The views you can expect on a 7 day vietnam itinerary

The Complete 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary – 2023

Vietnam is a big country with loads to do but what if you only have 1 week? This 7 day Vietnam itinerary makes the most of your time and money!

The Best 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary

The following 7 day Vietnam itinerary is my own personal favorite use of the 7 days. If you don’t like the look of my week in Vietnam then I have also included some more options below to give you some more inspiration!

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Hanoi Street Food Tour
Cooking Class
Old Town Bar Street
2 Halong Bay 2 Day Cruise
4 Hoi An Tailored Clothes
Lantern Making Class
Boat Trip On The River
Hoi An Night Market
5 Beach Day
6 Ho Chi Minh Cu Chi Tunnels
Night River Cruise
7 Sightseeing

Remember, Vietnam has something for everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, food lover, beach bum, or nature lover, you will find a 7 day Vietnam itinerary for you. Let’s get cracking!

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Day 1 Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital and, in my opinion, the best city in the whole of Vietnam. It is a must-visit destination on your 7 day Vietnam itinerary (whoever you are). This first day is ram packed so get your fun hats on and have a small breakfast because you are going to be stuffed!

Hanoi is the first stop on this 7 day vietnam itinerary
Hanoi is a beautiful city to walk around.

Food Tour 10:00 am

There is no better way to be introduced to a city or culture than by being taken through its street by a local expert taking you to all of the best food spots whilst learning about the city.

You will come out of this experience knowing exactly what food you want in Vietnam and not have to wander aimlessly throughout the towns and villages that you visit, not knowing what anything means.

As soon as you know how to feed yourself then your whole experience is going to be better and this goes for anywhere in the world! Check out the walking food tour we went on here!

Make sure you choose the 10:00 option because you need to have enough time for the other activities during the day! Read our full guide to walking food tours in Hanoi here.

Why To Get A Hanoi Street Food Tour! With Crossing Vietnam Tour

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Cooking Class 3:00 pm

So, you’ve just learned where to buy the food and what food you like, let’s now learn to make them! Rose Kitchen is the number one highest-rated cooking class in Hanoi and for good reason! It was absolutely superb.

You’ll basically learn how to cook everything you have just tried in the morning walking food tour and be given a recipe book at the end to be able to reproduce all of this incredible food when you get home! Check out Rose Kitchen cooking class here, and have a read of our complete guide to cooking classes in Hanoi here!

Try One Of The Best COOKING CLASSES in HANOI! Local Market Tour, Cooking + Beer!

Alternative Afternoon

Look, I know it’s a lot of food and some of you might not be as into food as we are so an alternative to the cooking class is to go around to the incredible museums in Hanoi during your afternoon. For example; the Military History Museum, the War Remnants Museum, and the Hao Lo Prison.

Old Town Bar Street 9:00 pm

After getting home and getting ready, you’ll be ready to hit bar street at 9:00 pm! You might be thinking that this is pretty early but Hanoi Old Town is a maze of incredible bars, restaurants, and attractions and you’re going to need a bit of time to explore before having a drink!

Also, before heading straight for the main bar street junction, try to find yourself a Bia Hoi vendor. If you haven’t heard of Bia Hoi, it’s a locally-produced beer that is pretty light but incredibly cheap, I mean SUPER cheap. We are talking 25 cents a glass.

2 small glasses of beer which you should try during you week in vietnam
Bia Hoi! So Cheap, So Tasty, And So Cool!

The alcohol content is around 3% but at that price, who can complain?! These little Bia Hoi vendors will have small plastic chairs on the street and it really is a perfect way to start your evening in the Old Town.

Head over to the famous Bar Street junction whenever you are ready and you’ll be greeted by a mass of people, promotors, revelers, dancers, you name it! You’ll be paying more for your drinks than Bia Hoi but this is where the party is!

You have an early start tomorrow but the journey to Halong Bay is up to 4 hours so you could sleep on the bus… Bot don’t go too crazy!

Hanoi Accommodation

Out of the 4 options above, my favorite has to be the Oriana Boutique. Its price always hugely surprises me and you definitely get the most comfort, style, and luxury for the money out of any of the options.

Day 2-3 Ha Long Bay

In this 7 day Vietnam itinerary, I have opted for a 2-day Halong Bay cruise. We have also been on a 1-day tour of Halong Bay (which is great, see the article here) but the 2 day is just so much better and could easily be the highlight of your entire week in Vietnam.

You must add halong bay to your 7 days in vietnam
Halong Bay is stunning right from the start.

You will start off by being picked up at 8 am and take the 3-4 hour journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay. There you will board a transfer boat and get shuttled off to your luxury cruise ship (it’s too big for the harbor).

The whole experience is full of amazing food, activities, luxury, romance, and incredible views. If you are a couple then I strongly suggest that you do this 2-day option. It was the best thing that me and Jade did in the whole of Vietnam. Watch our video below to see what I mean or book the exact boat we went on here.

Incredible LUXURY HALONG BAY Cruise! We tried ALL the activities!

You’ll end up being back in Hanoi at around 3 pm the next day where you will head straight to the airport for your flight to Danang. From Danang, you will get a shuttle down to your Hoi An Accommodation, check out the shuttle we took here (you can also arrange this with your accommodation).

You should end up getting to Hoi An in the late evening, depending on the flight you have chosen from Hanoi. The flight only takes 1.5 hours so it shouldn’t be too much of a late finish to the day!

Hoi An Accommodation

There is a truly ridiculous amount of accommodation options in Hoi An with insane reviews, looking can be the start of a choice nightmare! However, we personally stayed in Bean Grass Homestay and can vouch for the brilliant value and quality during our week-long stay.

However, if I were to go back to Hoi An I would probably pick the Son Hoi An Boutique. It’s in a brilliant location and is truly spectacular for the price. I’m starting to think I have a soft spot for boutiques…

Day 4-5 Hoi An

You’ve got a couple of days in Hoi An on this 7 day Vietnam itinerary but, if you want to make the most of the incredible tailors in Hoi An Ancient Town then you have to do the days in the following order.

Hoi an is on of the most beautiful cities so you must add it to your 7 day vietnam itinerary
Hoi An is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam

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Tailored Clothes!

On the first day, make your way down to the Hoi An Ancient Town, nice and early, and visit one of the many tailors in the winding avenues. We went to Bong Tailor and it was absolutely incredible. Jade got 4 dresses made and I got a suit which we were both extremely happy with. Watch the video below to see how it went.

We Found The Best Hoi An Tailor! 1 Suit + 3 Dresses (Plus A Surprise!)

You must do this on the first day as that gives them a day to make it, then you can come back later on in the day for the first fitting and then pick up the finished items on the second day. I HIGHLY recommend you get a fitting because otherwise, you might have clothes that aren’t perfect.

Getting fitted for a dress, shirt, or top will take as long as you want it to really. I actually really loved the whole experience (getting fabric draped over me, etc). So, it will probably be around lunchtime when you finish, perfect!

Head down to the waterfront and choose from one of the many restaurants and cafes to have a beautiful picturesque lunch by the water’s edge. If it’s busy, don’t be afraid to get down the sidestreets and alleys to find somewhere just as special.

Lantern Making Class

After lunch, it’ll be time for your lantern-making class! As you may know, Hoi An is probably the lantern capital of the entire world, and learning to make these stunning lights fits perfectly with Hoi An. I recommend getting the 2 pm class to work perfectly with your day so far. Check availability and prices here!

You’ll be able to take home the lantern that you make!

Journey On The River Of Lanterns

After your lantern-making class, you should be able to go back to your tailor and have a quick first fitting to make sure everything is perfect. This shouldn’t take too long but is quite essential.

This should put the time at around 5-6 pm and the sun should be well on its way to setting. This is a great time to grab a drink by the river and wait for it to get truly dark and for the night to begin.

The river is extremely beautiful at night.

As soon as it is dark you will see hundreds of little boats covered in lanterns start taking people up and down the river. It is a really beautiful sight and what better way to see it than on one of the boats!

There will be MANY people selling these little boat rides so make your way down the street and choose a price you are happy with and take a ride down the stunning Thu Bon river.

General Advice

You will see hundreds of single-use floating lanterns being used on the river and this is a daily occurrence. It is causing significant water pollution to the local ecosystem so try not to partake in this particular activity.

Hoi An Night Market

After your little boat ride, head across the river to the Hoi An Night Market which is open every single day. We recommend getting there around 7 pm to make the most of the incredible vibe and all of the available stalls.

Travelling from Danang to Hoi An gets you access to the incredible night market
Merchandise that can be bought at the Hoi An night market.

This is the best place in this 7 day Vietnam itinerary to get souvenirs and gifts for people back home! Some night markets we have been to are a bit tatty but this is not the case in Hoi An, the lanterns and vibe really make this a must-do activity.

Remember to get yourself some dinner as you walk around all of the stalls, there are some great food vendors scattered around the market.

After you have finished at the market, spend some time walking around the gorgeous Hoi An streets and call it a night when you are done exploring!

A Quick Guide To The Gorgeous Hoi An Night Market

Beach Day

You can’t come to a warm sunny country and not have at least one day on the beach relaxing. Well, this 7 day Vietnam itinerary includes one such day!

In high season I recommend getting down to An Bang Beach at around 9 am to guarantee some space on the beach/sun lounger. It may even have to be earlier than that at particular times of the year!

An Bang beach is definitely the best beach in the Hoi An area (as you can see from the video below) and has everything you could need like, watersports, inflatable hire, swimming, restaurants, accommodation, shops, and bars.

All The Beaches In Hoi An - A Lot Of Work NEEDS To Be Done

I’m not going to tell you how to relax on the beach as I’m pretty sure you can figure that one out for yourself! Enjoy the nice mid-week break and soak up the rays!

I recommend getting a late flight to Ho Chi Minh from Danang as this will give you plenty of time to enjoy your beach day, get a shuttle back to Danang airport, and get to your Ho Chi Minh accommodation. However, if you want a slightly more chill approach then getting a morning flight the next day is also an option.

Ho Chi Minh Accommodation


Long Hostel




Bare Chic


Mia Saigon

Guess what! I’m not going to choose the boutique this time! I know it’s shocking but HOME Hotel is such good value for money considering the location and quality that it has to be my top pick. Check HOME Hotel out in more detail here.

Day 6-7 Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is where this 7 day Vietnam itinerary ends (or begins if you want, it’s up to you!). However, we have a couple of days before you are finally on your way!

Cu Chi Tunnels 7.45 am

If you decided to take the plane the evening before then I recommend the 7:45 am tour to the Cu Chi tunnels. the tunnels are a VAST network of paths used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war for shelter, ambush, and tactical advantage.

If you have a week in vietnam then you have to have a look at the cu chi tunnels
You’ll be able to venture down into some of the old tunnels.

The condition within these tunnels was so much worse than you can possibly imagine but these days sections have been enlarged for tourists to go inside and have a look to get a feel of what it must have been like.

There are also displays on what kind of booby traps, storage areas, etc, were used around this time. It is probably the most interesting thing to do in this area and I highly recommend visiting. Check out our recommended tour of the Cu Chi tunnels here.

The mekong delta is a love hate sort of thing so do your research before arranging it for your 7 day vietnam itinerary
The Mekong Delta

Many people also like to visit the Mekong Delta, which is great for some and not so great for others. It has a reputation for being incredibly beautiful and insightful but also a little worse for wear.

I recommend doing a little research to see if this would be your kind of thing and if it is then there is a fantastic tour that combines the Cu Chi tunnels with the Mekong Delta which you can check out here.

Night Tour & River Cruise 6 pm

If the perfect activity existed for an evening in Ho Chi Minh then this is it. You get a private 1-hour tour of the city at night and then get taken to a large beautiful boat to enjoy a 6-course Vietnamese meal as you cruise along the Saigon river. Check it out in more detail right here!

As this is going to be your final night in Vietnam then why not go out with a bit of luxury?! Sticking to this mindset, after your meal head on over to one of the many stunning rooftop bars in the city and finish this last night with the best views of the whole 7 day Vietnam itinerary. Have a look at this awesome guide to rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh for some inspiration!

Final Day – Markets & Sightseeing

It’s always difficult to plan a final day because flights will always be at different times, you’ll have your luggage with you all day, and you don’t want to plan anything too difficult because of all these things.

However, that’s why Ho Chi Minh city is such a good place to end this 7 day Vietnam itinerary; the whole city is full of small interesting tourist attractions that free and easy to get to.

For example, you have;

  • Benh Thanh Market – A brilliantly packed market in the heart of the city selling all sorts of products, including; food, souvenirs, and clothes.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – A beautiful cathederal in the heart of the city made with red bricks imported all the way from France!
  • The Botanical Gardens – Lush gardens that are very worth taking a stroll through.
  • Try Pho – Ho Chi Minh is the home of Pho so you must try some from one of the many vendors around the town whilst you are here.
  • The War Remnants Museum – Another incredibly moving museum about the impact of the Vietnam war.
  • And Many More – Check out this great list of things to do in Ho Chi Minh for even more suggestions!

Just choose from the activities that you most want to do and have a relaxing sightseeing day for the last day of this 7 day Vietnam itinerary and your last day in Vietnam. Remember, you can always ask your hotel to hold onto your luggage for the day whilst you take a look through the city!

A Week In Vietnam – Summary

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Hanoi Street Food Tour
Cooking Class
Old Town Bar Street
2 Halong Bay 2 Day Cruise
4 Hoi An Tailored Clothes
Lantern Making Class
Boat Trip On The River
Hoi An Night Market
5 Beach Day
6 Ho Chi Minh Cu Chi Tunnels
Night River Cruise
7 Sightseeing

Beach Bum 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Da Nang Take A Surf Lesson
2 Snorkel at Cham Island
3 Nha Trang Visit VinWonders Theme Park
4 Explore Ba Ho Waterfalls
5 Phu Quoc
Island Hopping & Snorkelling
6 Cable Car + Waterpark
7 Beach Day

Alternative 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Hanoi Explore The Old Town With A Food Tour N/A
Make Your Way To Sapa By Bus
2 Sapa 2 Days Trekking & Stay In Local Homestay N/A
4 Ninh Binh Explore Ninh Binh By Boat & Bike
5 Da Nang The Marble Mountains & Hoi An
6 Ho Chi Minh Take An Authentic Cooking Class
7 Float Along The Mekong Delta

What To Take On Your 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary

Below is a list of all of the most important things you will need to make the most of your week in Vietnam. All of the following products are updated regularly so feel free to click on through to see up-to-date prices and availability!

If you need some sunglasses then take a look at our recommended pair right here. Kev has just done 7 months without a pair because he couldn’t find any he liked on the trip and it was just a lot of complaining about the sun. Don’t be a Kev… Find out the price of not being a Kev right here.

If you haven’t already got a swimming costume then what the hell are you doing?! Have a look at this gorgeous high waist bikini and get a swimsuit before you leave. I absolutely love the dual colour option but there are loads of colour options available. Take a look here.

If you’re looking for a snorkel kit then check out this Greatever mask and snorkel. We have been on so many snorkel and boat tours where the snorkel hire was dreadful and it ruins the experience. If you have room then definitely take your own set. Take a look at our recommended kit here.

If you’re stuck on what kind of towel to take with you then take a look at this microfibre poncho. We absolutely love ours and it is insanely helpful when you need to change on the beach. They dry fast and pack down super small so you’ll be able to fit one in your day pack easily enough. Check out the price here.

If you’re not really planning on doing any major hiking then we recommend that you check out these AKK walking shoes. There are extremely lightweight, breathable and have memory foam insoles to make them super comfy. Don’t make the mistake of spending loads of money on insane walking boots if you don’t need to! Check them out here!

If you don’t have a camera then I HIGHLY recommend the Panasonic Lumix ZS70K. It is an affordable point-and-shoot camera that can be picked up and used by anyone of any ability. The camera captures gorgeous images and surprisingly excellent video whilst fitting in your pocket. The main difference between this and your phone’s camera is that it also has an incredible optical zoom so you won’t miss any of the shots you need to take. Check it out here.

When To Start Your 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary

Vietnam is VERY long and experiences vastly different climates throughout the country all year round. However, the perfect time to do this particular 7 day Vietnam itinerary is June. This is the best time to maximize the weather throughout the whole country.

However, you can definitely enjoy the whole of Vietnam in more than just one month and I would only say to avoid the north of Vietnam around December to February due to it being rather cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 7 Days In Vietnam Enough?

I think you can really get a lot out of Vietnam in 7 days. If you fly to all of the different locations then this makes it much easier. The 7 day Vietnam itinerary that I have created here is perfect to make the most out of your week in Vietnam.

What Is The Best 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary?

I believe that the ones I have created in this article are pretty darn good and offer some variation depending on what you enjoy. But remember, you can use any of my suggestions as inspiration to create your own perfect 7 day Vietnam itinerary.

How Much Does A 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary Cost?

If you were to choose all of the budget accommodation options in this 7 day Vietnam itinerary then per person you could do it for $800 or less. That is including all of the tours, activities, and flights.

Where To Start My 7 Day Vietnam Itinerary?

I think everyone should start their week in Vietnam in Hanoi. There is so much to do in Hanoi that it would be silly to try and cram it all in at the end of the week.

Where To Finish My Week In Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh is full of small attractions that make it the perfect end to any 7 day Vietnam itinerary.

That’s our entire guide to creating a 7 day Vietnam Itinerary! I hope it was helpful! Please let us know in the comments section below if we can improve in any way or if you did our suggestions.

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