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11 Fun Campervan Accessories For Your Next Road Trip

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No road trip is complete without some fun campervan accessories that add little no to value to the journey, right!? Forget awnings, washing lines and chairs, you need to get creative and have some fun!

Whether you’ve opted for budget campervan hire or you’ve splashed out and bought your own VW camper van, you’ll probably want to jazz up your new home with some cool camping stuff.

We’ve found the best 11 gadgets and gizmos to pimp out your camper and make everyone else jealous of your set-up. Get everything sent to wherever you’re working whilst saving up for your trip, so you can start using everything as soon as you buy a campervan!

Using our fn campervan accessories on our road trip in Australia! A man and woman sitting on campchairs over a fire cheersing their beers

There is nothing like a cold beer in front of a fire on a road trip!


A road trip is such a cool way to see a country. It usually works out cheaper than staying in hotels, it gives you more freedom to get around once you reach a city and it also gives you a home away from home that you can personalise yourself.

It’s a good idea to get started with some van life essentials before you start your trip, because everyone needs pots and pans! But once you’re kitted out in the necessities, it’s time to order those fun bits and bobs that will make your camper that little bit extra special!

The Top 11 Best Campervan Accessories

The best thing that we bought for our travels is number one on this list, especially because we still use it even though we don’t live in a van anymore. Some of the items are a little bit silly, but they’re actually really fun and you really should be channelling your inner kid on a trip like this!

Keep reading to see our updated top picks for road trip accessories that you can easily buy today!

What do you think of our list of the most fun campervan accessories for your road trip? Let us know which are your favourites and any others that we’ve missed out!

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  1. The Fairy Lights would be a must have guys. Awesome for picking up the vibe inside and outside of the van. I noted a few FL-having folks while traveling around NZ with its gazillion camper vans LOL.

    1. Author

      They are cute! But they’re also really helpful when you are in the middle of nowhere and need to be able to see each other!

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