Pro Tips You have to start thinking about Western Australia. This is where the wild Australian coast really hits home. Beaches spanning 80 miles without a soul in sight, national parks where you can truly lose yourself to nature. Western Australia truly has to be the place to go if you’re not tourist inclined but still want to see what …

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How To Survive Living Abroad For Christmas Without Family

Spending Christmas without family is one of the hardest things about travelling and living abroad. The build up in December, the big day itself and the strange & empty time in between Christmas and New Year is usually a time when you’re surrounded by your closest family and friends. How do you cope with moving abroad and spending the festive …

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4 Things You’ll Definitely Need in Beijing

Travelling to a new city can be daunting, especially when you don’t speak the local language. There are always guidebooks giving tips and hints about the most famous attractions, where to find the best food and which hotels to stay in but sometimes all you need is insider info to get you started!