Previously we have said we will be travelling for quite a number of years. Some people have asked where will we go in all this time. Here’s our very rough plan for the next 5 years!

This is a very rough plan and by no means how it will all work out. This is what we want to achieve in the next 5 years and not necessarily in any order. Everywhere we go we will be looking to work to fund the travel, be it working in a hostel, bar, school or anywhere really.

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" people holding each other on the beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand
Travelling has taken us to so many amazing places!

Currently, we are in Australia working in a hotel/restaurant in the outback. We have a target financially to reach and then we will start our road trip around Australia for 5-6 months.

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During the Australia trip our main objective is to get our diving certificate and really make the most of some of the best diving spots in the world.

A boat anchored in a pristine island bay in the sun
This view was from a treehouse in Cambodia!

That should take us to October 2018 when we plan to go over to Canada to do a 6 month Ski Season in the Rockies. During the week we will have a cleaning job or similar in a hotel and then take to the slopes in the afternoon and days off.

Some places in the Rockies have extended seasons so I wouldn’t be surprised if we stayed a little longer than 6 months unless of course one of us breaks a leg in the first week.

A late sunset overlooking the sea with a solitary boat drifting just off the beach
We are lucky to have seen so many amazing sunsets around the world.

By that time I think we will be ready for a bit of teaching again after having a couple of years out. So onward to Vietnam to do some teaching in the North. We absolutely loved Hanoi when we went there so that’s where we will almost certainly end up going.

We used China as a hub to explore South East Asia so using Vietnam as a hub makes sense.

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A mother monkey cradling a very small baby monkey
These two cuties were in Bali!

This time we want to get over to Japan and South Korea. After Vietnam, our plan gets a little more ‘backpackery’, less time in each place but still working to fund it as we go.

We have both always wanted to go to Hawaii so a couple of months there house-sitting or working in a hostel would be ideal.

Then, because we would have a visa for the U.S.A. it would make sense to get around the states on an epic road trip. 3-4 months would be amazing. That’s going to depend totally on finance though of course.

Pots and pans laid out ready to start cooking at Thai Farm cooking school, Thailand
We even learnt how to cook Thai food!

Some friends of ours went over to New Zealand and worked in an adventure park for a few months. The money is pretty good and you get the use of any of the equipment: kayaks, bikes, climbing etc.

I think that would be a great way to save money for 5-6 months and afterwards have a New Zealand road trip with some of the money we saved.

A cradle swing over the bay in cambodia
I’d love to be sitting in this swing right now!

Jade’s granddad comes from a small island in the Caribbean called Anguilla, so we need to find a time to slot in this little gem in the ocean. We might not get a job on this trip and treat it as more of a holiday. Go all-inclusive and only remember 2-3 hours of the trip would be ideal.

A very large tree completely covering ancient ruins
We’ve seen some awesome historical attractions too!

One of the areas we haven’t explored at all really is Europe. Considering that’s where we come from that’s got to change eventually. We want to get around everywhere on the rail network mainland Europe has.

If possible it would be good to get into the Alps and do another ski season if Canada goes well however it is harder in Europe due to the language barriers.

Two people looking very frightened coming down a green waterslide
Waterbom in Bali is a must-do!

This should take us to roughly 5 years. After that, there are continents and countries we still want to go to: Africa and South America especially.

As you can see this isn’t much of a detailed plan. We see travel as more of a hobby so there are no fixed dates of when we need to be doing things – it’s just all a lot of fun!

However, it is important to know where you want to go so you can plan to get there in the right season. Nothing is worse than planning the trip of a lifetime and sitting in the rain, the cold or even the extreme heat and not enjoying it.

An Elephant throwing dust over itself in order to protect itself from the sun
We got so up close and personal to these elephants!

Do you have a long-term plan? Do you just wing it at the airport? There are so many different ways to explore the world. Let us know yours in the comments below!