Spending a week in Malta is always a great idea, whether you want to relax, explore, hike or party. This fabulous 7 day Malta itinerary will show you the best spots in the country for food, adventures, sunsets and more!

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Day 1: Take a walking tour of the beautiful Valletta + explore the gardens and museums in the capital

Day 2: Visit the stunning Blue Lagoon on Comino Island

Day 3: Make your way to Gozo to learn about the fascinating temples, Cittadella and enjoy the beaches

Day 4: Visit the Red Tower in Mellieha, walk along the air raid shelters + spend the day at Popeye Village

Day 5: Spend a day by the pool at a beach club

Day 6: Go south and explore the fortified city of Mdina, then take a trip to the Blue Grotto

Day 7: Enjoy your last day at a water park!

A Week In Malta

Malta is a great place to visit for a week. It’s small enough to get around easily, but there are plenty of things to do in Malta for a week so you’ll never get bored!

If a week is slightly too long, or you’re including the 48 hours of travelling, then check out this post on only spending 5 days in Malta.

The islands enjoy around 300 days of sunshine per year, so you can easily spend a week in Malta sunbathing, drinking cocktails and ordering snacks to your sunbed! However, this 7-day itinerary is for people who want to get out and about, exploring Malta’s rich history, culture and traditions.

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A Week in Malta: Day 1

Valletta/The Three Cities

Once you’ve settled into your hotel, it’s time to explore!

I recommend starting in Valletta because it will really give you an insight into Maltese culture, history and traditions!

Make some time to just wander the beautiful streets of the city and enjoy the stunning architecture.

Don’t miss St John’s Co-Cathedral – explore the monuments, artefacts and remarkable buildings that are cloaked in incredible European history.

Stone buildings with green plants hanging down

Take a small boat across to the Three Cities and spend an hour or two wandering around there. It’s super easy to navigate between Vittoriosa (or Birgu as it is sometimes known), Senglea and Cospicua.

Wander along the marina and admire the amazing yachts moored there.

Once you return to Valletta, keep your ferry ticket as it will give you free access to the Barrakka Lift. If you took the local boat don’t worry – it’s only €1 to use anyway.

In just 23 seconds, the lift takes you 58m above the ground into the Upper Barrakka Gardens, where you can take in a gorgeous panoramic view of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities.

Make your way over to the Saluting Battery at either 12 pm or 4 pm to watch the cannons fire!

You can also visit the Lower Barrakka Gardens later.

The Fort St Elmo + National War museums are super interesting too.

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A Week in Malta: Day 2


Here’s something completely different for your next day in Malta!

Comino Island lies between the mainland and Gozo. It’s tiny – only 3.5km²! This means that you wouldn’t spend more than a few days here, but one is plenty to enjoy the island.

Take either a tour ferry from St Paul’s Bay, or make your own way there and get on a local boat from Cirkewwa Port (just north of Mellieha).

The main attraction on Comino is the Blue Lagoon. It’s a crystal clear bay, where you can snorkel, swim and relax. There are sunbeds but the shoreline is rocky so don’t expect a white sandy beach!

That’s where you’ll dock, and depending on your interests you’ll stay here or move on first!

White umbrellas on blue lagoon beach with island in view

The first local boat arrives at about 9 am and the tour boats don’t come until about 11. This means that you will have the best pick of the beds if you make your own way here (but many of the tours offer sunbeds on the boat anyway).

It is fairly quiet until around lunchtime, and then the speakers, food trucks and cocktail bars turn up to start the party! Buy a pineapple and fill it with Piña colada, and treat yourself to a burger or ice cream.

There’s loud music, water sports and a huge party vibe for most of the day.

If that’s not your thing, then head away from the coast and take a wonderful hike around the island. It’s not too strenuous, but there is ZERO shade so do take sunscreen, a hat and more water than you think you’ll need!

Discover Saint Mary’s Battery, the tower and the chapel.

You’ll also reach Santa Marija Bay, which is a much small, peaceful and sandy beach area.

There are no facilities here though, so make sure you bring your own food and drink if you want to spend the whole day here. There are some shady areas underneath the trees, the water is stunning and nearby are some caves that you can explore too.

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A Week in Malta: Day 3


From Comino, Gozo is only a short ferry ride away.

As soon as you arrive, I’d recommend picking up a hire car so that you can get to your hotel easily before finding somewhere delicious for dinner. If you’re staying in the Xaghra area, then don’t miss Al Sale Restaurant.

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Get up early the next day and park up in Victoria to spend a few hours strolling around the incredible Cittadella. Occupy some time in the nearby Villa Rundle Gardens to soak up some greenery.

Drone shot of blue water and sandy beach bay

Gozo has some amazing beaches to explore, so make sure you’ve left enough time to visit a few! My top suggestions are San Blas and Ramla Bay.

If you’re interested in diving, then definitely visit the Inland Sea, a lagoon cutting through a cliff from the ocean to the land. You can take beginner courses here, or if you’re experienced then you can go on an awesome night dive!

There are also other places to dive across Gozo if you’d prefer something different.

Drop your car off and jump back on the ferry to the mainland.

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A Week in Malta: Day 4


Mellieha is Malta’s best beach area. Not only that but there’s plenty to do very nearby too.

Ghadira Bay is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. Hou can hire a sunbed and umbrella, swim in the shallow waters and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby (many only accept cash though, so be prepared).

Blu Beach Club does great cocktails and an amazing meat + cheese platter you should try! You can get lovely views of the bay, especially if you sit at the water’s edge.

The town is charming and, unsurprisingly, jam-packed with history!

Large parish church on top of a hill with red dome

Visit the gorgeous and impressive Parish Church on the hill – even if you don’t have time to go in, it’s breathtaking to look at, especially at night time when the lights turn on.

The air raid shelters are also worth a tour. Over 500 metres of underground tunnels were dug by hand to shelter the local villagers during the bomb raids.

You can walk through the passageways and take a look at the individual room that people would stay in, and there are some artefacts from the war too.

If you’re looking for a quick bite in the evening, take it from us the Tony’s Food Truck has the best burgers on the island! Homegrown ingredients, homemade patties, and the friendliest couple, Tony and Sam, running the business will leave you coming back for more!

Whether you’ve got kids or you’re a big kid yourself, you should definitely get yourself over to Popeye Village.

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Have you ever seen the Robin Williams film from 1980? Me neither, but it was filmed at Anchor Bay in Malta, and the set is still there for people to visit.

Rickety shack overlooking water bay

You can swim in the bay too, which I recommend as it’s gorgeously clear and warm.

You can wander around the set, interact with the characters, play games such as mini-golf and relax on one of the many sun loungers dotted around the place.

If you’re more of a history buff, then take a visit to the famous Red Tower. It was built as part of the island’s fortifications over 350 years ago.

You can watch the informative video, snake up the spiral staircase and be rewarded with insane views of Mellieha and the sea from the rooftop.

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A Week in Malta: Day 5

Pool Day!

It’s about time you had a relaxing day without any of that crazy walking, right?!

There are hundreds of gorgeous hotel and beach club pools in Malta, and lots of them offer day passes even if you aren’t a room guest.

You can usually book ahead of time, but some offer first come first serve spaces so don’t worry too much if you forget.

Rooftop pool with view of church with red dome

The best options are those that include lunch and alcoholic drinks in the package! You might have to spend a minimum amount on food and drink in order to be granted entry or get a food voucher to be redeemed at any time throughout the day.

Some pools have a strict adults-only policy, which is great if you are a couple looking for a quiet and relaxing day, but some cater really well to children and offer discounted ticket entry.

Most of the pools with these offers are in St Paul’s Bay, but there are options in most of the resort areas so check out this post to compare the best day by the pool choices!

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A Week in Malta: Day 6

Mdina, Temples and the Blue Grotto

Mdina is a spectacular fortified city, previously serving as Malta’s capital. It truly is magnificent to be able to roam along the streets, inside the walls of the medieval town.

Meander through the lanes and stumble across churches, squares and museums. There are restaurants inside too, or just stop for a quick coffee and take in the views of the surrounding landscape.

Walkway with tourists on up to walled city

This is also the location for a few scenes from Game of Thrones, so if you’re a fan then grab a photo of the entrance and imagine you’re Ned or Lady Catelyn Stark!

Once you’ve seen enough, be prepared to be transported even further back in time! There are some incredible stone temples and circles on Malta (and Gozo), some of which date back 5000 years.

Near Mdina is the temple complex of Ħaġar Qim. You can explore the fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site and ponder how and why it was built!

For incredible lunchtime or sunset views, eat at Dive In Cafe & Grill. They’ve got an incredible dessert menu too!

Next, head over to the Blue Grotto where you can take a boat tour, swim or just marvel at the beautiful waters. There’s a huge archway that you’ll see closer up if you jump on a boat.

If you’d rather just take some photos, then there’s a pretty walkway up on the cliff that gives stunning views of the area.

If you’re here on a Sunday, couple up your trip with a visit to the famous Sunday market in Marsaxlokk.

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A Week in Malta: Day 7

Splash + Fun Water Park

Did you even go on holiday if you don’t visit the local water park?!

Malta has one main water park, and a few other water-based activities that you could spend days discovering!

The best place to go though is Splash + Fun. It’s got 8 adult slides of varying fear factors, a huge wave pool, the obligatory lazy river and a great kids-only water area.

Colourful slides at a waterpark over a pool

Bring your own food or eat at the cafe there – prices aren’t too bad.

You can definitely spend a whole day here! In the summer months, I would recommend getting there early as it will get busy, but in the low season you’re likely to have the park pretty much to yourself – luckily the weather is still gorgeous!

You can even get half-day tickets for cheaper if you’d prefer to only spend a few hours here.

You can keep your belongings in a locker be aware that they’re quite small, and you have to pay €5 for the privilege.

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Where To Stay in Malta For A Week

Where To Stay In Malta - All Places Visited and Reviewed!

Make sure you watch the video above for an in-depth guide to the best places to stay in Malta! Here’s a brief outline of each town/area.

Everywhere has its own benefits for different types of travellers.

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This is our top pick of where to stay in Malta. It’s in the perfect location, with its own great beaches plus easy access to the islands and the rest of the main attractions.

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There’s a lot of interesting history to explore in the city and on the outskirts, or if you’d rather spend time relaxing here then head on down to Ghadira Bay, hire a sunbed and chill on the peaceful beach.

Best hotel option: Solana Hotel & Spa

Drone shot of beach with long sandy bay

Valletta + The Three Cities

Staying in Valletta or one of the historical 3 Cities is going to set you back a few more Euros, but waking up to a view of the famous St John’s Cathedral is priceless, right?

Seriously though, Valletta is a gorgeous place to base yourself. In fact, so are The Three Cities of Vittoriosa (Birgu), Senglea and Cospicua, just a short boat ride across the harbour.

Best hotel option in Valletta: The Embassy Valletta


Best hotel option in The Three Cities: BOCO Boutique Hotel


St Julian’s

This is where all of the nightlife and party action is! If you’re looking to stay somewhere with direct access to the bars and clubs, then St Julian’s is where you want to be.

I wouldn’t recommend it for families as sometimes the parties go on until sunrise, especially in the summer! However, if you’re someone with the stamina to drink and dance all day every day then it’s the perfect location for you.

Best hotel option in St Julian’s: The District Hotel


St Paul’s Bay

If you’re bringing the family, then the St Paul’s Bay area is ideal for you to stay in. There are attractions nearby for kids, like the Bugibba water park, stylish bars + restaurants for those with older children, and a great holiday atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

It’s also where many of the boat tours to Comino and Gozo begin, so if you’re planning a trip there, St Paul’s is a great place to be based.

Best hotel option in St Paul’s Bay: AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa


Gozo + Comino

The northern islands offer a variety of fun things to do, and in my suggested one-week itinerary, it makes sense to stay overnight.

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There is only 1 accommodation option on Comino Island, which is a campsite where you can pitch your own tent in.

On Gozo, however, there are plenty of hotels, guesthouses and apartments to choose from. Stay in Victoria for the history, Xlendi for pretty village life or Marsalforn for snorkelling and sunbathing.

Best hotel option on Gozo: The Duke Boutique Hotel


Camping option on Comino: Tal Ful – be sure to check out our complete guide to camping in Malta if that’s what you’re considering

Frothy waters hitting stone cliffs


Sliema is perfect for all you shopaholics out there! You’ll find bustling shopping malls, cute boutiques and quirky vintage shops.

It’s also easily accessible to both Valletta and St Julian’s, so you can have the best of both worlds if you want to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city and the fun parties in the evening!

Best hotel option in Sliema: Marina Hotel

View over harbour looking at impressive domed church

Msida + Gzira

Msida and Gzira are the small neighbouring towns also worth considering staying in. You will probably find cheaper accommodation here, but just a stone’s throw away from Sliema.

You won’t be able to relax on a beach here, but there are some awesome beach clubs that you can spend the day at for a worthwhile fee!

Best hotel option in Msida/Gzira: Azur Hotel


Marsakala +Marsaxlokk

These sleepy fishing villages in the south of Malta offer a refreshing change to the typical beach life that you will find in other towns in Malta.

Marsakala is pretty and has some nice little cafes next to the harbour, and there are good beaches nearby. Marsaxlokk is famous for its Sunday Fish Marker, where the local fishers sell their fresh catch.

Best hotel option in Marsakala: C’est La Vie Guesthouse


Best hotel option in Marsaxlokk: Port View Guesthouse


Mdina + Rabat

If you have the chance (and finances!) to stay in the fortified city of Mdina, then I highly recommend that you do! It’s a unique opportunity to imagine what life was like living behind the protective walls hundreds of years ago.

Inside of a church with stained glass windows and artwork on the walls

For most of us though, staying inside the walls is a little out of reach, so consider booking a hotel in the surrounding town of Rabat. You’ll still get the ancient ambience and medieval vibes, but for significantly cheaper.

You also might be lucky enough get incredible views of the city – it’s beautiful in the day but stunning when lit up at night time!

Best hotel option for Mdina: The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux


Best hotel option for Rabat: MYN in Rabat


Packing For Your Week In Malta

Here is a collection of our most highly recommended items to make the most out of your week in malta. Have a look through to see if you have forgotten anything!

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How To Get To Around For Your 7 Days In Malta

There are a few different ways to get around Malta – and we’ve tried and tested each of them so that you can make a decision that works best for you.

You could also mix + match – some days it might be better to drive, and some days you might prefer to get a bus.

Hire A Car

I personally think this is the most convenient, value for money and quickest way to get around Malta. We hired a car in Gozo and it cost us €60 for 3 days, but you can definitely find it cheaper if you shop around.

It’s also cheaper the longer you hire from, so the daily rate goes down if you keep the car for more than 2 days.

Click here to view car rental companies in Malta and get a great deal.

In Malta, the cars drive on the left (like in the UK) and the driver sits on the right-hand side of the car. Only hire a car if you’re going to be confident enough to drive it here!

Red Peugeot in parking space

The roads don’t get too busy in Malta, but we had some experiences with drivers who perhaps had forgotten some of the basic rules of road safety! Just have your wits about you because not everyone drives carefully.

The roads are also sometimes quite narrow, uneven and steep, especially on Gozo.

However, we managed it (we also had a car on the main island for a bit) and we were able to reach parts of Malta and Gozo that the buses just don’t go to.

I would highly recommend hiring a car in Malta as it is so cheap – plus it makes it so much easier to explore without worrying about lugging your bags around.

You can bring big bottles of water, huge beach towels and snacks galore, which actually will save you money because you won’t have to eat out or buy water from the shops each day.

Get A Bus Pass

Like I said earlier, buses don’t go everywhere and you might miss out on some attractions if this is your only method of travel, but it is definitely the second-best option for one week in Malta!

The bus system is fantastic – you can either buy a single ticket, a return or use a multi-day bus pass that you can buy in advance for your journeys. In winter, one bus journey is €1.50, in summer it is €2 and the night tides are €3.

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We decided to buy the pass that gave us 12 bus journeys for €15. We were in Malta for one month, so it meant that if we didn’t need to use a bus for a few days, we hadn’t wasted the money.

Balcony in stone wall with blue windows and plant boxes

If you’re spending 1 week in Malta, and you’ll only be using the bus, then the Explore pass is good value for money. An adults ticket is €21 (children pay €15) and you get unlimited travel for 7 days.

A return journey is already €3 so if you only take one singular trip each day then it’s worth the money. It also means that you can jump on whenever you like for a short trip and you won’t be wasting journeys.

With the 12 Single Day Journey Pass, it wasn’t worth getting on the bus for a short trip because it would have wasted a ride that we could have used to get across to the other side of the island with!

Click here to explore the different tickets options.

You can also pay in cash for single journeys but remember they don’t accept cards and no change is given.

You can buy your passes at many different shops across the island (click here for the list) or find a card dispensing machine at any of these places. I recommend doing it at the airport straight away.

Book A Taxi

Taxis are great in a pinch if the weather turns, you’re late, you can’t get access to somewhere specific or if you’ve just had a really long day and want to get back to your hotel room!

However, they’re not my most recommended way of getting around Malta as the costs can add up. That is the main negative though, so if you’ve saved up enough to splurge on your holiday then by all means grab a cab whenever you can.

In Malta, you should download the Bolt app (instead of Uber) and save your hotel as your main address. You’ll then be able to book a taxi, and you usually won’t have to wait long for one to accept the job.

Small white boats in harbour

Another downside to ordering taxis is that you do need internet to be able to do that. At some of the more remote beaches, especially in Gozo, you’ll lose signal so you won’t be able to get onto the app to order a taxi home!

Consider this when planning your trips – and book one in advance for a specific time to pick you up.

This isn’t foolproof as sometimes they do cancel – but you could also explain your plans to your hotel before you go and ask them to call a local taxi company to come and get you instead.

There are also the public white taxis that you will see around the island, especially in main hubs like the airport and bus stations in the towns.

Click here to check the fare prices of these official cabs.

Take A Sightseeing Tour

This method of transport is best for those who are interested in hearing from a local guide and would rather not worry about the logistics of getting from A to B.

There are some great sightseeing tours in Malta, from full day trips and cruises to hop-on hop-off buses and private tours.

Buy your tickets ahead of time to ensure you get a spot, especially in high season.

These are our top picks if you are planning on letting a guide show you around this beautiful country! Check the reviews to really get a feel for how the tour was handled and whether it’s worth it!

Are you considering spending 7 days in Malta? Let us know if you use our suggested itinerary and whether or not it worked for you!