About US

Hi and welcome to the Two Tall Travellers! We are Jade and Kev and we are trying our best to travel the world with the money we make along the way.

Before hitting the road, Jade began a career as a primary school teacher and Kev trained as a sports and exercise scientist.

Both of us had travelled a little bit when growing up but we wanted to see more of the world whilst we still could. Like so many people, we knew that we had to experience something other than the 9-5 in the UK. We both have aspirations of starting a family in the future so we knew we had to get out whilst we still had time.

Our entire plan is to be able to see the world but at the end of it have enough money to be able to start a life back in the UK. So we needed to find jobs somewhere else in the world that paid enough to allow us to travel that place but to also save some money for the future.

During these years we have been lucky enough to swim with humpback whales, feed elephants, stay on a remote island, learn to dive, drink cheap beer, go white water rafting and so much more. Even better than that, we have more money now than we started with.

We have had our fair share of mishaps along the way however. We went through 2 cars on our roadtrip through Australia (which significantly depleted our savings), we travelled through Sri Lanka during the wet season so our clothes did not dry for weeks and when we hiked to see the most famous rice paddies in China there was so much fog the visibility was less than 2 meters.

There was even the time when Kev was teaching a Grade 3 class in China (7 years old) and the whole class starting chanting small dick for about a minute. For some clarity they didn’t know what a dick was (they were referring to a name) but that doesn’t take away from the ridiculousness of the situation.

Anyway, we digress.

I hope Two Tall Travellers has the inspiration and the information you want to start your own adventure and, hopefully, we’ll see you out there one day!