palm tree hanging over the yellow sand with blue sea in the background showing cuba is one of the best places to travel in january

The Best Places To Travel In January 2022

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Travel in January is always exciting because you can fight the post-Christmas blues by jumping on a plane! Find the best places to travel in January here and start the year off in style!

Whether you stick to the northern hemisphere and embrace the biting cold, or you flock down south and head to the beach, planning to travel in January is a fantastic New Year’s Resolution!

We’ve teamed up with some expert travel bloggers to find out the best places to travel to in January.

Don’t forget to check out their blogs too – they all have some excellent tips, advice and information about these incredible destinations.

a beach with yellow sand and blue water and a few people dotted around. one of best places to travel in January is Sri Lanka

what better way to start the year than relaxing on a beach like this?

The Best Places To Travel In January

Lots of people love the thrill of starting a new year with a huge change in their lives.

What better way to embrace your resolutions of getting out and seeing more than to find the best places to travel in January and book a flight?!

Stop putting it off and have a read of our top destination picks this year.

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If you know where you want to go, click on the title in the menu below and head straight there.

If you’re just curious as to where the best places to visit in January are, then start from the beginning and bookmark this page for when you get the urge to book your flights and accommodation!

You might just find your favourite new city or country.

Chiang Mai – Travel Breathe Repeat

Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. With beautiful temples and delicious food pretty much around every corner, you could easily spend all your time in the city temple-hopping and eating.

We enjoyed a week in the city last January doing just that and, between the spicy food and the zen surroundings, were in a delightfully blissed out state the whole time.

Golden temple with blue sky in the background

The temples in Thailand are just so impressive.

We also spent a day at the incredible Elephant Nature Park, where we fed, bathed, and actually got close enough to touch(!) rescued elephants. If you’re an elephant lover, Chiang Mai’s proximity to the park is reason enough to visit.

Click here to book your ethical elephant visit!

Chiang Mai is quite popular with digital nomad types. It offers great value for money: accommodation standards are excellent, Wi-Fi is top notch, and workspaces are plentiful and full of other travellers.

Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s best places to travel in January. The heat is bearable, with highs only in the low 30s C (high 80s F). But most importantly (for anyone who wants to breathe easily), the burning season won’t have started yet (it typically starts in February and gets worse in March).

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Where To Stay in Chiang Mai

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Baan Klang Vieng

Located in the city centre:

  • Free WiFi
  • Bicycle rental available
  • Shared kitchen
  • Massage services available

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A year round tropical destination, Cuba is somewhere to seriously consider visiting soon. January brings an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius – perfect for sipping Mojitos and smoking your freshly rolled cigars on the beach!

It’s also the dry season which means you won’t get caught in any tropical storms so water sports are definitely a must!

Street with old-fashioned car

Not many people have travelled to Cuba so get there before it gets too touristy!

January does fall in Cuba’s high season but unlike many other destinations, it is the tourists that bring a certain type of buzz to the country. There is a feeling of excitement in the air as everyone enjoys the energy bouncing off each other!

Ride in a classic car, eat gorgeous and cheap street food, wander around the city markets and of course, drink rum on the pristine beaches!

Where To Stay in Cuba

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Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca

Located in Holguín:

  • All Inclusive
  • Beachfront
  • Swim-up bar
  • Spa services available

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Stuck for things to do in Cuba? Book your tours online ahead of time here for Havana and here for Varadero so you can relax!

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Malta – A World to Travel

If I had to pick a way of uncovering all the beauty of Mediterranean islands, whether they are the Balearic islands, Greek islands or others, it needs to be avoiding the high seasons.

As they get really crowded from late-spring to early-autumn, winter is usually the best season of the year to uncover all they have to offer enjoying cheaper prices, welcoming locals not sick of tourists and overall pretty nice weather.

High street in the evening

Malta is such a cute European country!

A few years ago, during winter, I travelled around the Maltese islands for a few days. I won’t lie. Weather could have been better – as there was daily storms and strong wind – but nonetheless, I really enjoyed it and the weather made me feel so alive!

Check the best prices for holiday tours in Malta and grab a great deal!

Once the Christmas holidays are over, the main avenues in La Valletta are less crowded, but still really picturesque and Instagrammable if that’s even a thing.

You can’t go wrong with this extremely affordable destination in winter, trust me! Malta truly is one of the best places to travel in January, with its quieter vibe and relatively mild temperatures.

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Where To Stay in Malta

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Buccaneers Boutique Guest House

Located in St. Paul’s Bay:

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor pool
  • Airport shuttle available
  • Terrace area

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Koh Phi Phi – The Opposite Travellers

Looking for a heavenly escape to treat those January blues?

Thailand is absolute paradise at this time of year. Koh Phi Phi in particular is an island that really shines above the rest in January. At this time, the sunshine hours are long and the temperatures are pleasantly hot.

The emerald waters are also wonderfully calm in January, which means that you are in for some incredible snorkelling and diving experiences. The nightlife in Koh Phi Phi is also amazing at this time of the year.

Small wooden boats with scarves tied to them waiting in the clear blue/green water

You can’t visit a Thai island and not take a little boat trip!

Just at the start of the peak season and right after the chaos of the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations have subsided the island is buzzing, but not annoyingly overcrowded.

January is also a great time to take in all of the beautiful scenery of Koh Phi Phi. Click here to browse the best tours on the Phi Phi Islands!

You will enjoy uninterrupted views of the scenic beaches, never-ending aquamarine sea, and the impressive limestone karsts as January marks the start of the dry season. Koh Phi Phi conveniently misses the wetter conditions that other islands like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan experience at this time of year.

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Where To Stay in Koh Phi Phi

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Buccaneers Boutique Guest House

Located Loh Dalum Bay:

  • Beachfront
  • Free WiFi
  • Air con rooms
  • Private bathrooms

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The north may still have lower temperatures than you’d expect for a country in Southeast Asia, but Vietnam is still one of the best places to travel in January. Hanoi is cool and has the perfect weather for exploring a city on foot. Take a light raincoat just in case but remember that the average temperature is 17 degrees!

Travel further south and follow the sun to Nha Trang, Dalat, Ho Chi Minh and Phu Quoc. It won’t be too busy in January either as most tourists tend to favour the summer months.

Vietnam has plenty to do on a budget too, so you can spend more time in the country and explore the different cities and regions.

Standing over a waterfall with rocks and cascading water

Exploring waterfalls in Vietnam is so much fun!

Go scuba diving, drink cheap beer and learn about the country’s fascinating history – all with the friendly locals!

If you have enough time, we recommend that you take a look at these tours to maximise your Vietnam experience!

Where To Stay in Vietnam

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OYO 447 Camellia

Located near to Nha Trang beach:

  • Massage services
  • Free WiFi
  • Shared lounge
  • Private bathrooms

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Mexico – German Backpacker

Mexico is a wonderful country to visit and it’s definitely one of the best places to travel in January!

Since it is winter, temperatures are not too hot, making it a perfect climate to travel the country.

This is also dry season, so you can expect to have no rain, but blue skies and lots of sunshine. Just make sure to take a light jacket if you make it further north (e.g. to Mexico City and beyond). It might cool down a bit in the evening.

Large grey pyramid monument

Mexico has so many awesome cultural monuments

Spend some time at the beaches of the Riviera Maya, visit Maya ruins and indigenous communities in the southern state of Chiapas and get to know the Mexican culture in Mexico City.

Mexico is huge, diverse and a wonderful place to explore. You certainly won’t get bored! Click here to explore the different tours you can experience and book before they fill up!

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Where To Stay in Mexico

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Cabañas Kin Balam Palenque

Located in Palenque:

  • Swimming pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Shared kitchen
  • Private bathrooms

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Visiting Australia at any time of the year is going to guarantee you some sort of good climate, atmosphere and adventure.

Starting off the New Year with a bang in Sydney is one of the best ways to do it! January falls in Australia’s summer, and brings average temperatures of around 26 degrees Celsius.

Don’t be completely fooled – that’s an average so do be prepared for days of 40 degrees! Luckily, Sydney has some amazing beaches so you’ll be able to join in the locals with their surfing!

The Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbous

It really is as impressive in real life as in the magazines!

Take part in January’s Australia Day celebrations – Australians are world renowned for throwing a good party! Enjoy a barbecue on the beach, go wine tasting or even be brave and climb the iconic Harbour Bridge.

A big city like Sydney can be quite daunting if you haven’t got anything planned. Take a look at these tours to give you an idea of the fun things the city has to offer!

Where To Stay in Sydney

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Railway Square YHA

Located next to Sydney Central Station:

  • BBQ facilities
  • Regular social activities/events
  • Shared kitchen
  • Free WiFi

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Sri Lanka – Adventure Travel Family

With stretches of golden sands, emerald-green tea plantations and ancient fortresses to explore, Sri Lanka is the perfect sunshine getaway for those who want a blend of adventure travel and holiday relaxation.

Hop on a boat for a whale watching trip and spot pods of dolphins, pilot whales and even the great blue whale. Jump in a jeep and head out on safari to find the elusive leopard. See crocs in their native habitat and see brightly coloured peacocks strutting in the wild.

Click here to book your safari tour now.

Green bushes in front on the beach

Sri Lanka is just beautiful. Here’s a perfect beach and just behind is a safari park full of incredible animals!

Spend the day with rescued elephants, try your hand at paddle boarding or put on a chef’s hat for a typical Sri Lankan cookery lesson. Finally take a train through vivid tea plantations and explore the ancient and colonial architecture of the tropical island.

Sri Lanka is one of the best places to travel in January. The south coast and its beaches are beautifully sunny, whilst the mountains are cool enough to hike without stopping every 5 minutes for a break!

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Where To Stay in Sri Lanka

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Cinnamon Wild Yala

Located 5 minutes from Yala National Park:

  • Garden area
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Spa and massage services
  • Free WiFi

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Madrid – The World Was Here First

If you’re looking for a great place to spend January in Europe, then you can’t go wrong with Madrid.

While Spain itself is known for its perennial warm and sunny weather, Madrid can get pretty chilly compared to the south of the country, however, this also means that crowds in the Spanish capital are at their fewest.

Madrid is an unmissable addition to any trip to Spain and heading there in January is always a good idea.

While it can get cold in Madrid in January, the lack of tourist crowds and the generally sunny weather make it an appealing month to visit — especially if you want to experience the city like a local.

It’s so good to see blue skies in January in Madrid!

Accommodation prices will likely be cheaper than in the high season months and you won’t have to contend with massive queues and crowds at popular sites.

If you want to escape the winter chill, you can pop into any one of Madrid’s wonderful art museums like the world-famous Prado, the Reina Sofia, or the Thyssen Museum.

Conversely, you can also escape the cold by going on a tapas crawl through the La Latina or Lavapiés neighbourhoods, both famous for their traditional bars and great atmospheres.

If you also want an iconic Madrid experience, you cannot go wrong with munching on delicious churros and chocolate at Chocolotería San Gines. While there is indoor seating here, their outdoor area is equipped with heat lamps and blankets to ensure that you stay toasty warm.

If you would rather stay inside while eating, you also could head to one of Madrid’s many local markets, where you can shop for and dine on local cuisine direct from the producer. While the Mercado de San Miguel is certainly the most popular in the city, I would personally recommend heading to the more local Mercado Antón Martín in the Lavapiés neighbourhood.

Regardless of what you choose to do, visiting Madrid in January is always a good idea.

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Where To Stay in Madrid

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Hostal Adis

Located in the city centre:

  • Private bathroom with bathtub
  • Free toiletries
  • 24 hour front desk
  • Free WiFi

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Rome – Mama Loves Rome

Rome is a fantastic destination for a city break in January.

At this time, the city experiences chilly weather and short daylight hours however, braving the lower temperatures comes with a reward.  From the 7th of January, when the festivities officially end, Rome enters its brief low tourism season and you can see many of the city’s main attractions without the otherwise ubiquitous long lines!

There is plenty to do in Rome in January. If this is your first time in the city, you can explore the main city’s landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon and Vatican city and the central hours of the day are usually mild enough to allow leisurely strolls around Rome’s famous piazzas.

Click here to grab your skip-the-line tickets to Rome’s main attractions.

An Italian church with granite columns

Rome is just such a magical city

This is also a great time to experience Rome’s most traditional food. Rome’s dishes are warming and filling and locals flock to the city’s many wine bars for an indulgent treat.

Another great reason to go to Rome in January is shopping!  Sales start on the 6th of the month and are the best opportunity to load up on Italian designer clothes and high street finds. Head to the city centre and the area of Monti for the best shops and atmosphere!

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Where To Stay in Rome

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Please Rome – Guest House

Located close to Baldo degli Ubaldi Metro Station:

  • Terrace
  • Shared kitchen
  • Airport shuttle available
  • Free WiFi

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Bazaruto, Mozambique – The Travelling Stomach

Stretching along the south-eastern coast of Africa, Mozambique’s crystal blue waters are some of the best you can find throughout the Indian Ocean, challenging even the likes of Mauritius and the Seychelles as a go to luxury beach destination.

Bazaruto Archipelago, just off of Vilanculos, is the ultimate destination for a luxury beachside retreat, offering fantastic diving and some of the best beaches in the world.

Made up of six islands, with Bazaruto itself and Benguerra being the two largest, the archipelago is a boat or helicopter ride away from Vilanculos and if you get the chance to see it from the air, it’s certainly a sight you’ll never forget!

drone shot of a woman standing on the sand with small cliff behind and shalow waters surrounding her

Imagine having this to yourself!

A perfect escape in January when the days are filled with sunshine and fantastic warm weather, and for those who fancy a go at game fishing, this is when the big marlin come out to play.

A number of stunning boutique resorts dot the shoreline, fronting out to the turquoise waters with jaw dropping sunsets every evening. Stay at Azura Benguerra in deluxe bungalows and soak up the sun by your private pool while being tended to by your own private butler.

Spend your days out climbing high up the sandy dunes, enjoying a secluded picnic on the beach or relaxing upon a traditional dhow boat with a cold one whilst the sun goes down. For the more adventurous, you can head out on a boat to dive the majestic 2-mile reef, one of the area’s most beautiful dive sites!

Where To Stay in Bazaruto

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort

Located in the south of Bazaruto:

  • All inclusive
  • Private beach area
  • Spa and massage services
  • Tennis court

Book your room now

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Big Sky, Montana – Bring The Kids

If you’re looking for a perfect winter getaway, look no farther than Big Sky in Montana. This small mountain town packs a big punch, with one of the largest ski areas in the United States, as well as some great other winter activities (while still maintaining its small-town feel).  

The skiing terrain at Big Sky is incredible, with some of the best expert terrain in the world, but also a huge portion of the resort is great for beginner and intermediate skiers as well. Head up the tram to Lone Mountain for some incredibly steep skiing. The resort is almost never crowded and it’s likely that you’ll never wait in a lift line more than a few minutes.  

Snowy hill with tall snow covered trees and two skiiers

look at that pristine snow!

If you want a really unique experience, head one hour south to Yellowstone National Park for a snowcat tour. Seeing the park in the winter is an absolutely magical experience and is unlike anything you’ll see in the summer. Everything is covered in snow, and getting to see the geothermal geysers and hot spots, as well as all the animals in winter is a once in a lifetime experience. 

While you’re there, I’d also recommend a sleigh ride, snowshoeing, or if you’re looking for a complete experience, a 4-day excursion into Grand Teton and Yellowstone!

Click here for more information on tours in Yellowstone!

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Where To Stay in Big Sky

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Residence Inn By Marriott, Big Sky

Located in Big Sky:

  • Breakfast included
  • Hot tub/jacuzzi
  • Swimming pool
  • Mountain views

Book your room now

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Marrakech – Around The World In 24 Hours

Marrakech, Morocco is a wonderful city to visit any time of year. But it’s especially fantastic in January. The weather is perfect, not too hot and not too cold, especially for people used to northern winters.

Also in January the sun will set at the perfect time to settle in for happy hour at one of the bars above the legendary square Jemaa el-Fnaa and watch the sunset.

Red and orange sunset looking over the darkened city of Marrakeh with one tower visible in the background

Rooftop sunsets are my favourite

Many Marrakech locals will say that the most beautiful place in the city is the Jardin Majorelle. This blue and yellow stunner was the private garden of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. After his death, the gardens and museum were opened to the public in order to celebrate Saint Laurent’s love of Morocco. The many cacti in the gardens will be stunning in January.

Another great place to visit any time of year is the souks of Marrakech. You can buy anything here from lamps to teapots to carpets to shoes. But you might want to hire a reputable guide to take you around the souks because some of the stalls are more reliable than others.

And if you didn’t pick up a present back home for anyone in the December holiday season, no one will mind a belated January present if it comes from the markets of Marrakech!

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Where To Stay in Marrakech

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Riad Dar Aby

Located in central Marrakech:

  • Breakfast included
  • Spa/massage services
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Free WiFi

Book your room now

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Isla Holbox – Getting Stamped

In our opinion, January is the best time to visit the tropics – the perfect escape to warmer weather in the new year!

If you’re looking for a unique place to go to, look no further than Isla Holbox, otherwise known as Mexico’s best-kept secret. Because it’s still so under the radar, it’s a perfect Mexico island getaway.

Isla Holbox is what we like to call an off the beaten path destination, as there are no cars or paved roads, just miles and miles of pristine undeveloped beaches. There is a small town full of restaurants and hotels for visitors that has the perfect laidback vibe to it.

Beach path with golf buggies on the right

This is pretty much what paradise looks like…

The Carribean waters surrounding Holbox serve up a list of things to do while in town. A few of our favourites are walking the sandbar beach at Las Nubes, kite surfing on the northern shores and exploring and taking a dip in the Yalahau Cenote.

After a day on the water, make your way back into town and check out the unique street art that includes murals, monuments, and artistic creations. Grab a bite to eat anywhere in town and savour the local cuisine, which is some of the best Mexican food you’ll have!

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Where To Stay in Isla Holbox

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Balam Hostal

Located near the beach:

  • Private bathroom
  • Shared kitchen
  • Close to the beach
  • Free WiFi

Book your room now

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Seville, Spain – The World Is My Playground

Seville is one of the prettiest cities in Spain, and the capital of Andalusia community in Southern Spain.

January is a perfect time to visit, as temperatures are mild and hover around 12 to 15°C. Most days are sunny, which makes Seville perfect for a getaway. Also, the numerous palm trees around the city make you feel like you’re in a tropical destination!

The city has an interesting Moorish history and became very popular in the 16th century when it became the “Gateway to the Indies”, the Spanish trading monopoly with Latin America and the only trading port with the Indies for more than 200 years.

Seville The World Is My Playground

such an underrated part of Spain!

The most important site to visit is the Seville Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world. It’s really quite spectacularly built, using both Gothic and Renaissance styles. Inside the Cathedral, you’ll find the Tomb of Christopher Colombus.

Click here to buy your tickets to a Cathedral tour, or if you’d prefer to visit without a guide, click here to buy your skip-the-line tickets.

The Cathedral, along with the Royal Alcazar Palace and the Archivo de Indias, makes up the monumental complex in the city center that’s recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend some time roaming the garden outside the Cathedral, and climbing the Giralda Bell Tower for amazing views of the city.

Another unmissable attraction in the city is Plaza de Espana, which has practically become synonymous with the city itself. The semi-circular plaza stands in front of a beautiful curved palace and makes for a nice stroll and photo opportunity.

Take a break from tourist things and try various tapas at bars around the city, and time permitting, a flamenco show.

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Where To Stay in Seville

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Hotel Patio de las Cruces

Located in Old Town:

  • Private bathroom
  • Patio area
  • Airport shuttle available
  • Free WiFi

Book your room now

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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – Africa Wanderlust

Victoria Falls is located in the beautiful Victoria Falls national park in Zimbabwe and Mosi-Oa-Tunya national park in Zambia.

January is indeed the best month to visit Victoria Falls especially if you are escaping the winter storms in the U.S.

There are plenty things to do in Zimbabwe from adventures like hiking, waterfall tour, and white water rafting to more relaxing activities like fishing, admiring the rich artworks, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Huge waterfall with greenry around the sides and a rainbow bouncing off the spray

Zimbabwe is absolutely beautiful!

January is the time of the year with hot summer weather, and the season runs from September to April. During this period, there is plenty of sunshine, which lasts for most hours of the day.

The Victoria Falls temperature in January can range from a low of 64 °C (18 °C) and a high of 86 °C (30 °C).

While in Victoria Falls, you should visit the famous waterfall. It has become a UNESCO heritage site, and millions of visitors come to town to view this breathtaking waterfall. You can even view it from the air – click here to find out more information!

Your trip to Africa wouldn’t be complete without an African safari either. so, you should also book yourself onto on a safari to view the big five wildlife.  Although the animals are not as wild and big as you would see South Africa, you will still have a thrilling experience.

The adrenaline junkies can also go bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge. Click here to find out more.

When next you think of travelling somewhere in January, you should think of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. You will be sure to have a blast!

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Where To Stay in Victoria Falls

Click here to check prices and room availability!

Shearwater’s Explorers Village

Located 400m from Victoria Falls:

  • Garden and terrace area
  • On-site restaurant
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Spa and massage services available

Book your room now

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Where are you travelling to this January? What other destinations would you class as the best places to travel in January? Are there any other amazing destinations you’d recommend at this time of year? Let us know in the comments below!

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