Finding the best place to stay in Malta is only difficult because of how fantastic this small island is all over. Let us help you find where to stay in Malta that completely suits your individual needs!

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As always I’m going to get right into the thick of it and recommend my personal favourite place to stay in Malta straight off the bat – Mellieha.

So jump straight into looking at accommodation for Mellieha or have a look at my top picks for budget accommodation, holiday apartments, and luxury options.

I will go into more detail below but for the more impatient viewers (which I am usually a part of) here is a quick summary as to why Mellieha is the place to be.

  • Access to the best beaches in Malta.
  • Complete variety of accommodations in all price ranges.
  • Less touristy in the centre.
  • Easy access to the islands.
  • Great for families
Where To Stay In Malta - All Places Visited and Reviewed!

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Ahh, Malta. The picturesque gem of an island, isolated on all sides by the glorious Mediterranean sea. Its mix of beauty and affordability acts as a deserved beacon to all holidaymakers, backpackers, tan fiends, and thrill-seekers the world over.

Rightfully so, you’ve decided Malta is the place for you to explore/relax. Surely finding out where to stay in Malta will be an easy task considering the island is so small.

Alas! This is not the case.

Fortunately, I can guide you through each and every best place to stay in Malta and break down each one for your exact needs. So, have a look at the list below, choose which category most represents you, and have a read. The links will ping you down to more information about each of the locations!

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You just want to put down your bag, and head out onto the streets, and unbeaten paths. Then I recommend St Julians, Sliema or Gozo. All 3 have fantastic budget accommodation options. St Julians is probably in the best location as it is very central on the island.

Sliema is close to Valletta without the increase in costs and Gozo is Gozo, a small island with incredible natural beauty surrounded by beautiful beaches. It’s a backpacker’s dream.

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Beach Lounger

This is an easy one! Mellieha has the best access to the country’s best sandy beaches. If you want to lounge and soak in the rays then Melliieha is the best place to stay in Malta.

However! Gozo has some very intriguing options if you would like your stay to be a little more excluded and tucked away.


I reckon you’re going to get sick of me saying it but Mellieha is another fantastic option for couples. With fantastic restaurants, incredible views, soft sandy beaches and a brilliant range of accommodations, it’s a definite consideration.

However, Birgu has to be the most quintessential romantic place to stay in Malta. Its winding alleys, beautiful scenery, and boutique feel about it ooze class and romance. If you’re less of a beachgoer, then Birgu is the place to be.

Party Animal

Drop the bags, and hit the town. You’re in luck because Malta is actually reasonably affordable when it comes to going out and having a good time. St Julians is the undisputed king of nightlife in Malta and is the best place to stay in Malta if that’s your go-to activity.

Sliema is another good option if you’re struggling to find reasonable accommodation in St Julian’s, whilst Valletta also offers a good variety, albeit with slightly higher accommodation prices.


If you are bringing along the mini yous then I highly recommend Mellieha and St Paul’s Bay. Any of these options will have plenty of things to do with the kids whilst having fantastic access to other parts of the island.

I do recommend hiring a vehicle if you are coming to Malta with the family as this may actually work out cheaper than all of you buying individual tickets for public transport. It’s also much easier and who needs the hassle?

Thrill Seeker

Diving is going to be the go-to thrill-seeking activity whilst in Malta and these sites tend to be in the north of the island. That means Mellieha and Gozo are great spots to minimize travel.

The best watersports are going to be at the best beaches and these are also in the north so these recommendations stay the same. It is said that there are some decent diving schools in Sliema so if there are other activities that are drawing you south then Sliema could be a decent compromise.

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Malta can be a tad verticle in some places so if you are looking for a little bit of flatter ground then I recommend Sliema or Mellieha Bay. Sliema has a fantastic walk along the sea and Mellieha bay has restaurants and great access to one of the best beaches in Malta.

DO NOT accidentally get accommodation in Mellieha itself as this is one of the most difficult towns to traverse. Remember that public transport in Malta is very accessible and very affordable.

Where To Stay In Malta 2022

Below you will find all of the best places to stay in Malta with a little bit of information in regard to each location. You will find also find the best accommodation, and the pros and cons of each location.

Remember, if you think of any destination I have missed out on, let me know in the comments section below and I will be sure to check it out and see if it can be added to the top places to stay in Malta.

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Sliema is on the east coast of Malta, south of St Julian’s and north of the capital Valletta. This means that it is very well situated on the island for accessing various attractions. 

It is one of the busiest areas in Malta, second only to Valletta. This is largely due to the explosion of commercial business here. This, however, means that you will find the best shopping and some of the most diverse range of restaurants anywhere on the island.

Sliema is one of those places that does everything quite well but nothing the best (except shopping). The nightlife is good, the accommodation is reasonably priced, and the views are spectacular. One thing Sliema does have is good transport links across the island, including ferries and bus routes.

I personally would recommend Sliema if you are not much of a beachgoer and you want a well-rounded Maltese experience with very good transport links to the rest of the island.


  • Best shopping
  • Very good transport
  • Good views
  • Diverse range of accommodation


  • No beaches
  • Expensive parking

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The marina at Sliema, one of the best places to stay in Malta
As you can see – Sliema is very commercial

Hostel Accommodation – Two Pillows Boutique Hostel 

I very rarely feature something this good in the budget section of the accommodation but Two Pillows Boutique is an exception. Here you get a choice between dorm rooms (which are insanely nice) or private rooms.

As with all good hostels, there is a fantastic communal area and cooking facilities. If you’re looking for an affordable hostel in Sliema then click through and have a look at the pictures and facilities in more detail. It really is a stunner.

Check Out The Reviews Of Two Pillows Boutique Hostel Here

Hotel Accommodation – Cozy Rooms

Cozy Rooms Hotel is an absolute gem of a hotel in Sliema. It has everything you would expect and more. The ferry port is right next door and the rooms are to die for.

As the price is higher than a hostel, I highly recommend this hotel for couples or groups. Check it out and you will not be disappointed.

Check Out The Reviews Of Cozy Rooms Hotel Here

Apartment Accommodation – Traditional Maltese Townhouse

I’m not going to list everything this apartment has included as you can click through and have a look but needless to say it has everything.

If you want a home away from home then this is it, with the added benefit of an authentic Maltese experience. Have a look!

Check Out The Reviews Of This Maltese Townhouse Here

St. Julians

St Julian’s is right next to Sliema but has a few interesting and key differences. Right bang in the middle of St Julian’s is Paceville, the heart of all nightlife in Malta. This has turned St. Julian’s into the defacto younger travellers’ hotspot. This is the best place to stay in Malta for nightlife, period.

It has access to the beach at St George’s Bay (artificial but very good). When you need to soak up a few rays to cure your hangover, this is the place to go to recharge.

As St. Julian’s is geared towards the younger crowd, there are plenty of good hostels and cheaper hotels on offer. However, the 10km promenade still boasts some of the country’s most luxurious hotels and apartments so there is something for everyone.

If you are looking for a fun, loud, and fast-paced stay in Malta then I highly recommend St. Julian’s. If you are looking for something more relaxing then there are better areas to plan your stay.


  • Best for nightlife
  • Good for backpackers
  • Good transport links
  • Very good variety of accommodation


  • Quieter areas available
  • Beach may get crowded

The marina at St. Julians bay with a tall skyscraper in the skyline
Even the skyline makes me want to crack open a beer

Hostel Accommodation – Marco Polo Party Hostel

The Marco Polo Party Hostel says it all in the name. Choose between a private room or a dorm room and forget about the rest. You don’t even have to leave the hostel as they have an onsite bar and BBQ facilities.

When you do manage to leave then this is at the heart of the action and you’re going to have a good time. Check it out now!

Check Out The Reviews Of The Marco Polo Party Hostel Here

Hotel Accommodation – Hotel Valentina

Hotel Valentina is the epitome of style. You only have to click through and look at the images to see that.

If you stay here you are far enough away from the bars to have a perfectly relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep but not too far away to not be able to walk home. It’s the perfect balance in St. Julian’s.

Check Out The Reviews Of Hotel Valentina Here

Apartment Accommodation – Spinola Park – The Loft

As with all of our apartment recommendations, The Loft comes with everything you will need to have your very own home away from home.

However, The Loft is also part of a complex that has its very own restaurant for those evenings when cooking doesn’t seem like you’re kind of night. Take a look now!

Check Out The Reviews Of The Loft Here


Valletta is the best place to stay in Malta for the avid sightseer or history buff. No joke, the history here is just phenomenal and the views have world-beating quality. 

Although it is the capital, Valletta is so much smaller than you may have previously thought. So small in fact, it is the smallest capital in all of Europe!

The grand harbour at Valletta, one of the most beautiful places to stay in Malta
A dense collection of beautiful architecture

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This does not mean that there is nothing to do, however. You can expect phenomenal accommodation and some of the best restaurants in all of Malta right at your doorstep. That is – if you can afford the accommodation!

As you can imagine, this is not really the place for people who are looking for a bargain. You can stay in neighbouring towns for significantly less and get to Valletta exceptionally easily. To put it in perspective, we stayed up in Mellieha which is one of the furthest places away from Valletta and the bus was still only an hour-long journey costing €2.

If you do choose Valletta, you will have fantastic access across the harbour to the 3 cities (Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua) via ferry, which I cannot recommend enough.

Check Availability For Either A Day Or Night Tour Now!


  • The best sightseeing in all of Malta
  • World-beating views in all directions
  • Fantastic access to well-known locations
  • Simply stunning


  • Very expensive accommodation
  • Some distance from the beach

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Hotel Accommodation #1  – Pjazza Merkanti

I’ve removed the hostel recommendations as I really do not recommend trying for a hostel in Valletta – there are just better places to find those.

However, this does mean I get to include 2 of the best hotels in Valletta, the first being Pjazza Merkanti. Stylish, clean, and in the heart of the city, if you are looking for accommodation that ticks every box then look no further. Take a look and you will not be disappointed.

Check Out The Reviews Of Pjazza Merkanti Here

Hotel Accommodation #2 – The Barrister Hotel

The Barrister Hotel has an option for a private rooftop terrace with a hot tub with views across Valletta and the sea. I’m going to leave it at that!

Take a look and see if you can justify it. You won’t regret it.

Check Out The Reviews Of The Barrister Hotel Here

Guest House Accommodation – Valletta Lucente

If you are looking for a little bit more of a homely feel then take a look at Valletta Lucente. It takes away that industry-standard hotel feeling and replaces it with a gorgeous, almost royal, decor.

My description will not do it justice so take a look at the images and reviews to see for yourself.

Check Out The Reviews Of Valletta Lucente Here


This is exactly where we are staying for our time in Malta. This may mean I am a little biased but I genuinely believe Mellieha is the best place to stay in Malta. As you have probably seen at the top of the post, I have already given it this coveted position but here is where I can explain why.

On a map, it may seem a little far from the historical and sightseeing hotspots on the island, but as a matter of fact, it is right bang in the middle.

The Mellieha parish church at mid day
The second picture of the temple…I like the temple ok!

Whilst in Malta, you will definitely want to gaze at the exceptional beauty of Valetta and the 3 Cities. But you will also want to visit the islands of Gozo and Comino to experience a little bit of peace and tranquillity.

Not only that, you may want to spend the day by one of Malta’s fantastic beaches, which Mellieha is home to and very close to the other best options.

Furthermore, it has a very good variety of hotels and apartments for anyone’s needs, be you a backpacker or a luxury craver. Some recommend hiring a car to really put the cherry on top of the Mellieha cake so take a look at hiring one here. Don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to drive – the bus routes are easily accessible and affordable.


  • Best all-round location
  • Best access to beaches
  • Accommodation for everyone
  • Good for diving


  • Very steep in places

Budget Accommodation – Cosy Home

I love a homestay as it gives you a little bit of home comfort when you’re away and Cosy Home does not disappoint.

This is a very well-kept and stylish home for you to enjoy Mellieha to its fullest, and in a fantastic location to access everything that you may need. Check it out here.

Check Out The Reviews Of This Cosy Home Here

Hotel Accommodation – Lure Hotel

I may have gone a little on the luxury side for my standard hotel accommodation but Lure really is a great place to stay so it wormed its way into my recommendations!

With great views, facilities, and breakfast included, Lure Hotel will definitely tick all the boxes.

Check Out The Reviews Of Lure Hotel Here

Apartment Accommodation – Shamrock Flats

If you want the complete independence of an apartment (unlike the homestay above) then check out Shamrock Flats. It can house the whole family and does it with considerable style.

Take a look at the pictures here or the reviews below.

Check Out The Reviews Of Shamrock Flats Here

The 3 Cities – Birgu (Vittoriosa), Senglea, and Cospicua

These have to be some of the 3 smallest cities in the world. We walked around them in about 2 hours! That’s all 3, not 2 hours in each city.

However, what they lack in size they more than make up for in stunning beauty. One second you can be walking along a stunning marina, and the next you can be winding through narrow alleys with imposing townhouses looming over you.

This may sound very much like Valletta but there is one key difference – there are much fewer people/tourists. If you get up reasonably early or walk the streets in the evening, you can be all alone to soak up the beauty in perfect peace.

Let’s also not forget that the ferry across is €2.80 for a return to Valletta and is exceptionally quick, so you aren’t stuck on one side of the Grand Harbour looking longingly across the water!

The Birgu Marina, one of the most romantic places to stay in Malta
The marina in Birgu is probably the most beautiful area to explore.

That being said, this is not the place for nightlife or the huge selection of restaurants you get elsewhere. Staying in the Three Cities will be an intimate affair and if that’s what you want it’s hard to beat anywhere in Malta. This is the best place to stay in Malta for couples seeking a little peace and quiet.


  • Central but less touristy
  • Very romantic
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Peaceful


  • Limited facilities

Disclaimer – It can be very difficult to find accommodation available in The Three Cities. The three following recommendations are fantastic but you need to get in there fast because they get booked up very quickly!

Birgu Accommodation – 16 Lettings 

16 Lettings is a 400-year-old Maltese holiday home and a work of art. It’s got 3 bedrooms so if you’re in a group then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Everything is within walking distance from the home (although what isn’t in these small cities?) and you can easily get to the ferry for Valletta. Have a look here or read the high reviews by clicking on the button below!

Check Out The Reviews Of 16 Lettings Here

Senglea Accommodation – Senglea Seafront Apartment

This seafront apartment offers incredible views and all of the amenities of a home. The best restaurants in Senglea are on your doorstep so you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand.

If you’re looking for a piece of home abroad then this is the place to book.

Check Out The Reviews Of Senglea Seafront Apartment Here

Cospicua Accommodation – Nelli’s B&B

This cosy little B&B comes with a brilliant continental breakfast and boasts incredibly high scores in the many reviews.

This is everything you would expect from a B&B in such a beautiful location.

Check Out The Reviews Of Nellie’s B&B Here

St. Paul’s Bay

In a sentence, St. Paul’s Bay is THE family location in all of Malta. As quite a modern area of Malta, I think a lot of the planning was specific to what families with children may need.

If this is you then I highly recommend that you seriously consider St. Paul’s bay as your choice for accommodation.

St Paul's Bay at night.
Good views but there is a man-made beach and rocky beach nearby.

However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t suited to anyone else. It has a fantastic mix of accommodation for all tourists and is in a very good location to be able to get to the north (great beaches and Gozo) and the south (Valletta and The Three Cities). This may actually be the place for you to get the most out of your stay in Malta.

St. Paul’s bay itself is quite a large area so make sure that you get a place down by the coast in Buggiba or Qawra which are small towns inside of St. Paul’s Bay. 


  • Best place for families
  • Good location
  • Good accommodation options


  • Not the best nightlife

Hotel Accommodation – Salini Resort

Salini Resort has everything, 3 pools, a bar, a restaurant, a spa, and a fitness centre to name a few. So whether you are with the kids (and need a break in the spa) or on your own, this is the hotel for you.

It is also nice not to have to worry about getting there from the airport with an airport shuttle arranged by the hotel. Check it out here.

Check Out The Reviews Of Salini Resort Here

Apartment Accommodation – Bugibba Sealine Apartment

This apartment offers a really stylish little home for the duration of your stay.

I particularly find it easier staying in an apartment when travelling with kids as it gives you much more room and familiar things to be able to help with looking after them. If that is also you, then take a look here.

Check Out The Reviews Of Bugibba Sealine Apartment Here

Comino Island

Comino Island is a must-visit whilst staying in Malta but what about staying on the island overnight? Well, it does not have many options for accommodation. You will not be spending much time trying to figure out where to stay and trying to save some money by shopping around.

Blue waters with sun chairs on the rocks at comino.
It gets very busy so get here nice and early!

There is a camping spot just above the Blue Lagoon (this is where the ferry service operates from) and there is a hotel very nearby as well. However, I couldn’t, for the life of me, find any availability at the Comino Hotel or a way to contact them for information. I highly recommend checking out the website but at the time of writing it was ‘coming soon’.

Your best bet is to spend the night camping at Tal Ful camping site. It is free and is close to shower facilities available at the Blue Lagoon.

Camping on Comino is a pretty wild experience and you will need to take plenty of water and nonperishables as you won’t be getting power. If you are thinking about camping at Tal Ful then make sure to check out our camping in Malta guide here.

But, if you take a little bit of cash then you will be able to buy water and food from the shops that are set up for the Blue Lagoon tourists each day. I don’t recommend staying on Comino for more than a couple of days unless you’re a hard-core camper.

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Definitely check out Saint Marija bay on one of the days as it is much more tranquil and peaceful than the Blue Lagoon (party central)! However, if you want to sunbathe and drink all day, then Blue Lagoon is the ultimate bet.


  • Extremely peaceful in the mornings and evenings
  • First access to the Blue Lagoon before the tourists come in
  • Absolutely gorgeous island experience


  • Limited accommodation options


We personally fell in love with Gozo in just the 3 days we were there. It has changed my mind about where the most romantic place to visit in Malta really is.

A small sandy beach in Gozo, one of the best places to stay in Malta
San Blas Beach. It was deserted when we got there and is literally a paradise.

The Three Cities certainly have a good case but I don’t think they can compete with the small winding streets and incredible local restaurants dotted throughout the island.

However, it’s not just for couples seeking some quintessential Mediterranean romance. Gozo is definitely the heart of diving in Malta and is rated one of the best diving locations on the planet. There are absolutely no questions whatsoever that if you are planning to dive in Malta then stay in Gozo.

I don’t recommend staying in Victoria as the prices are a little higher than the rest of the island and Gozo is so small that where you stay is of little importance, so you may as well get somewhere a little cheaper.

HIRE A CAR. I cannot stress this enough. It’s one of the cheapest places I have ever seen to hire a car and it will literally make your stay so much better. Yes, there are buses on the island but they don’t go everywhere and there are some incredible little secrets that Gozo is hiding that you’ll definitely want to check out.

I would usually now say that if you don’t want to hire then you could get taxis everywhere but there is a significant issue with this. Many of the smaller more secluded spots in Gozo have no signal so you would have no way of contacting a taxi for the return journey.

We got a car for 3 days and it cost us €60. We used this local company and I cannot recommend them enough. They were a little unorthodox in their approach but extremely friendly and efficient.

If you’d prefer to book online before your trip starts, then you can do that here.

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  • Small but lots of things to do
  • Great for couples
  • Best diving sites in Europe
  • Cheap car hire


  • Road conditions are not great

Hotel Accommodation – Kempinski Hotel

Gozo is already quiet, but imagine then shutting yourself inside a glorious hotel complex with a beautiful outdoor pool, 2 indoor pools, a spa, a gym, and an award-winning restaurant.

This is luxury personified. There is no such thing as a bad location in Gozo so you are close to everything, especially with a car. If you book the Kempinski then you’re definitely taking the stress out of your life.

Check Out The Reviews Of The Kempinski Here

Villa Accommodation – Casa Bella

If there’s a group of you coming over to Gozo (8 in this case) then I always recommend getting a villa or something similar. It works out around the same price and is even cheaper in some cases but you get a fantastic home all to yourself and usually some serious luxury.

This is the case with Casa Bella. You’ll be surprised at the cost when you start to split the money 8 ways and Case Bella is literally perfect. Just check it out and see for yourself.

Check Out The Reviews Of Casa Bella Here

Boutique Accommodation – Bliss Boutique Living

Boutique spaces are booming and for good reason. People are tired of going to huge chain hotels with hundreds of other people. Bliss Boutique is a small hotel with only 12 rooms.

This means that the rooftop pool is always going to be quiet and peaceful. The rooms are simple but do everything perfectly. If you want a peaceful stay in Gozo at an affordable price then check out Bliss Boutique.

Check Out The Reviews Of Bliss Boutique Living Here

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Il-Gżira and Msida

I’ve put these two together as they are very similar and literally a 5-minute walk between the two. They are sandwiched between Valetta and Sliema, both of which you can easily access by walking or a short bus journey. This means that you are at the heart of the action but will probably pay less for your accommodation. 

This slightly cheaper accommodation option is very good for backpackers but the range of other places to stay is very good.

I told you it was pretty.

The architecture is beautiful, as always, and the choice of restaurants and walks is excellent. I highly recommend Il-Gżira and Msida for people who want to be close to the capital and the action who are trying to save a few pennies on the way. 

There are no beaches here but there are a few exceptional pools where you can pay to have access on the marina front which are a very good alternative.


  • Authentic Maltese architecture
  • Very pretty marina
  • Good choice of accommodation
  • Very close to the action


  • No beaches

Hostel Accommodation – NSTS Campus

NSTS campus is pretty much exactly what you would expect a hostel to be, affordable and functional. Breakfast is included, you have a variety of rooms to choose from and you have a really nice pool to chill and meet new people.

Don’t expect luxury but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Check it out here.

Check Out The Reviews Of NSTS Campus Here

Apartment Accommodation – Stanislaus Apartment

I personally always try and get an apartment as it just makes everything easier and most of the time it isn’t much more expensive than a hotel.

Stanislaus Apartment is a very good example of what a holiday apartment should be. Great location, a secluded (shared) rooftop pool, and a modern and clean interior. Have a look at the location and images here and see for yourself.

Check Out The Reviews Of Stanislaus Apartment Here


The south of Malta is the least touristy and most untouched. Why, you ask? Well, tourist areas tend to be near the coastline, the culture, and the beaches and Malta is no exception. The further south (and west) you go, the more inhospitable the coastline becomes so this tends to put people off. 

The marina at Marsaskala.
Very picturesque and peaceful

This has created a much quieter and more peaceful Maltese experience coupled with some of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes that Malta has to offer. Plus, as Malta is so small, you can get to anywhere on the island just fine from anywhere you are staying.

Marsaskala itself is a very picturesque fishing village with a beautiful promenade walk and some very nice restaurants. I highly recommend Marsaskala for travellers who are seeking some peace and quiet that the tranquillity of the south provides.

If you decide to come down to the south, then I recommend hiring a vehicle for your trip. Public transport is good but the buses are a little less frequent down here and a car would really give you the freedom that Malta deserves. 


  • Quiet
  • Picturesque
  • Well priced accommodation
  • Good restaurants


  • Far from the action

Hotel Accommodation – Cerviola Hotel

Cerviola Hotel is a 3-star hotel that has a rooftop pool and a buffet breakfast. It’s definitely what you expect from a 3-star hotel, comfort, good facilities, and a decent price.

Have a look at the location and prices here.

Check Out The Reviews Of Cerviola Hotel Here

Apartment Accommodation – Interlace Apartment

This gorgeous apartment sleeps 6 people, so if you’re coming in a group then I highly recommend it. It usually comes out cheaper than a hotel and you have much more facilities at your disposal.

It also has a shockingly high review rating on so definitely check it out.

Check Out The Reviews Of Interlace Apartment Here

Boutique Accommodation – TJ Boutique

A boutique hotel is basically a large chain hotel shrunk down into a much more personal and quieter experience. I love this idea and TJ Boutique does this very well.

You’ll be served a continental breakfast in the cosy dining area and you will get to know the staff in a friendly and closer manner. If this is your thing then check it out here.

Check Out The Reviews Of TJ Boutique Here


Just like Marsakala above, Marsaxlokk is on the quieter and more peaceful south coast of Malta. Comparing the two, Marsakala is a nicer-looking and more picturesque town. However, Marsaxlokk is famous for its Sunday fish market, which is quite a lot of fun.

Fish and prawns being sold at market
If you like fish then there isn’t a better place

If you have your own kitchen then buying some freshly caught fish and cooking up a dish is a great option here in Marsaxlokk. If you don’t decide to go for some apartment accommodation then one of the many restaurants in town will purchase fresh fish daily and have them ready to cook them up.

I recommend Marsaskala over Marsaxlokk for most things but Marsaxlokk is definitely a beautiful little fishing village where you can come to relax and unwind, watching the boats come in and out of the bay.

Marsaxlokk is the home of the guest house in Malta so check out some of my top recommendations below!


  • Quiet
  • Picturesque
  • Well price accommodation
  • Good restaurants


  • Far from the action
  • A little too commercial

Guesthouse #1 – South Wind Guesthouse

Beautifully decorated rooms with a desk, so great if you’re coming to work remotely. A continental breakfast is served daily in a cosy dining area.

South Wind Guesthouse has everything you will need to switch off and experience the beauty of the south coast. Check them out here.

Check Out The Reviews Of South Wind Guesthouse Here

Guesthouse #2 – Quayside

I absolutely love an old converted building as they always have so much more character on offer.

If that’s your kind of thing too and you’re looking for a guesthouse in Marsaxlokk then look no further and check out Quayside now.

Check Out The Reviews Of Quayside Here

Mdina & Rabat

Mdina is a literal must-visit when you come to Malta. It is a large fortified city that is only describable as a living museum of beauty, history, and architecture.

Only 300 people actually live inside the city walls so as you can imagine, staying in Mdina is a little difficult, but not impossible. Check out my recommendation for Mdina below. However, Mdina is not going to be acceptable for anyone wanting to come to Malta on a budget.

Rabat (translating as suburbs) is the area surrounding Mdina. Rabat has been able to become a little more modern but retains its historic beauty and fantastic Maltese architecture. It’s more affordable to stay here than in Mdina but it’s still not going to be the option for budget travellers.

If you do decide to stay in Rabat then make sure to try lots of different restaurants during your visit as the city has a plethora of great options to get stuck into.


  • One of the most beautiful locations in Malta
  • Very peaceful inside Mdina
  • Romantic
  • Great restaurants


  • Expensive to stay in

Mdina, the fortified city
Imagine basically staying in a giant castle.

Mdina Accommodation – St Agatha’s Bastion 

If you’re going to stay in Mdina you may as well go big. St Agatha’s Bastion is a stunningly modernised home that can sleep up to 5 people.

I won’t be able to do it justice here so take a look and spoil yourself.

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Rabat Accommodation – Adelphi Boutique Hotel

Adelphi Boutique Hotel is a very stylish and comfortable option that is considerably more affordable than staying in Mdina itself.

It has a restaurant on-site so you don’t even have to go anywhere (I recommend you do though, Rabat is exceptional for its restaurants). Take a look here.

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What To Pack For Your Trip To Malta

Have a look at our most recommended products to make sure you make the most out of your trip to Malta!

Cabin Max Metz 30L Under seat Mini Backpack

Have you ever been on a flight that comes with an under-seat section for a bag? I bet you chuck your handbag or duty-free under there and forget about it. Well, that space is actually much bigger than you think and Cabin Max has made this incredible 30l bag that fits perfectly in that space. We have been using this for years now and it is incredible how much more you can fit into that space.

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Travel Wallet - RFID Blocking

Anywhere tourists travel to in high numbers will be hotspots for thieves. Having your personal documents, cards, and cash in one of these discreet travel wallets is a very good idea for peace of mind. This one also comes with RFID blocking so people will not be able to scan cards through your clothing.

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Shacke Pak Packing Cubes

Get yourself some packing cubes before you start your journey, you won't regret it. Especially if you are taking a big backpack as your main form of luggage. Those types of bags are notorious for being hard to find things, but if everything is neatly packed in cubes then it suddenly makes it very easy. This set also comes with a handy laundry bag to separate your dirty pants from the rest of your clean clothes!

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Tummy Control Swimsuit

Looking for a stylish, flattering, complimenting swimsuit that shows off all of your best features whilst also being great for swimming and having fun? Then check out all of the incredible styles and colours these tummy control swimsuits come in.

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WOWSUN Polarized Sunglasses

A decent pair of polarised sunglasses is difficult to get at a decent price, especially if you want them to look good. These from WOWSUN have lots of different styles (male/female) and colours to choose from and they are very affordable. Click through to see all of your options.

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Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen

We all know what sunscreen is and we all know how important it is but why go with Sun Bum? They are cruelty-free and are compliant with the Hawaii 104 Reef Act meaning that you will be helping decrease the amount of damage sunscreens have to the environment that you are swimming in. If that hasn't convinced you then click through to find out even more.

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Well, that’s it, guys! Those are all the recommendations I have for Malta. Have you been anywhere in Malta and think I should add it to my list? Or do you need any suggestions or advice on any of these locations? Let me know in the comments section below.