabjorg Guesthouse

This has got to be the perfect end to your trip through the East Fjords. The hotel has a bar, restaurant and wooden hot tubs overlooking the fjord. What more can I say really?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Visit The East Fjords Iceland?

The East Fjords are seldom visited by tourists as they tend to stick to the south coast near Reykjavik. However, the East Fjords have some absolutely spectacular scenery on offer so if you have a bit more time and are looking for something a little different then the East Fjords should be near the top of your list.

Are The East Fjords Iceland Easily Accessible?

After May and before October, the East Fjords are easily accessible. However, during the winter months, some of the towns and fjords are cut off from the main road. I don’t recommend visiting in these colder, more treacherous months.

How Long Should I Spend In The East Fjords Iceland?

You can quite easily see a lot of the best sights in a couple of days, however, I recommend spending at least 5 days in the East Fjords to really explore the hiking trails and discover the tiny towns that the region has to offer.

How Far Are The East Fjords Iceland From Reykjavik?

The East Fjords start in the southern town of Berufjörður and it takes over 7 hours to drive non stop from Reykjavik.

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