There are a few beaches in Hoi An to choose from but there are NOT created equally. Have a read of our guide to make sure you don’t waste any time visiting anything other than the best!

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The best beach in Hoi An is An Bang Beach but if you are looking for a more peaceful day then check out Ha My Beach.

Coconut Beach has a gorgeous boutique hotel called the Hoi An Boutique. You can pay for a day pass there which is very affordable and this is probably the best beach experience in Hoi An.

We recommend staying at the following accommodation – TNT Villa or Little Library Villa.

All The Beaches In Hoi An - A Lot Of Work NEEDS To Be Done

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Beaches In Hoi An

Hoi An has an absolutely huge stretch of beach that spans all the way to Da Nang. It is one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen. However, quite a large area of this is privately owned by the incredible villas spanning the coastline (more on those in the post).

This still leaves quite a large area for public use which is where we went during our visit. The stretch is split into 5 beaches with quite significant gaps between them (these will probably develop into beaches of their own over time). This travel guide will start with the best rated, all the way down to the worst. Remember to watch the video and see all of our other things to do in Hoi An and our accommodation recommendation below the list!

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#1 – An Bang Beach

An Bang is the best of all the beaches in hoi an

This is by far the most developed of the beaches in Hoi An in terms of tourist demands. If you are looking for the quintessential beach experience then this is the only beach that really delivers.

There are hundreds of decent-quality sunbeds with padded cushions, umbrellas and tables included in the price. There is not one provider on the beach, just find a bed you want and they will come over. In reality, they will probably be approaching you on the beach to get you to have one of their beds anyway.

This is an example of the loungers available at beaches in hoi an

The entire stretch of beach is full of restaurants with literally thousands of tables so you won’t find it difficult to find somewhere to eat. Remember, you don’t HAVE to go into the first place someone tries to get you in. Have a look around!

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There are multiple public shower blocks and toilets so you don’t have to worry about facilities. These are not situated on the beach itself though but on the road just behind the stretch of accommodation and restaurants. They are really close so don’t worry and if you don’t think you’ll make it then just go into one of the restaurants, they don’t mind.

An Bangs facilities are the best of all the beaches in hoi an

Swimming at An Bang is the best out of all of the beaches in Hoi An. There is a very large area which is completely sectioned off for swimming and this is watched over by full-time lifeguards on the beach. There are also vendors on the beach renting out inflatables and life jackets so everyone can join in!

There is even the ability to go parasailing, banana boating and jet skiing at An Bang beach! Services will change throughout the year and I am also sure the prices will change in the future too but take a look at the picture below for current prices that you can expect on the beach.

You can even do watersports at the beaches in hoi an

The accommodation options next to An Bang beach are insane. Full stop. A short search shows insanely high review scores and incredible villas and hotels. Take a look at our top 3 below!

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AIRA Boutique

The AIRA Boutique is exactly as good as it looks. It manages to be right next to the beach but maintains a peaceful and serene boutique feel inside the hotel. If you’re looking for the perfect Hoi An Retreat then this is it.


Red Flower Cottages

An Bang has all of the incredible restaurants and bars that anyone needs. Therefore, if you just need a good, comfortable and affordable room for your stay then the Red Flower Cottages makes for the perfect accommodation.


An Bang Coco Villa

A perfect middle ground between affordability and luxury. here you will get gorgeous rooms and brilliant facilities right next to the beach but not have to spend as much as the incredible AIRA Boutique above. Take a look at the images through the provided link below!

Finally, there is parking available at the beach. Just drive down to the pin on Google Maps for An Bang Beach and someone will usher you into an available bay. This included cars, mopeds and bikes. It is very affordable so don’t expect to spend too much.

Pro Tip

Restaurants tend to have their own free parking if you have a bike or moped so if you wanted to go eat somewhere in particular then you can save some money and use their parking.

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#2 – Coconut Beach

Out of all the beaches in Hoi An, Coconut Beach might be the most luxurious. It might also be the most underrated. When we were in Hoi An, An Bang was relatively busy but Coconut Beach was completely dead. No one was there.

People may think that beach is private because it’s directly in front of the incredible Boutique Hoi An Resort but in reality, they do not own the beach. The beach itself is a nice stretch of well-maintained white sand which will probably have some vendors and sun beds in the future.

Gorgeous white sand is all the same throughout the beaches in hoi an

However, the beach is not why I recommend coming to Coconut Beach. The Boutique Hoi An Resort is a lush place to visit and you have a couple of options to make the most out of this stunning resort. Firstly you can buy a day pass to use the beach resort facilities which are incredibly well priced (470,000VND / $20 / £17.70). With this day pass, you have access to all the facilities and the stunning beachside pool on the grounds.

Or you could just stay at the resort to make the most out of this tranquil and perfect stretch of sand with one of the most incredible accommodation options in all of Hoi An. Check out the link below to have a look at the resort in more detail!

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Boutique Hoi An Resort

One of the best-rated boutique hotels in all of Hoi the Boutique Hoi An Resort has everything. This includes a; spa, gym, restaurant on the beach, stunning pool and an incredible selection of accommodation options. To make the most of Coconut Beach and your entire stay in Hoi An, check out Boutique Resort. You won’t regret it.

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#3 – Ha My Beach

Ha My Beach is basically a miniaturised version of An Bang Beach. It has a few restaurants, a shower block, a toilet, a few sunbeds and a small section for swimming. I think it will be MUCH bigger in the coming years as tourists start to flood back to Hoi An.

Right now I actually highly recommend Ha My beach if you want a typical South East Asian beach experience but with nowhere near as many people as An Bang. The beds aren’t quite as good, there is no lifeguard (there will be in the future) and you will not be waited on hand and foot.

Ha my might be a little small but its just as beautiful as the other beaches in hoi an

But, you will be able to chill with just the sound of the waves lapping up onto the shore whilst you sip your bear and admire the remote beauty of Ha My Beach.

It is literally just up the beach from An Bang so if you are in Hoi An for a few days then I definitely recommend spending at least one day at Ha My beach.

You will notice that the whole area around Ha My beach looks very ready for considerable development, when the crowds start returning in the coming years, Ha My might be transformed into something very different. Make the most of the tranquillity whilst you can.

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#4 – Cua Dai Beach

Wow, this is going to be insane… in a few years.

Cua Dai Beach is basically a complete construction zone. A huge new Marriott is being built and they are creating huge sea walls out to sea to create a massive new swimming section (we saw huge ships dumping rocks into the water which I am assuming is creating a protected zone for swimming).

Right now, there are some plastic chairs at one end of this Hoi An beach and the other end is a temporarily closed 3-star hotel that has started to crumble into the sea (no joke, look at the picture below).

Cua Dai is run-down but is not the most run-down out of all the beaches in hoi an

When the tourists start coming back and the area has finished construction, I imagine that this is going to be one of the most luxurious locations in all of Hoi An. Right now I cannot recommend coming to Cua Dai.

If you have been recently and it has changed, please let me know in the comments so I can update the article!

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#5 – Hidden Beach – Update 2024

*Since we visited, it looks like the restaurant has been opened up again and is slowly getting back to becoming the idyllic and secluded space it used to be! More and more people are travelling now so it’s great that this part of the beach is up and running again. However, it seems like there could still be some work to be done so here is how we found it when we visited.*

Hidden Beach is aptly named as it is situated down a small unassuming road that could easily be missed on the main street.

As you venture down the narrow road, you start to get your hopes up for a small, peaceful, almost private slice of paradise. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

It appears that the lack of tourists has hit Hidden Beach particularly hard with buildings starting to crumble and the shower block literally sinking into the ground.

This is an example of why Hidden beach is the most run-down of all the beaches in hoi an

It appears that there is a place to get a drink but no one was there when we were and it looks abandoned. There are spider webs and greenery growing all around the chairs.

The deck chairs look ok but I just cannot recommend coming and paying for a lounger in a place where there are literally no facilities at all.

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Other Beaches Near Hoi An

If you have been to the best beaches in Hoi An then maybe you want to go down the coast a little way to see if you find something even better. Well here are a few of my top picks if you want to go a little further afield.

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Binh Minh Beach

Binh Minh beach is an absolutely huge, 100 metres wide, beach south of Hoi An across the river. It takes around 30 minutes to drive to and translates literally to ‘the sunrise beach’.

This is exactly why you should come here, to witness one of the most incredible sunrises in all of Vietnam. The beach itself tends to be much quieter than the other beaches in Hoi An but it does still have loungers in places and some facilities.

These are spread out a bit because of the sheer size of the beach but I wouldn’t recommend coming down here for the day anyway. Come for the sunrise and head back into Hoi An. The beach is so wide here that it is actually a little annoying to swim and be so far away from the facilities.

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My Keh Beach

My Keh beach is well up the coast from Hoi An in Da Nang city. It averages 60 meters wide which makes it an absolute gem for big families to have an incredible day out.

It’s a 40-minute drive from Hoi An but if you are planning to go into Da Nang for the day then this could be the perfect beach to complement your day trip to Da Nang.

My Keh beach has all of the facilities you would expect on a beach and, being in the city, has tonnes of restaurants, bars, etc for the rest of the day.

Tips About Beaches In Hoi An

  • Get There Early – It goes without saying that if you want to get a sun lounger then you want to get there relatively early (especially in high season). This is also the best time to get here as the middle of the day is so hot.
  • You Don’t Need A Sun Lounger – The beaches in Hoi An are MASSIVE. They have huge areas of soft white sand so if you don’t get/want a sun lounger you will always be able to find a spot on the beach.
  • Surfing – The swell at the beaches in Hoi An is not that big so don’t expect world-class surfing. You can find out more information about the swell from day to day here.
  • Swimming – At the best beaches there will be a cordoned area for swimming. Make sure you only swim in these areas as there can be currents in other areas. If you are going to swim outside of these areas then make sure you do not swim anywhere near the red flags as this will be dangerous.

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Beaches In Hoi An Map

Best Beach Hotels In Hoi An

I have recommended a few accommodation options for the actual beaches in Hoi An Above but the following are my recommendations for Hoi An in general. The ancient town of Hoi An is such an incredible place to visit and stay you might prefer to stay closer to town than the beaches in Hoi An.

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Hoi An TNT Villa

TNT Villa is right next to Hoi An ancient town and an easy bike ride to the beaches in Hoi An. I am extremely impressed by the amount of luxury and facilities you get at TNT Villa for the price. Check out the price and images in the link below!


Little Library Villa

The fact that I have put Little Library Villa in the budget section is insane. It has a gorgeous little pool and the rooms are really nice. Make the most out of the free bikes and spend much less on this little slice of paradise.

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Other Things To Do In Hoi An

Hoi An is a fantastic little town and has so many more things to do than just exploring the beaches in Hoi An. Here is a list of some of the best things to get up to on your visit. Make sure to go through the links to see the full articles if you’re interested in any of the activities below!

Explore The Hoi An Ancient Town

The Ancient Town of Hoi An is full of things to do. The shopping, restaurants, bars and history here are fantastic. The only way to experience this beautiful town is to go for a day and get lost in its winding streets and shops!

Tailored Clothes

Hoi An is a fantastic place to get some tailored clothes! There are loads of shops to choose from but we ended up going with Bong Tailor on the main street in the ancient town. You can read the full article and watch the video here.

I ended up getting 2 suits made and Jade got 4 dresses. We would have got so much more made but our bags were already overweight! The prices are much less than back in the UK, especially considering they are tailored. My only tip is to not rush into anything as they always go too high on the prices at the beginning. Don’t get ripped off!

Bong Tailor Hoi An Kev Grey Suit Pose

Night Market

The Hoi An night market runs every day between 5 pm – 11 pm. It is an absolutely fantastic little night market covered in mesmerising lights and lanterns. You can spend many hours just walking along the river and perusing the goods and souvenirs on offer.

We ended up buying a nice bowl and a little candle holder which are currently up on the side in our house. Check out the whole article about the Hoi An night market here.

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Explore The Nearby Islands

The Cham Islands are just across the water from Hoi An and you can get a little boat over to spend the afternoon snorkelling, swimming and enjoying the beaches on these gorgeous islands.

Usually, lunch is included with these trips, and so is the snorkelling equipment so you don’t have to worry about planning for these things yourself. However, if you are travelling to multiple destinations, then consider picking up a kit for yourself.

Greatever Snorkel Set

We all know how frustrating it can be to hire snorkels from local vendors as the quality tends to be below par, or they just immediately fog up. We have chosen the Greatever snorkel set due to its affordability, face fit, and anti-fog attributes, which all combined make for an excellent addition to your luggage!

Buy Now

You’ll also get picked up from your hotel and dropped off after the trip. A tour like this is suitable for anyone over 8 – even if you’re not a strong swimmer.

As well as snorkelling, you get to experience underwater walking with a special helmet – it’s a super unique way of seeing marine life!

If you’re stuck on what kind of towel to take with you then take a look at this microfibre poncho. We absolutely love ours and it is insanely helpful when you need to change on the beach. They dry fast and pack down super small so you’ll be able to fit one in your day pack easily enough. Check out the price here.

Some people are saying that there is nowhere to change on the boat but we have never had that problem because we have the towel above!

Book your Cham Islands Tour Here

Take A Boat Ride

The river in Hoi comes to life at night with hundreds of small boats with little lanterns on. There are MANY vendors trying to get you to go on these little lantern boats and it really does make a pretty picture across the water.

The price is pretty reasonable and you can get that absolutely perfect Instagram shot from Hoi An. I actually don’t think it’s worth it as there are just too many boats on the water but Jade thinks its a great idea. I think you’ll have to make up your own mind once you get there!

Lantern Making Class

If you didn’t know, Hoi An is extremely famous for its lanterns. They cover the ancient town in an array of incredible colours and varieties.

What better way to get involved in this ancient tradition than to jump on a lantern-making course in Hoi An!? Check out the availability and prices here.

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What To Pack For Beaches In Hoi An

Here is a list of all the items we think are necessary to enjoy the beaches in Hoi An. We have also included an essentials travel list which includes things you need all over the world!

Microfibre Poncho Towel

Need to change on a crowded beach? No more cowering behind a normal towel whilst someone holds it up! Need a compact towel that fits in your day bag? It's got that covered too. These have genuinely been a lifesaver over the years and there are literally no downsides!

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Tummy Control Swimsuit

Looking for a stylish, flattering, complimenting swimsuit that shows off all of your best features whilst also being great for swimming and having fun? Then check out all of the incredible styles and colours these tummy control swimsuits come in.

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WOWSUN Polarized Sunglasses

A decent pair of polarised sunglasses is difficult to get at a decent price, especially if you want them to look good. These from WOWSUN have lots of different styles (male/female) and colours to choose from and they are very affordable. Click through to see all of your options.

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JBL Flip 6 - Portable Speaker

The Flip series from JBL has been a huge success for years and rightfully so. Its compact size combined with its huge battery life (12 hours) and sound quality make it perfect for travellers and backpackers alike. JBL also do smaller versions if the size is a little big but I just love the sound quality the Flip 6 has to offer!

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

If you travel and you read then you almost certainly own or have thought about buying yourself a Kindle. You'll never have to choose which books will fit in your luggage again. This incredible new Kindle is perfect in direct sunlight, has an adjustable backlight, and can survive being submerged underwater!

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Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen

We all know what sunscreen is and we all know how important it is but why go with Sun Bum? They are cruelty-free and are compliant with the Hawaii 104 Reef Act meaning that you will be helping decrease the amount of damage sunscreens have to the environment that you are swimming in. If that hasn't convinced you then click through to find out even more.

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How To Get To Hoi An

There are a few ways to get to Hoi An. Here are the most popular methods in a nutshell.

Hanoi To Hoi An


This is by the far the most convenient and it isn’t that much more expensive either. The plane will fly you from Hanoi into Da Nang and then it is an easy shuttle bus into Hoi An.

You can speak to your accommodation to see if they will be able to organise a shuttle bus from Da Nang for you, or book your own here.

Powered by 12Go system


You could jump on a 16-hour train to be able to make the most out of the incredible coastline all the way down the Vietnam coast. I do not recommend this as it is still quite a lot of money and after the first hour, you’ll start to think that the plane was the better option.

Either way, there are plenty of options, including seating, sleeping and luxury trains so put your dates in the search box below and take a look.

Powered by 12Go system


If you have hired a vehicle then you could make the long drive. It’s going to take you around 16 hours and I highly recommend you stop off at all sorts of places on your way to Hoi An. Make the most of this incredible road trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best of the beaches in Hoi An?

An Bang Beach is by far the best beach in Hoi An in terms of facilities. It is exactly what you would expect from a tourist beach. If you want something a bit quieter then check out Ha My beach.

Does Hoi An have good beaches?

An Bang, Coconut Beach and Ha My Beach are all very nice. Avoid Hidden Beach and Cua Dai Beach.

What time should I get to the beaches In Hoi An?

I recommend getting there at around 7 am to guarantee a lounger in the high season. In the low season then you’ll probably be able to get a lounger all day.

How many beaches in Hoi An?

Hoi An is one gigantic beach all the way up to Da Nang but I would say there are 5 well-known beaches in Hoi An.

Should I stay in Hoi An to go to the beach?

I think An Bang is one of the best beaches in the whole area so there really isn’t any need to venture further than Hoi An.

Can you swim at the beaches in Hoi An?

Yes! There are cordoned off sections to show you the safe places to swim so stick to those and you’ll be fine!

How far is Hoi An from the beach?

The Old Town of Hoi An is around 5km away from the beaches – the perfect distance for a picturesque bike ride!

That’s the entire guide to the beaches in Hoi An guys! Let me know if you think I have left anything out and if this guide was helpful in the comments section below!