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15 Carry On Essentials For Long Flights

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Your hand luggage is potentially the most important bag you’ll pack before going on a trip. Don’t leave for your journey without packing these 16 carry on essentials for long flights – you won’t want to arrive at your destination in a bad mood because you forgot something!

Hand luggage, carry-on, an annoying extra bag to hold – whatever you call it, you’ve got to plan packing it carefully!

You could just shove everything in your main backpack and hope for the best, but you’ll almost certainly need something from it mid-journey. There’s not much you can do when your bag is shuttling off to be packed up in the plane already!

Make sure that you take everything in this list and pack it neatly and securely in your hand luggage. You can relax and be confident that you haven’t left anything behind on your next trip!

Before you even start thinking about packing though, you’ve got to have a decent carry on bag! Try any of these bags or have a thorough look around yourself!

The 3 Most Important Carry On Essentials For Long Flights


Before you pack anything, make sure you have some cash in the right currency! You might want to buy over-priced gifts on the plane, or you might not be offered any complimentary food. On super budget airlines, you might even have to pay for water! Take it in a secure wallet or money belt.

We were stung by this once before and didn’t have any cash to pay for a bottle! Only when I told the staff I might pass out did they begrudgingly hand over a small cup of tepid water. Thanks, Air Asia!





This list is not exhaustive but covers all of the important things that you should take in your hand luggage. It’s important not to over pack, so be careful with what you choose!

Check out this fantastic hostel packing list too – you can never be too organised when you’re trying to live out of a bag!

Are there any other must-have items for your hand luggage that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments belo


  1. It got me when you said that you must consider keeping your travel documents such as your visa documents and flight confirmation in your hand luggage to make sure that you can access them easily. My sister and I will visit our mom in a different country before the month ends. One of my plans is to shop for carry-on luggage. I will bring my cameras and other gadgets too, and I want to make sure that my luggage won’t easily get damaged. Since I want to make sure that I won’t forget anything, I’ll do all your tips.

    1. Author

      That’s great to hear! Enjoy your trip!

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