Blue Train From Kandy To Ella Taking A Corner On A 10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary

A Perfect 10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary For 2020

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A Sri Lanka itinerary isn’t usually a destination high on people’s bucket lists. But with its magnificent landscapes, elegant wildlife and heavenly food, it really should be! Spend 10 days in Sri Lanka and discover how to see this enchanting country.

Previously known as Ceylon, and situated just south of India, Sri Lanka is often overlooked as a holiday location. Spanning only 65,000 km² (compared to the United Kingdom’s 240,000 km²!), you’d be forgiven for thinking that you might be stuck for things to do on the island.

However, you can spend more than a week here and have a completely full Sri Lanka itinerary. Start in Colombo, and make your way around so that you can truly experience the diverse and captivating Sri Lankan culture!

We enjoyed a 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary, and although we didn’t explore the whole country, we felt that we saw plenty! We’ve included some recommendations for places to stay too, as well as the best companies to book your tours and trips with.

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Our trip began and ended in Colombo. We lived on a budget of around 12,000 Sri Lankan rupees per day between two of us (not including accommodation).

Travelling in around Sri Lanka was relatively easy – the train systems are good and cheap, and local tuk-tuks are usually plentiful in the cities. A train ride between two large cities can cost as little as $3.50 – you’ll get a seat and stunning views for that price!

When Is The Best Time For A 10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary?

You can visit the island all year round, but remember that there are changing seasons and they all affect the various cities differently!

There’s usually rain in the southwest and west of the country from April to September.

From October to March, the north and eastern parts experience their monsoon season.

The temperatures tend to stick around 26 – 30 degrees pretty much all year round, however, if you decide to hike up a mountain or two then the heat will disappear! The higher you go, the colder it will get, especially at night time. Just don’t forget your pyjamas!

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What To Pack For A 10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary

You might find it difficult to pack light for your Sri Lanka trip as there are varying weather types across the island.

If you’re following this itinerary then you’ll want to bring beach wear, hiking gear AND safari clothes, let alone all of the usual everyday items you need.

On the beaches, be prepared for hot sunny days and incredible sunsets!

Cover Up

A shawl, beach cover up or a lightweight scarf to protect you from any evening winds whilst watching the sun go down is always a good idea.

You can also use it to cover up your top half if you visit any temples. There are plenty of patterns and designs to choose from – this is the type of thing you should be looking for.

In the hills, however, it gets pretty chilly at night so a thicker long-sleeved shirt will come handy. You’ll be glad you have it when the temperatures drop to below 10 degrees Celsius!

Hand Sanitiser

Bring a bottle or two of cheap hand sanitiser with handy carriers. Train stations and public toilets anywhere in the world tend to be icky, so at least try to keep yourself germ-free!

The little bottles that clip onto your bag are so handy – you don’t have to think about bringing something extra every time you leave your hotel and they smell nice too!

Hiking Shoes

One thing you really will need is decent hiking shoes or trainers in Sri Lanka. If you’re going to be climbing mountains, then you’ll need to invest in some comfortable shoes that won’t slip or rub.

Choose shoes that you can wear everyday if you wanted to but that can handle a lot of movement, like these.

However, if you’re more interested in beaches, city markets and easy walks then you can get away with a pair of plimsolls. Converse are fairly budget friendly considering they should last a while!

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Day 1: Colombo

You’ll more than likely fly into Colombo International Airport (also known as Bandaranaike).

There aren’t many places to visit in Colombo in one day, but it’s not the best place to reflect Sri Lanka’s beauty so don’t fret.  If you’re into partying – think live music, nightclubs and rooftop bars – then Colombo’s nightlife will likely impress you.

Take a simple wander around Colombo, to get a feel for the city and become accustomed to life in Sri Lanka! You can explore on your own, or taking a walking city tour with a local guide.

If you’re interested in Sri Lanka’s history, take a visit to the National Museum where you can find all sorts of artefacts from coins to paintings, as well as information about the past.

There are a couple of other colonial buildings in the area – the ones worth a visit are St Peter’s Church (the oldest functioning church in the country), the Dutch hospital (transformed into a shopping precinct recently but still retaining the architecture from the 17th century) and the Clock Tower (which used to be a lighthouse).

A 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary might not be enough for you. If you have more time, consider taking a food tour that will teach you all about the best dishes to look out for on the rest of your trip!

Whether you’re travelling Colombo with kids or backpacking Sri Lanka solo, you can explore the city in a day and still have time to relax in your hotel for the evening!

A large paper ticket for a sri lankan train journey

Rail fares in Sri Lanka are the lowest I have seen.

Pro Tip

Colombo airport is actually closer to Negombo, but as you take the early morning train to Kandy which leaves before 9am, it’s best to stay closer to Colombo town centre.

One of the best things to do in Colombo is actually to leave it … because you’ll be beginning the beautiful train journey that Sri Lanka has become famous for!

It takes less than two hours to get from Colombo to Kandy on the train but it really is the start of some incredible landscapes. You might even see a monkey or two sat in a tree as you go past.

The Colombo to Kandy train timetable is available on the Sri Lanka railways website, but you can’t buy tickets online unless you go through an agency.

We recommend getting to Colombo Fort station about an hour before your journey, so that you can choose the best seat ticket. Go to Counter 2 and keep hold of your ticket.

There are also often snack vendors who jump on the train at various stops throughout the journey so you can buy things like samosas and fresh fruit during the trip.

Pro Tip

 A second class ticket is actually better than a first class ticket on these trains. That’s because the 1st class coaches are air-conditioned and enclosed – which means you miss out on the true experience and views of the countryside! A 2nd class seat enables you to be comfortable, yet also gives you the opportunity to stick your head out of the window and truly get close to nature.

Accommodation in Colombo 

There are plenty of apartments to rent in Colombo with beach resorts, boutique hotels and city hotels offering plenty of rooms too.

Whether you’re a budget backpacker or a family looking for a 5-star resort, you’ll be able to book your accommodation in Colombo in advance. 

We’ve researched some of the best places to stay in Colombo during your 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary so that you can easily pick your accommodation in the best area and for the best value for money too.

The Best Apartment To Rent In Colombo

There are lots of apartments in rent in Colombo where you can cook for yourself, do your own washing (great news if you end up in Sri Lanka during the monsoon season because you can wash and hang up your clothes in your own space, rather than paying for them to sit damp in a launderette!) and a living area for when you just want to chill out after a day of exploring.

If you’re travelling in a group, then renting an apartment can work out a lot cheaper than even hostels because you’ll be splitting the whole price.

It can be hard to find a budget hotel in Colombo if you want a private bathroom and your own space, so even if you’re travelling solo or as a couple, we recommend checking out the apartments available.


This cute apart-hotel is the perfect place to get to know the locals. The owners will do anything to help you – from organising a bike tour to providing a babysitting service. The rooms all have free WiFi and you’ll get a complimentary breakfast each morning too.

Click here for the best apartment to rent in Colombo.

Try To Airbnb Colombo Instead

If you want to Airbnb Colombo instead of using a booking site, then you can get $40 off your first stay if you click this link!

You can choose to book a whole place or just rent one room in a house, but either way, there are some amazing deals in Colombo.

When searching for your place to stay in Colombo, you have the luxury of being able to only search homes with Super Hosts – there are plenty!

These places all have lots of reviews to vouch for their owners too, so you can be sure of a comfortable stay.

Click here to start your Airbnb search now.

The Best Boutique Hotel In Colombo

Accommodation needs differ for everybody, but there’s definitely a boutique hotel in Colombo for everyone.

Whether you want to spend your afternoons searching the library for your next paper addiction, you’re travelling with a furry friend and they need somewhere to sleep or you want to wind down in a rare bath, you’ll find somewhere in Colombo to suit your needs.

Sunrise Boutique

If you’re looking for a homely boutique hotel in Colombo, then look no further than Sunrise. The rooms are welcoming and air-conditioned,  the staff will  provide you with tasty packed lunches for your busy days out and there are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby for you to explore.

Click here to book your boutique accommodation in Colombo 

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Day 2 – 3: Kandy

If you’ve skipped Colombo completely and made your way straight from the airport to Kandy, you’ll have missed out some amazing views!

However, if you’re not sticking to our suggested 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary anyway then it’s not a bad idea to visit Kandy first because there’s plenty to do here!

Famous for its historical Buddhist attractions, Kandy is the perfect place to learn about the local culture. The city itself is in the hills and is home to one of the most sacred places of worship for Buddhists in the world.

Pro Tip

There are some amazing markets and stalls for shopping in Kandy. Put your haggling skills to the test at the Kandy Market Hall and grab a few bargains. You can expect to get 30 – 40% off the asking price for most gifts and souvenir type items.

Take a guided tour around the  Ceylon Tea Museum, where you can learn about how the tea is picked to where it is sold.

There’s a cafe on the top floor – choose a tea and enjoy a free cup here. If you’re planning on doing any souvenir shopping in Kandy, this is a great place to buy tea and trinkets. You can do the same in the city centre but buying from an old tea museum just seems like a better story!

Another one of the smaller attractions in Kandy is a spice garden tour.

It won’t take all day, but you can visit the garden and sample the variety of spices used in Sri Lankan cooking and medicine.

Read TripAdvisor reviews before you choose one as there are a few out there who rush you round the garden and then pressure you into buying things you don’t actually want or need.

A small engine that used to help power a tea factory

The history of British occupation and the tea revolution is quite interesting.

One of the best places to visit in Kandy is the lake. It’s in the centre of the city, yet it’s a peaceful place to relax and stroll around throughout the day.

Once you’re here, take a moment to visit the Temple of The Sacred Tooth Relic. It’s said that when the Buddha died, one of his teeth was saved and it now lies in the temple in Kandy.

The temple can get busy with both tourists and locals, so it’s a good idea to go early in the morning or in the evening.

Pro Tip

If you want to rent a car in Kandy to explore the city on your own terms, many hotels/guesthouses offer a helpful service to assist you with that.

Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens for a serene afternoon. You don’t need more than a few hours here, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Kandy so don’t miss it!

Finally, if you want great panoramic views of the city, take a tuk-tuk up to the Big Buddha statue.  You can see it from the ground but making your way up to the statue is more impressive!

Rooms in Kandy

Guesthouses are common all across Sri Lanka, and Kandy is no exception.

Many local families open up their homes to tourists, and give them an experience you just wouldn’t get in a hotel. A freshly made authentic Sri Lankan breakfast is usually included, and you can also often ask for dinner too if you’re not interested in looking around for restaurants every evening.

Some will give you added thoughtful extras, like a map of Kandy, or a list of the best bars in Kandy! However, the cheaper guesthouses probably won’t have air conditioning (there’ll be a fan instead) so consider that when booking.

Mountain View

As the name suggest, this guesthouse is nestled up in the mountains, allowing you to wake up to gorgeous scenery. It’s still less than a mile from the city centre though so you can easily spend your time sightseeing during the day and return to your cosy terrace in the evenings.

There’s a shared kitchen, and you can also ask for breakfast for a small fee each morning.

Click here to book a welcoming homestay in Kandy.

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Day 4 – 5: Ella

Journeying on the train from from Kandy to Ella is meant to be one of the most gorgeous in the world! Depending on the time of year, you’ll encounter some unbelievable views.

Unfortunately, if your 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary falls in the winter, the mist might ruin the scenery so think about that when you’re planning!

At certain times of the year, the weather in Ella (Sri Lanka in general actually) can be terrible. If you want dry weather, the best time to visit Ella is June – August.

It takes around 6 and a half hours, and prices start from £3 for a second class seat. The train time table in Sri Lanka can be found on the government website here.

There are a few shops and restaurants in the centre, but be careful about travelling back to your hotel. Tuk-tuks don’t tend to run too late into the night – the restaurant owners had to give us a lift when we lost track of time!

Pro Tip

A popular vegetable market runs on Sundays so have a wander around and buy some local produce!

The view from the train toward Ella

Please don’t go in the winter months, it’s warm but the visibility is so much less.

There are some great things to do in Ella, despite it being a small town with not much tourism yet. 

Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock are the most popular hikes in Ella. Enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan breakfast and then spend a morning climbing.

If you’re hiking Little Adam’s Peak, you can hike this and then make your way back down to the famous Nine Arch Bridge. Take some awesome photos but be careful not to fall off!

There are trains running on this bridge but they aren’t very regular so you might just be lucky if you see a famous brightly coloured one go past!

You can also book a tour so that your day is organised for you! Click here for more information and prices.

Fancy a dip to cool off? There are some pretty waterfalls nearby for you to jump right into. Ravana Falls is close to Ella town centre so you can ask a tuk-tuk to drive you out for the afternoon.

One of our favourite things to do when travelling is to take a cooking class. There are a few highly rated ones in Ella so if you’re interested in doing one, go early and try and book for the next day.

Accommodation in Ella

Unlike a lot of places, Ella caters for backpackers quite well. There are a few hostels and bars dotted around the town for you to enjoy.

The cheaper accommodation options might not be places to rave about but check reviews first to double check the cleanliness and location!

There are also a couple of higher-end hotels if you want to splurge, and they’ll offer incredible mountain views to justify the prices.

Cool Breeze View

Close to the centre of the action, a room at Cool Breeze View includes a fantastic breakfast, a gorgeous garden view and a private bathroom. You can ask your hosts to rent a bike to explore the town, or you can take a cooking class in the nearby Ella Spice Garden.

Click here to check prices and reviews of Ella accommodation.

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Day 6 – 8: Tissamaharama (Tissa)

We highly recommend visiting Yala Safari whilst experiencing a 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary. There are plenty of other parks, but this is the best place to see Sri Lankan leopards. Stay in Tissa as it’s the closest town to the park and your safari guide will pick you up.

You’ll probably arrive in the evening so relax and prepare for the long day and early start the next morning. Catch a bus from Ella or get a private car – share it with other travellers if you can. There are usually people waiting at the bus stop in Ella so if a driver offers to take you, you can split the cost.

Have you ever seen a wild leopard? We definitely hadn’t before we went to Sri Lanka, but we were incredibly lucky and saw THREE whilst on safari! Yala National Park has one of the highest leopard densities in the world, but you still usually have to look really hard to spot one.

Book a private tour – our advice would be to take a 12-hour safari. It sounds very long but the time just flies when you’re seeking out new animals every minute!

A woman holding a pair of binoculars to her face

I think she might be posing here…

Be aware that there is really not much to do in the town of Tissamaharama. The few restaurants that do operate, close fairly early so it’s unlikely that you’ll be spoilt for dinner options. If your hotel offers meals, then I’d recommend eating there so that you’re not wandering around in the dark looking for food.

Pro Tip

Book with Shehan Safari – we had a brilliant time and the lunch was incredible too! Our drive listened carefully to what we wanted to do and see, but at the same time managed to scour out the best spots for animal sightings!

Accommodation in Tissa

Your stay in Tissa will be short but you’ll still appreciate a good bed after a 12-hour safari! There aren’t many hotels in the town, but the locals are friendly and the hosts are welcoming. 

Ariya Tissa

With delicious homemade meals, clean private bathrooms and super friendly + helpful staff, this hotel is a fantastic option for when you’re in Tissa. Make use of the free bike to explore the area (if  you have time!) or just relax in the pretty garden!

Click here to book your Tissa accommodation.

Ask your guesthouse or hotel owners for a driver to take you to the bus station. It’s in the town centre but it will be handy to have someone who can point you to the right bus stop. You’ll have to leave early on day 8 as you’ll need to get two buses to reach Mirissa!

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Day 8 – 9: Mirissa

The bus from Tissa to Mirissa stops in Matara, so jump off at the station and ask for directions for the right bus to continue on with your journey. The bus station can seem confusing, but people are quite helpful and Mirissa is a huge stop so plenty of others will be going there too.

There are a few fun things to do in Mirissa but once you’ve arrived, put your bags down and head on straight down to the beach!

A purple sunset over a beautiful beach bay

Mirissa beach is very well known throughout Sri Lanka as being one of the best.

Sri Lanka has some very pretty beaches all over. Mirissa is more of a resort area where you can grab a coconut cocktail, sunbathe on loungers and eat the famous Sri Lankan curry.

A couple of cool things to do in Mirissa on the beach include surfing and body boarding! You can also visit Secret Beach (not so secret as you can find the location on Google!) or even take an afternoon trip to Galle to look at the forts. 

One of the best things to do on your Sri Lanka 10 day itinerary is to go whale watching in Mirissa! It’s best to pick the early morning slot, as the whales are the most active then. You’re likely to see huge blue whales, sperm whales and maybe even some playful dolphins.

Pro Tips

Raja and the Whales were a great company. You can also contact them via Facebook, or email them.

A blue whale fin coming out of the water in Sri lanka

You can tell by the angle of the shot that I was standing on a rocking boat.

Take a sea sickness pill or put on some of these motion sickness prevention bands an hour before your boat leaves – the sea does get quite rough! Be aware though – the tablets can make you very drowsy so you might need to return to your accommodation for a nap!

A cooking class is a perfect way to get involved with the local culture in the afternoon. We took a class at Dewmini Roti Shop, which is rated number 1 on Trip Advisor. The food was amazing but it wasn’t the best class we’ve ever been to. We did get to keep the recipe booklet and took away some good tips though.

A collection of Sri Lankan ingredients on a table

All of the ingredients are so fresh and colourful

Do your research but be aware that everyone has a personal preference of how a class runs. Think about if you want a private class, or somewhere a bit more social.

Mirissa nightlife isn’t exactly booming, but there are a few beach clubs and bars that offer a good vibe and a place to dance! Take a wander down the beach and sample the different cocktails at the regular Happy Hours! If Cosmopolitans and Strawberry Daiquiris aren’t your thing, you’ll easily be able to grab a large Lion beer to watch the gorgeous sunset with.

Mirissa Accommodation

There is plenty of decent Mirissa accommodation but booking online in advance is recommended, as the town is becoming more and more popular with tourists.

You’ll be able to find cool hostels, cute guesthouses and swanky hotels near the beach easily, and finding somewhere with breakfast included isn’t hard either. Try to get an air-conditioned room as a fan won’t often cut it in the warmer weather. 

Surf & Yoga Hotel

The relaxed vibe, outdoor pool and yoga classes make this a perfect place to stay in Mirrisa  if you’re looking to make friends, wind down and improve your skills! They also offer surf classes and snorkelling gear.

You can choose from a private room overlooking the jungle or the ocean, or a bed in the newly built female-only dormitory.

Book your Mirissa accommodation here.

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Day 10: Negombo

Take a train from Mirissa to Colombo, and then you’ll need to get a different train to Negombo. There are lots of taxis outside Colombo train station but they are priced incredibly highly and it’s not that much of a shorter journey. 

Pro Tip

Ask the station manager for a key if you need to use the toilets – weirdly, they’re often for foreigners only so they’re locked up to prevent everyone else from using them.

There aren’t many Negombo attractions but it’s a nice enough beach town to stay in before you fly home.

Two bikes sitting together on the sand

Grab some bikes and try to get away from the main strip, the prices fall dramatically only 5 minutes down the road.

Rent a bicycle (usually for free) from your hotel and take a trip along the beach. Grab a few bottles from one of the many many beer shops around, and enjoy one the best sunsets you’ll ever experience on the sand.

There are a few sellers trying to make a living – they weren’t too pressing though and we actually bought a beautiful bowl from one guy!

If you’re staying in a resort, you could spend the day relaxing and getting a couple of spa treatments. You could also book a lagoon fishing tour and visit a local fish market, see how the fish is caught and enjoy a live cooking demonstration and lunch afterwards! Click here to book a tour!

Nebula Residence

Just a stone’s throw away from the beach, Nebula Residence offers an outdoor swimming pool, a  great restaurant and fast WiFi. It’s a great place to spend your last few days in Sri Lanka. You can rent bikes, or stay  in and treat yourself to a massage or two!

Click to book your hotel in Negombo.

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Pro Tips

Enjoy this Sri Lanka itinerary in January and enjoy sunny beaches, cool evenings and a higher chance of spotting a whale!

Our 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary didn’t cover everything but we certainly had a wonderful time. If you’re going to backpack Sri Lanka, give yourself at least 10 days to explore it. Fantastic food, friendly people and gorgeous animals – there are so many fun things to do in Sri Lanka that it’s the perfect destination for your next holiday!

Spend 10 days in Sri Lanka and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy every minute!

Here’s an Airbnb discount you can use on your 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary!

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Things To Know About Sri Lanka Before You Go


The local currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR or Rs). As of January 2020,  the rate is 1 USD = 181.24 Rs. Change your money once you get to the country (it’s illegal  to bring more than 5000Rs!) and look out for ATMs or licensed exchange bureaus. Usually, the rate you’ll get will be similar to the banks so you are unlikely  to get ripped off here.

Remember to change your money back before you leave because you also  can’t take more than 5000Rs  out of the country. A little souvenir is fine but there is literally no point in trying to keep more!

Time Zone

Sri Lankan Standard Time is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT. There’s no daylight savings time, and the zone brings the country in line with India’s time.


There are two official languages in Sri Lanka – Sinhala and Tamil. However, during our ten days there, everyone we met spoke a high level of English. We were never stuck  because of a language barrier.


There are actually four main religion in Sri Lanka, but Theravada Buddhism is the most common, with over 70% of the population following it.


As tourists, we felt very safe exploring Sri Lanka. We didn’t find that people hassled us on thee street to buy things, the roads were very well maintained and the food always seemed well cooked. Obviously, keep  your wits about you, especially if you’re travelling solo, but I would recommend Sri Lanka as a destination  for those of you who would be overwhelmed by somewhere like Thailand!

There is always the risk of something bad happening wherever you go, and the 2019 Easter attacks in Sri Lanka were an example of  that.

However, security has been stepped  up  in the country and it’s no longer in a State of  Emergency. You should always avoid large crowds and gatherings – especially protests and demonstrations – and keep an eye out on the news too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sri Lanka best known for?

Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, beautiful scenery and exciting safaris. If you only have a short amount of time in Sri  Lanka, we recommend that you at least take the train through the hills and visit a tea plantation, and then take a safari. Yala National Park is famed for its leopards and Minneriya National Park is the best place to spot elephants. Click here to read our full guide on how to pick the best Sri Lankan safari.

How many days are sufficient for visiting Sri Lanka?

A 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary is the perfect amount of time to explore the island, and not feel rushed. Sri Lanka isn’t the type of place that you only visit for 4 days or so because it’s not attached to the mainland. Two weeks gives you a little more flexibility to choose to stay somewhere a few extra days so a fortnight is a good amount of time to spend in the country. 

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

Generally, Sri Lanka is a safe place to visit. The locals tend to be friendly but obviously there are some risks, just like in any country. Don’t carry a lot of money on you at any one time, and don’t let people know where you’re staying. Don’t drink the tap water and if you can, keep an eye on the kitchens cooking your food. 

Can you drink alcohol in Sri Lanka?

Yes, you can. There are a few bars in the more touristy places like Mirissa, and we saw a good amount of beer shops but Sri Lanka isn’t known for its crazy nightlife so don’t go expecting an equivalent of Khao San Road or a Full Moon Party!

How much will 10 days in Sri Lanka cost?

Obviously this depends on factors like your accommodation standards, types of meals you choose to eat and if you decide to go on excursions or not. This whole trip cost us around 140,000 Sri Lankan rupees, which is roughly £600 or $774. That amount is for two people for ten days, including all food, private accommodation, in-country transport and activities (even the safari!). The cost of travel in Sri Lanka can be lower than that because you can easily find a room for less than $5 per night. 

Do you have any questions about this 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary? Email us or let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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A Sri Lanka itinerary isn’t usually a destination high on people’s bucket lists. But with it’s magnificent landscapes, elegant wildlife and heavenly food, it really should be! Spend 10 days in Sri Lanka and discover how to see this enchanting country. 10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary | Things To Do In Sri Lanka | Colombo | Kandy | Ella | Yala | Mirissa | Negombo | Train Trips In Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka Safari | #SriLanka #Asiatravel #traintravel #thingstodo #itinerary #safari


  1. To be honest Sri lanka is high on my bucket list!! Ever since reading the Ramanyana, I have wanted to visit this island! Your stay looked amazing and thanks for sharing these top spots to see!

    1. Thanks, I hope you get there soon! I hadn’t heard of the Ramanyana before going, I might have to have a read soon.

  2. Such a detailed guide. Sri Lanka might not be on my top list but it’s a place I’d love to visit. And your post is just one of such I need to enjoy a beautiful stay in Sri Lanka. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, I hope it stays relevant when you finally get there 🙂

  3. Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination and has not been given its due. There are so many unknown gems in Sri Lanka and you have uncovered quite a few. A great itinerary that includes so many places off the beaten track makes for some memorable experiences. We have visited only Colombo while transiting through and need to return to see more of this lovely island country.

    1. Thanks very much. I hope you get to see more than Colombo, it really is a beautiful place.

  4. You are right, I too have overlooked Sri Lanka as a holiday destination. Whale watching and seeing the white leopards must have been awesome experiences. I think these two add a lot more value to the Sri Lanka itself, at least were most appealing to me. Nice post!

    1. I hope you get to go there and see it yourself, it is very beautiful. I must say however that the leopards are not white haha.

  5. You surely seen a lot in Sri Lanka for 10 days! Glad to see how you have maximized your trip.. 🙂 Tissa for a wildlife safari and whale watching are definitely on my to-dos when I visit Sri Lanka!

    1. We sure did! Those are the two best thing so definitely go for it.

  6. A perfect itinerary. And something I have been looking forward to. Since I keep planning trips, and one of those is around Sri Lanka covering exactly these locations. I heard that it’s really convenient to hop around using local trains and stay options are also plenty and comfortable as well

    1. You’re completely right, the public transport is very easy to use, if not a bit crowded. Best of luck!

  7. Sri Lanka is high on my list but it’s so darn far from where I live. Im so jealous you guys got to spend almost 2 weeks there. Bookmarking this for when I go- the beaches look beautiful!

    1. Using China as a base whilst we were there was extremely useful for us when we were travelling Asia. I hope you manage to get there!

  8. We spent four weeks in Sri Lanka last year – it had been high on our bucket list for years! We wanted to go there to see the old Buddhist sites mainly, but also enjoyed the wildlife. We were a bit disappointed by the food though – we are both vegetarians and expected more variety. Basically we had rice and curry or Kotthu every day.

    1. Glad you guys enjoyed it. Although I have to disagree on the food! I could eat Sri Lankan Curry and Rice every day for the rest of my life haha

    1. It really is a beautiful country. I hope you manage to get there!

  9. Six adults planning trip there for 10 – 14 da. ys from 22nd December 2018. I s it peak season?Thinking rent a car, four at the back,doing your good itinerary. Looking for three rooms accommodation at the various places. Suggestion?

    1. December is a good time of year to do this itinerary because it focuses more on the central and southern parts of the country (it’s rainy season in the north!) Take a look on ( for accommodation – it’s what we use to find the best deals and it’s handy to have all of your accommodation booked up in one place! Have a great time!

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