We trekked for miles and visited all of the best beaches on Gozo to find the best beach for you. Check out our guide to find out what we learned!

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Beaches In Gozo

Gozo is tiny but packs so many secret swimming spots and secluded beaches that you’ll be spoilt for choice! However, don’t expect your white sand imagination to be true for each one.

Gozo is a wild place with thousands of years of history and the land echoes this reality. You will find dramatic cliffs with narrow paths to deep pools of intimidating water and also the peace and tranquillity of small sandy beaches with crystal clear azure water – and everything in between!

If you want to explore each of these spots then keep on scrolling and take in all the beauty that the Gozo beaches have to offer. However, if you’re in a rush then pick an option below that most suits you and zoom straight down to my number one pick.


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Are you wanting a huge sandy beach with amenities, good swimming and most of all a sunbed and rays all day?

Then there is really only one place to recommend above all else, and that’s Ramla L-Hamra. Click here to find out why and how to make the most out of your trip.

Beach Sleeper

Would you like some sand and some peace and quiet? Then I recommend taking a trip down to San Blas Bay. It’s small so even in the height of summer it can only get a particular amount of people down there.

Also, if you don’t need sand, I recommend Dahlet Qorrot beach, it’s much quieter because it’s shingle but still an absolute gem for sunbathing and swimming.

Adventure Seeker

Take a trip to The Blue Hole and The Inland Sea. There’s incredible dramatic scenery, boat trips through caves and the best diving in Europe.

Need I say more? Click here to shoot straight down to where the adrenaline is well and truly happening.

Peace and Quiet Craver 

If you don’t need perfect sand and just want to disappear into the quietness of it all, I recommend Dahlet Qorrot. You’ll find incredible swimming and it’s very peaceful.

It is usually quieter due to having to walk over rocks to get to the sea and the absence of sand (it is a nice shingle though). However, if you have a towel then you’ll be perfectly comfortable on the small beach and should have peace and quiet for most of the day.

Sea Swimmer

Hondoq Bay is very near the ferry port and is great if you want to swim and chill on the beach.

However, it’s very good for swimmers as just round the corner there is a little secret swimming spot so you have two different areas to swim in during the day. Plus, you get fantastic views of Malta and Comino Island whilst you do it!

The Best Beaches on Gozo

One last thing before we dive right into it – we actually visited 6 of these beaches all in one day! It was a physical day for sure but what an experience it was. If you’re pressed for time on Gozo and love to make the most of your time then I highly recommend hiring a car and experiencing all the best beaches on Gozo in one fun-packed day.

#1 Ramla L-Hamra

As much as I hate to admit it, this is probably the best beach in Gozo. I only hate to admit it because I love finding a more obscure and secret location that blows my mind with its beauty. Ramla L-Hamra isn’t that but there’s no denying its perfection.

An aerial photo of Ramla beach - one of the best beaches on gozo
Straight out of a brochure!

Imagine a perfect, tourist-orientated, Mediterranean beach and that’s what you’re going to get. 

  • Public transport to the beach
  • Changing rooms, and toilet facilities
  • Humungous sandy beach
  • Deck chair and umbrella hire
  • Safe swimming as far as the eye can see
  • Restaurant and bar with affordable prices (shockingly affordable actually)

So if you’re looking to get everything you want, all in one place then look no further than Ramla L-Hamra.

I was particularly impressed by the price of the food and drink. Typically, at this sort of tourist attraction, you will find there is significant inflation on food and drink. This is not the case at Ramla L-Hamra.

I got a large burger which only cost me €4 and Jade got a huge pasta meal for €6.50, both of which were very good. What makes this even more surprising is the fact that there is only really one place to get food, which would usually mean even more inflation in prices. 

Pretty good for the price I reckon

Another thing I noticed was off to the left of the beach were a few campers. I have tried to find out if this is a camping spot but it appears to be a free wild camping area. You cannot camp on the beach itself but the area where you can is literally metres from the beach. I highly recommend this for the wild campers among you.

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Of course, Ramla L-Hamra won’t be for everyone. The beach gets exceptionally busy in the summer as it is the most extensive and well-known beach on Gozo. If you’re wanting some peace and quiet, this is not the place to come.

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Hotel Accommodation Near Ramla L-Hamra

Il-Logga Boutique Hotel

Situated in the neighbouring town to Ramla L-Hamra, Il-Logga Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to stay if you want to make the most of your beach stay.


The best thing about Gozo is that it’s so small that basically anywhere is close! Rest assured that you’ll be close to everything here. Check it out here.

How To Get There

Car Hire – There is a long road of car parking spaces for free near the beach and there is also a paid car park in which you may find a space if you get to the beach a little later. I highly recommend getting to the beach early, and I mean early, to get a parking space nice and close. You can hire a vehicle here.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in ‘Ramla Beach’. The app will do the rest. Nice and easy!

Bus – This very much depends on where you are staying in the city. So, download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Ramla Bay’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen.

PRO TIP – All buses in Malta are €2 so always look for a no-stop bus. The app may give you suggestions of where you change but this will just cost twice as much.

#2 San Blas

I wish I could put San Blas at the top of the list as it’s quintessentially perfect in my eyes. A difficult to get to, small, and personal beach with golden sand and azure water. Couple all of that with a restaurant and bar with sunbed facilities and you’ve hit the jackpot, right?

An aerial photo of San Blas Beach - One of the beaches on Gozo on the east coast
San Blas Beach. It was deserted when we got there and literally a paradise.

Well, if you come to Malta in September and escapism and tranquillity are your aims then this is definitely the number 1 beach in Gozo. On a busy day in September, you’re looking at maybe 10-15 people on the beach with you and they will all just want to chill and relax too.

Pro Tips

The facilities are CASH ONLY


Sun beds and goggles are available for hire.

So, are there any downsides? Well, yes… Access to the beach is down the steepest hill I have ever seen and in the summer months, it is going to get cramped quickly due to its small size. Something to consider though is in the high season there is a jeep that runs people up and down the hill for €1 so this isn’t completely off the cards for accessibility. When we went in September, this service was not running so watch out for this.

You may read elsewhere online that it is a shadow of its former self due to a large storm bringing in loads of rocks and reducing the amount of sand space available on the beach.

Well, as you can see from the image (I took this September 2021) there are some rocks in the middle portion of the beach and this has reduced this space. But, this is why I believe it is such a good place to visit in September and the low season. The area where rocks have not been deposited is still one of the most beautiful beaches in Gozo.

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Boutique Accommodation Near San Blas Bay

Ajuga Boutique B&B

It’s difficult to get very close to San Blas because, as you know, it’s down a huge hill.


However, reasonably close by is the fantastic Ajuga Boutique B&B. They have a very good continental breakfast every morning and a rooftop pool. You can also hire a vehicle at the accommodation which saves a job! Check them out here.

How To Get There

Car Hire – There are about 4 car parking spaces at the top of the hill which is down a small road so I wouldn’t bother even looking as they will almost certainly be taken (unless you get there early). However, before you get to the top of the hill there is a small town where you should be able to find a space. It’s about a 600m walk from there. If you choose the accommodation option above then you can arrange car hire from them. If you would rather pick up your vehicle on your arrival to Malta then check out Rental Cars here.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in ‘San Blas Bay’. Be aware that the driver will not take you down the hill.

Bus – Download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Weraq’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen. It is roughly a 700m walk from the bus stop.

#3 Hondoq Bay

Hondoq Bay is just down the coast from the ferry port and is one of the best beaches on Gozo. Its location makes it a very good choice for the first stop of the day (if you’re planning to do a beach road trip like us!). It is a fine shingle beach with smooth rocks as you get into the water.

However, the water soon gets deep so this is not an issue for long. And if you really don’t want to walk over the rocks then there are ample ladders off of the walkways to climb into the water (or jump?).

Hondoq Bay has a decent-sized cafe/bar which is open from 10 am-5 pm (sometimes 6 pm) and serves reasonably priced food and drink. There are also adequate bathrooms and facilities on site.

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The swimming is quite good and you are within walking distance of another little swimming hold just down the coast to mix it up during your day, so swimmers will have a good day of it.

An aerial photo of Hondoq Bay
It’s exceptionally beautiful early in the morning

However, Hondoq Bay is primarily used as a touring base for diving and boat tours. This is why the facilities are pretty good as the majority of the people going there have tours booked.

This means that there will be some significant bustle of activity, from boats and groups throughout the day. To be fair though, the beach is quite well-sheltered so this isn’t that much of an issue.

Interestingly, we did see some wild campers here just up the hill. You have to apply for a permit from the local council to wild camp which tends to be accepted for a fee (€30 is about the price you should be expecting).

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I was a little put off by the small amounts of rubbish in the water whilst swimming but I think this was due to a bin being overturned on the beach. I have a feeling as soon as the 1st of September rolls around, the desire to keep Hondoq Bay pristine whittles away. In the high season, however, this should not be an issue.

All in all, I think Hondoq Bay is one of the best beaches in Gozo purely for the swimming and access to facilities and is definitely a beach that you should check out during your trip to Gozo.

B&B Accommodation Near Hondoq Bay

Gozo Ferrieha B&B

At the top of the hill in Qala there is a brilliant B&B called Gozo Ferrieha.


Luxury like this is not usually found in B&Bs and I highly recommend checking out the pictures and availability as it goes very quickly.

How To Get There

Car Hire – There are around 6-7 parking spaces down by the beach itself so if you get there early, and I mean early (7 am), then you will get pride and place. However, I recommend getting a taxi down if you don’t want to see the sunrise. If you will be going down before the birds wake up then make sure you have a vehicle all booked before going to Gozo, you can do that here.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in ‘Hondoq Bay’. They will take you all the way down to the bay.

Bus – Download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Qala’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen. It is quite a significant downhill walk (1.6km) from the bus stop. It’s a very pleasant walk but not suitable for everyone.

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#4 Dahlet Qorrot

I really think Dahlet Qorrot is one of the most underrated beaches on Gozo. Tourists tend not to go down there due to its small size and pebbly/seaweedy beach. This, in turn, has meant that little tourist development has gone on down there which is good and bad. There are no cafes or bars to speak of and you will have no internet for the whole day.

But, I think this is what makes Dahlet Qorrot so special. It’s peaceful and quiet and the crystal blue waters are sheltered and beautiful to swim in. Just remember to bring water and food for how long you will be staying.

Dahlet Qorrot bay, the Quietest beach on Gozo
Not the sandy beach you may crave but the location is unparalleled

I recommend bringing a nice big towel and finding yourself a clear spot on the beach to enjoy the tranquillity that this beach provides.

You could also have a short walk to San Philip Bay to spend a couple of hours there, sunbathing on the rocks and enjoying the second swimming hold of the day. Then, to the south, to the aptly named ‘Secret Swimming Spot’ on Google Maps to enjoy a third location. They’re all within a short walk of each other.

Don’t expect the crowds or the noise of the bigger more famous beaches on Gozo so if that’s what you’re looking for then Dahlet Qorrot may be exactly what you need.

Pro Tips

No Cafe Facilities


Toilet is available

B&B Accommodation Near Dahlet Qorrot – Ajuga Boutique B&B

I have already recommended Ajuga for San Blas Bay and here they are again! You can really experience multiple beaches on the west coast from this fantastic hub. They have a brilliant continental breakfast and a rooftop pool too! Check them out here.

How To Get There

Car Hire – There’s a decent amount of parking all the way down the hill so I highly doubt you won’t be able to find one. For this particular location, a car is HIGHLY recommended. Book one now to save time later.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in ‘Dahlet Qorrot’. They will take you all the way down to the bay. HOWEVER, you will NOT be able to call for another cab as there is no internet available at the bay. I do not recommend this option if you do not want a considerable walk uphill to find signal.

Bus – Download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Gafan’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen. It is quite a significant downhill walk (1.4km) from the bus station. Just be prepared to walk back up at the end of the day.

#5 Marsalforn Bay

So, you’re starting to realise that beaches on Gozo are quite small (except of course for the famous Ramla L-Hamra) and that is no different for Marsalforn Bay. But don’t let that put you off from coming over to Gozo. The biggest selling point of Gozo is that there are much fewer tourists so size doesn’t matter so much.

This is definitely the case for Marsalforn Bay. At first, in images, you may be forgiven for thinking that this is a subpar shingle beach that is in the midst of a busy harbour.

But this is simply not the case! There is a genuinely huge area for swimming, the beach has plenty of room for the small crowds it gets from the town and the sun shines bright here for most of the day.

The clouds didn’t stop us! You’re going to get wet anyway…

Secondly, there are some very good toilet facilities in the town and you’re right next to some beautiful restaurants and accommodation options.

I highly recommend Marsalforn Bay for people looking for a small beach with all the amenities you could ask for right next to the beach. 

Holiday Home Accommodation Near Marsalforn Bay – Little Blue House

Marsalforn is literally a holiday apartment paradise and Little Blue house is no exception. It comes with all the things you could possibly want from a home away from home but is also a little cheaper as it is not directly on the seafront. Check out the house here and whilst you’re there check out all of the fantastic other holiday homes and apartments available in Marsalforn.

How To Get There

This is by far the biggest selling point for Marsalforn. There is no big hill, there are no parking problems, and there are no internet difficulties.

Car Hire – There is a large car park just behind the promenade. This is also where the large toilet facilities are so use this opportunity to change! Grab your car here before driving to Gozo.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in ‘Marsalforn Bay’. You will be dropped off basically at the entrance to the beach. There’s no long walk here!

Bus – Download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Magro’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen. It is a very short walk from the bus stop to the bay. If you are staying in Victoria, this bus is only 13 minutes long, making it an even better choice.

#6 The Inland Sea

The Inland Sea is a fascinating piece of geology where a narrow cave cuts through the cliffside which has let the sea in to form a small lake that appears to be ‘inland’. Due to the not-so-beautiful concrete building surrounding the lake, there are better spots to get some rays, but there is no other location in all of Malta as good for swimming and diving.

You can literally swim through the tunnel, which goes 30m down in crystal blue waters and watch divers far far beneath you enjoying the incredible natural beauty of the cave system.

Maybe you’re a diver yourself? Then do whatever it takes to book a dive. This is one of the best dive spots on the planet so don’t miss out, especially because the Blue Hole is right next to it (literally in the same car park) which is also one of the best dive sites in the world.

If you are in Gozo on a clear nice day then do yourself a favour and swim the Inland Sea and look at the majestic beauty of the Dwejra coast. This area is so beautiful and so dramatic, I chose it as the place to propose to Jade. It’s beautiful.

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Make sure you take one of the small boat tours through the cave too. They are usually around €4 and it really is unmissable.

There is a really good mobile refreshment van selling drinks and snacks for a decent price and a very good restaurant overlooking the Inland Sea.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is not really a beach so I have not included it in this list. However, it’s a great place to dive and also snorkel whilst you are up at the Inland Sea. Check out ‘Snorkelling Report‘ for more information about snorkelling the Blue Hole.

Apartment Accommodation Near The Inland Sea –

Gozo Dwejra Views

Ok, so this is some pretty extreme luxury.


The sunset views here are almost unparalleled to anything I have seen before. Check it out here and you won’t regret it. If you’re looking for something a little more on budget then check out IL-Gardjola Bed and Breakfast. It’s still fantastic accommodation but a little more affordable.

How To Get There

Car Hire – There is a large car park right next to the Inland Sea which I can’t see filling (there is even an overflow halfway up the hill). Book a hire vehicle before you go to avoid disappointment.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in’ Inland Sea’. You will be dropped off right next to the bay.

Bus – Download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Dwejra’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen. The bus station is in the car park so it’s a really short walk to the bay and the Blue Hole.

#7 Xlendi Beach

Ok, Xlendi has made it onto my list for 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s an absolute beauty of a place to swim. You can see from the image below that’s true! Plus, it is right next to fantastic restaurants, facilities, and a large car park.

The only reason why I was considering not having it in the post, was because there really isn’t much space that would be referred to as ‘beach’. There is a tiny bit and if you get here early then maybe you’ll be lucky.

I told you it’s a beautiful place to swim!

I imagine you will probably set up along the path that goes alongside the entire bay and jump in and swim from here. Not that this is a bad option – it’s a fantastic little town to spend a quiet day swimming in an absolutely gorgeous bay.

The drama of the western side of Gozo is still present here at Xlendi. You can go on some extremely scenic walks and see the impressive geology that Gozo provides.

Apartment Accommodation Near Xlendi Bay

Viewpoint Boutique Living

I love a boutique accommodation option and Viewpoint does it perfectly.


It is a little up the hill but the views you get from there are genuinely incredible. You will have a much more personal experience here with all of the facilities of a large chain hotel. Take a look at the views and prices here.

How To Get There

Car Hire – There is a large car park right behind the beachfront restaurants and this is free. You can browse some prices and vehicles on offer here.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in ‘Xlendi Bay’. You will be dropped off right next to the bay.

Bus – Download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Xlendi’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen. The bus station is right next to the bay so there is no long walk here either.

#8 Xwejni Bay Beach

Xwejni Bay Beach is one of the most northerly beaches on Gozo. This is a great place to come and sunbathe during the summer months and you’ll almost certainly get a spot as it doesn’t usually get that busy.

There is a small bar next to the beach which serves drinks and food and the bay itself is large and offers some pretty good snorkelling, diving, and swimming opportunities.

The most northerly of beaches in Gozo
A beautiful bay in the north of Gozo

I do not recommend going after the start of September because the water here loses its azure blue quite quickly and becomes murky. If you do just want another place for swimming though, this is a fantastic time to come as the crowds definitely disappear.

Make the most out of your trip here by visiting the salt pans of Gozo where saltwater is trapped in small pools created by human hands and the sea salt is harvested after the water has evaporated. Even if you’re not interested in the process, the salt pans really are a stunning sight to see.

Apartment Accommodation Near Xwejni Bay –

Little Blue House

Again, I have recommended Little Blue House before (for Marsalforn Bay) but it is just down the road and is just too much of a good location to pass up.


I recommend staying in Marsalforn and walking or making your up to Xwejni Bay in the morning. Check out the Little Blue House here.

What To Pack For Your Beach On Gozo

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How To Get There

Car Hire – There is a small ‘car park’ (if you can call it that) at the top of the bay but there are plenty of spaces along the road so you should not have a problem getting a space. Book your vehicle here.

Taxi – Download the Bolt app (like Uber – which they don’t use) and type in ‘Xwejni Bay’. You will be dropped off right next to the bay.

Bus – Download the official Maltese public transport app – Tallinja – and type in ‘Xwejni’ as your destination station. Follow the instructions on the screen. 

So there you go, all of the best beaches in Gozo! Do you think I have missed any? Do you have any questions or need advice? Let me know in the comments section below.