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How To Pick The Best Iceland Glacier Tour 2023

Iceland is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, fascinating light shows, and awesome wildlife. An Iceland glacier tour is the perfect way to explore the country’s spectacular icy phenomena. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the best tour for you.

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Ice Cave & Glacier Expedition

We went on the incredible Sleipnir Glacier tour where you get taken up to Langjokull Glacier on a huge converted lorry. You get to spend lots of time outside of the bus once you get to the top and you will visit an ice cave as well! Watch the video below to see just how great this is and check availability and book here!

The BEST Iceland Glacier Tour! - Driving Up Into The Whiteness

Types Of Iceland Glacier Tour

Whether you want a short glacier hiking trip or a multi-day private glacier tour, there’s something for you. Take the time to read about each glacier and the tours you can take in the area, then pick your favourite. All the hard work has been done for you – it’s now down to you to book and enjoy your Iceland glacier tour!

I recommend hiring a car in Iceland for your whole trip and this will also help you with transport to any of the activities in this guide. Read our complete article about renting a 4×4 in Iceland here.

I have separated my recommended tours into different sections and outlined why you should pick that particular type! Some tours crossover into different sections but take a look at each section to get a feel for the types of experiences you can have in Iceland.

There are plenty of different options for glacier hikes, but I’ve highlighted the very best ones below. Here are the different types of tours that you can expect:

Iceland Glacier Hiking

Multi-Day Glacier Tours

Full-Day Glacier Tours

Glacier Adventure Tours

Private Glacier Tours

Iceland Glacier Tours for Hiking

The most popular Iceland glacier tours involve at least a little hiking on the ice. They can last anything from around 3 hours to over 6 hours of walking and climbing.

Depending on the type of hike and the glacier you’re at, you will be using specialist equipment like crampons and harnesses. However, you can easily find easier hikes where you just have to make sure that you bring proper walking shoes.

Book an Iceland glacier hike if:

  • You are able to walk/climb all-day
  • You’re looking for an active holiday
  • You don’t want to spend too much time on one activity

Sólheimajökull Glacier Guided Hike

This tour will take you hiking across the ice, exploring ice cave tunnels and the beautiful glacier lagoon along the way. It’s a family-friendly tour which means it’s a fairly easy glacier walk. You’ll need to wear safety equipment but that’s all provided for you and included in the price.

Sólheimajökull Glacier on a iceland glacier tour

Your certified glacier guide will also share a lot of local knowledge with you and will help you to use the provided equipment.

Don’t worry if you have never used an ice axe before – you’ll be in safe hands! It’s a 40-minute hike to the outlet glacier of Myrdalsjokull where you’ll spend around an hour discovering the different parts of the ice and how it all formed so many years ago.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Safety Gear Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: 8+
  • Best For: Groups with children or people who need an easy walk

Click here to check availability and prices

Skaftafell Ice Climb and Glacier Hike

How many people can say they’ve climbed a glacier?! After a short journey to one of Vatnajökull’s outlet glaciers, you’ll be taught the basics of ice climbing by your certified guide.

Then you will begin to scale the walls of the glacier. There’s also a lot of information to learn about the local area and the history behind the ice! The views at the top are definitely worth the hard work.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4 hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Safety Gear Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: 12+
  • Best For: Adventurers!

Click here to check availability and prices

Vatnajokull Glacier: Ice Caving & Glacier Hiking Tour

Ice caves are an awesome natural phenomenon and you can explore inside one underneath Europe’s largest glacier. You can then hike back over the top and be treated to some incredible wintry scenery.

This Vatnajokull tour is not to be missed! You’ll actually explore a natural glacier tongue – Falljökull – first.

You’ll slowly hike into the glacier via this entrance and then make your way back over the top of Vatnajokull. These ice caves are only accessible in the winter so make sure you plan accordingly.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Safety Gear Included: Yes (bring your own hiking boots or you can rent them from the company)
  • Age Suitable For: 10+
  • Best For: Those who want to experience something different

Click here to check availability and prices

Multi-Day Tours For An Iceland Glacier Hike

You can choose a short, 2-day tour or if you’d rather your whole trip be organised by a company, then a longer tour would be perfect. They obviously include more than just a glacier tour but it’s a great way of fitting lots in. You also have the added bonus of your accommodation being taken care of!

If you prefer to book your own rooms, there is also the option of booking multiple full day tours as a whole package. You’ll be dropped off at your hotel each day and then picked up again in the morning and taken off to explore.

Book a multi-day tour if:

  • You have plenty of time to spend in Iceland
  • You’d rather not plan your own activities at all
  • You don’t want to spend every night in the same accommodation

South Coast Tour With Glacier Hike & Boat Tour

This tour crams a lot in a short space of time so be prepared to keep moving! You’ll explore secret waterfalls, hike a glacier and enjoy a magical glacier boat tour in one of the prettiest glacial lagoons!

Your accommodation is sorted and there are plenty of other stops along the way to add to your Iceland adventure. You will have the chance to see the small but famous town of Vík, as well as the incredible Black Sand Beach of Reynisfjara. A few scenes from Game of Thrones was filmed here!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 2 days
  • Pickup Included: Yes (from Reykjavik bus stop)
  • Age Suitable For: 10+
  • Best For: Those who want a mix of activities in their itinerary planned

Click here to check availability and prices

Guided Ring Road Tour: Explore The Circle Of Iceland

For 7 whole days, you can tour Iceland with a local guide and discover plenty of hidden gems that you probably wouldn’t ever find on your own!

You’ll be picked up from your Reykjavik accommodation (or a nearby pickup point), and you’ll be dropped back there when the tour is finished. Explore the Golden Circle, hike a glacier and chase waterfalls!

To make things easy for yourself, first book a spot on the airport shuttle bus that will take you to either the bus station or your accommodation.

You’ll also be treated to an epic whale-watching tour, and taken to some truly special parts of Iceland that not many tourists visit. Throw in a couple of museums, a few gorgeous beaches and a dip in a natural lagoon and you’ll be begging not to leave!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 7 days
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: 8+
  • Best For: Those with a lot of time in Iceland and are interested in wildlife

Click here to check availability and prices

Full-Day Iceland Glacier Tours

A full-day tour can last up to 11 hours (if not more) so be prepared to be busy! You will be able to see a lot of Iceland’s best attractions in one day if you pick the right tour. This option is great if you want to explore a lot but you don’t want to rent a car in Iceland. Full-day tours will stop off at multiple locations so that you get to tick lots off your bucket list!

Book a full-day Iceland glacier tour if:

  • You want to see and do lots of things in one day
  • You haven’t got your own transport
  • You’ve planned exactly what Iceland attractions you want to see

Reykjavik Golden Circle & Langjokull Glacier On A Jeep

The Golden Circle is the most popular tour route in Iceland. Stop at Thingvellir National Park, where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are slowly pulling apart! Watch powerful geysers erupt in Haukadalur, a geothermal area.

Visit the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall! From there, your certified glacier guide will then take you off-road in your jeep to Longjokull glacier (the second largest ice cap in the country!). Taking an Iceland 4×4 tour is a must-do activity here!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 8 hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: Contact the company directly for information on age limits
  • Best For: People who want an easy and simple tour with no strenuous physical activity

Click here to check availability and prices

Langjokull Glacier Ice Cave Tour

Be impressed by standing on top of the second-largest glacier in Iceland. Be wowed when your 8WD jeep takes you down inside of the blue ice! Being able to see what lies underneath Langjokull is a relatively new activity, so you will be one of very few to experience it.

Once you’re out of the ice, visit the beautiful Hraunfossar waterfall which stretches to almost a kilometre!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 11 hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: Any
  • Best For: Those who have already (or plan to) hiked a glacier and want see a glacier from a different perspective

Click here to check availability and prices

Glacier Adventure Tours

I recommend that you book at least one adventure tour in Iceland – you won’t regret it! There are some seriously cool adventure activities to do – from an ice climbing tour to snowmobiling along a glacier!

Even if you’re a bit of a scaredy cat then I still think you should try out one of the less daring activities. I was excited but really nervous about the snowmobiling but I LOVED it!

The guides are super helpful, and in this case I could be a passenger and still enjoy the ride. Definitely look at reviews to judge how adrenaline-based a tour is and see if you could imagine yourself enjoying it! You might just surprise yourself.

Book an adventure Iceland glacier tour if:

  • You’re an adrenaline junkie!
  • You want to push yourself
  • You want to experience something more unique

Sleipnir Ice Cave & Glacier Adventure

This is the exact tour we went on and it is absolutely incredible. If you don’t particularly want to participate in the exercise and walking that so many of the other tours have then something like this is perfect for you.

The superbus is incredibly cool to be in and is extremely comfortable. You will be up on the glacier nice and warm feeling like you are floating on a cloud.

However, if you do want to get out onto the ice and snow then there will be multiple stops along the way to explore and witness the stunning natural beauty. You can see what we mean by watching the video!

The BEST Iceland Glacier Tour! - Driving Up Into The Whiteness

We obviously recommend this extremely highly. It was one of the best organized and perfect tours we have ever been on. See availability and book your spot here.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4 Hours
  • Pickup Included: At Gulfoss Waterfall
  • Age Suitable For: All
  • Tour Pace: Relaxed
  • Start Time: 1 pm
  • Good For: Everyone!

Click here to check availability and prices.

Small Group Golden Circle & Iceland Glacier Snowmobile Tour

You’ll be picked up from your city hotel and taken to explore the famous Golden Circle. This includes Thingvellir National Park, the geyser geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall.

Then the adventure begins! Once you have driven to Langjokull glacier, you’ll jump on a snowmobile and whizz off across the ice! If you have a driving licence, you have the opportunity to drive the vehicle, which is an incredible experience.

Snowmobiling In Iceland - With Mountaineers Of Iceland! - Langjökull Glacier!

However, if you’re a little more nervous about speeding along a slippery glacier, then you can also stick to being passenger!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 10 hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Safety Gear Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: Contact the company directly for information on age limits
  • Best For: Those wanting to experience both the popular tour route and something unique

Click here to check availability and prices

Katla Ice Cave and Super Jeep Tour from Reykjavik/Vik

This tour promises to give you some of the best views of Iceland’s fascinating glaciers. You’ll avoid the touristy crowds and there are plenty of photo opportunities up here.

The super jeep ride will take you to see a natural ice cave at the wonderful Kötlujökull glacier, as well as to visit the Mýrdalsjökull Ice Cap.

What is also great about this tour is that there are different departure times so you can choose what kind of views you will see. Don’t forget that the views will also vary depending on the time of year!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 4 hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Age Suitable For: 5+
  • Best For: Those who would prefer to sightsee rather than hike or climb (however this isn’t suitable for pregnant women)

Click here to check availability and prices

Solheimajokull: Kayaking By the Glacier

Most people would prefer to stay out of the water in Iceland because … well, it’s bloody freezing! However, seeing as kayaking right next to a glacier is an option, I’d recommend that you slap on your drysuit and float right in!

Paddle around the Solheimajokull glacier lagoon and take in the amazing views of the ice from the unique perspective of the water.

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 1 hour
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Safety Gear Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: Contact the company directly for information on age limits
  • Best For: Those who want to enjoy a peaceful yet awe-inspiring tour

Click here to check availability and prices

Private Glacier Tours

If you would prefer to explore a glacier on your own, you can book a private tour with a guide who will look after you. These types of tours are often at least 5 hours long (with some being multi-day).

You may have the option of fully customising your tour, plus you won’t have to worry about waiting for other people!

Book a private tour if:

  • You want a personalised trip
  • Money is no object
  • You have a large group of people you’re travelling with

Ice Climbing at Solheimajokull

Fancy your hand at climbing a glacier!? Your private guide will teach you the basics of ice climbing and also different techniques which will eventually take you high enough to see some spectacular views!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 5 hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Safety Gear Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: 10+ (must have a EU shoe size of 36)
  • Best For: Those who want a little more guidance taking part in exciting activities

Click here to check availability and prices

Glacier Hike on Solheimajokull

If you visit Iceland, you have to hike a glacier. Whether you hike weekly, or you have never walked for longer than a mile, you’ll be able to enjoy this experience.

Your guide will give you plenty of information and facts about the ice, and will show you all of the best parts!

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Pickup Included: No
  • Safety Gear Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: 10+ (must have a EU shoe size of 36)
  • Best For: Those who want to be able to independently explore with the safety net of a guide

Click here to check availability and prices

Golden Circle and Langjokull Glacier Tour

The Golden Circle is a must-do attraction when visiting Iceland. This tour includes a trip to Thingvellir National Park, the geyser geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall.

Not only that, but then you’ll be whisked away to take in Langjokull glacier’s natural beauty. You also have the option of adding in a snowmobile tour here (not included).

Key Information

  • Tour Duration: 9 hours
  • Pickup Included: Yes
  • Age Suitable For: Contact the company directly for information on age limits
  • Best For: People who want a personalised trip of the most popular tourist attractions

Click here to check availability and prices

What Is A Glacier?

A glacier is essentially just a huge block of ice! They form over many years because the snow becomes compact and changes into glacial ice. They move extremely slowly across the land and cut through rock and soil. You can even visit the ice caves that the glaciers create over the year!

However, in the warmer months, they do start to melt which causes the caves to disappear, glacial lagoons to fill up and the landscapes reveal their new look.

Unfortunately, global warming has significantly sped up the melting process of glaciers across the world. That means that many of the incredible ice formations you see today may not be around in the near future. If you really want to experience an Iceland glacier tour, now is the time to do it!

What Are Iceland’s Most Popular Glaciers?

Iceland is famous for its glaciers, but there are a few that particularly stand out for many reasons. You can take an Iceland glacier tour on any of the below glaciers, and they’re all beautiful in their own ways. Read up on the different glaciers and then you can make a decision about the type of tour you want to take.


This is the largest glacier in Europe! It’s pretty spectacular, spanning around 8100 sq. km (although it is sadly shrinking due to climate change!). Two of the most famous parts on the National Park in which Vatnajökull sits are the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach. The two attractions are opposite each other so you can see visit both on the same trip.


Langjökull is the most popular glacier in Iceland for snowmobiling and jeep tours. You can also actually explore inside of the ice, which is an incredible experience! The ice cave tours give a completely unique view of the glacier.

There aren’t many glaciers in Iceland near Reykjavik, but if you’re staying near the capital, Langjökull is the closest glacier for you to explore. You can combine a Langjökull tour with your visit to the Golden Circle attractions.


Sólheimajökull is actually part of Iceland’s fourth largest glacier, Mýrdalsjökull, which lies above a huge volcano. It’s around 165km away from Reykjavík towards the southeast, so it will take around 2 hours to reach it.

It’s a popular place to visit as nearby is the charming town of Vík, as well as the insane Skógafoss waterfall. There’s a campsite nearby and the glacier is super easy to access from Route 1.


You may recognise the name of this cheeky glacier, as it’s the one that caused all of the flight disruption back in 2010 across Europe! Eyjafjallajökull is actually the ice cap on top of the volcano.

Eyjafjallajökull is located in the south of Iceland, making it relatively easy to access even if you take a self-drive tour. It takes around 2 hours to reach it from Reykjavík.


This glacier actually sits on the west side of the country, 3 hours north of Reykjavík. It lies in Snæfellsjökull National Park, which has a lot of interesting history and folklore. If you want to hike this area, it will take around 6 hours to reach the summit. Don’t book a tour here if you can’t be on move for that long!

When Is The Best Time To Take An Iceland Glacier Tour?

Surprisingly, you can take an Iceland glacier tour at any time of year. Travelling to Iceland in summer won’t limit your options because the glaciers are still holding strong. If you visit in the winter, from November until March, the glaciers are still accessible so the tours go ahead.

A lot of Iceland summer tours can tend to focus more on the melting water at waterfalls, not the frozen glaciers so pick your tour carefully if you want specifics!

If you’re visiting in winter,  you’ll also be treated to the best chances to see the Northern Lights at this time of year so that’s a bonus!

Things To Remember About Iceland Glacier Tours

There are a couple of points to think about to book your Iceland glacier tour to make sure that you have the very best experience.

They vary in difficulty so keep your own physical fitness in mind. Most people should be able to access a typical tour but if you have any medical issues, make sure you get in touch with the company before you book. You wouldn’t want to get all the way there and then be denied access without a refund!

Some tours don’t allow children under a certain age (usually 8 – 10) to take part. If you’re visiting Iceland with kids, be aware that younger children might not be able to take part in some of the more physically demanding tours.

Outdoor tours are usually dependent on the weather. The companies and guides will of course try their best to make sure every tour goes ahead, but sometimes there might be slight changes in the schedule depending on the weather or time of year. If you book a tour with multiple activities, check that all of them will actually be carried out at the time you are visiting Iceland.

Pro Tip

If you are going on an Iceland glacier tour that requires you to drive (snowmobiling for example) don’t forget to bring your driving licence.

What Is Usually Included On An Iceland Glacier Tour?

When you’re booking a tour, it is important to realise that some things will be included on your trip. However, some things that you expect to be included might not be, so make sure that you read the small print. You don’t want to be caught out having to pay extra for something that your Iceland budget doesn’t quite stretch to!

Check whether these things are included in your tour or not:

An English-speaking guide

Unless you have specifically booked a non-English tour (which is rare in Iceland) then you will have an English speaking guide who will be able to communicate with you and answer any of your questions. You won’t have to worry about not speaking Icelandic on your tours here!

Hotel Pick Up/Drop Off

Some tours will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, but others will give you a specified pick up point. This could be anything from a bus stop to a car park so check the address and see if you are actually able to get there easily before you book.


It’s likely that food won’t be included in your tour. Bring snacks and pre-made lunches to keep you going throughout your tour because there definitely won’t be a McDonald’s nearby to grab a quick burger from (Iceland is actually one of the countries that has NO McDonalds anywhere!).

You might be able to stop at a gas station (depending on your tour) at times but don’t rely on that. You might also be given snacks along the way but if your tour is 12 hours long, you’ll want something a bit more substantial!

Drinking Water

Again, it’s important to bring your own water for your Iceland glacier tour. You might be offered a bottle throughout the day but it does depend on the tour company and how many other people are on the tour with you.

Pro Tip

Buy a good water bottle before you go to Iceland and when you leave your accommodation, fill it up straight from the tap. The water in Iceland is so pure and drinkable, it will probably be better than bottled water! Don’t waste your money on buying water when you can easily spend nothing.

Safety Equipment

Sometimes your equipment will be included, but make sure you check because this could add a lot to the price if it isn’t. Usually simple items like snowsuits and helmets will be available because the tour companies know that tourists aren’t going to bring their own!

However, depending on the activity, simple clothing items like waterproof  trousers and standard hiking boots won’t be given free of charge. On some tours, you might be able to rent them but be sure to check because you don’t want to be underprepared or underdressed!


Tipping in Iceland is not customary, so they won’t be included in any of your Iceland tours. You’re not expected to tip your guide/driver but unlike in some countries, the staff won’t be offended if you do!

I know that many Americans find it difficult not to tip because that is what they are used to back home, but a lot of Brits only tip if they have received EXCEPTIONAL service (we’re a grumpy bunch!). Tip in Iceland if you want, but don’t feel like you have to.

If you do want to leave a tip in a restaurant, round up the bill. If you want to leave your guide a tip, consider something around the 10% mark. It is uncommon to receive tips in Iceland though so don’t be offended if someone refuses it!

Packing List For Iceland

It gets pretty cold in Iceland so we have compiled a list of products that you’re going to need to take if you want to make the most out of your trip! Take a look and remember, amazon has deals all the time so make sure to go through the links to see the current price.

This windproof/waterproof jacket is absolutely perfect for keeping the cold out and staying warm when you are visiting such cold places. If you only have a warm waterproof jacket I would seriously consider upgrading to windproof as it makes even more difference than the fleece lining in my opinion. See our recommendation here.

If you’re looking for some decent waterproof trousers then take a look at these. They are windproof and waterproof but also insulated which means that you may get away with only wearing these and not having to have an additional layer underneath. They also do a very good job of not looking too much like waterproof trousers. Have a look to see what I mean here.

If you’re planning on doing some serious hiking then we recommend you take a look at these Columbia walking boots. They come in loads of different colours and we think that they are really stylish. The most important thing however is that there are comfortable, waterproof and resilient which these are! There is nothing worse than sore feet preventing you from making the most out of your trip so don’t put it down to chance. Check them out in more detail here.

If you get particularly cold then you are going to want to take a look at these fleece-lined full-body thermals. If you couple these with decent clothing over the top then the coldest of people should be warm in the coldest of places. Have a look at colours and sizes here.

If you’re looking for a pair of warm gloves then check out these waterproof/windproof/thermal gloves. When you’re looking for decent gloves then fashion should not be your main priority. I don’t know about you but cold hands are the pinnacle of annoyance! These absolutely get the job done and you don’t have to take them off to use your phone which is a godsend. Take a more detailed look here.

If you are worried about getting cold feet (and you should be) then take a look at these brilliant thermal socks by Hot Feet. They should keep your feet warm in the cold conditions you will be facing, as long as you have decent footwear as well! You get 8 pairs which are also really good for the price. Take a look in more detail here.

You absolutely need to have a warm hat when you are visiting cold places so take a look at this gorgeous fleece-lined cable knit beanie. It’s a timeless style and will absolutely keep your ears and head warm for your trip! Take a look at different colours here.

If you’re not a massive fan of fleece-lined hats (Jade isn’t) then earmuffs are the way forward. These vegan earmuffs look amazing and come in varying sizes whilst also looking really cute. I personally like the brown faux leather look but there are lots of different colours available. Take a look here.

It goes without question that you’re going to need a jumper. This gorgeous knitted jumper will keep you warm whilst also looking the part (people love the knitted look in the cold!). There are a few colours to choose from the reviews talk for themselves! Take a look here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Iceland?

Every season in Iceland is different, which means that your experience will vary depending on when you visit. If you are 100% committed to taking an Iceland glacier tour, then the best time to visit would be the winter. This is because although the glaciers are still there in the summer, you’ll find that there are limited tours. The glaciers melt and change a lot in the warmer months so the winter is your best bet. The ice caves have appeared again so depending on which tour you choose, you’ll have the chance to explore those too!

Is It Safe To Take An Iceland Glacier Tour?

Glaciers are safe to walk on and people have been doing so for many years. The guides who lead the tours we recommend are knowledgeable and trained, but of course there is a certain responsibility on you as well! Listen to the rules and if you any questions or concerns, let someone know!

What Shoes Should I Bring For An Iceland Glacier Tour?

You should always wear appropriate shoes for your tour and you’ll be made aware of what that is before you go. Usually, you’ll be asked to wear hiking shoes – these don’t have to be professional but just sturdy walking shoes that have a decent grip! Don’t be that person sliding across the ice in your Converse! Sometimes, you will be able to rent hiking shoes from the tour company when you arrive, but find this out before you pack your bags!

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An Iceland glacier tour is a must-do activity when visiting this incredible country! Iceland is famous for its breath-taking landscapes, fascinating light shows and awesome wildlife. An Iceland glacier tour is the perfect way to explore the country’s spectacular icy phenomenons. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the best tour for you. Iceland Glacier Tour | Iceland Travel | Europe | Winter Trips | Best Tours | Iceland Tours | Iceland Holidays | #iceland #icelandadventure

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