Spending a day by the pool in Malta is the perfect way to wind down, appreciate the scenery, and enjoy a little cocktail or two! There are some incredible outdoor pools in Malta that non-guests are allowed to use for a fee, and they are worth every penny.

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Here are our top recommendations for where to spend a day by the pool in Malta. Don’t forget you can also book a room to stay. I’ve also added a few options for a day by the pool in Gozo.

  • Most luxurious – Excelsior Pool (rooms here)
  • Best value – Paradise Bay Pool (rooms here)
  • Best for adults only – Hugo’s Pool (rooms here)
  • Best for families – Luna Holiday Complex Pool (rooms here)
  • Best in Gozo – Grand Hotel (rooms here)
People relaxing on a day by the pool malta in a rooftop infinity pool

A Day By The Pool In Malta

From infinity pools and sun decks to beach clubs and lidos, you’re guaranteed to find somewhere you can lounge around, even if your hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool. If you’re looking for a place to chill, eat and drink with an outdoor pool Malta is an excellent choice as there are so many options!

In this post, I’m going to highlight what you can expect when shopping around for the best places to spend a day by the pool in Malta.

You’ll also find some great recommendations and links to their websites so you can book yourself in as soon as you can! Don’t hang around – you don’t want to miss the best sun lounger spots!

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The Best Day By The Pool Malta Deals

Check out the table to compare locations, prices and extras that are included in your day by the pool! Locations marked with a * are adults-only and ** have adults-only areas.

Click here to read more information about pool membership in Malta, or click the links and buttons in the table below to book.

Pool NameHotel RoomsLocationPriceTimeExtrasHalf-Day Offers
Amazonia Beach ClubQawraAdults €18+
Kids €10+
9 – 6Beach access,
sunbeds and
2 – 6
Adults €12+
Kids €8+
Cafe del MarN/AQawra€20+10 – 7Not for normal or cushioned sunbeds
Yes for VIP, luxury
and gazebos
DB Hotel Resorts**QawraAdults €60+
Kids (5-11) €32.50+
10 – 6All-inclusive
food + drinks
Excelsior*VallettaAdult (16+) €50
€70+ incl treatments
9 – 7Lunch, spa treatment (with certain packages), towels with €15 refundable deposit, umbrella, sunbed,
WiFi, parking
Hugo’s*Paceville*Minimum spend €159 – 7Sunbed + towelAfter 3: €10+
Luna Holiday Complex**MelliehaSky Lounge €45+ (including a €30 food + drink voucher)

Family Pool €25+
Kids €15 (choose meal from set menu)
10 – 5:30Jacuzzi, sunbed,
food + drink voucher
Luzzo LidoN/AQawra€25+ (includes €10 food voucher)9 – 6Sunbed, umbrella,
food voucher
4 – 6
Merkanti*St Julian’sAdults €65+10 – 7Sunbed, towel + umbrella,
Monday – Thurs incl €30 food voucher
After 3:
Adults €32
Paradise BayCirkewwaPrices vary but 2023 rates start at €369 – 6Buffet lunch, drinks, sunbeds, umbrellas, parkingN/A
Pergola Hotel & SpaMelliehaAdults €55+
Kids under 5 go free, 6 -12 are 50% off
9 – 6Umbrellas, sunbeds, access to fitness room – food + drink voucher up to cost of entrance ticketN/A
Sky Beach*PacevilleMinimum spend €80pp for food + drinks9:30 – 6SunbedsN/A
WestinSt Julian’s€35+ adults,
€10 kids (6 – 12)
10 – 6Sunbeds, umbrella, Wi-Fi, free parking, food + drink voucher with certain packagesN/A

What To Expect Spending A Day By The Pool (Malta + Gozo)

Here you’ll find all the information you need on the Malta swimming pool day deals on the island.

You’re going to want at least one day of chilling out and being served food and drink until the sun comes down. There are plenty of places to choose from, and all have very competitive rates and offers.

You can easily spend a whole day by the pool in Malta, especially after walking up and down the hilly towns!


For a whole day by the pool in Malta, you are looking at spending anything from as little as €10 to upwards of €50 per person. These prices depend on certain things such as time of year, time of day, and the facilities of the hotel.

Some places won’t offer the option for non-guests to come and visit the pool in the winter months, so their prices are static. Others have a seasonal price list. It is usually cheaper to visit on a weekday, but avoid public holidays as the offers don’t tend to include those days.

Covered sunbeds at an outdoor pool area
Spend a day by the pool enjoying the sun but don’t forget to cover up when it gets too hot!

If you’re looking for an adults only pool Malta has plenty of places where you can go for a bit of peace and quiet!

If children are allowed into the pool (most tend to be adults only though!) then they usually are charged less for entry. You can still have a great family day out if you plan ahead.

A fantastic thing about the hotel’s ‘day by the pool’ deals is that often you can buy a half-day ticket. These tickets allow you access from around 2 pm and are much cheaper than the full-day rate.

In summer though, all the way until September, it is still sunny and warm enough to be out swimming and sunbathing well into the later afternoon! You can make the most of the three or four-hour time slot and still stay closer to your budget than you probably originally thought.

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If you are spending a day by the pool in Malta, then you’ll need some basic services! For most of the hotel pool days, you’ll be allocated a sunbed/sun lounger, access to the showers, and an umbrella. In some places, you’ll get towels too, but double-check before you visit because you don’t want anything, however minor, to spoil your day here!

Even some of the best infinity pools in Malta offer day passes, so you’re sure to be impressed with the amenities.

What’s Included?

Make sure you read the fine print (and the rest of this blog post!) to find out exactly what’s included in your package. You don’t want to get to your pool starving and then have to spend an extra €20 on lunch that you didn’t account for!

A lot of places charge their entry fee but take money off that as a minimum spend.

For example, you’ll pay €25 but €15 of that is given to you in food and drink vouchers, so the entry technically only costs you €10. If you’re going out to buy lunch anyway, this is a good way to combine a day by the pool in Malta and your everyday needs! 

You might be given access to the bar – some hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis for their guests so you’d be doing this but just for one day.

Orange cocktail in tall wine glass and red cocktail in small triangular glass on a bar
Aperol Spritz or a Cosmo – which one would you choose?

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Usually, the pool clubs in Malta will open from around 9.30 am and finish around 6 pm. As I mentioned above, some places will allow you to come for half a day which tends to be from around 2 pm. I genuinely think the half-day tickets are brilliant – go sightseeing in the morning and then wind down with a float in the pool and a Cosmo in the afternoon!


It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to change your dates once you’ve booked so make sure that you truly are available once you’ve paid for your spot.

We spoke to a few of the hotels offering a day by the pool service, and a few of them encourage people to book at least 48 hours in advance, but others prefer you to just turn up on the day as it is first come first serve.

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If you want to only pay for a half-day ticket, I’d recommend either going somewhere that you can book in a slot, or phoning up an hour or two before you want to arrive to see how busy it is already.

If you are in Malta near the beginning or end of the season (May – September) I would phone or email beforehand to double-check that they are still offering their pool day deals.

As the season draws to a close, many hotels decided day to day or week to week on when to stop the service as the weather and amount of customers can influence their decision.

Where To Find Pool Clubs In Malta

For a top day by the pool Qawra is the most common place to find hotels offering this service. It’s in the larger area of St Paul’s Bay, close to Bugibba and Salina.

There are a few Gozo pool day offers too, so if you’re heading to the island for a couple of days, I’d recommend planning a full day by the pool in Gozo whilst you’re there!

Top Day By The Pool in Malta Offers 2023

Take a look at the different locations of the hotels that offer a day by the pool in Malta. You can click on each pin to find the name of the hotel, then read on to discover exactly what they offer and how much it costs.

Amazonia Beach Club

The Amazonia Beach Club complex is set in the beautiful Dolmen Hotel. Located in St Paul’s Bay, it’s easy to get to, and not only can you spend the day by the pool, you get the added advantage of being able to access the beach too.

Opening hours are all day from 9 – 6, and the whole family can come as children aged 5 – 11 pay a lower price. The pool is open from June until September but admission is on a first come first serve basis so do email or call ahead if you want to check how many spots are left.

During the general week for adults, it is €16 and for children, it is €10. On weekends and public holidays, adult passes are €20 and children’s are €12.

There’s also a half-day offer for a cheaper price. Starting at 2 pm, an adult entrance fee is 10 and kids come in for just €7. It is €14 and €9 at the weekends.

You’ll need to bring your own towels for the sunbeds, but you will get an umbrella included with your bed. If you want to splash out a bit more, you can hire a whole gazebo for yourself for €70.

To stay at the Dolmen Hotel itself, book your room here or check out the pool prices here.

Café del Mar

You have a variety of options at Café del Mar!

You can pick from a normal sunbed, cushioned, VIP, luxury, or even a gazebo! The normal sunbed prices don’t include any extras but if you want to include a towel then pick the next level up. Also be aware that children can only use the normal beds, not any of the other options.

Standard rates start from €20 in the last week of October until May, and €25 during the rest of the season. Luxury beds start at €100 and include towels.

Aerial shot of sunbeds + umbrellas with infinity pool
How about looking out into the bay whilst enjoying your day by the pool?

The season is long too – from April until October so if you’re coming to Malta for a half-term break then it’s the perfect place to spend a day! Make a reservation here.

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DB Hotel Resorts

A DB day by the pool is our first all-inclusive pool day on this list! Yes, we know that’s why most of you are here! Passes include unlimited food and drinks (alcohol too!)

It’s more on the expensive side, starting at €60 for adults but you can have whatever you want, whenever you want and spend all day from 10 am – 6 pm there.

Children’s passes are €32.50 unless they’re under 5 and then they can come in for free. There is a kid’s pool as well as an adult one.

Rooms are also all-inclusive, so if you are looking for a great resort to stay in too, click here to book.

Make a pool day reservation here for Seabank in Mellieha or San Antonio in St Paul’s Bay.


Set in the beautiful capital of Valletta, Excelsior is a luxury hotel that offers stunning views of the city whilst you’re relaxing by the pool.

Included in every Excelsior day by the pool ticket price are an umbrella, sunbed, WiFi, and parking. You can also pop a deposit of €15 down for a towel, which is refundable at the end of the day.

There are 3 different package types to choose from. You can just have access to the outdoor pool and lunch, access to the pool and a spa treatment or all three together.

Young children are not allowed to visit but anyone over the age of 16 counts as an adult.

Click here to see images of the hotel and to book if you’d prefer to stay overnight!


If you’re looking for fancy luxury, then Hugo’s is the place to visit. Boasting an incredible rooftop infinity pool, Hugo’s is the perfect hotel to spend a day by the pool at. 

Check Out The Reviews Of Hugo’s Hotel Below


The price system means that you pay a total, but some of that will be spent behind the bar or in the restaurant. On Monday to Thursday, a ticket costs €40 but you need to spend €25 of that as a minimum, so entry is only €15.

There are 3 different areas that you can pay for – the pool deck, the lounge area, and the spa deck. Each costs a different amount but has the same minimum spend rule.

Looking up at smart building with multicoloured glass panes and Hugo's logo
This rooftop is the perfect place to sip a cocktail and relax!

You’ll get a sunbed and a towel, and probably some peace and quiet as this is an adult’s only space (sorry families!) 

If you’re on a budget, you can take full advantage of the half-day offers starting at 3 pm. The Hugo infinity pool price point is great in general but it’s even cheaper for just an afternoon!

Click here for images of the pool + to book if you’d prefer to stay overnight or contact them about their offer here.

Luna Holiday Complex

This is a really good option whether you have children or not because there are two pools to choose from – one is for adults only and the other is for families.

Check Out The Reviews Of Luna Holiday Complex Here


You get a food and drink voucher included when you pay, and rates do vary but start from €25 for the family pool for adults (€15 for kids) + €45 for the adult one.

There’s WiFi here, plus a sweet jacuzzi!

Click here if you want to stay at the hotel instead!

Luzzo Lido

Looking out into Salina Bay is this gem of a pool.

One for the adults, there’s a food voucher included as well as access to umbrellas, sunbeds and showers.

Take in the gorgeous views of Qawra Bay, sip your delicious cocktail and enjoy the perfect day by the pool in Malta.

Click here for more information about their pool offer.

View from under umbrella of outdoor swimming pool
Chill under your umbrella here!

Merkanti (Hilton)

You can be sure that a Hilton day by the pool is always going to be excellent!

All of the rates include admission, a sunbed and an umbrella, and you can pick from a single sunlounger, a double or a cabana bed.

Adults pay €45 for just a sun lounger by the pool, or €65 to include a €30 food and beverage credit (per bed) which is great if you were going to order lunch anyway!

You can also choose to use their half-day pass (from 3 pm) which costs from €32 depending on the bed you choose.

The pool opens from 10 am until 7 pm so you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy the two adult pools and kids’ splash pool. There’s also a diving centre and a general water sports club next to Merkanti so you can try your hand at a new hobby too!

If you’d prefer to stay at the hotel and get pool access included, book your room here. For more information on the poolside package options, click here.

Paradise Bay

This is another gorgeous hotel, offering yet another incredible all-inclusive deal. It’s open 9 am – 6 pm so get in early and enjoy your whole day there. Once you’ve enjoyed a few beverages, pop over to the buffet lunch and go wild! 

The sunbeds and umbrellas are first come first serve though so make sure you leave your towel in clear view so that you can keep it all day!

Children under 2 go completely free.

Click here for images of the pool and to book if you’d prefer to stay overnight.

Check out the reviews too!


Reserve your poolside spot here.

Pergola Hotel & Spa

Set in the hills of Mellieha, overlooking the breathtaking church, Pergola is not a place to miss on your pool day bucket list! 

Check Out The Reviews Of Pergola Hotel & Spa Here


Another fully all-inclusive food + drink deal, you also get a sunbed and umbrella to relax with on the sun deck. The pool has clear glass screens so you can watch over the town – when you’re not ordering another cocktail that is! The staff here are also lovely and cannot do enough for you.

Click here for their pool package details.

Woman pouring red cocktail into glass
Cocktails are the speciality here!

Prices depend – Monday to Saturday costs €55 but Sundays and public holidays are more expensive at €70. You can bring your children, who you’ll pay 50% less for and those under 5s go free.

Click here for more images and to book a room here!

Sky Beach

The rooftop infinity pool is part of the Intercontinental Hotel, so you know you’re going to have a good experience!

You’ll get a sunbed, towel and free parking if you need it.

Ticket prices are only a minimum spend rate. You’ll need to spend €70 at the bar and restaurant, and with the extensive menu complete with desserts and signature cocktails, the only thing you need to worry about is what to choose!

The team at Sky Beach are a friendly bunch so you’re guaranteed to be treated like royalty here!

Westin Dragonara – Reef Club Lido

The Reef Club Lido is set inside the Westin Dragonara, a Marriott hotel. There are a few different ways to enjoy their pool with direct access to the sea.

You can choose from a seasonal membership, a 30-day pass or a single-day pass. The day passes can include a food and drink voucher or only access to the pool, depending on the package.

All options include free car parking, a sunbed, an umbrella and Wi-Fi plus there are outdoor showers and changing facilities.

Book a room at the Marriott to get full access to the Reef Club swimming pool and lower deck too.

Click here for more detailed information about their packages.

Top Day By The Pool Gozo Offers 2023

Gozo is a gorgeous yet tiny island to the north of mainland Malta. It has some incredible beaches, diving spots and historical sites to visit, as well as great accommodation.

There are only a few options for a Gozo day by the pool pass, so we’ll be updating this section regularly as more places decide to share their pools with non-hotel guests.

The Grand Hotel Gozo

The Grand Hotel has a unique spin on a pool day in Gozo. Their package is focused on the use of their amazing spa, and includes use of the pool facilities as well.

There are two passes – one for summer and one for winter, so you can use the indoor pool if you’re in Malta out of season. Both are half-day packages and include food.

If you’re visiting The Grand Hotel in summer for a day by the pool, you’ll receive a 90-minute spa treatment of your choice, use of the pool and other spa facilities such as the sauna, and lunch/dinner from their bar menu.

This offer runs from 9 am – 1 pm and then from 1pm until 5 pm so you can choose a morning or afternoon slot.

During the winter, the offer is similar. You receive a full boy massage and an express facial, use of the indoor pool and lunch. You can only choose this experience from Monday – Thursday and it lasts for 2.5 hours.

Each of the summer and winter spa packages costs €100 per person.

For overnight room rates at The Grand Hotel, click here.

Other Things To Do In Malta

What to Pack For Your Day By The Pool

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Where To Stay In Malta

Malta has some fantastic accommodation options to suit all types of travellers. Click on the links below to check current rates and room availability, plus you can read the great reviews.

Marco Polo Party Hostel

Cheap dorm rooms in the heart of the nightlife action


Buccaneers Boutique Guest House

Great budget private room close to the beach, rooftop pool


Mellieha Seaside Apartment

Air-conditioning, outdoor terrace and space for big groups/families. Our favourite location too!


Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Suites

Luxury lovers, treat yourself to a few nights here.


For some other great hotel and apartment choices, check out our post dedicated to the best places to stay in Malta, or if you’re headed off to spend a day by the pool in Gozo then give one of these boutique hotels a visit!

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Where Has The Best Day By The Pool In Malta Deals?

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How Long Can You Spend A Day By The Pool In Malta?

Usually, a hotel or beach club will allow you to stay from around 10 am – 7 pm, depending on their opening hours. Don’t forget that some places offer half-day passes too which typically start at around 2 pm.

Which hotel are you going to spend your days by the pool in? You might even book in a few different ones – you’re on holiday so why not treat yourself?!

Let us know where you go and how your experience was in the comments below!