Pro Tips You have to start thinking about Western Australia. This is where the wild Australian coast really hits home. Beaches spanning 80 miles without a soul in sight, national parks where you can truly lose yourself to nature. Western Australia truly has to be the place to go if you’re not tourist inclined but still want to see what …

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Koh Ta Kiev: A Guide to Your Island Stay

Coconuts: ✔ Clear Ocean: ✔ Treehouses: ✔ If you’re looking for a quiet island paradise, then look no further than Koh Ta Kiev in Cambodia! Switch off from the rest of the world and enjoy the beautiful rustic and natural surroundings.

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What It’s Really Like Teaching Abroad

‘We’re moving to Thailand to teach English!’ Those were the words of my best friend and her boyfriend over two years ago. I was excited for them, but I also wanted to jump in their suitcases and never look back!