The island is one of the best places we have ever travelled to and 4 days in Malta is a great amount of time to get a taste of this wonderful place.

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With 4 days in Malta, you can see plenty! Here are the top things to see and do whilst you’re there!

Stay at The Mercure in St Julian’s if you want to be close to the action, at the stunning The Coleridge if you’re happy to spend a bit more to be in the capital or at Pergola for a beautiful family-friendly place.

The Best 4 Days In Malta Itinerary

Despite being only 246 km2, there is so much to do if you only have 4 days in Malta! From day trips to the beach and hikes to cathedrals and fortified towns to nightclubs and party boats, it has a little bit of everything and you won’t get bored!

Pick your flights carefully to maximise your long weekend in Malta – for example at the moment, you can fly from London to Malta (there is only one international airport!) at 7:15 am to land at 11:30 am , and then 3 days later fly at 10 pm to land at 12:25am. It means you get 4 full days to explore which is what you need with somewhere so great as Malta!

How many days in Malta that you decide to spend travelling or relaxing is of course up to you and your own circumstances, but this is what we think is the best way to enjoy the trip! If you don’t fly in early or fly out lat,e then you’re potentially only spend 3 days in Malta so plan your itinerary to allow for travel days.

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Day 1

Option 1: Visit the beach, spend an afternoon at a hotel pool and check out the nightlife in St Julian’s

Option 2: Explore the local town and visit the Red Tower

Option 3: Spend the whole day at the famous Popeye Village

Head straight over to your accommodation in Mellieha. It’s the best place to stay across the board as it’s accessible from everywhere, there are some amazing well-priced hotels and a gorgeous beach. We recommend staying at Pergola or Hotel VIU57

I’ve given three options for your first of four days in Malta as it depends on the trip you’re looking for!

  1. Mellieha Beach (Ghadira Bay) is a large, wide sandy beach where you can hire sunbeds, swim in the ocean and even take part in some cool watersports like wind-surfing, jet-skiing or climbing on the blow-up adventure slide! It’s a great place to relax after an early start. Find some lunch in one of the nearby restaurants and enjoy the pretty view.

    Even though you only have 4 days in Malta, you can’t come on holiday without having at least one lazy day by the pool soaking up the rays whilst sipping on cocktails!

    If you’re less of a beach person, or if you just want to get into some cool water as soon as you can, we highly recommend buying a pass to one of the hotel pools nearby. There are lots dotted around the country but you’ll find most of them in the northern parts of the country like St Paul’s Bay. Mellieha does have some fantastic options, and Pergola is one of them!

    The great thing about many of these pool offers is that you get back the money you paid for the pass in food + drink vouchers! With Pergola (if you’re not already staying there), you pay €30 – €40 per person which means you can lounge around on a sunbed with stunning views of the city whilst sipping on cocktails and eating snacks, or even a full meal!

    We have written an entire article about spending a day by the pool in Malta here which goes into much more detail so remember to check that out to help you make your decision.
  2. If you’re a history buff, the you’re going to LOVE what Mellieha has to show you! Spend a few hours wandering around the beautiful town, and make your way to the cathedral.

    You can also visit the underground air raid shelters too. It’s a great experience as you can walk along the 500 metres of tunnels where the Maltese civilians hid during WW2 bombings. The entry fee is around €2.5, which you’ll pay to one of the passionate volunteers. They’re full of knowledge and insight so ask your questions and take your time to understand how it felt to live there during that terrible time.

    Walk up to the Red Tower if you can. The views are great but the road is steep so you may need a taxi or to take the bus if you’re with young family members or struggle with walking. The tower itself was built on a hill in 1649 to give soldiers the ability to spot any incoming enemies. Inside, you’ll find plenty of information, a video and another volunteer to give you a realistic idea of what it was like all those years ago. You’re allowed to climb to the top and take in the incredible sight of the ocean, the sprawling land of mainland Malta and even Comino island to the north!
  3. For more of an adventure travel day out, you should definitely visit Popeye Village! Just 3km from the centre of town, Popeye Village is a brilliant place to explore, whatever your age!

    The Village is actually the set of the film from 1980. It was opened up to the public which is a great idea because it’s so fun! You can see the buildings and props, and watch out for the characters to put on little shows throughout the day too! There is also a lush bay to swim in, and you can get on the floats too. Buy your tickets here.

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In the evening, head down to Paceville in St Julians to experience the best nightlife the country has to offer. There are bars and clubs that will appeal to anyone so don’t worry if you’re not too much of a partygoer, you’ll find something that you like! Check out this guide to nightlife in Malta for some more information.

Paceville is a hive of activity at night!

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Day 2 – Exploring Mdina

Your first full day of sightseeing in Malta takes you to the incredible fortress town of Mdina.

You could spend hours walking around its stunning narrow streets, taking in the information the museums have to offer, shopping around in the artisan shops and eating incredible food in the atmospheric restaurants.

Mdina is well worth a visit during your 4 days in malta

Mdina itself is home to around only 300 people but it attracts swaths of tourists that want to experience the beauty of the walls and views, so go early! This is where the famous entrance to King’s Landing in Game of Thrones was filmed, and you can see why it was chosen for its medieval vibes!

If you’d prefer to learn about Mdina from a professional, take a walking tour like this that also takes you to the nearby ancient city of Rabat.

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Day 3 – The Blue Lagoon

As you only have 4 days in Malta, the Blue Lagoon has to be at the top of the list in any itinerary. Make the most of your short trip by jumping on one of the many boats travelling up to Comino Island and spending the day relaxing in the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon has to be visited in your 4 days in malta

I recommend you take this incredible catamaran up as it allows you to see the best swimming spots and sights that the little island has to offer. There are plenty of other ways to get up to the Blue Lagoon and other things to do on Comino other than swimming so check out our guide to the Blue Lagoon here for more information.

This should take the whole day and you will probably be pretty tired when you get back but, if you’re not then I recommend finishing the day at the Guadalupe boat bar to watch the sunset in Sliema Bay. You can check out the location and opening times on their Facebook here

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Day 4: Valletta

Valletta is a hub of incredible architecture, pristine gardens, historical buildings, romantic narrow streets, and glorious food. Spending just one day here is a crime but you only have 4 days in Malta so let’s make sure you make the most of it!

if you only have 4 days in malta then you must have Valletta in your itinerary

There are 3 ways to truly make the most of this city in the time given;

  • Valletta Walking Tour – This incredibly highly-rated guided tour will take you around every single one of the best sights that Valletta has to offer in 3 hours. It is the best way to see Valletta’s history and culture in the shortest possible time. Check out the prices and reviews here!
  • Walking Food Tour – I think with my stomach and would rather find out the best places to eat and taste great examples of local food than go on a walking tour of the cities sights. This walking food tour also takes you around some of the city which gives you the confidence to take to the streets after the food tour has finished without a guide!
  • Do It By Yourself – Valletta is an amazing place to visit and explore by yourself. If you are looking to do 4 days in Malta on a budget then this is the option for you. Make sure to check out all the things to do in Valletta here for inspiration!
It is one of the most romantic cities to put into your 4 days in malta itinerary

I highly recommend that you just take your time with Valletta and spend the entire day here. There are loads of good restaurants in town – try to go with a more traditional Maltese restaurant to make the most of your 4 days in Malta. You can’t visit Malta without eating a ftira for lunch and Valletta is a great place to find them! A ftira is a type of Maltese bread, usually filled with tuna, capers, onions, tomatoes and olives – absolutely delicious!

Getting Around In Malta

Malta is tiny compared to most other countries, so it means that organising transport is pretty easy and you won’t have to spend hours getting from A to B – something that is especially helpful if you’ve only got 4 days in Malta!

Hiring A Car For 4 Days in Malta

I highly recommend you hire a car whilst you are in Malta. If you hire a vehicle the entire island will be at your fingertips. Not only are car rentals cheap in Malta, but it gives you so much more flexibility on time and the activities you choose!

If you drop your car off at the airport, it also means that you don’t have to worry about storing your luggage on the final day – you can just leave it in the boot of the car until you’re ready to go home.

Check out car rental prices here.

Taking The Bus

Public transport is very good and you could easily spend 4 days in Malta without a car. You can buy a Tallinja bus card for journeys around the island (including some ferry services) and there are different options to suit different needs.

  • Explore Flex – pay €6 and top up as you go. The €6 gets stored as credit on the card, and each journey is discounted too. Great for if you only want to use the bus a few times,
  • Explore – €25 for 7 days unlimited travel (including on Gozo) and only €7 for kids
  • 12 Day Single Journey – costs €21 and each journey is discounted (good if you’re moving all over the island)

Visit the Public Transport website here for more information.

Taking Tours

If you want ease and simplicity, then you could spend all 4 days in Malta on different day trips, where a guide takes you to exactly where you need to be each time!

Whilst it’s not necessary to have a tour guide for everything on your itinerary for Malta, on such a short trip it can make things more streamlined if you’re not into planning the details. Here are some incredible tours that we’d recommend taking if you don’t want to organise anything yourself:

Where To Stay In Malta

Our top recommendation is to stay in Mellieha, but if you decide to hire a car, you can stay anywhere you like!

We have written a complete guide to all of the best places to stay in Malta or simply watch the video below for inspiration!

Where To Stay In Malta - All Places Visited and Reviewed!

What To Take For Your 4 Days In Malta

Here is a list of all the things you will need to take with you on your 4 days in Malta to make the most of your trip. Everything is constantly updated so click through to see up-to-date recommendations and prices!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4 Days In Malta Enough?

Malta is a very small island so 4 days in Malta is definitely enough time to see the best sights the island has to offer.

How Much Does 4 Days In Malta Cost?

If you choose budget accommodation and do everything yourself (as opposed to paid activities) then you can easily do 4 days in Malta for £280 per person.

When Should I Do 4 Days In Malta?

The best time to go to Malta is September or October as there are fewer tourists then. Spring is also a pretty good time.

How Much Can I See In 4 Days In Malta?

If you are quick the I think you can see the Blue Lagoon, Valletta, Mdina, and Gozo during your 4 days in Malta.

How Many Days In Malta Is Enough?

4 days in Malta will give you a great taste of the country but if you have longer, I would recommend spending at least a week here as there is so much to see and do!

That’s our entire guide to spending 4 days in Malta! If you found it helpful, please let us know in the comments section below!