4 Days In malta is more than enough time to see this beautiful country

4 Days In Malta – Epic Itinerary + More Options!

Malta is one of the best places we have ever traveled to and 4 days in Malta is more than enough time to experience this wonderful island.

The Best 4 Days In Malta

Here is my perfect 4 days in Malta itinerary. All of your accommodation options and links to any activities that I have chosen are all present in the table. If you want even more information, I have gone into super detail below!

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Valletta Food Walking Tour
Exploring The City
2 Blue Lagoon On A Catamaran
3 Pool Resort Relaxing
Paceville Nightlife
4 Mdina Exploring The City

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Day 1 – Exploring Valletta

Make sure you fly in early to make the most of your first day in Malta! Head straight over to your accommodation in Valletta (options below) and get ready to explore the city.

Valletta is a hub of incredible architecture, pristine gardens, historical buildings, romantic narrow streets, and glorious food. Spending just one day here is a crime but you only have 4 days in Malta so let’s make sure you make the most of it!

if you only have 4 days in malta then you must have Valletta in your itinerary

There are 3 ways to truly make the most of this city in the time given;

  • Valletta Walking Tour – This incredibly highly-rated walking tour will take you around every single one of the best sights that Valletta has to offer in 3 hours. It is the best way to see Valletta’s history and culture in the shortest possible time. Check out the prices and reviews here!
  • Walking Food Tour – I think with my stomach and would rather find out the best places to eat and taste great examples of local food than go on a walking tour of the cities sights. This walking food tour also takes you around some of the city which gives you the confidence to take to the streets after the food tour has finished without a guide!
  • Do It By Yourself – Valletta is an amazing place to visit and explore by yourself. If you are looking to do 4 days in Malta on a budget then this is the option for you. Make sure to check out all the things to do in Valletta here for inspiration!
It is one of the most romantic cities to put into your 4 days in malta itinerary

I highly recommend that you just take your time with Valletta and spend the entire day here. There are loads of good restaurants in town and I couldn’t possibly recommend one of them above the others, however, try to go with a more traditional Maltese restaurant to make the most of your 4 days in Malta.

Valletta Accommodation


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Day 2 – The Blue Lagoon

As you only have 4 days in Malta, the Blue Lagoon has to be at the top of the list in any itinerary. As day 2 is your first full day in Malta, make the most of this by jumping on one of the many boats traveling up to Comino island and spending the day relaxing in the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon has to be visited in your 4 days in malta

I recommend you take this incredible catamaran up as it allows you to see the best swimming spots and sights that the little island has to offer. There are plenty of other ways to get up to the Blue Lagoon and other things to do on Comino other than swimming so check out our guide to the Blue Lagoon here for more information.

This should take the whole day and you will probably be pretty tired when you get back but, if you’re not then I recommend finishing the day at the Guadalupe boat bar to watch the sunset in Sliema Bay. You can check out the location and opening times on their Facebook here

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Day 3 – Day By The Pool + Nightlife

Even though you only have 4 days in Malta, you can’t come on holiday without having at least one lazy day by the pool soaking up the rays whilst sipping on cocktails! Luckily there are loads of resorts in Malta that offer day passes to use their incredible facilities.

We have written an entire article about spending a day by the pool in Malta here which goes into much more detail so remember to check that out to help you make your decision.

Paceville is a hive of activity at night!

In the evening, head down to Paceville in St Julians to experience the best nightlife the country has to offer. There are bars and clubs that will appeal to anyone so don’t worry if you’re not too much of a partygoer, you’ll find something that you like! Check out this guide to nightlife in Malta for some more information.

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Day 4 – Exploring Mdina

As this is the last day of your 4 days in Malta (and you may be feeling tired from the night before), I have chosen a nice relaxing final day that is flexible to work around the time of your departure.

In the morning, head down to the incredible fortress town of Mdina and walk around its stunning narrow streets. Mdina itself is home to around only 300 people but it attracts swaths of tourists that want to experience the beauty of the walls and views.

Mdina is well worth a visit during your 4 days in malta

If you have a particularly late flight then I recommend jumping on this Mdina and Rabat walking tour which will showcase the city better than you could possibly do on your own.

When you do finally make your way over to the airport, why don’t you treat yourself to one final luxury and book into the Lavalette departure lounge to end your trip in luxury?!

4 Days In Malta For Families

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Mellieha Mellieha Bay Beach
2 Popeye Village Water Park
3 Gozo ATV Adventure
4 Splash n Fun Water Park

4 Days In Malta For Adventure Seekers

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Gozo ATV Adventure
2 Diving
3 Beaches
4 Comino Hiking Around

4 Days In Malta For Couples

Day Location Activity Accommodation
1 Valletta Walking Food Tour
Wine & Chocolate Tasting
2 Blue Lagoon Catamaran Boat
Sunset Drinks Guadalupe Boat Bar
3 Gozo ATV Adventure
4 Mdina & Rabat Explore The City

Getting Around In Malta

I highly recommend you hire a car whilst you are in Malta. Malta is so small that if you hire a vehicle the entire island will be at your fingertips. Public transport is quite good in malta but as you only have 4 days in Malta then you don’t want to waste time sitting on the bus.

When we hire vehicles abroad, we always use rentalcars.com – They are a rental car comparison site that helps get the best deal you can possibly get.

Where To Stay In Malta

If you decide to hire a car, you can stay anywhere you like! We have written a complete guide to all of the best places to stay in Malta or simply watch the video below for inspiration!

Where To Stay In Malta - All Places Visited and Reviewed!

What To Take For Your 4 Days In Malta

Here is a list of all the things you will need to take with you on your 4 days in Malta to make the most of your trip. Everything is constantly updated so click through to see up-to-date recommendations and prices!

If you need some sunglasses then take a look at our recommended pair right here. Kev has just done 7 months without a pair because he couldn’t find any he liked on the trip and it was just a lot of complaining about the sun. Don’t be a Kev… Find out the price of not being a Kev right here.

If you haven’t already got a swimming costume then what the hell are you doing?! Have a look at this gorgeous high waist bikini and get a swimsuit before you leave. I absolutely love the dual colour option but there are loads of colour options available. Take a look here.

If you’re worried about powering your devices on your trip then the simple solution is to take this EPIKA worldwide travel adapter. We have used it all over the world and it has worked flawlessly. Being able to charge up to 5 devices by USB (4 USB-A’s + 1 USB-C) plus a full power outlet socket is incredibly useful and works as an all-in-one solution. Check it out on Amazon here.

If you’re looking for a snorkel kit then check out this Greatever mask and snorkel. We have been on so many snorkel and boat tours where the snorkel hire was dreadful and it ruins the experience. If you have room then definitely take your own set. Take a look at our recommended kit here.

Don’t even think about stepping out in the sun without protection! This factor 50 sun cream from Sunbum is vegan, reef-safe and smells like summer, as well as being dermatologist approved! It’s non-greasy, easy to apply and doesn’t leave a white cast so you can quickly rub it in and get on with your adventures! Take a look on Amazon here.

If you’re stuck on what kind of towel to take with you then take a look at this microfibre poncho. We absolutely love ours and it is insanely helpful when you need to change on the beach. They dry fast and pack down super small so you’ll be able to fit one in your day pack easily enough. Check out the price here.

Jade really doesn’t get on well with flip-flops so she always takes a couple of pairs of sandals (in case one pair breaks) on every trip we go on. We recommend checking out these CUSHIONAIR sandals which are comfortable, durable and affordable (the holy trinity!). We chose these because they are vegan suede but there are lots of different materials and colours to choose from. Check them out here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4 Days In Malta Enough?

Malta is a very small island so 4 days in Malta is definitely enough time to see the best sights the island has to offer.

How Much Does 4 Days In Malta Cost?

If you choose budget accommodation and do everything yourself (as opposed to paid activities) then you can easily do 4 days in Malta for £280 per person.

When Should I Do 4 Days In Malta?

The best time to go to Malta is September or October as there are fewer tourists then. Spring is also a pretty good time.

How Much Can I See In 4 Days In Malta?

If you are quick the I think you can see the Blue Lagoon, Valletta, Mdina, and Gozo during your 4 days in Malta.

That’s our entire guide to spending 4 days in Malta! If you found it helpful, please let us know in the comments section below!

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